Ukraine Import Data of Water Waste | Ukraine Import Statistics of Water Waste

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of water waste collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of water waste imports.

Water Waste Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Water Waste

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of water waste. Get Ukraine trade data of Water Waste imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201748239085001.Carton transfer, made of low-layers, without watermarks, not impregnated with special substances of paper, obtained from fiber mass, obtained from paper waste, in the form of a sheet with cut two opposite corners, with the dimensions of the sides 542mm x 360mm, thickness of 0,35mm, designed For the transfer of finished products in boxes. Art.999993002 Cardboard lining - 50000pcs. .POLAND0UA4030301932.117070.82208 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201728273920001.Koahulyanty based on ferric iron as used in systemahochystk and municipal and industrial waste water, preparation of technical and drinkingwater: ny water solution hlorosulfatu iron PIX-110. Chemical formula: FeClSO4, CASNo: 12410-14-9. Chemical composition: hlorosulfat room andfor III - 41-43% total iron Fe 12,5 + -0,5%, iron Fe 2+ 0,4-0,3%, Ville sulfuric acid at -4.0 + 1, 0% chlorides Cl-max 16%. Density at 20 C 1480-1500 kg / m3. .POLAND0UA209140254403321.751544
28/Apr/20173917219090"SEAMLESS 1.TRUBY, cut into segments ZOBROBLENOYU surface drainage ZPOLIMERIV ethylene Hard (NEW): drainage pipes PE -HD K2-LP Drains 110h6000 SN8 black koruhovana, art.1332039600 - 80sht .; drainage pipe PE-HD K2- Drains LP 160h6000 SN8 chornakoruhovana, art.1332339600 - 44sht., drainage pipe PE -HD K2-Drains TP 160h6000 SN8 black koruhovana, art.1332349600 - 20pcs., used for water and wastewater systems. ".POLAND0UA2091807231855.315413
28/Apr/20173917400090"1.FITYNHY of plastic pipes, new: Coupling sewer. 200zovn PP., Art.701253300 - 10pcs .; clutch sewer. PP315zovn., Art.701293300 - 3pc .; Kolinokanaliz. PP 110 / 45zovn., Art.710203360- 100 pieces .; knee sewer. PP160 / 45zovn., art.710233360 - 30sht., Knee sewer. PP 200 / 15zovn., art.710253330 - 10pcs .; knee sewer. PP200 / 30zovn., art.710253350 - 10pcs .; Knee sewer. PP 315 / 45zovn., art.710293360 - 5pcs .; knee sewer. PP 315 / 87,5zovn., art.710293390 - 3pc., Tee sewer. ext. 200/160/45 PP, art.720183360 - 5pcs ., Tee kanaliz.zovn. PP 200 / 160h87,5, art.720183390 - 5pcs .; Reduction sewer. ext. 200/160 PE, art.730183300 - 10pcs .; Reduction sewer. ext. PP 200-250 and t.730233300 - 5pcs .; koruhovanoyi pipe coupling PE 200 K2-KAN, art.1001253000 - 20pcs., tube coupling koruhovanoyi PP 250 K2-KAN, art.1001273000 - 10pcs .; knee trubykoruhovanoyi PE 200h45 K2-KAN, art.1012253450 - 10pcs .; Elbow pipe 200h90 koruhovanoyiPP K2-KAN, art.1012253900 - 10pcs .; Elbow PE 250 pipes koruhovanoyi h45K2-KAN, art.1012273450 - 5pcs .; Coupling transitional K2-KAN 160/160 on a smooth trubuPVH, art.1039233000 - 20pcs .; Coupling transitional K2-KAN 200/200 on a smooth PVC pipe, art.1039253000 - 20pcs .; Cork (cap) PE 200 pipes koruhovanoyi K2-Kanuniversalnyy, art.1040253000 - 10pcs .; Coupling sewer. ext. PP HT 110 art.2201202100 - 36sht .; Knee sewer. ext. PE NT 50h30, art.2210142150 - 100 pieces., Knee sewer. ext. PE NT 50h45, art.2210142160 - 400sht .; Knee kanaliz.vnutr. PE NT 110h15, art.2210202130 - 60sht .; Knee sewer. ext. PE NT110h30, art.2210202150 - 60sht .; Knee sewer. ext. PE NT 110h45, art.2210202160 - 200sht .; Tee sewer. ext. PE NT 50 / 50h87,5, art.2220152190 -100sht .; Tee sewer. ext. PP HT 110 / 110h45, art.2220542160 - 60sht., Tee sewer. ext. PP HT 110 / 110h67,5, art.2220542180 - 24sht .; Triynykkanaliz. ext. PP HT 110 / 110h87,5, art.2220542190 - 60sht .; Cap 315 t PPA15-1,5 of the pipe carrying PVC koruhovanu 315 art.2539405090 - 20pcs., Used for water and wastewater systems. "POLAND0UA2091804121992.678517
28/Apr/20174810923000"1 CARDBOARD testliner" "TESTLINER DUPLEX GD-2" "a roll width 210-235 CM. IS THE Multilayer cardboard coated (three-layer), with whitewashed outer layer, not impregnated SPETSIALNMYMY substances without watermarks. One PARTIES coated with a mixture of inorganic substances BASED calcium carbonate and kaolin, external bleached LAYER made of bleached cellulose fibers of wood 81 wt.% and fibers RECEIVED mechanically 19MAS.%, the inner layer is made from a mixture of bleached and unbleached wood fibers 56 wt.% AND WITH OTP FIBERS Mechanically tion between 40 wt.%. Z0VNISHNIY LAYER -IZ MIXTURE uncoated bleached pulp wood fibers 60% by weight. AND RECEIVED fibers mechanically 40 wt.%. Is not saturated with special substances without watermark, weighing 1M. KV. 120 -140 H.PRY fiber MASS PRODUCTION used with paper waste and MAKULARURY.KARTON without perforation, corrugating and drawings, not FARBOVANYY.VYKORYSTOVUYETSYA in the manufacture of Package I, boxes, covers for notebooks, albums and MARKA- NO OTHER KANTSTOVARIV.TORHIVELNA DANYHVYROBNYK- " "Mayr-Melnhof Karton" "Germany (DE) VYROBNYTSTVA- Country Germany (DE)"GERMANY0UA2060702289014570.36645
28/Apr/20174016930090"1.PROKLADKY, gaskets, sealants ZNEPORYSTOYI rubber NEW: Uschilnyuvachhumovyy IN SITU 110 the pipes koruhovani140 / 110/100 KG K2-KAN, art.5167201060 -10sht., Used for water and wastewater systems.".POLAND0UA209180328.7257349
28/Apr/20173917221000"1.TRUBY seamless, cut into VIDRIZKYDOVZHYNA WHICH EXCEEDS MAKSYMALNYYROZMIR cross-section ZOBROBLENOYU surface hard ZPOLIMERIV propylene (NEW): Trubakanaliz. Ext. Koruhovana PE 160h3000SN8 K2-KAN, art.912343300 - 30sht .; Trubakanaliz. Ext. Koruhovana PP 200h3000SN8 K2-KAN, art.922543300 - 10pcs .; Trubakanaliz. ext. koruhovana 200h6000 PP SN8 K2-KAN, art.922543600 - 70sht .; Trubakanaliz. ext. koruhovana 250h6000 PP SN8 K2-KAN, art.922743600 - 27sht .; Trubakanaliz. ext. koruhovana 300h6000 PP SN8 K2-KAN, art.922943600 - 27sht .; Trubakanaliz. ext. koruhovana 500h6000 PP SN8 K2-KAN, art.923343600 - 27sht .; Trubakanaliz. in Nutri. 50h1,8h250 PP HT, art.2111421020 - 60sht .; sewer pipe. vnutr.PP NT 50h1,8h315, art.2111421030 - 200sht .; sewer pipe. ext. 50h1,8h500 PP HT, art.2111421050 - 200sht. ; sewer pipe. ext. 50h1,8h1000 PP HT, art.2111421100 - 100 pieces .; sewer pipe. ext. 50h1,8h2000 PP HT, art.2111421200 -50sht .; sewer pipe. ext. 110h2,7h250 NT PE, art. 2112 021020 - 60sht .; Trubakanaliz. ext. PE NT 110h2,7h315, art.2112021030 - 100 pieces .; Pipe kanaliz.vnutr. PE NT 110h2,7h500, art.2112021050 - 100 pieces .; Sewer pipe. ext. PE NT110h2,7h1000, art.2112021100 - 50sht .; Sewer pipe. ext. PE NT 110h2,7h2000, art.2112021200 - 50sht .; Sewer pipe. ext. PE NT 110h2,7h3000, art.2112021300- 30sht.Vykorystovuyutsya for water and wastewater systems. "POLAND0UA20918051489340.752839
27/Apr/201784137021001.Nasosy odnostupinchastizanureni pumps for pumping contaminated wastewater and sewage containing large part fo .: WQD12 -49sht, WQD15 -550sht, WQCD12 -424sht.V kit includes: pump adapter instruktsiya.Vyrobnyk - TAIZHOU OUKE PUMP CO ., LTDTorhovelna mark - WERKKrayina production - CN.CHINA1023UA90201016342.333243.95962
27/Apr/20174807003000"1.Lysty flat multilayer composite material consisting of a single-layer and bilayer securities derived from waste paper or waste paper without watermarks and other protective properties, among which contains a porous polyurethane material. All layers are stitched together using called" "adhesion agent substances. bilayer paper: layer colored in mass blue paper containing fibers obtained by mechanical means 40.6 wt.% (the rest - chemical) and a layer of paper light brown color, containing fibers obtained fur night means 33.8 wt.% (rest are chemical). single-layer paper, paper light brown color, containing fibers obtained by mechanical means 43.3 wt.% (rest are chemical). polymeric material, porous polyurethane (foam). Paper is not kalandrovanyy one of the layers - colored in the mass, not coated, no pressure, not corrugated not krepovanyy not perforated, without drawings and inscriptions without impregnation. art: The 2.15 size 920h1100mm art: at 3.15 the size of th 920h1100mm used for manufacture of notebooks, notepads, diaries. "FRANCE0UA20918016202129.170861
27/Apr/20172828900000"1.Neorhanichna substance specific chemical composition: sodium chlorite (NaClO2) the technical content of the basic substance min 25% aqueous solution, CAS 7758-19-2, auction. Mark GAOMI GAOYUAN, 22,500 kg is used for bleaching textiles, paper, cellulose in the process of disinfecting wastewater, in organic synthesis as an oxidant. Producer - "" SHANDONG GAOMI GAOYUAN CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. "", China. Country of-CN. "CHINA0UA1101102250012600.00009
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Water Waste Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
с.Байківці, вул.15 Квітня, 7. Терноп.обл. Тернопільський район Україна
Product Description
1.Carton transfer, made of low-layers, without wat.........
HS Code 4823908500Value 17070.82208
Quantity 0Unit UA403030
Net Weight 1932.1
Origin Country POLAND

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