Ukraine Import Data of Water Samples | Ukraine Import Statistics of Water Samples

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of water samples collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of water samples imports.

Water Samples Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Water Samples

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of water samples. Get Ukraine trade data of Water Samples imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173405300090"11.Poliruvalni and similar care bodies transportnyhzasobiv not in aerosol packaging: EZ Liquid for washing of 208.2 l, EZ Beads55 GAL art. 47-55- 3 pcs. Polishing agent 3.785 l, Banana Magic 1 GAL art .73- 4 pcs. EZ paste Wax Yellow 368 in December., EZ Wax paste Yellow 13OZ art. 15 - 240sht. Wet lip 0,946 liters, Hydro-shine art.69-QT 32OZ - 400 pcs. Poliruvalnyyzasib stage 1 3.785 liters, Power Cut Plus 1 GAL art. 110 - 80 pcs. Zahystnyyэkspres-Wachs 3.785 l, Watermelon Msgic Mist 1 GAL art. 96 - 28 pcs. The polymer 3,785l, Seal-It GAL 1 art. 70 - 40 pcs., samples wax cream 0,946 liters, Auto Shine (SAMPLES) art. 502 040 - 4 sht.Voskovyy 3.785 liters of cream, Auto Shine (SAMPLES) art. 502 041 - 4 pcs. Packing AIE: plastic cans, tubs, bottles (55GAL-208l; 1GAL - 3,785l; 32OZ - 0,946l; 13OZ- 368h). Does not contain ozone-depleting rechovyn.Torhovelna mark - Auto MagicVyrobnyk - AWC An ITW CompanyKrayina production - US. "UNITED STATES0UA1001301786.458090.773789 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201784212900001.Filtry laboratory designed dlyafiltruvannya liquid (aqueous buffers, acids, water, whey, etc.) .- SIPK0SIA1, Cartridge Simplipak 1 (SIMPLIPAK 1) -3sht.-SIMFILTER, Finishing filter (SIMFINAL FILTER), hydrofilna membrane with pore diameter 0, 05mkm-2sht.-SPR00S001, Smartpak RO cartridge (SMARTPAK RO) filtration -3sht.Vykorystovuyetsya culture media, biological samples of water and aqueous solutions in the laboratory. .FRANCE0UA12510071973.124024
27/Apr/201784212900001.Filtry laboratory designed dlyafiltruvannya liquid (aqueous buffers, acids, water, whey, etc.) .- UFC903008, Amykon Ultra (Amicon Ultra), the maximum volume of 15 ml, the threshold of 30 kDa resist, 8pcs / pack (centrifuge filter) -1up . It is used to filter the culture media, biological samples of water and aqueous solutions in the laboratory. .IRELAND0UA1251000.83104.6437615
25/Apr/201762063000001.Filtry laboratory designed dlyafiltruvannya liquid (aqueous buffers, acids, water, whey, etc.) .- SIPK0SIA1, Cartridge Simplipak 1 (SIMPLIPAK 1) -3sht.-SIMFILTER, Finishing filter (SIMFINAL FILTER), hydrofilna membrane with pore diameter 0, 05mkm-2sht.-SPR00S001, Smartpak RO cartridge (SMARTPAK RO) filtration -3sht.Vykorystovuyetsya culture media, biological samples of water and aqueous solutions in the laboratory. .INDIA151UA10011028.391086.49056
25/Apr/201790183900001.Filter filters are intended for filtering liquids (water buffers, acids, water, serums, etc.) .- UFC903008, Amikon Ultra (Amicon Ultra), maximum volume 15ml, decompression threshold of 30KDa, 8pcs / yp, (centrifuge filter) . It is used for filtration of culture media, biological samples of water and aqueous solutions in laboratory conditions. .UNITED STATES0UA1001300.721661.2956079
21/Apr/20173002109900"1. Reagents IN VITRO laboratory for diagnosis of human blood serum and dolaboratornyh analyzers, applicable for the study of samples obtained fromorganism person to obtain information on the physiological state abopatolohichnoho containing antibodies and syvorotkovyy globulin and albumintvar Ying packaged in disposable containers, boxed in stock (notcontains on rkotychni drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors) .- art. LKWT, IMMULITE WATER TEST KIT- 1pc; -art. L1KIDW1, Sample Diluent L1KIDW- 2 pcs; -art. L2KHB2, IMMULITE 2000 HBsAg - 1pc ; -art. L2KHB2, IMMULITE 2000 HBsAg - 1 pc; -art. L2KHB2, IMMULITE 2000 HBsAg - 1am; brand name: SiemensVyrobnyk: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products LimitedKrayina origin: United Kingdom (GB).. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA1001101.462238.51192
20/Apr/20173909509090"1. Samples for the study. The components polyurethane system: Poliizotsyonatni components for producing poliurytaniv, Forpolimer based toluilendiizotsianata (TDY): DESMODUR LU-T75D -25kh is a liquid Colorless to yellowish -400hrad.S ignition temperature, density of 1.1 g / cm3, not mixed with water, used for domestic production of polyurethane products technical.. "FRANCE0UA1101102586.4371864
20/Apr/201739100000901. Samples for the study. Components of polyurethane systems: Poliolni components for the production of polyurethanes: AAA -1kh is a colorless liquid, flash point -207hrad.S closed cup density of 0.9880 g / cm3, dynamic viscosity 2.500cps not miscible with water, not in aerosol upakovtsi.Zastosovuyetsya for our production of polyurethane products technical purposes. .FRANCE0UA11011013.749941856
19/Apr/201769089091001.Plytka coated with ceramic stone, interior finish, wall tapidlohy. Art. SAMPLES CERAMIC TILES PANELS-13,25m2. Art. SAMPLES CERAMIC TILES-10,37m2.Torhovelna Brand: Nueva AlaplanaKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Nueva Alaplana SL art. TRENTO BIANCO 22,3x22,3 -19m2. Art. TRENTONERO 22,3x22,3 -4m2. Art. TRENTO ARLECCHINO 22,3x22,3 -4m2. Art. FATIMA GREIGE30x90 -3,24m2. Art. CIRCLE WHITE MATT 20x20 -4m2.Torhovelna Brand: AzuviKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Azuvi Ceramics SL art. COR.BOISERIE STARIY ARBAT RED 12,5x20-0,03m2. Art. DECOR BOISERIE STARIY ARBAT GOLD 21,5x38 -0,16m2. Art. CORNISASTARIY ARBAT RED 7,5x25 -0,45m2. Art. BORDURA STARIY ARBAT RED 5x25 -0, CE LUSSO 8x25 -4m2. Art. CE STARIY ARBAT MIX GOLD 10x25 -2m2. Art. DECORANG.LOUVRE CREMA MARFIL 60,7x60,7-2,95m2. Art. CORNISA LOUVRE GOLD 8x25-0,8m2. Art. T-LUSSO 9x13 -0,05m2. Art. TACO STARIY ARBAT GOLD 15x19 -0, ZOCALO LUSSO 14x25 -4,2m2. Art. CORNISA LUSSO 4x25 -0,96m2. Art. MATITABOIS ERIE ARBAT GOLD 3,8x25 -0,17m2. Art. DEC.ANG.CARRARA GREY 59x59 -0,35m2.Torhovelna mark: Mapisa CeramicaKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Hatz Spain, SA Art. MOLDURA PURITY AQUA 5x25 -0,44m2. Art. ZOCALOPURITY AQUA 19x25 -1,71m2. Art. MOLDURA PURITY AQUA 5x25 -0,33m2. Art. TIVOLIWATER 25x50 -25,5m2. Art. TIVOLI WATER 30x30 -9,45m2. Art. AURA BLACK 20x60-4,32m2. Art. SENSATION NIGHT 31,6x31,6-3,2m2. Art. FAYETTE MARFIL 20x20 -1m2. Art. WIMBLEDON MIX 20x20 -0,32m2. art.LADY VERDE BOTELLA 20x20 -16m2. Art. BALOON MIX 10x20 -1,4m2. Art. TIVOLI WHITE25x50 -10,5m2. Art. TIVOLI WATER 25x50 -10,5m2. Art. COMO MIX WHITE 25x50-6m2. Art. DECOR VITIS CREMA 10x30-0,06m2. Art. DECOR LULO CREMA 10x30-0,06m2. Art. DECOR CITRUS CREMA 10x30-0,03m2. Art. DECOR BAYAS CREMA 10x30-0,09m2. Art. DECOR NUCULA CREMA 10x30-0,03m2. Art. DECOR FRAGA CREMA 10x30-0,06m2. Art. CLUB NAUTICO AZUL RECT. 29,5x90 -1,06m2. Art. DOLMEN CREAM RECT.60x60 -28,8m2. Art. ROSETON DOLMEN CREAM 60x60 -1,44m2. Art. TACO DOLMEN CREAM7x7 -0,02m2. Art. CENEFA DOLMEN CREAM 7x60 -0,76m2. Art. ZOCALO LE MARAIS AQUA19x25 -0,58m2. Art. CENEFA NEAL SNOW 20x20 -2m2. Art. SIMAT SNOW 20x20 SISAL SNOW 20x20 -2m2. Art. SONEJA SNOW 20x20 -2m2. Art. CENEFA REGINA19x60 -1,14m2. Art. LISTELO ZAI GREY 7x50 -0,84m2. Art. VINTAGE BEIGE 15x15-4,5m2. Art. TORELLO VINTAGE BEIGE 2x15-0,17m2. Art. DECOR POESIA BEIGE 17,8x15-0,8m2. Art. CENEFA NARON 7x60 -3,02m2. Art. DECOR ALIUM BLANCO 10x20 -0, DECOR KAREM 25x50 -10m2. Art. DECOR SET (2) MOIRA SNOW 20x60 -3,84m2. art.DECOR SET (2) SENSAZIONE MALVA 31x60-2,98m2. Art. DECOR TOPAZ PEARL 20x50-4m2. Art. GIZA ZINC 30x30 -0,45m2. Art. LISTELO JORDAN NATURAL 4,5x50 -0, LONDON BLANCO 5x20 -4m2. Art. LONDON COBALTO 5x20 -4m2. Art. MAJESTYCOBALTO 20x20 -1,92m2. Art. ROSETON NARON 60x60 -23,04m2. Art. TORELLO COBALTO2x20 -2,4m2. Art. TORELLO VERDE BOTELLA 2x20 -0,48m2. Art. TORELLO VINTAGE IVORY2x30 -0,34m2. Art. ZOCALO CANDES VISON 19x25 -2m2. Art. ZOCALO BLANCO 15x2SPAIN93378UA100020178477372.595726
19/Apr/201769089091001.Plytka coated with ceramic stone, interior finish, wall tapidlohy. Ceramic tiles 15x15 cm. Art. ORIGINE -6,16m2. Facing keramichna7,5x30 cm. Art. UPTOWN DECOR -7,5m2. Ceramic tiles 15x15 cm. Art. D.ELEGANZA-4,03m2. Ceramic tiles 15x15 cm. Art. ORIGINE -0,46m2. Facing keramichna7,5x30 cm. Art. PASADENA MOONLIGHT -6,5m2. Ceramic tiles 30x30 cm. Art.D.HORIZON WHITE -2,16m2. Ceramic 7,5x30 cm. Art. PASADENA TAUPE-9,5m2. Ceramic Art. SAMPLES SUELTAS HARMONY -2m2.Torhovelna mark: Peronda Ceramicas HarmonyKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Peronda Ceramicas, sa Harmony Ceramic tile 89,5x89,5 cm. Art.ICELAND -22,4m2. Ceramic tiles 44x44 cm. Art. BANSKY -16,49m2. Plytkakeramichna 3x44 cm. Art. L.ONICE -0,04m2. Ceramic tiles 44x44 cm. Art. BANSKY-62,08m2. Ceramic 60x120 cm. Art. LUMINA -10,08m2. Facing keramichna60x120 cm. Art. LUMINA -60,48m2.Torhovelna mark: Peronda Ceramicas MuseumKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Peronda Cera micas, sa Museum Ceramic tile 32x59 cm. Art. LOGIC-2,82m2. Ceramic tiles 16x33 cm. Art. C.RIANS -0,95m2. Ceramic 16x16sm. Art. E.RIANS -0,1m2. Ceramic tiles 33x47 cm. Art. DECOR BAIKAL -7,56m2.Plytka ceramic 33x33 cm. Art. MARSELLA -9,81m2. Ceramic tiles 30x30 FS SEATTLE-13,08m2. Ceramic tiles 33x33 cm. Art. NEBEK -1,09m2. Ceramic 33x33sm. Art. RIANS -2,18m2.Torhovelna mark: Peronda CeramicasKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Peronda Ceramicas, sa Ceramic tile 20x50 cm. Art. CHARME BONEB-21 -18m2. Ceramic tiles 20x50 cm. Art. CHARME AQUA B-21 -16,8m2. Plytkakeramichna 20x50 cm. Art. DEC.CHARME AQUA B-24 -2,4m2. Ceramic tiles 20x50 DEC.ESPAI A S-47 -0,1m2. Ceramic tiles 20x50 cm. Art. DEC.ESPAI B S-47-0,2m2. Ceramic tile 31,6x31,6 cm. Art. MOSAICO CHARME BONE B-55 -10m2.Plytka ceramic 31,6x31,6 cm. Art. MOSAICO CHARME AQUA B-55 -2m2. Plytkakeramichna 25x75 cm. Art. GROOVE WHITE PLAIN B-87 -54m2. Ceramic 25x75sm. Art. DEC.WATERFALL D S-79 -3,38m2. Ceramic tile 31,6x31,6 cm. Art. MOONAQUA B-37 -52m2. Ceramic tiles 25x75 cm. Art. NEXT BONE B-99 -47,25m2. Plytkakeramichna 59x59 cm. Art. ZERO WHITE REC-BIS B-11 -133,67m2. Facing keramichna29x100 cm. Art. ZERO WHITE REC-BIS B100-146,16m2. Ceramic tiles 59x59 cm. Art. ZERO IRON REC-BIS B-11 -133,67m2.Plytka Ceramic 29x100 cm. Art. ZERO IRON REC-BIS B100 -146,16m2. Plytkakeramichna 29x100 cm. Art. DEC.FIRST IRON S-93 -2,32m2. Ceramic 30x30sm. Art. MOSAICO ADORE WHITE S-50 -0,09m2.Torhovelna Brand: IberoAlcorenseKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: IberoAlcorense, SLSPAIN101567UA100020205278479.703769
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Water Samples Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Water Samples Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""МАГІК УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
04070,м.Київ,в.П.Сагайдачного, 20/2
Exporter Name ITW EVERCOAT
Product Description
"11.Poliruvalni and similar care bodies transportn.........
HS Code 3405300090Value 8090.773789
Quantity 0Unit UA100130
Net Weight 1786.45
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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