Ukraine Import Data of Water Pipe | Ukraine Import Statistics of Water Pipe

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of water pipe collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of water pipe imports.

Water Pipe Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Water Pipe

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of water pipe. Get Ukraine trade data of Water Pipe imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20178409990000"1. Parts exclusively dvyhunivvnutrishnoho combustion piston zkompresiynym ignition dlyatsyvilnoho appointment to s / htraktoriv: 3LD-1002001-cylinder block 1am. 240-1002300 BUILDING ZKILTSEM Gaskets, 2 pcs. (Engine crankshaft) 260-1013011-B KRYSHKATEPLOOBMINNYKA- 5pcs. (of the motor) 260-1005044 MASLOVIDBYVACH-2 pcs. 50-1005043 MASLOVIDBYVACH crankshaft rear-100sht. 50-1005042 MASLOVIDBYVACH crankshaft front-53sht. 50-1006250-finger-intermediate gears 6 pcs. 245-1003036-B pipe-4 pieces. 260-1307046 pipe-4 pieces. 260-1307048 pipe-1am. 70-8115022-A pipe (cyl head Indra) -30sht. 50-1307044-B-pipe water pump 26sht. 245-1307044, E-pipe water pump 1pc. 245-1008014-A adapter (collector) -4sht. 245-1003018-B6 intake-valve seat 6 pcs. 240-1104320-A2-02 TOPLYVOPROVOD drainage 12p. 260-1104320 TOPLYVOPROVOD drainage 1pc. 1pc pipeline 260-1109410. 240-1003260 PIPE VOZDUHOPODVODYASCHA-1am. 245-1002051-B1 11sht tube. 260-1013015 flange (the ploobminnyka engine) -3sht. 3LD-1004100-A1 connecting rod-3pc. 50-1403015-A2-pipe VIDVODNYY 22sht.Rozfasovano and packaged for retail and wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk OAO "" FM, "" MMW "." Trademark production MMZKrayina BY "BELARUS0UA504170140.2061824.496761 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201773064020901. welded pipes with corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel, round poperechnohopererizu without fittings, cold drawn or cold rolled (compression in holodnomustani) without thermal insulation, new art. 9127498 in long periods of 5850mm, wall thickness 0,40mm, diameter 12mm, standard AISI 304 - 7000sht.Vykorystovuyutsya in production elektrych- them akumulyuvalnyh water heaters. Touse in his vyrobnytstvi.Torhovelna Brand: No data. Company manufacturer: TIEN DAT TRADE IMPORT EXPORTCOMPANY LIMITED, V'yetnam.Krayina production: VN. .VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA500030493019272.30997
29/Apr/201783071000901.Truby flexible stainless steel obtained by deformation of hladkoyupoverhneyu pipes for water supply systems, with an outer diameter 15,68mm, 12,30mm zvnutrishnim diameter, thickness of 0.2 mm, for industrial use: Metalhose / metal pipe -4000m. .CHINA0UA1001503251900.45042
28/Apr/20173917219090"SEAMLESS 1.TRUBY, cut into segments ZOBROBLENOYU surface drainage ZPOLIMERIV ethylene Hard (NEW): drainage pipes PE -HD K2-LP Drains 110h6000 SN8 black koruhovana, art.1332039600 - 80sht .; drainage pipe PE-HD K2- Drains LP 160h6000 SN8 chornakoruhovana, art.1332339600 - 44sht., drainage pipe PE -HD K2-Drains TP 160h6000 SN8 black koruhovana, art.1332349600 - 20pcs., used for water and wastewater systems. ".POLAND0UA2091807231855.315413
28/Apr/201740169300901. The parts to manufacture home appliances BSH: Seal water pipe automatic coffee machines (set 2 pieces) art.00423271-1sht. Rubber stamp neporysta.Torhovelna BSHVyrobnyk BSH Hausgerate GmbHKrayina production CH.SWITZERLAND0UA1002000.0031.642094691
28/Apr/20177020008000"1.Santehnichni glass. Boxes showers (consisting of acrylic tray, door glass, acrylic roof mounted loudspeaker lamp hood (fan), the rear wall of glass with built jets irozvodkoyu pipes to supply water from the normal water supply, dushovyhaksesuariv (drain tube siphon tray), decorative panels bill, el.panel management functions (the ability to connect the phone and CD) metalevyhnizhok floor standing, fasteners box, cardboard packaging, in rozibr nomu state): WH -263 (ZQ-263) (1000X1000X2150) CHROME TRIPLE STRIPEGLASS 3pc .; Cabs shower for bathing without hydromassage system without electric pump (consisting of acrylic tray with glass doors, shower accessories: zlyvnatrubka, siphon, pallet), metal legs for installation on the floor, kartonnepakuvannya in disassembled state): WH-168 (900 * 900 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 200sht. WH-168 (900 * 900 * 1800) CHROME GREY 129sht. WH-168 (900 * 900 * 1800) CHROME TEA 130sht.; WH-August 16 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 82sht .; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME GREY120sht. WH-113 (LP-113) (900X900X1850) CHROME GREY ROOUND FLOWER 270sht.; WH-113 (LP-113) (900X900X1850) CHROME GREY SQUARE FLOWER 270sht .; WH-913 (LP-913) (900X900X1850) CHROME GREY 99sht .; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 22sht.; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 65sht .; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME TEA120sht .; WH-178 (900X900X1850) CHROME PEAR 170sht. WH-178 (900X900X1850) CHROMEGREY 130sht. WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 30sht .; WH-921 (900X900X1900) CHROME PEAR 199sht. WH-921 (900X900X1900) CHROME GREY 145sht. WH-921 (900X900X1900) CHROME TEA 139sht .; Plumbing glass. Parts dokabin and shower boxes: glass shower doors: WKA-5002 (800 * 1850) CHROME CLEAR40sht .; WKA-5002 (800 * 1850) CHROME MAT 40sht .; WKA-5002 (900 * 1850) CHROME CLEAR50sht .; WKA-5002 (900 * 1850) CHROME MAT 50sht .; WKA-5006 (1200 * 1850) CHROME MAT44sht .; WKA-5002 (1000 * 1850) CHROMECLEAR 30sht .; WKA-5006 (1200 * 1850) CHROME CLEAR45sht..Vyrobnyk: HANGZHOU KINGSUN IMP. AND EXP. CO., LTD.Krayina production CN.Torhivelna mark WATER HOUSE. "CHINA0UA12525080289151218
28/Apr/20173917400090"1.FITYNHY of plastic pipes, new: Coupling sewer. 200zovn PP., Art.701253300 - 10pcs .; clutch sewer. PP315zovn., Art.701293300 - 3pc .; Kolinokanaliz. PP 110 / 45zovn., Art.710203360- 100 pieces .; knee sewer. PP160 / 45zovn., art.710233360 - 30sht., Knee sewer. PP 200 / 15zovn., art.710253330 - 10pcs .; knee sewer. PP200 / 30zovn., art.710253350 - 10pcs .; Knee sewer. PP 315 / 45zovn., art.710293360 - 5pcs .; knee sewer. PP 315 / 87,5zovn., art.710293390 - 3pc., Tee sewer. ext. 200/160/45 PP, art.720183360 - 5pcs ., Tee kanaliz.zovn. PP 200 / 160h87,5, art.720183390 - 5pcs .; Reduction sewer. ext. 200/160 PE, art.730183300 - 10pcs .; Reduction sewer. ext. PP 200-250 and t.730233300 - 5pcs .; koruhovanoyi pipe coupling PE 200 K2-KAN, art.1001253000 - 20pcs., tube coupling koruhovanoyi PP 250 K2-KAN, art.1001273000 - 10pcs .; knee trubykoruhovanoyi PE 200h45 K2-KAN, art.1012253450 - 10pcs .; Elbow pipe 200h90 koruhovanoyiPP K2-KAN, art.1012253900 - 10pcs .; Elbow PE 250 pipes koruhovanoyi h45K2-KAN, art.1012273450 - 5pcs .; Coupling transitional K2-KAN 160/160 on a smooth trubuPVH, art.1039233000 - 20pcs .; Coupling transitional K2-KAN 200/200 on a smooth PVC pipe, art.1039253000 - 20pcs .; Cork (cap) PE 200 pipes koruhovanoyi K2-Kanuniversalnyy, art.1040253000 - 10pcs .; Coupling sewer. ext. PP HT 110 art.2201202100 - 36sht .; Knee sewer. ext. PE NT 50h30, art.2210142150 - 100 pieces., Knee sewer. ext. PE NT 50h45, art.2210142160 - 400sht .; Knee kanaliz.vnutr. PE NT 110h15, art.2210202130 - 60sht .; Knee sewer. ext. PE NT110h30, art.2210202150 - 60sht .; Knee sewer. ext. PE NT 110h45, art.2210202160 - 200sht .; Tee sewer. ext. PE NT 50 / 50h87,5, art.2220152190 -100sht .; Tee sewer. ext. PP HT 110 / 110h45, art.2220542160 - 60sht., Tee sewer. ext. PP HT 110 / 110h67,5, art.2220542180 - 24sht .; Triynykkanaliz. ext. PP HT 110 / 110h87,5, art.2220542190 - 60sht .; Cap 315 t PPA15-1,5 of the pipe carrying PVC koruhovanu 315 art.2539405090 - 20pcs., Used for water and wastewater systems. "POLAND0UA2091804121992.678517
28/Apr/201740093100001.Rukava of vulcanized, rubber nezatverdiloyi without fittings, combined only with textile materials, new: art.Rbx00028120 18h25,5-1,0 Sleeve T-60M TU 38 605162-90 (without lead) -360poh.m. (6zvyazok ) is a rubber pressure hoses with thread a skeleton lengthy navyvnym lightweight, inner diameter. 18mm outer diameter. 25,5mm, working pressure 1,0MPa (10khs / cm2) for use as a flexible connection pipes for supplying pressurized air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other inert Sleeve B (I) -10 -38-51 10M GOST 18698-79 -120poh.m. (12zvyazok) art.Rbx00001607 Sleeve B (I) -6,3-75-89 10M GOST 18698-79 -130poh.m. (13zvyazok) art.Rbx00001628 Sleeve In (II) -10-25-38 10M GOST 18698-79 -220poh.m. (22zvyazky) art.Rbx00001632 sleeves (II) -10-31,5-43 10M GOST 18698-79 -220poh.m. ( 22zvyazky) art.Rbx00001636 sleeves (II) -10-38-51 10M GOST 18698-79 -160poh.m. (16zvyazok) art.Rbx00001723 sleeves (II) -6,3-100-115 8M GOST 18698-79 -248poh.m. (31zvyazka) is a sleeve and pressure Rubber with textile skeleton, internal dia. 25-100mm, outer dia. 38-115mm, working pressure 0,63-1,0MPa (6,3-10khs / cm2) for use as flexible pipelines for supplying pressurized gasoline, kerosene, mineral oil, petroleum-based - Class B (I) water technology, solutions of acids and alkalis 20% (except nitric acid solution) - for type B (II) .art.Rbx00003072 Sleeve PAR-2 ​​(X) 38 605157-90 -18-30-1,0 TU -99poh .m. (3zvyazky) art.Rbx00003074 Sleeve PAR-2 ​​(X) 38 605157-90 -25-40-0,8 TU (20m) -60poh.m. (3zvyazky) art.Rbx00003077 Sleeve PAR-2 ​​(X) -31,5-47-0,8 TU 38 605157-90 (20m) -20poh.m. (1zvyazka) is a rubber pressure hoses with textile paroprovodni frame, internal di m. 18-31,5mm, external diameter. 30-47mm, working pressure 0,8-1,0MPa (8-10khs / cm2) for use as flexible pipelines for supplying pressure saturated steam without shock.RUSSIA0UA8060602019.2235361.687739
28/Apr/20174016930090"1.PROKLADKY, gaskets, sealants ZNEPORYSTOYI rubber NEW: Uschilnyuvachhumovyy IN SITU 110 the pipes koruhovani140 / 110/100 KG K2-KAN, art.5167201060 -10sht., Used for water and wastewater systems.".POLAND0UA209180328.7257349
28/Apr/20177326906000"1.Vyroby ferrous metals (steel), painted, used for fastening and support elements of drainage systems of buildings: -Hak rynnowy doczolowy # 125mm kolor 001 / Tortsovyy holder 125mm color gutter # 001 - 100 pieces; -Naroznik zewnetrzny (135 °) # 125mm kolor015 / external angle (135 °) # 015 125mm color - 5pcs; -Obejma bez sruby rury # 100mm kolor 045 / clamp downpipe 100mm color # 045 - 35 pcs; -Rynna (4mb) # 125mm kolor 001 / Water drainage gutter ( 4m) 125mm color # 001 - 25sht; -Rynna (4mb) # 125mm kolor 087 / Water drainage gutter (4m) 125mm color # 087 - 40sht. "POLAND0UA209140295.9814.646189
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТЕХНОТОРГ-ДОН"""
Importer Address
54025,м.Миколаїв,пр.Героїв Сталінграду 113/1
Exporter Name "ОАО ""Управляющая компания холдинга ""Минский моторный завод"""
Product Description
"1. Parts exclusively dvyhunivvnutrishnoho combust.........
HS Code 8409990000Value 1824.496761
Quantity 0Unit UA504170
Net Weight 140.206
Origin Country BELARUS

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