Ukraine Import Data of Water Dispenser | Ukraine Import Statistics of Water Dispenser

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of water dispenser collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of water dispenser imports.

Water Dispenser Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Water Dispenser

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of water dispenser. Get Ukraine trade data of Water Dispenser imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173402209000"1 detergents and cleaning abrasives Be content with packaged dlyarozl ribno trade, not as aerosol Packing these. Tualetivbekterytsydnyy detergent for green Art. P27914 - 180sht., Detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy green Art. P27924 - 320sht., Washing means for tualetivbekterytsydnyy blue Art. P28044 - 330sht., detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy blue Art. P28054 - 320sht., detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy green Art. P27980 - 40sht., detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy blue Art. P28080 - 40sht., detergent for tualetivbekterytsy tion blue Art. P28060 - 10pc., detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy green Art. P27930 - 20pcs., detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy gold Ref. P28130 - 10pc., Ingredients: water, phosphoric acid, nonionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, citric acid, sodium chloride sodium, aromatic composition, dye, detergent, toilet spray paint art. P27880N - 1092sht. Medium dlyavydalennya stone powder Ref. T30350 - 320sht., Milk or lemon forgiveness Art.P21720 - 360sht., Facial cleansing apple Art. P21820 - 360sht., Gel dlyapromyvky sewer pipes Art. T30550 - 810sht., Gel promyvkykanalizatsiynyh pipes Art. T30570- 330sht., Composition: sodium hydroxide, hlikoletylen, acrylic copolymer neionniPAR; Means detergent granules for cleaning sewer pipes Art. T30530- 486sht., Detergent granules tool for cleaning sewer pipes Art. T30510- 5940sht., Detergent granules tool for cleaning sewer pipes Art. T30520- 2020sht., Detergent granules tool for cleaning sewer pipes Art. T30540- 220sht., Composition: sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride; Art. P28230 - 648sht., Ridynadlya cleaning ceramic plates in a bottle with a pump-spray Art. P28310N -624sht., Ingredients: water, 2 butoksietanol, amphoteric surfactants, isopropyl alcohol, anionic surfactants, n-heksylenhlikol, EDTA salts are, n-butyl efirdypropilenhlikolyu, aromatic composition (d-Limon en) metylhloroizotiazolinon, metylizotiazolinon, tetrametylolhlikoluryl , dye; Nail chyschennyakaminnoho glass and grills in a bottle with a pump dispenser Art. P28410N - 1092sht., Composition: water, sodium hydroxide, tryetenolamin, anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, EDTA andtheir salts, sodium chloride; Detergent for baths and cabins Ref. P27860N - 1560sht., Detergent and bath cubicles Art. P27890N - 312sht., Composition: water, anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, citric acid, isopropyl alcohol, hlikoletylen, aromatychnakompozytsiya, 2 Butyn -1,4- diol; Art. P27820N - 1560sht., Nail vydalennyapryhorilyh substances in a bottle with a pump-spray Art. P28260N - 1716sht., Composition: water, sodium hydroxide, triethanolamine, anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, EDTA andtheir salts, sodium chloride; Liquid dishwashing Art. P29260 - 38sht., Composition: dodetsylbenzen sulfonate, sodium laureth sulfate; Washing zasibuniversalnyy lemon Art. P27340 - 432sht., Detergent universalnyykvitkovyy Art. P27440 - 216sht., Detergent versatile apple Art. P27640- 216sht., Detergent universal lily Art. P27240 - 432sht., Detergent for "POLAND0UA20914016018.5218636.20722 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20173303009000"1.Zapashna in 75 ml of water (in plastic bottles with a mechanical dispenser): -water fragrant children" "Waltz of the Flowers '' 75ml (12pcs / box) -960sht, fragrant water Children '' Moonlight Sonata '' 75ml (12pcs / box) -960sht. Trademark: "" PRINCESS "." For retailers. not in aerosol packaging. ethanol content of 20%. Producer: Ltd. "" Company Clover "". Country of origin: Russian Federation (RU).. "RUSSIA0UA110150215.041595.020414
25/Apr/201784212100001. Equipment for filtering or purifying water Filters included: -1shtFiltry included: -1sht filters included: -1sht Hlorinator dispenser: -6shtKrayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - no danyhVyrobnyk - NINGBO POWERFUL POOL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.CHINA0UA500020170.9644.2931402
21/Apr/201785169000001.Zapasni parts for warranty repairs that coffee TM DE'LONGHI: art.5513215491 PCBLCD (TSCREEN-16L) + GUID E LIGHT ESAM67 * Electric control board with a monochrome display and buttons for coffee, 2 pcs., Art.6013211671 CUPSSUPPORT (AISI430- BA THICK0,8) ECAM22-grill pan kavovar ing metal, 2 pcs., art.5332264500 KNOB CONTROL CHROME VELUR (ABS) (3E) MCSA * -nakladka rehulyatorukavovarky plastic-8 pieces., art.5313229731 RUBBERFOOT TRANSP (SIL 70 SH) ECAM26 -humova coffee-leg 9sht., art.5332113800TUBE INFERIOR FROTHER (POM) EC300 / BAR40-cap plastic coffee 3 pcs. art.5513213901 tUBE PTFE DI2-DE4 L = 320 + 2BUSHES ECAM-Teflon tube zlatunnym and washers for coffee -6sht., art.5332180500 NIPPLE90 NATURAL (PA) PIPESILICON MCSA-adapter-plastic 3pc. art.536199 SLIDE TANK WHITE (E) (PC) BARM1-lock plastic 2 pcs., art.5213212251 PCB POWER (DGT SW2.1) 230 (ST BY <1W) ESAM545-board power satellite, 230V, 1 pc., art. 5313214361 PIPE INTERNALFROTHER BLACK (POM) ECAM plastic nozzle kavovarky- 1 pcs. art.6213211521BUSH-BRASS (TUBE PTFE) E SAM-IFD-cone metal coffee-5pcs., art.7313230521ASSY GRINDER230 (VM) (3D-DL) + GEAR ECAM23 coffee grinder assembly with tazhornovamy Moto rum, 230V, 1 pc., art.5513296641 SET DLSC012CARAFE-LATTEC REMA DLECAM-plastic milk container with rubber gaskets 1 pcs. art.5513212801 DISPENSER HOT WATER + TUBE INOX ESAM66-plastic chrome trubkadlya water supply 1 pcs. art.5332239200 FITTING QUICK-B NATURAL (PPS) MCSA-plastic adapter 1 pc ., Art.5332249000 UNDERKNOB CONTROL BLACK (ABSUL) (2 & 3E) MCSA-lock plastic buttons Coffee-4 pieces. Art.5313218351DOUBLE CONNECTOR BLACK (PPA) EC850-plastic adapter for coffee-3pc., Art.5513212881 TUBE PTFE DI2- E4 L270 + 2B US EN7 / ESAM-Teflon tube latunnymyshaybamy for coffee, 2 pcs., contains radiobladnannya.Vyrobnyk DE'LONGHI APPLIANCES srlKrayina manufacturer ITTorhivelna mark DE'LONGHIITALY0UA8072102.863148.3454595
20/Apr/20173923900000"1.Suputni supplies for clinical trials under protokolom4500CRD2001, goods for trans porting and packaging made of plastics, not designedto transportation radioakty inthem materials: - Container for filtered water, 100 liters of article H2O2 - 4 pieces - Container with lid for feces 24 oz AI, article 8 pieces FCWL- - A box containing tubes Labor Attorney-test (second type) - 14sht including: set CCLS REQ W / BAR CODABAR PAPER - 2 pcs; Empty container dlyatransportuvannya stool - 4 pieces; tube for acid fence stool - 2 pcs; zservetkoyu Pack - 4 pieces; Additional and label with barcode - 4 pieces; set CCLS REQ W / BARCODABAR PAPER - 1am, tube with cap lavender color, 6 ml - 1 piece, graded plastic microtube 2 ml - 2 pcs; holder tubes, disposable - 1am, needle 21H X 1.25 inches - 1 piece; Package with cloth - 1 piece, graded sterile pipette, 3 1pc, optional label with barcode - 2 pcs; Optional label with barcode -4sht, set CCLS REQ W / bAR COD ABAR PAPER - 2 pcs; boxes set - 4 pieces; Kyshkovasystema Trans-Caddy - 2 pcs; Empty container for transporting stool - 4 pieces; Package with cloth - 2 pcs; Gel set "" Combo "" - 2 pcs; Set CCLS REQ W / BARCODABAR PAPER - 2 pcs; The plastic tube, red / gray, 7.5 ml- 2 pcs; Krioprobirka 1.8 ml - 4 pieces; Holder for tubes, disposable - 2 pcs; Holka21H X 1.25 inches - 2 pcs; Package with cloth - 2 pcs; Graded sterile pipette, 3 2 pcs; Additional label with barcode - 4 pieces; Additional label with barcode -4sht; Set CCLS REQ W / BAR CODABAR PAPER - 2 pcs; boxes set - 4 pieces; Kyshkovasystema Trans-Caddy - 2 pcs; Empty container for transporting stool - 4 pieces; Package with cloth - 2 pcs; Gel set "" Combo "" - 2 pcs; Set CCLS REQ W / BARCODABAR PAPER - 2 pcs; Empty container for transporting stool - 4 pieces; Probirkakyslotoyu for taking stool - 2 pcs; Package of cloth - 4 pieces; Additional code label zishtryh - 4 pieces; Set CCLS REQ W / BAR CODABAR PAPER - 2 pcs; Plastykovaprobirka red / gray, 2 pcs 7.5 ml-; Krioprobirka 1.8 ml - 4 pieces; Holder for tubes, disposable - 2 pcs; Holka21H X 1.25 inches - 2 pcs; Package with cloth - 2 pcs; Graded sterile pipette, 3 2 pcs; Additional label with barcode - 4 pieces; Set CCLS REQ W / BAR CODABARPAPER - 1am; Tube cap of lavender color, 6 ml - 1 pc; Hraduyovanaplastykova microtube 2 ml - 2 pcs; Holder for tubes, disposable - 1am, needle 21H x 1.25 inches - 1 pc; Package with cloth - 1am; Sterylnapipetka graded 3 1pc; Additional label with barcode - 2 pcs - Box containing tubes Labor Attorney testing (third type) - 4 pieces including: Additional label with barcode - 8 pieces; Set CCLS REQ W / BAR CODABAR PAPER- 4 pieces; Tube cap of lavender color, 2 ml - 4 pieces; Mailer dlyapredmetnyh steklyshek - 4 pieces; Test tubes for blood sampling, 2.5 ml - 4 pieces; Tube zpodviynym bottom 5 ml - 4 pieces; The plastic tube, red / gray, 7.5 ml- 4 pieces; Krioprobirka 1.8 ml - 12p; Gel set "" Combo "" - 4 pieces; Plastykovyykrovyanyy dispenser - 4 pieces; May "UNITED STATES0UA12510031.397968.0744622
14/Apr/201784212100001.Obladnannya for water for use in biochemistry analyzer: Set obsuhovuvannya modules I400 / 400PLUS (equipment, halogen lamp, 1pc., Set of tubes to the analyzer integra 400-1sht., Filter Ligacon-4 pieces., Filter-cooling unit 1pc ., water filter Sterapore-H 727-1990-1sht number. gasket (seal) for the filter number 727-1928-1sht. gasket (seal) to cover dispenser, 5pcs. gasket (seal) D9 / 12x2,5 -2sht. gasket (seal) with teflon-2 pcs. gasket (seal), four-sided 3pc., spring-4 pieces) art. 05670713001-1sht. Manufacturer ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS Ltd. Country of CHTorhovelna brand ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS.SWITZERLAND0UA1002000.3582.5029131
14/Apr/20173824905090"1. Processing aids for galvanization: Brighteners COLZINC ACF-II 3X (KOLTSYNK ATSF 3X-II) -11 in plastic barrels 208l, is a mixed produktz water content, polyethylene glycol, monoethanolamine, auxiliary additive COLZINCACF PURIFIER (cleaner) buckets of -2plastykovyh 19l is a sumishevyyprodukt water content, thiourea and support organic substances dopomizhnadobavka COLZINC LCD pOWDER (Amplifier) ​​-2paperovyh buckets of 44kh, soboyusumishevyy product is a powder containing aromatic aldehydes bisulfatunatriyu and air conditioning, the drug CO LDIP YELLOW 126 (Rainbow 126) - 1 plastykovabochka in 208l, is a mixed product containing water, acetic acid, nitric acid tahromovoyi; Dispenser additive COLSID K-250 2X Wetter (KOLSYD C-250 C 2X) -1 plastykovaya barrel in 208l, is a mixed product containing water, polyethylene glycol, sodium benzoate and polyvinyl spyrtu.Vyrobnyk: Columbia Chemical Corporation.Krayina production: US.Torhivelna grade: C olumbia. "UNITED STATES0UA8071703151.4418061.93251
12/Apr/201785169000001.Zapchastyny ​​to elektronahrivalnoyipobutovoyi technology for civilian use tapobutovoho: Fee keruvannyaz to display Multicookings, art.5212510561, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi.Plata supply to the coffee, art.5213218521, 10pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi., Art. 5213218521, 2pcs, Torh.markaDeLonghi. Handle switch timer doelektropechi, art. 5918145300, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Electronic control boards to coffee, art. 5213218751, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Lever handles to the filter-holder coffee, art. 534 714, 1 piece, Torh.marka DeLonghi. The steam valve to steam the art. 5 513200319, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. The water tank to coffee, art. 5513 200929, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Nut-distributor to coffee, art. 62 13210451, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. The controller couples to coffee, art. 731328 5809, 1am, DeLonghi Torh.marka. Filter sitechko to coffee, art. 5819 731328, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. , Art. 7313285829, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. May ymach fuser to coffee, art. 7313286109, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. K lapan to coffee, art. 7313286129, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Shoulder-ka ointment to bread, art. EH1263, 3pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. , Art. KW661579, 1sh t Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to bread, art. KW701848, 1pc, Torh.mar ka Kenwood. Measuring capacity to bread, art. KW702933, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to bread, art. KW702945, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Shoulder-mixers and the bread, art. KW702957, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. , Art. KW703133, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to bread, art. KW712245, 1pc, pKa Kenwood. Shoulder-to bread mixer, art. KW712246, 1pc, Torh.mar ka Kenwood. Capacity to bread, art. KW712988, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Amount to succinct bread, art. KW713201, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Shoulder-to mixer's libopechi, art. KW713292, 1pc, Comm. brand Kenwood. Capacity (boiler) with steam of valve to coffee, art. KW713339, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to hli bopechi, art. KW714130, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Electronic board to bread, art. KW714538, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Lock doors to the microwaved, art. MJ1241, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Pen-holder coffee dispenser sitichkom Phil truyuchym to coffee, art. T34150, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Capacity (Boyle er) to coffee, art. T35110, 4 pieces, Torh.marka DeLonghi. The cover glass integral to hone yogurt, art. AT6155506800, 20pcs, Torh.marka Ariete. Electronic plastic cable and satellite connection, art. 5213213971, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLong hi. Fee control with display and train connection to coffee, art. 5 213214801, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Boiler to coffee, art. 5513200339, 1sh t Torh.marka DeLonghi. Electronic card with display to bread, art. 5513 220021, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Sitechko to coffee, art. 6032109800 1 pcs Torh.marka DeLonghi. Filter sitechko to coffee, art. 7313286069, 1pc, Thor h.marka DeLonghi. Wheels (2 pieces) to the axis Electric, art. 5518500008, 1am, DeLonghi Torh.markaCHINA0UA12502019468.7767081
11/Apr/20179027200000"1.Ridynnyy chromatograph" "Lyumahrom" "no detector (№ 1081) - 1. It is a device for physical and himichnyhanaliziv, making it possible to define a wide spektrpokaznykiv in food raw materials and products of pererobky.Bude installed in the laboratory for quality control tabezpeky food produktivta water. Features: nasosshprytsevoho type (H 1730, the volume of the working chamber 35 mL tyskdo 25 MPa) power 187-242 V, 50 Hz power schospozhyvayetsya 50-120 W; valve dispenser "" Rheodyne "" - dozuyemyyob'yem 10 ml. contains no ionizing radiation.. "RUSSIA0UA125100186181.608073
10/Apr/20178479899790"1.Equipment for dosing detergents or disinfecting solutions in industry: art.417402171, system of dispensers PENGUIN 4U 2L (LF) + 2H (HF), quantity-30p.; Art.417402170, system of dispensers PENGUIN 4U 3L (LF) + 1H (HF), complete with nozzles of delivery of solution, number-15pcs; art.417402172, system of dispensers PENGUIN 4U 4L (LF), complete with nozzles of delivery of solution, a few-10pcs. The system is connected to the pipeline with running water, Mixes water with detergent or disinfectant and dispenses ready-to-use solution in the required amount, without power supply, non-electric. Mixing of water from the prep The arat goes through the creation of pressure from tap water. Manufacturer-Ecolab, trading.mark-Ecolab, country of production-GB. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA12525090.26087.332262
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Water Dispenser Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Water Dispenser Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПП ""Шостінтербуд"""
Importer Address
41100 Сумська обл., м. Шостка, вул Марата, буд. 30А кв. 200
Exporter Name "Zaklady Chemiczne ""Unia"" Spoldzielnia Pracy"
Product Description
"1 detergents and cleaning abrasives Be content wi.........
HS Code 3402209000Value 18636.20722
Quantity 0Unit UA209140
Net Weight 16018.52
Origin Country POLAND

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