Ukraine Import Data of Water Conditioning | Ukraine Import Statistics of Water Conditioning

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of water conditioning collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of water conditioning imports.

Water Conditioning Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Water Conditioning

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of water conditioning. Get Ukraine trade data of Water Conditioning imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173305900000"1.Zasoby hair care without aerosol packaging in plastic tubes and jars: KERATIN ACTIVE Lotion biphasic with keratin d / hair restoration and shine, 200ml. - 36sht .; ALOE VERA Balm for oily hair" "daily improvement" "450ml. - 306sht .; bAMBOO CARE 2 phases and spray-condition. indelible d / Vol. on extra. TERMOZAH bamboo + volume 145ml. - 24sht .; bAMBOO CARE MASK intensive d / hair from extreme. bamboo RECOVERY + Protection, 450ml. - 54sht .; bAMBOO STYLE GEL d / UKL Wall. "" Prykorn. volume of zmits. bamboo action SUPER / C fixed. 150ml. - 120sht .; bAMBOO STYLE Spray FIKSYN d / styling hair with zmits. bamboo action ylnoyi fix, 215ml. - 180sht .; CLEAR & BEAUTY Hair balm "" Glitter and Recovery "," 450ml. - 54sht .; CLEAR & BEAUTY Hair balm "" POWER AND STRENGTHENING "" 450ml. - 18sht .; KERATIN ACTIVE mask recovery keratin hair 300ml. - 98sht .; kERATIN ACTIVE oil of burdock from keratin d / Extreme hair restoration, 100ml. - 16sht .; kERATIN ACTIVE Serum keratin d / hair I deeply rESTORATION, 200ml. - 150sht .; KERATIN STYLing Liquid Keratin Spray d / styling hair straightening and ironing balls 200ml. - 80sht .; KERATIN STYLing Smoothing Serum d / hair "" Brazilian keratin. straightening "" 150 ml. - 72sht .; KERATIN & OIL Argan oil Balm-d / all types of hair, "" Recovery and Power "", 300ml - 14sht .; KERATIN & Proteins Cashmere balm for all hair types, "" Restoration and volume "," 300ml - 28sht .; Stem cells KERATIN & Balm d / all types of hair, "" Restoration and rejuvenation "," 300ml - 42sht .; KERATIN & Active Peptides whey d / all types Vl. nezmyv against hair loss, 170ml - 153sht .; KERATIN & Peptides Balm Mask d / all types of hair against hair loss 300ml - 28sht .; KERATIN & Terme. WATER BB Balm d / all type. Vol. "" Two-level restore. "" Indelible, 75ml - 42sht .; KERATIN & thermal water Balm Mask d / all type. Vol. "" Two-level restore. "" 300ml - 350sht .; Line INTENSE VOLUME Hair conditioner and moisturizing for all hair types, 450ml. - 36sht .; BALM-silk for recovery weakened. hair, 450ml. "" Live SILK "" - 270sht .; Shine and nourish. Two-minute mask-shine Argan Oil + liquid. A silk / debilitated and poshk. hair, 200ml. - 15sht .; Shine and nourish. Serum Argan oil, fluid, liquid silk + d / all types of hair indelible, 200ml. - 150sht .; Lip Balm and power-glare Argan Oil + liquid silk d / all types of hair, 500 ml. - 54sht .; Glitter and shine POWER Spray Argan Oil, for all hair types, 75ml - 525sht .; Lip Balm and Hair Restoration BASIC HAIR CARE, 500 ml. - 54sht .; Hair balm POWER AND STRENGTHENING BASIC HAIR CARE, 500 ml. - 18sht .; Dead Sea Cosmetics Conditioning Balm Mineral / all types of hair, 200ml. - 15sht .; Dead Sea Cosmetics mask against hair loss mud, 200ml. - 15sht .; Course A deep cleansing / hair SPRAY control fat hair, 100ml. - 32sht .; BEST RECIPES hair balm, 450ml. - 18sht .; Oil of burdock from keratin hair extra-RECOVERY "BELARUS0UA1250101274.113087.108641 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/201784213100001.Heat exchanger lamellar, soldered for use in centralized heat supply systems (air conditioning, heating and hot-water supply): HE 8.0 art.015D0009-3pcs. Brand: DanfossProduct manufacturer: PL Producer: Danfoss Poland Sp. Z ooFRANCE0UA1251101.7322.89997524
24/Apr/201763026000001.Heat exchanger lamellar, soldered for use in centralized heat supply systems (air conditioning, heating and hot-water supply): D22-10 (STD PG) art. 021H1296-2pcs. XB12L-1-70 G5 / 4 Art. 004H7534 -1 pieces.XB12L-1-70 G5 / 4 Art. 004H7534 -1 pieces. Trademark: Danfoss Production name: SI Producer: Danfoss Trata d.о.о. .BANGLADESH0UA100050150.626778.9994157
21/Apr/20178481101900"1. reducing valves for pressure regulation vtruboprovidnyh networks and parapostochannya water, ventilation, air conditioning and heating civil haluzivyrobnytstva not combined with filters or mastylnymyprystroyamy, with stali.Klapan reduction type 41-23, DN 50, body: steel, PN 40, included: - a drive regulator type 2413 (range: 4,5-10 bar) - pulse tube 8h1, 1.4571 - fitting (G 1/4, 8 mm, 2 pcs.) - seals (2 pcs. ) .Kilkist 2 komplekta.Klapan reduction type 2405, DN 15 Case: steel, PN 40, adjustment range: 0,2-1,0 bar included: - the sleeve (G 1/4, 8 mm, 2 pcs .) - seal (2 pcs.). Quantity: 3 komplekta.Klapan reduction type 41-73, DN 15 Case: steel, PN 40, included: - a drive regulator type 2413 (range: 0,8-2,5 bar) - pulse tube 8h1, 1.4571 - fitting (G 1/4, 8 mm, 2 pcs.) - 2 pcs. Quantity: 2 komplekta.Klapan reduction type 41-23, DN 25 Case: steel, PN 40, included: - drive regulator type 2413 (range: 0,8-2,5 bar) - 8x pulse tube 1, 1.4571; - fitting (G 1/4, 8 mm, 2 pcs.) - 1. Quantity: 1 komplekt.Vyrobnyk: SAMSON AG.Torhovelna Brand: SAMSON.Krayina production: DE "GERMANY0UA125100140.1211734.02367
21/Apr/201790329000001. Parts of instruments and equipment for automatic control and process control networks of water - and parapostochannya ventilation, air conditioning and heating civil sector vyrobnytstvaPeretvoryuvach electro 6109 type, input: 4-20mA, Output: 0,2-1 bar - 1 sht.Vyrobnyk : SAMSON AG.Torhovelna brand: SAMSON.Krayina production: DE.GERMANY0UA1251000.076156.6323453
20/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni drugs (not in aerosol packaging in plastic containers): Children's Body Lotion Sweet Dreams with lavender aroma series Naturals Kids, 150 ml art.F0396200-520 pieces (8 corr) Moisturizing Lotion Conditioning Body which is washed off with almond seed oil "" deeply power '' series AVON NutraEffects, 250 ml art.F0673000-324 unit (9 corr) oil leg 3 in 1 with ekstraktomlavandy series Avon Foot Works, 50 ml art.F1188700-252 items (2 Cor) body Scrub "" Ripe strawberries "," series Avon Naturals, 200 ml art.F1238100-165 unit (3 Kor), two-phase tool for removing eye make up, series AVON Nutra Effects, 200 mlart.F1345300 -160 pieces (4 Kor); System 2-in-1 Eye iIdealnyyliftynhi, cream and gel series Anew Clinical art.F1445500-1512 units (corresponding to 24) V'yazkyytonik face against black dots series Clearskin, 100 ml art.F1517300-792sht ( 11 corr) anti-aging cream for hands, nails and cuticles with collagen tayelastynom Youth asset series AVON care, 100 ml art.F1566600-630 items (7 corr) moisturize thick cream basic care series Avon Men, 50 mlart. F1753000-280 unit (2 Cor); Cream for hands, nails and cuticles Intensive dopomohaseriyi AVON Care, 100 ml art.F1767600-2250 unit (25 Kor); Milk vmyvannyaDzherelna water and celandine series Naturals, 100 ml art.F2375200-432 unit (6 corr) Moisturizing lotion for feet "" exotic paradise "" series AVON FootWorks / Uvlazhnyayuschyy Lotion noh "" Эkzotycheskyy paradise "" series AVON Foot, mlart.F3481200-1400 75 pieces (10 Kor); Moisturizing cream "" Aloe and Cotton "," series AVON Naturals, 75 ml art.F3993400-4050 unit (45 Kor); Intensyvnozvolozhuvalnyy Body Lotion with bee royal jelly series AVON Care, 400 ml art.F4139700-30 items (1 Cor); Cream Souffle Body Series Ultra Sexy Pink, 150 ml art.F4558700-108 unit (2 Cor); Anti-Cellulite Body Lotion Freedom vidtselyulitu 5D, Series Solutions, 150 ml art.F5377500-130 unit (2 Cor); Pom'yakshuvalnyyi refreshing cream for hands, nails and kutykulы "" Green tea "" with an extract zelenohochayu series AVON Care, 100ml art.F5409800-360 unit (4 Kor); Face cream Aloe Shypshynata series Naturals, 50 ml art.F6528500-60 items (1 Cor); Day Cream Seabuckthorn dlyaoblychchya and bearberry series Naturals, 50 ml art.F6685700-300 units (5kor); Cream of corns, series AVON Foot Works, 75 ml art.F6734200-4200 units (30kor); Regenerating gel feet with peppermint essential oil series AVON Foot Works, 75ml art.F6758000-280 unit (2 Cor); Night cream care for feet with extracts of lavender, a series AVON Foot Works, 150 ml art.F6761300-162 unit (3 Kor); Foot mask with lavender extract hlynoyui series AVON Foot Works, 75 ml art.F6762100-280 unit (2 Cor) Foot Balm with mineral sea salt, series AVON Foot Works, 75 mlart.F6766900-840 unit (6 cor) ; Cream d / person "" rose petals. Glow "," 75 mlart.F7241800-90 items (1 Cor); Seductive Body Lotion passion fruit and peony, seriyiNaturals 200 ml art.F7790100-57 items (1 Cor); Scrub clean pores and skin, cepii Clearskin, 75 ml art.F7881500-840 unit (6 corr); Night cream oblychchyaVynohrad and wheat, Series N "RUSSIA0UA1002102665.8111458.55342
20/Apr/20173402202000"1.Poverhnevo-active agents, rozfasovanidlya retail or in aerosol packaging: -Ridyna for cleaning nozzles vultrazvukovyh baths LAVR Ultra-SonicCleaner 5L-12p; -Ridyna test injectors nastendah LAVR Petrol injector's tester5l-6 pieces; -Raskoksovyvanie engine ML- 202 (dlyadvyhuniv to 2 liters) LAVR Enginecarbon cleaner 185ml, 20pcs, -Raskoksovyvanie ML-202 engine (for engines over 2 liters) LAVR engine carbon cleaner 330ml, 20pcs, -Nabir: Raskoksovyvanie ML-202 engine + engine Washing (for engines up to 2 hlitriv 185ml / 330ml) LAVR Engine carboncleaning complex-20pcs, -Promyvannya cooling '' Classes on "" LAVR Radiator Flush-Classic430ml 60sht; -Promyvannya cooling systems for commercial vehicles "" Classical ++ "" LAVRRadiator Flush for trucks Classic 980ml-48sht; -Nabir "" Complete cleaning of the cooling system in 2 stages "" 2 steps to LAVR fullyradiator flush 310ml / 310ml, 20pcs, -Promyvannya cooling '' synthetic '' antifreeze additive in LAVR Synteticradiator flush-60sht 430ml; -Peretvoryuvach rust zinc "" 10 minutes "" LAVR rust remover NO rUST zinc + 480 ml.-40sht ; -Peretvoryuvach rust "" 10 minutes "" LAVR NO rUST fast action-36sht 120ml; -Peretvoryuvach rust "" 10 minutes "" LAVR NO rUST fast action-40sht 310ml; -Pinnyy cleaner engine "" Anti corrosion "" LAVR Foaming motor corrosion480ml cleaner anti-40sht ; -Ochyschuvach skin "" soft action "" LAVR Soft action leather cleaner 185 ml 36sht; -Polirol- cleaner plastic "" glossy sheen "" Concentrate (1: 1) Glossy plasticpolish (1: 1) L-1 24sht ; -Kondytsioner skin "" Renewal "" LAVR Revitalizing leather conditioner 185ml-36sht; -Ochyschuvach conditioning with plastic spray LAVR plastic cleaner 120ml-36sht; -Polirol plastic conditioning (concentrate 1: 1) LAVR plastic cleaner matt-effect1l 24sht ; -Ochyschuvach upholstery "" protection of color "" from the spray LAVR Carpet cleaner with color protection 120ml-36sht; -Plyamovyvidnyk "" anti-stain "" chlorine free LAVR stain Remover 120 ml 36sht; -Ochyschuvach fabric upholstery "" Protyskladnyh pollution "" (co tsentrat 1: 5-10) LAVR Textile cleaner 1L-12p - "Antitopol" with spray LAVR Anti Poplar No Scratch 185ml 185ml-140sht; -Ochyschuvach body Antimuha (concentrate 1: 7) LAVR Anti Fly Cleaner 5L-6 pieces; -Ochyschuvach wheels "" updates and protection '' (concentrate 1: 3-5) LAVR WheelDisks Cleaner universal 1L-12p; -Avtoshampun for contactless car wash "" LIGHT "" basic composition 3.0 (1: 30-1: 50) LAVRAuto shampoo LIGHT 1.1 kg-24sht; -Avtoshampun for contactless car wash "" INTENSIVE "" increased pennost 3.8 (1: 40-1: 60) LAVR Auto shampoo INTENSIVE 1,1 kg-24sht; -Avtoshampun for contactless car wash "" OPTIMAL "" The basic composition of 5.4 (1: 50-70) LAVRAuto Shampoo OPTIMAL 1,1 kg-24sht; -Avtoshampun for contactless car wash '' COMPLEX "" increased pennost 6.0 (1: 50-70) Auto Shampoo COMPLEX 1,1 kg-24sht; -Avtoshampun for contactless car wash "" ULTIMATUM "" for hard water 7.0 (1: 70-100) Auto Shampoo ULTIMATUM 1,1 kg-24sht; -Avtoshampun for contactless car wash '' STORM '' high pennost 8.4 (1: 80-110) Auto Shampoo STORM 1,2 kg-24sht; -Avtoshampun for bezkontak "RUSSIA0UA11011011323395.174211
19/Apr/20179032900000"1.Obladnannya for automatic control of buildings: Accessories for merezhevohokontrolera of heating hot water, air conditioning iventylyatsiyi series" "STRUCTURE WARE" ": UI-8 module / DO-FC-4 UI / DO (FORMC) art.SXWUI8D4X1 0001-6sht , 16 Universalna module inputs UI-16art.SXWUI16XX10001-4sht, terminal of the power module TB-PS-W1 art.SXWTBPSW110001-2sht, terminal module of TB-IO-W1 art.SXWTBIOW110001-12sht, terminal of the controller TB- AS-W1 art.SXWTBASW110001-2sht, modulzhyvlennya PS-24V 24VAC / VDC art.SXWPS24VX1 0001-2sht, the electronic part of the controller (automation server) AS automation Serv er art .SXWAUTSVR10001-1sht.Torhovelna Brand: SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC.Krayina production: SE.Vyrobnyk: SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC BUILDINGS AB.. "SWEDEN0UA1002008.32315.845966
18/Apr/20173402209000"1.Myyni tools and cleaning brands BMW, put up for retailtrade without content ozonoruynuyuyuchyh substances Means for washing katalizatorahlushnyka, Pack 500 ml., The type of surface active nonionic rechovyn-; vmistdopomizhnyh components: fatty alcohol S10etoksylovanyy 1-5% 2butoksietanol1 -5% sodium hydroxide 1% Calcium chloride nytryltryatsetat 1% vodademineralizovana 96% content of abrasive powders 0% art.83192211602 -3sht; Zasibmyttya conditioning system and Salon / m, pack 1000ml., dopomizhnyhkomponentiv content: dye Conservatory ie, solvent, ethanol, art.83192180507 -12sht, window washer summer (surfactant-anionaktyvna, auxiliary components, butoksyetanol) abrasive powders, 0%, 250 mL packaged, art.83122361702-48sht; cleaner cleaning dust from filtrukondytsionera and aerosol pollution in 75ml packaging without vmistuozonoruynuyuch s substances as pushing a substance containing propane-butane type surfactants -kationni content auxili them komponentiv- water, triethanolamine, carbon dioxide content of abrasive powders 0% art.83192180509- 18sht; Care and Salon / m from fatty pollution not bezvmistu ozonoruynuyuyuchyh aerosol packaging materials, surfactants, anionaktyvni, auxiliary components - amphoteric; abrasive powders - 0%, pack 1000ml, art.83119407816 -60sht; Eye glasses and / brands of BMW, insect packaged 500ml, aerosol packaging Neuve ozonoruynuyuyuchyh free of substances aktyvnirechovyny surfactants, anion-active 3% amphoteric auxiliary components, content-abrazyvnyhporoshkiv 0% art.83122288901 -24sht; Cleaner-primer "" R1 "" packaged 100ml (surfactants heptane, auxiliary components, isomers abrazyvnyhporoshkiv-0%) art.83192211217 -4sht; trademark - "" BMW "" Manufacturer - Concern "" BMW "" "GERMANY0UA10021092.149687.0293209
18/Apr/20178536490090"1.Elektrychna apparatus (relay) for use in air conditioning systems, for a voltage not exceeding 1000 V: relay channel water 5013359 - 1pc; brand name: DAIKINVyrobnyk: DAIKIN EUROPE NVKrayina production: BE."BELGIUM0UA1000100.265100.4216088
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Water Conditioning Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Water Conditioning Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Владіком"""
Importer Address
УКРАЇНА м. Київ вул. Лаврська 9, корп. 19
Exporter Name "ЗАО ""Витэкс"""
Product Description
"1.Zasoby hair care without aerosol packaging in p.........
HS Code 3305900000Value 3087.108641
Quantity 0Unit UA125010
Net Weight 1274.11
Origin Country BELARUS

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