Ukraine Import Data of Waste Bin | Ukraine Import Statistics of Waste Bin

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of waste bin collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of waste bin imports.

Waste Bin Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Waste Bin

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of waste bin. Get Ukraine trade data of Waste Bin imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20174805932000"1.Karton cast binding recycling of waste, uncoated, bleached, are not subjected to additional treatment, uncoated fiber content obtained chemically -100%. It is used for the manufacture of notebooks, notepads, diaries. In arkushah.ART" "913" " 2.0h700h1000mmART format: "" 688 "" 1.0h700h1000mm format. "ITALY0UA20918013661004.245159 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/201769120050001. Production of fine ceramics: dispensers for liquid soap art. D-15370 LOTION BOTTLE - 5pcs., Soap art. D-15371 SOAP DISPENSER - 5pcs., Cups toothbrush art. D-15372 TOOTHBRUSH - 5pcs., Urns art. D-15376 COTTON BOX - 5pcs. Manufacturer: ANSAN METAL, brand: CANDIA. Dispensers for liquid soap art. D-13645 LOTION BOTTLE - 5pcs., Soap art. D-13641 SOAP DISPENSER - 5pcs., Cups toothbrush art. D-13642 TOOTHBRUSH - 5pcs., Urns art. D-15356 COTTON BOX - 3pc., Urns art. D-13644 PETTIE LACE WASTE BIN WITH LID - 1am. Manufacturer: ANSAN METAL, brand: PRIMA NOVA. Packaged in 2 packages. Country of TR. .TURKEY0UA5000701132.44994498
24/Apr/20177210122000"1.Nevohnetryvki mixes for building: -weber.floor HB PLUS 25 kg (Cerinol HBK) -13650kh-546 25 kg bags, ready to use dry solution is mixed with water in the form of powder, consisting of: from Portland (89 9%) and solid filler alumina (2.5%). used to seal the surface layer of fresh monolithic pidlohy. weber.tec-824 (Superflex D1) -1680kh-84 bag 20 kh.Sklad: cement 20% quartz sand (silicon dioxide) -60% additives, polymer and 20% for insulation .Vykorystovuyetsya internal surfaces in wet areas and baseynah.-weber.xerm KM Flex 25-kg bag 1050kh-42 25 g is an improved hydraulic impurities easy to use, flexible material with the addition of synthetic substances. The composition of materials: silicon dioxide (quartz sand) 50-60% gray cement - 15-30% synthetic substances (additives) -5-10% .Pryznachenyy for solution, based on sand, cement and polymer glue for universal implementation tiling work. -weber ZK557 F22 Natur al - 1050kh- 42 bags of 25 kg-colored solution grouting brick structures. Ingredients: filler or sand-lime 80-90%, -10% binders, pigment impurities 0,25% .- weber.rep 750 450 5 kg-bags kh- 90 5 kh- one-component, modifikovane resistant coating of polymers osnovi.Sklad cement: gray cement 25 +/- 10%, +/- 10 sand 60% impurities (polymeric resin, mineral filler) 5-10% .Vykorystovuyetsya to protect steel reinforcement corrosion in reinforced concrete konstruktsiyah.-weber. rep 751 25-kg bag 1050kh- 42 to 25 kg, no concrete mixed with water as a powder material based on cement. Ingredients: silicon dioxide (quartz sand) - 30-50%; Gray cement - 30-50%; Regulating impurities - 5.10%; ash (waste) - 2-5% .Pryznachenyy connecting layer to perform on the elements of building structures exposed to high-navantazhen. weber.rep 754 25-kg bag 1050kh- 42 to 25 kg, one-component, polymer solution modifikovanyy cement based synthetic fillers (improve workability, adding water resistance and shrinkage compensating additives mixture). The composition of materials: silicon dioxide (quartz sand)> 50%; Gray cement - 10-25%. To repair concrete, concrete surfacing outside and inside prymischen.Torhovelna WEBER brand. Whirlpool-to: "" Saint-Gobain Construction Products Polska Sp.zoo "". Country of PL. "GERMANY0UA1001101856318207.10181
23/Apr/201762046239001. The hoses of vulcanized rubber, not reinforced and not combined with inshymymaterialamy with fittings, hose for suction of waste oil art.2295018 -2sht. output pressure hose 200mm Art. 14042 -10sht.Torhovelna Brand: ORIONKrayina production: SEVyrobnyk: Alentec & Orion AB.TURKEY154UA20502055.1592058.889549
19/Apr/20178421392000"1.Filtr-breather intake and wastewater pump povitryavodyanoho art.R98527-2sht.Filtryochyschennya air syst. Kabinyart.R119168-5sht ventilation. By c / d tehniky.Vyrobnyk: John Deere; Trademark: John Deere; Country of origin: US. "UNITED STATES0UA1001204.302147.8720828
18/Apr/20178456100000"1-machines for sheet material removal with a laser beam -system laser cutting CNC TRULASER 3030 (L20) = 1 SHT.SERIYNYY NUMBER A1220A2288TRULASER 3030 - Mark; -type L20 2017. ISSUE. NOVA.POSTAVLYAYETSYA disassembled. COMPOSITION: MACHINE bed, automatic shuttle desktop, PORTAL LM, exhaust fans, cooling devices; high-frequency electrical, control cabinet (CNC) hydraulic device, LASER DEVICE, a set of adaptations to change PALET.TRANSPORTER Cleaning Milk FRAGMENTS AND WASTE In the bunker. SYSTEM laser cutting CNC Series TRULASER 3030 (L20) does not apply to turning, milling, grinding and wireless Machine for ELECTRO-spark TREATMENT BECAUSE intended for thermal sharply with a laser beam of sheet metal billets and pipes. SPEED AND ACCURACY PROCESSING achieved by rolling IS THE PORTAL LMYAKYY multi-welded construction that moves on direction VLYAYUCHYM roller and ball bearings and has BEZZAZORNYY DRIVE "" Reiki-pinion "" On both BOKIV.POTUZHNIST LASER - 3200 Vt., Network - 400 V / 50 Hz., Installed capacity - 73.0 kVA., The control voltage - 24 volts, AIR inlet pressure (MAX.) -12 BAR.; NITROGEN inlet pressure (MAX.) -33 BAR .; inlet pressure of oxygen (MAX.) -21 BAR.; NUMBER gas used l / hour (CO2 / N2 / HE): 1/6 / 13TOCHNIST positioning LASER + _ 0.05 mm Maximum speed positioning (PO axes X; Y) (mm / min.): 140MAKSYMALNA manufacturing WEIGHT LETTER - 900 kg .; The maximum thickness of the workpiece of carbon steel (MM) - 20MAKSYMALNA THICKNESS workpiece NERZHAVIBCHOYI STEEL (MM) - 12MAKSYMALNA THICKNESS billet aluminum alloy (MM) - 8MAKSYMALNYY diameter of the machined tube (mm) - 370 minimum diameter of the treated tube (mm) - 15 markings on A PRODUCT: TRUMPF; TRULASER 3030; TYPE L20; Serial number, year; Laser power; CHAIN; Inlet pressure; TRUMPF MASCHINEN GRUSCH AG; SHVEYTSARIYABUDE used for cutting (cutting out) the details to the C / D technicians with metal sheets with thickness up to 20 MM.VYROBNYK - firm TRUMPF MASCHINEN GRUSCH AG; Country of origin - SHVEYTSARIYA.TORHIVELNA MARK - TRUMPF "SWITZERLAND1UA90101012767683413.3381
14/Apr/20174807003000"1.Karton binding mark" "PPP-1s" "Multilayer coated not produced by gluing using liquid glass flat layers of cardboard, without surface coating or impregnation, not reinforced, sheets, produced from 100% waste paper, without causing any anya picture or text format 1050h920 mm - 1.75 mm thick - 10000 kg weight per 1 m2 - 1210 h.- thickness of 1.5 mm - 5000 kg, the weight of 1 m2 - 980 h.- thickness of 1, 25 mm - 5000 kg, the weight of 1 m2 - 840 g Designed for printing promyslovosti.Vyrobnyk: JSC "" Aleksinska papperovo cardboard factory "" brand: not available.. "RUSSIA0UA8070102000011663.97408
11/Apr/20178433900000"1.Zapasni parts for agricultural machinery firmyCLAAS Global Sales GmbH (combine harvesters, forage harvesters, balers straw Tasin, mounted mowers, sinovorushylok, Swath makers): 0001775320 bitters kpl. 5 pc; 0005535411 sieve lamellated -2 ​​pieces; 0005502040 segment pr / pidbar -3 pieces; 0005546970 roar plate / bar -31 pc; plate roar 0005546970 / -8 bar pieces, plate 0000786603 units -1, -3 0005557070 bitters set pieces, etc. segment 0005502040 / pidbar -3 pieces; 0005570930 elevator leg -1 pc; 0,000,786,603 plate (unloading mechanism of mass self-propelled foragers) -1 pc; 0005078171 poll stepwise (part vymolotu system and wastewater wheat from the chaff) -3 pc; 0006616471 divider (part straw) -5 piece, plate roar 0005546970 / bar -1 pc; 0005548262 stepped floor (of grain cleaning systems combine harvesters) -20 pieces; 0005557070 -3 piece set bitters; -1 0005570930 elevator leg pieces, insert 0006158630 (part of the retraction mechanism solomysto her weight in Cyrillic cell harvester) -20 pieces; 0006616471 divider (part straw) -15 pieces; 0006669701 finger (harvesters) -300 units; 0007351141 tooth -5 pieces; 0007525430 segment threshing -6 pieces; 0007559950 shield -5 drum unit; 0007574391 segment Ave / pidbar -3 pieces; 0007679400 cam knife -150 pieces; 0007679400 cam knife -120 pieces; -2 0007776380 covering metal pieces; 0008174702 divider -9 pieces; 0007551353 Paul stepped -4 pieces; 0009182380 teeth Spring -100 pieces; 0009554830 teeth Spring -10 pc; 0009557100 teeth Spring -20 pc; 0009567931 beams digital -4 pieces; 0009568151 teeth Spring -20 pc; 0009863261 extruding roller -1 pc; 0009874302 bottom of the drum unit -1; 0009879780 -10 plate gear unit; 0009879780 -10 plate gear unit; 0009995901 -1 trailer right pieces; 0013122350 strip (of regulation crushing drum propelled foragers) -1 pc; 0013125901 -32 plate gear units. Trademark CLAAS Country of manufacturer DE CLAAS Service and Parts GmbH "GERMANY0UA1252701093.49924338.30633
11/Apr/201739249000901. Household plastic products, not medical, -vidro bins (2 NO DESIGNED PEDULATED WASTE CAKE 8 LT) -64sht. - trash (3 NO DESIGNED PEDULATED WASTE CAKE 15,3 LT) -64sht. - laundry basket (RATTAN DIRTY WASHBOARD PAPER 67) -60sht. - laundry basket (ECO RATTAN lAUNDRY bASKET) -100sht. - trash (RATTAN KLINK WASTE BREAK 7,4 LT) -72sht. - laundry basket (DANTEL DIRTY WASHING bASKET) -72sht. - laundry basket (3 NO DANTEL ROBO CLOTH WASTE 8 LT) -96sht. - laundry basket (MESH BAG) -60sht. - laundry basket (DIRTY lAUNDRY bASKET PATTERNED 48 7 LT) -80sht. - laundry basket (RADDAN LITTLE DIRTY lAUNDRY bASKET) -48sht. - laundry basket (ECO RATTAN lAUNDRY bASKET) -20sht. .TURKEY0UA500550657.441646.015357
06/Apr/201748070030001.Karton binding multilayer made of waste paper izzmishanoyi by gluing several layers of recycled paperboard to obtain the necessary mass bezpoverhnevoho coating or impregnation without further processing, in sheets, art. LUXLINE GREY / GREY, thickness / weight - 2,0mm. / 1260h / m2, format 790h1000mm.- 4693arkushi (6palet). Manufacturer: Solidus Solutions Board BVTorhovelna Brand: LUXLINEKrayina manufacturing NL. .NETHERLANDS0UA10011048582917.511233
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Waste Bin Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Waste Bin Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""Спільне українське-польське підприємство ""КОНДАР"" Лтд."""
Importer Address
79005 м.Львів пл.Петрушевича 3,к.219 Україна
Exporter Name PANTA Sp.z o.o.
Product Description
"1.Karton cast binding recycling of waste, uncoate.........
HS Code 4805932000Value 1004.245159
Quantity 0Unit UA209180
Net Weight 1366
Origin Country ITALY

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