Ukraine Import Data of W4 | Ukraine Import Statistics of W4

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of w4 collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of w4 imports.

W4 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of W4

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of w4. Get Ukraine trade data of W4 imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173921904100"1.Lines of aminoleumin resins, laminated, high pressure, with a decorative surface on one side, without a picture, embossed, the sizes are indicated by the following scheme length * width * thickness (in mm) for design purposes in the interior: RESOPAL- 4941-KS 3050x1320x0.8, 5-inch, DUROPAL-U1188-MP 4100x1300x0.8, 6-digit, DUROPAL-U1200-MP 4100x1300x0.8, 15-inch, DUROPAL-W400-MP 4100x1300x0. 8, 15 pixels; PRZECIWPRFZNY-MODEK OR-Laminat 4100x1310x0,8-BIAt / M, 30 pcs .; WILSONART-T087-EXM 3070x1320x0.8, 2 pcs .; RESOPAL-4110-WH 3050x1320x0. PRECIWPRFZNY-MODEK OR-Laminat 3050x1310x0,8-B.Mat, a few-30pcs; PRZECIWPRFZNY-MODEK OR-Laminat 4100x1310x0; PRZECIWPRFZNY-MODEK OR-LAMINAT 3050x1310x0,8-B.Mat, a few-30pcs; PRZECIWPRFZNY-MODEK OR-Laminat 4100x1310x0 , 8-BIAt / M, 40-pix., PRZECIW PRFZNY-RESOP AL-Laminat 3650x1320x0.8 biaty, a few-30pcs; DUROPAL-R4262-RT 4100x1300x0.8; a few-3pcs; DUROPAL-U1200-MP 4100x1300x0.8; a-20pcs; DUROPAL-W400 -MP 4100x1300x0.8, a few-20pcs; DUROPAL-R5184 (5474) -VV 4100x1300x0.8, a number-1pc; PRZECIWPR FZNY-MODEK OR-Laminat 4100x1310x0,8-BIAt / M, a quantity-20pcs. RESOPAL-4122-WS 3050x1320x0.8, 2-digit, RESOPAL-4110-WH, 3050x1320x0.8, 2-digit, RESOPAL-4461-WH, 3050x1320x0.8, 7-digit, DUROPAL-U1200- XM 4100x1300x0.8-folia, a few-2pcs; DUROPAL-U1027-XM 4100x1300x0.8; a few-2pcs; DUROPAL-U1290-XM; 4100x1300x0.8-folia; a few-2pcs; DUROPAL-U1191-XM; 4100x1300x0.8-folia, 2 pcs., DUROPAL-SolidColor-U1200 -SM 4100x1300x0.8, 1 pc., DUROPAL-SolidColor-U1027 -SM 4100x1300x1.2, 1 pc., DUROPAL-SolidColor- U1290 -SM 4100x1300x1,2, the number-1post; RESOPAL-10622-60 3050x1320x0.8; the number-2pcs; RESOPAL-4403-FW 3050x1320x0.8; the number .-2pcs; RESOPAL-0446-60 3050x1320x0.8, 5kg; PRZECIWPRFZNY-RESOP AL-Laminat 3650x1320x0.8 biaty, number-30pcs; Manufacturer Duropal GmbH; Brand DUROPAL; Country of manufacture DE;GERMANY0UA12522016175975.398785 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201785366990901.Elektrychna apparatus for joining electrical circuits or elektrychnyhkolah, voltage 250V connectors for civil electronics industry, notcontains in its composition and transmitters and receivers: NS25-W4K -510sht. LS1560-5730sht. ZL262-16SG -120sht. LS1560 -4270sht. ZL265-40DG -250sht.Torhovelna Brand: NinigiKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: Ninigi.CHINA0UA1250603155.437821
28/Apr/20178508190000"1. Household vacuum cleaners, with built-in electric motor having a dust bag or other bag, new, pack the manufacturer: 1) VC-W4001 VCK1802WF. 1800Vt.Vyrobnyk power:" "Kingclean Electric Co., Ltd." ".Torhovelna mark" "Gorenje" ". Country of origin CN."CHINA25UA110150202.51700.854187
28/Apr/201774121000001.Fitinhy of refined copper for industrial refrigeration Series: W02817-50sht, W 03055-20sht, W 040 62-10sht, W 04079-5sht, W 01035-100sht, W 02747-100sht, W 04087-5sht, W 01021- 100 pieces, W 01023-100sht, W 01025-100sht, W 01027-100sht, W 01031-100sht, W 01036-150sht, W 7-150sht 0103, W 01038-50sht, W 01049-250sht, W01052-25sht, W 01056- 100 pieces, W 01058-100sht, W 01064-100sht, W 01065-50sht, W01069-10 unit, W 10143-50sht, W 10144-100sht, W 10145-300sht, W 10146-500sht, W 10147-500sht, W 10148- 250sht, W 10149-100sht, W 10151-50sht, W 10152-25sht, W 01306-50sht, W 01312-50sht, W 01315-50sht, W 01325-50sht, W01326-100 unit, W 01337-50sht, W 01338- 25sht, W 01339- 25sht, W 01343-100sht, W01345-30sht, W 013 50-20sht, W 01351-20sht, W 01353-10sht, W 0 7002-50sht, W07004-50sht, W 07006-50sht, W 07007- 100 pieces, W 07008-50sht, W 07009-50sht, W07011-50sht, W 07012-25sht, W 07013-25 T, W 07014-10sht, W 07015-10sht, W 01622-2000sht, W 01634-2500sht, W 01647-2500sht, W 02 003-200sht, W 02009-300sht, W02017-1000sht, W 02028-1500sht, W 02084- 1000pcs, W 02085-400sh t, W 02086-150sht, W 02087-25sht, W 0 2055-50sht, W 02063-50sht, W 02072-25sht, W 02082-5sht, W 02717-50sht, W 02722-100sht, W 02728-100sht, W 02734-100sht, W 01652-200sht, W 01654-300sht, W 02312-50sht, W 02 321-50sht, W 02330-100sht, W 02344-250sht, W 02384-150sht, W 02386-50sht, 02350-10sht W, W 02355-5sht, W 02359-5sht, W02822-50sht, 02828-25sht W, W 02834-25sht, 02847-20sht W, W 03026-50sht, 03030-50sht W, W 03034-50sht, W 03044-50sht, W 03050-20sht, W 03059-10sht, W 03326-50sht, w03330-50sht, W 03334-50sht, W 03344-50sht, W 03350-20sht, W 03355-20sht, W03359-10sht, W 06060- 50sht, W 06092-30sht, W 60110-50sht, W 60999-50sht, W 61000-50sht, W 61001-30sht, W 61002-20sht, W 61003-4sht, W 61008-50sht, W 40306-1000sht, W 04000- 150sht, W 04001-100sht, W 04006 -500sht, W 04017-50sht, W 04031-250sht, W 04048-100sht, W 04068-50sht, W 40102-25sht, W 40123- 10pcs, W 40152-2sht, W 04002-50sht, W04003-50sht, W 04004- 50sht, W 04005-50sht, W 040 07-50sht, W 04008-50sht, W 04009-50sht, 4010-50sht W0, W 04011-50sht, W 04012-50sht, W 04013-50sht, W 04014-50sht, W04015- 50sht, W 04016-25sht, W 04018-25sht, W 04019-25sht, W 04020-25sht, W 04021-25sht, W 04022-25sht, W 04023-25sht, W 04025-25sht, W 04026-25sht, W 04027- 25sht, W04032-25sht, W 04033-25sht, W 04034-25sht, W 04035-25sht, W 04036-25sht, W04037-25sht, W 04041-25sht, W 04042-25sht, W 04043-25sht, W 04044-25sht, 04045-25sht W, W 04046-25sht, 04047-25sht W, W 04049-10sht, 04050-10sht W, W 04051-10sht, W04052-10sht, 04055-10sht W, W 04056-10sht, 04057-10sht W, W 04058-10sht, W04059-10sht, W 04061-10sht, W 04063-10sht, W 04065-10sht, W 04067-10sht, W 04069-5sht, W04070-5sht, W 04071-5sht, W 04072-5sht, W 04073- 5pcs, W 04074-5sht, W 04075-5sht, W04076- 5pcs, W 04078-5sht, W 0 4080-5sht, W 04081-5sht, W 04082-5sht, W 04 083-5sht, W04085-5sht, W 04086-5sht, W 040 88-5sht, W 04089-5sht, W 04090-5sht, W 1-5sht 0409, W04092-5sht, W 04093-5sht, W 04094-5sht, W 04095-5sht, W 04096-5sht, W 04097- 5pcs, W 04098-5sht, W 04099-5sht, W40100 -5 units, W 40101-5sht, W 40103-5sht, W 40104-5sht, W 40105-5sht, W 40106-5sht, W40107-5sht, W 40108-5sht, W 40109-5sht, W 40110-5sht, W 40111 -5sht, W 40112-5sht, W40113-5sht,UNITED STATES0UA100080158625743.18588
27/Apr/20178511800098"1.Zapasni parts designed for cars: FE15962 candle Nacala Ford Escort / Ford Fiesta Classic / Ford Mondeo-12p; FE17215 candle Nacala MERCEDESW115 / W46 0 / S123 / W121 / 601 / W123" "68 -" "96-12sht.Vyrobnyk : "" Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG "" Trade mark: Febi.Krayina production: IT. "ITALY0UA1002101.24864.04595666
27/Apr/20174016995290"1. Parts designed for auto biliv,-metal cuffs: 17,628 Oporaamortyzatora 02 MB / VW Sprinte (901-904) / LT 28-46" "F up" "95 -" "06- 8 pc; 02 17 629 Reliance damper MB / VW Sprinter (901-904) / LT 28-46 "" F down "" 95 - "" 06 - 5 pcs, 01 34064 Bushing hundred bilizatora HYUNDAI / KIA Sonata (EF) / Magentis "" R "" D = 11mm " "01 -" "10- 2 units; stabilizer bushing 01 13449 MERCEDES C140 / W140" "F" "D = 28mm" "91 -" "99 - 2 pieces, 01 33875 Pillow Gearbox MERCEDES W202 / W210 / W211" "93 - "" 13 - 8 units, 01 33876 Pillow PPC MERC EDES W202 / W210 / W211 / W463 "" 93 - "" 09 - 2sht.Krayina production - INTorhovelna mark - LEMFORDERVyrobnyk - ZF Friedrichshafen AG. "INDIA0UA1002109.53174.748643
27/Apr/20174016995290"1.Zapasni parts designed for cars-metal cuffs: FE11107 Pillow KPPMERCEDES W202 / W210 / W 211 / W463" "93 -" "09-8sht; FE01927 silent blocks Audi 100-2sht; FE02230 Engine pillow VW Golf / VW Jet ta-4 pieces ; FE03141 silent blocks DaewooLanos / Daewo o Nexia / Opel Kadett-30sht; FE03605 carburetor spacers VWPassat / VW Golf / Audi 80-3sht; FE03664 Silentblocks beams VW Passat "" R "" 88 - "" 97-30sht; FE05290 silent blocks VW Transporter IV "" F "" 92 - "" 03-200sht; FE07609Saylentblok beams AUDI 100 / A6 "" 9 0-97-6sht; FE09044 Pillow PPC AUDI / SKODA / VWA4 / Sup erb / Passat "" 08-2sht; FE10020 silent blocks AUDI / SEAT / SKODA / VW A4 / A6 / A8 / Exeo / Superb / Passat "" F "" 94 - "" 05-2sht; FE10073 silent blocks AUDI / SKODA / VW A4 / A6 / A8 / Superb / Passat "" F> > "" 08-8sht; FE10256 silent blocks Mercedes E 290 / Mer cedes E 32 0 / Mercedes E 280-2sht; FE10356 silent blocks MERCEDES W202 "" F "" 93 - "" 01-2sht; FE10814 silent blocks AUDI / SEAT / SKODA / VW A1 / A3 / Q3 / Leon / Octavia / Caddy / Golf "" F "" 98-12sht; FE10873 Reliance damper MB / VW Sprinte r (901-904) / LT 28-46 "" F down "" 95 - "" 06-2sht F E12628 silent blocks 320 BMW / BMW X3 / B MW 330 " "RL-2 pcs; FE15386Prokladka valve cover VW Gol f / VW Passat / VW Jetta-5pcs; FE19926Saylentblok AUDI / SKODA / VW A4 / A6 / A8 / Superb / Passat "" F >> "" 08-4sht; FE22289Saylentblok Renault Clio / Renau lt Thalia / Renault Symbol-4 pieces; FE22666Saylentblok Mercedes S 320 / Mer cedes S 500 / Mercedes S 400-4sht; FE22957Saylentblok beams Volvo 850 / Vo lvo S60 / Volvo V70 "" RR-2 pcs; FE24245Saylentblok beams OPEL Astra G / C ombo / Meriva A / Zafira A "" R "" 00 - "" 11-10sht; FE24390Saylentblok AUDI / SEAT / SKODA / VW A 3 / Q3 / Leon / Octavia / Caddy / Golf / Touran "" F "" 04-24sht; FE26383 Pillow Gearbox MERCEDES Sprinter906 / Viana / Vito639-3sht; FE26478Podushka Gearbox MERCEDES ML "" 05-11-1sht; FE29689 silent blocks AUDI / SEAT / SKODA / VW A 3 / Leon / Octavia / Caddy / Golf / Touran "" R "" 04-2sht; FE29944 silent blocks AUDI A4 / A5 / A6 / Q5 "" F 07-4sht; FE44764 SaylentblokAUDI / VW Q7 / Touareg "" F "" 02-2sht; FE10814 silent blocks AUDI / SEAT / SKODA / VW A1 / A3 / Q3 / Leon / Octavia / Caddy / Golf "" F "" 98-28sht.Vyrobnyk: "" Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG "" Trade mark: Febi.Krayina production: CN "CHINA0UA10021085.5761251.094255
27/Apr/20179403500000"1.Furniture of pine-wood type of the bedroom in a disassembled state in the range: -art D 7111-03, a chair" NEAPOL ", size D900 * H510 * W380mm, color white wax - 10pcs; -art D 2188, The "INDRA" cabinet ", the size D908 * H410 * W415mm, the color brown - 4pcs; -art. D 7113-1, the cabinet" STOKGOL ", size D720 * H1930 * W410mm, color white wax - 10pcs; - Art.D 2183, "INDRA" chest of drawers, size D788 * H765 * W365mm, color brown - 4pcs; -art D 7111-04, "NEAPOL" closet, size D1800 * H550 * W400mm, color white Wax - 4pcs; Packed in 55 cardboard boxes and located on 2 pallets of plywood. Trademark - "Dipriz". Country of production-Belarus (BY). Producer-LLC "DiPrice" "."BELARUS0UA500010582.62058.340864
27/Apr/20178466103800"1.Prystroyi tool for mounting on machine tools, industrial supplies: 1244683 Holders PSBNR4040S25 P Clamping W40,0mm L250,0mm (device for attaching tools (cutters, cutting plate), which is installed on the machine and performs cutting machining parts made of steel ) -2sht., trademark KennametalVyrobnyk Kennametal GmbHKrayina production of BG. "BULGARIA0UA1002906.19214.6551814
27/Apr/20179405401000"1. International technical assistance under the agreement between UryadomUkrayiny and the Government of the United States on humanitarian and technical-ekonomichnespivrobitnytstvo from 07.05.1992r. By the" "found and stopping nuclear smuggling. '" Lighting obladnannya.Prozhektor osvilennya Reytek model VAR-W4-1 - 21komplekt.Torhovelna mark RapiscanVyrobnyk Rapiscan production SystemsKrayina US. "UNITED STATES0UA500200238252.160039
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W4 Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

W4 Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЛАМІНАРТ УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
03061, м.Київ, вул. Патріотів, 103
Exporter Name Laminart Sp.z o.o
Product Description
"1.Lines of aminoleumin resins, laminated, high pr.........
HS Code 3921904100Value 5975.398785
Quantity 0Unit UA125220
Net Weight 1617
Origin Country GERMANY

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