Ukraine Import Data of Vs 450 | Ukraine Import Statistics of Vs 450

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of vs 450 collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of vs 450 imports.

Vs 450 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Vs 450

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20172711129700"1.Haz liquefied hydrocarbon fuel, LPG brand 20448-90- GOST 34450 kg. (66.634 tys.l.) content weight of the components according pasporta№906%, the amount of methane, ethane, ethylene 0.21, the amount of propane, propylene -86.48, sumabutaniv, butylene, 13.17; gas density at 15 C kg / m3 -517; Nalyvomv tank during tyskom.Vyrobnyk: AO "" Novokuybыshevskaya neftehymycheskaya company. ' "Trademark: no danyh.Krayina production: RU (Russia). ".RUSSIA0UA9031303445014899.63016 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/201740169957901.Chastyny ​​rubber (rubber non-porous volcanic.) For vehicles, art.GHP9V3450 - Sparks before WHEELS-t-30sht 2 pcs., Origin - AvstriyaKrayina production - ATTorhovelna mark - MAZDAVyrobnyk - Mazda Motor Corporation.AUSTRIA0UA2050209.39759.6443027
29/Apr/20172701129000"1.VUHILLYA STONE tar", "Dr" "0-300 MM. (Mark D, Class Ordinary 0-300) NO coking, net weight - 976 450 KG. CHARACTERISTICS: volatiles content limit calculated on the dry ashless STATE 42 2% of combustion heat to wet BUILDING upon ashless 6168 kcal / kg, lower heat of combustion desktop STAN- 5290 kcal / kg, moisture content of 15.9%, ash content of 11.5%. used as fuel for boilers. Country of origin RU. Producers of goods company "" The Pit "" Belovskaya "". "RUSSIA0UA90205097645075137.82993
29/Apr/20172703000000"1. peat substrates in the range: - Substrate for cyclamen 250L - 120 pcs., Is a small mass of fibrous plant origin, structure: 30% - 0-5 mm verhovoy light peat, 10% - 0-10 mm riding light peat, 40% - 10-20mm riding light peat, 20% - 0-20mm dark lowland peat moisture content - 40-50%, density - 260-280 g / l, acidity pH 5,4-6,0; - substrate for Puantsetiy 250L - 75 pcs., is a small mass of fibrous plant origin, structure: 30% - 0-5 mm light riding peat, 10% - 0-10 mm light riding peat, 40% - 10-20mm light riding turf 20% - lowland 0-20mm dark t Russia, moisture content - 40-50%, density - 220-260 g / l, acidity pH 5,4-6,0; - peat substrate for Surfiniy 250 L - 60 pcs., is a small mass of fibrous plant origin, structure 20% - 0-5 mm light riding peat, 30% - 5.10 mm light riding peat, 10% - 10-20mm riding light peat, 20% - 0-5mm dark lowland peat, 20% - from lowland 5-10mm dark peat moisture content - 40-50%, density - 220-260 g / l, acidity pH 5,0-5,5; - substrate Mix Pro 3a conifers 250 l - 60 pcs., is a fine fibrous mass vegetable origin, structure: 80% - 10-40 m riding light peat, 20% - 0-20 m Black lowland peat moisture content - 40-55%, density - 230-250 g / l, acidity pH 3,8-4,5; - Universal peat substrate 250L - 60 pcs., is a small mass of fibrous plant origin, structure 60% - 0-20 mm light riding peat, 40% - 0-20 mm dark lowland peat moisture content - 40-55%, density - 180-210 g / l, acidity pH 5,5-6,5; - substrate for azaleas L 50 - 51 pcs., is a small mass of fibrous plant origin, structure: 65% - 0-20 mm light riding peat, 35% - 0-20 mm black lowland peat moisture content - 40-50% density - 180-200 g / l, acidity pH 4,2-4,8; - peat Su Blueberry bstrat to 150 liters - 24 pcs., is a small mass of fibrous plant origin, structure: 95% - 0-20 mm light riding peat, pine bark 5%, moisture content - 40-50%, density - 110-150 g / l, pH acidity 4,0-4,5.VSOHO: 450 pcs. (P / o bags) .Bez impurities sand, soil, weed seeds and quarantine facilities. Designed for vykorystannnya in vegetable and sadivnytstvi.Torhivelna mark: "" DURPETA "". Producer: Joint Stock Company "" Durpeta "", LT. "LITHUANIA0UA205090222113997.980073
29/Apr/20177318155990"1.Kripylni ferrous metals: Universal screws from potay.holivkoyu TORX4,0h50mm, art.KMWHT-40050 - 300sht, Universal screws from potay.holivkoyu TORX4,0h70mm, art.KMWHT-40070 - 250sht, Universal screws with a secret. TORX4,5h50mm head, art.KMWHT-45050 - 250sht, universal screws from potay.holivkoyu TORX4,5h80mm, art.KMWHT-45080 - 250sht, universal screws from potay.holivkoyu TORX5,0h40mm, art.KMWHT-50040 - 500sht; Screws purpose of potay.holivkoyu TORX5,0h70mm, art.KMWHT-50070 - 400sht; 8h100mm with a long dowel with screw rozpornoyuchastynoyu (Chairman. secretly Pozidrive), art.KPR-PIKE-08100SK - 2400sht, washer plug d.8mm with screw 5h60mm, art.KRX-085060 - 2400sht; Dyubelvsestoronnho thrust (nylon) with screw 6h35mm a secret. heads. d.3,5h45mm, art.KW-06045 - 3200sht, Universal dowel washer (nylon) 8h50mm of shurupom4,5h80mm , art.RU-08080- 4800sht, screwing screws into wood with double thread 6h80mm, head iznapresovanoyu washer type TORX, art.WKCP-06080 - 3000sht; Screw with secret. holivkoyuzi drill for window profiles (white zinc) 3,9h32mm, art.WSPCV-B-39032 -10000sht; Screws with potay.holivkoyu for fastening in metal roofing coated osnovu4,8h70 DELTA, art.WSR-48070-D - 64000sht; Screws with potay.holivkoyudlya roof mounting in metal base coated 4,8h80mm DELTA, art.WSR-48080-D - 12000sht; Screws for mounting on the roof potay.holivkoyu umetalevu basis 4,8h160mm coated DELTA, art.WSR-48160-D - 24000sht.Torhivelna mark "" Wkret-Met "". Producer KLIMAS WKRET-MET Spolka z oo manufacturing country of the PL. "POLAND0UA10011010613960.896227
28/Apr/2017511100000"1.Hlyboko frozen semen breeding purebred animals cattle tribal (genetic) resources bull-breed sires simental with Swiss company" "SWISSGENETICS" ": Simental (CH): CH 120.0581.3795.3 TIMO - 1450 doses CH 120.0634.7635.1 VULKAN - doz.Vsoho 1450: 2900 doz.Vyrobnyk: "" SWISSGENETICS "". mmarka Trade: "" SWISSGENETICS "". Country of origin: CH.Upakovano in plastic payetah volume of 0.40 ml, which are in the vessel of flask liquid nitrogen.. "SWITZERLAND2900UA1251001.197040.006812
28/Apr/201785299065001.Elektronni modules for TVs and LCD video monitors, electronic modules to model LN32C450 kat.№BN44-00492A -1sht., Fee tuner domodeli LE19C350D1WXBT kat.№BN40-00173A -2sht. .HUNGARY0UA1251100.34718.20422947
28/Apr/20174010390000"1.Pryvidni passing: - Pass PHG SPB2500X2 SKF / 1315265 / 2B 2500 -4sht.-length 250sm - pass PHG B95 SKF 17 * 2453Ld / 2413 Li / Z67285 / -10sht.-length 245,3sm - pass PHG B112 SKF 17 * 2890Ld / 2845Li / 742026 / -10sht.-length 289sm - pass SKF PHG B140 17 * 3600Ld / 3556Li / 610833 / -5sht.-length 360sm - pass SKF PHG B144 17 * 3700Ld / 3658Li / 706087 / / 41939300 / -15sht.-length 370sm - pass PHG C93 SKF 22 * ​​2420Ld / 2362Li / 191288C3 / -4sht.-length 242sm - pass PHG C96 SKF 22 * ​​2490Ld / 2438Li / 80230164 / -5sht.-length 249sm - pass PHG C102 SKF 22 * ​​2650Ld / 2591Li / Z59322 / -5sht.-length 265sm - pass PHG C110 SKF 22 * ​​2850Ld / 2794Li / P47885 / -2sht.-length 285sm - pass PHG C115 SKF 22 * ​​2980Ld / 2921Li / 340433432 / -10sht.-length 298sm - pass PHG C118 SKF 22 * ​​3050Ld / 2997Li / H221324 / -5sht.-length 305sm - pass PHG C120 SKF 22 * ​​3100Ld / 3048Li / AH160080 / -10sht.-length 310sm; - pass PHG C187 SKF 22 * ​​4810Ld / 4750Li / 661128 / -2sht.-length 481sm - pass PHG C300 SKF 22 * ​​7680Ld / 7620Li / D41959100 / -1sht.-length 768sm - pass Z 450Li / 472Ld [Z18] TAGEX * 1 0 6 * 450Li / 472Ld-10sht.-length 47,2sm - pass Z 480Li / 500Ld [Z19] TAGEX -10sht.-length 50cm - pass nerebrystyy wedge C 2800Li / 2858Ld TAGEX C110 [80434046] 22 * ​​2800Li /C*2800Li-5sht.-dovzhyna 285,8sm, meets the quality standard ISO 9001: 2000 for use in s / g and industrial engineering ustatkuvannya.Vsoho: 113sht.Vyrobnyk: no data CN.Torhovelna brand: SKF , TAGEX. "CHINA0UA20509078.721919.471714
28/Apr/20172103909000"1. flavors for production of sausage products (contain no animal products): - art. 6755.1UA EM Doctoral Combi additive for varenyhkovbas containing incorporates di- and tryfosfatnatriya, potassium polyphosphate stabilizer (E450, E451, E452) spices: nutmeg, matsys, cardamom, mono- and dihlitserydyharchovyh acids emulsifier (E471), izoaskorbinovakyslota, sodium izoaskorbat antioxidant (E315, E316), sodium glutamate flavor enhancer (E575) .- 100kg; Shelf life - 11.10.2018r. inplastic packaged packages of 1kg. -art. 10951.1UA White Aroma flavor addition to cooked sausages containing some kind of monosodium glutamate (in terms of glutamic acid) taste and aroma enhancer (E 621) -26.07% broth hydrolyzed protein plants, Maltodextrin, Salt food, dridzhiv extract, flavor natural " "milk," ".- 160kh; Shelf life - 11.10.2018r. packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. -art. 8695.1UA EM Zhenevskaya combo that includes svoyem consisting of di- and polyphosphates stabilizers (E 450, E 452) , salt food, lactose, MSG flavor enhancer and aroma (E 621), izoaskorba Sodium antioxidant (E 316), extracts of spices: nutmeg, pepper, chilli, pepper, paprika, koriand, imbir, tmin, pepper white, kardamon.-180kg; Shelf life - 11.10.2018r. Packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. -art. Combi G395.1UA sausages cooked sausages supplement that contains in its composition piro- and polyphosphates (in pererahuku on P2O5) stabilizers (E 450, E 452) -21.45% monosodium glutamate (in terms of glutamic acid), flavor enhancer and aroma (E 621) -8.69% antioxidant ascorbic acid (E 300), salt food, dextrose, spices, garlic, spice extracts, pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, coriander, flavor natural koptylnyy.-300kg; Shelf life - 11.10.2018r. Packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. -art. G223.1UA Salami Paperoni ingredient for maturing summer sausages containing incorporates spices: paprika, koriand, cayenne pepper, dextrose, Salt food, glucose syrup, monosodium glutamate (in terms of glutamic acid) taste and aroma enhancer (E 621 ) -6.32% antioxidant sodium ascorbate (E 301), antioxidant ascorbic acid (E 300), extracts of spices: paprika, chili-54kh; Shelf life - 04.10.2018r. Packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. -art. F512.1UA Salami Milano flavor containing incorporates spices: pepper, paprika, nutmeg, monosodium glutamate (in terms of glutamic acid) taste and aroma enhancer (E 621) -6.31% natural flavors and flavorings, izoaskorbat sodium antioxidant (E 316) .- 200kg; Shelf life - 12.10.2018r. Packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. Manufacturer: Pacovis AG; Trademark: Pacovis; Country of origin: CH; "SWITZERLAND0UA1002809946909.923536
28/Apr/201772107080001.Prokat flat carbon steel, width 1250mm. (Galvanized steel sheet) coil coated, hot dipped galvanized steel by zanurennya.Marka Ztovschyna galvanized DX51D + 140g / m2.Rozmiry: 0,450h1250mm.Kolir: RAL 8017 13200kh weight. Color: RAL 3005 weight 8850kh.Kolir: RAL 6005 weight 9185kh.Vyrobnyk: US Steel Kosice sro, SK.torhovelna brand: US Steel Kosice sro.SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA2050903123529455.23697
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Vs 450 Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ГЛУСКО УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
03110, м.Київ, вул. Солом'янська,11
Exporter Name "АО ""РН-Транс"""
Product Description
"1.Haz liquefied hydrocarbon fuel, LPG brand 20448.........
HS Code 2711129700Value 14899.63016
Quantity 0Unit UA903130
Net Weight 34450
Origin Country RUSSIA

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