Ukraine Import Data of Vision System | Ukraine Import Statistics of Vision System

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of vision system collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of vision system imports.

Vision System Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Vision System

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178708309998"1.Two-way valve / valve with two main lines Purpose - for pneumatic system of the vehicle performs funktsyiyu pressure control Compressed air pneumatic art.434 208 050 0 - 1 pc; Foot brake valve / brake valve Purpose - for pneumatic system of the vehicle; funktsyiyu creation takes compressed air pressure in the brake system art.461 318 009 0 - 1 pc; charging valve -Q / charger valve single purpose - for pneumatic system of the vehicle performs funktsyiyu maintain the pressure in the pneumatic art.434 100 125 0 - 1 pc ; Relay v alve / valve pryskoryuchyy purpose - for pneumatic system of the vehicle performs acceleration funktsyiyu supply of compressed air in the chamber halmini art.973 011 203 0 - 1 pc; Single chamber air dryer / dehumidifier filter air brake system Purpose - for pneumatic system of the vehicle; funktsyiyu performs allocation condensate from compressed air art.432 410 104 0 - 1 pc; pressure limiting valve / pressure limiting valve Purpose - for pneumatic system of the vehicle performs funktsyiyu prevention of pneumatic perevan tazhennya overpressure art.475 010 311 0 - 1 pc; Automatic drain valve / drain valve for automatic condensate purpose - for pneumatic system of the vehicle performs funktsyiyu clean compressed air moisture and oil art.934 301 005 0 - 1 pc; Solenoid valve / Purpose Solenoid valve - for pneumatic system of the vehicle performs funktsyiyu pressure control compressed air brake system art.472 880 060 0 - 1 pc; Double check valve / valve with two main lines Purpose - for pneumatic system of the vehicle performs funktsyiyu control the pressure of compressed air in pneumatic art.434 208 029 0 - 2 pcs; 3/2 solenoid valve / 3/2 solenoid valve Purpose - for pneumatic system of the vehicle performs funktsyiyu pressure control Compressed air pneumatic art.472 170,606 0 - 1 pc; Quadruple protection valve / safety valve chetyrohkonturnyy purpose - for pneumatic system of the vehicle performs funktsyiyu division compressed air coming from the compressor, two major and one extra circuits: automatic shutdown of one of the ontur in violation of its tightness and preservation of compressed air tight contours art.934 714 110 0 - 1 pc; Relay valve / valve pryskoryuchyy purpose - for pneumatic system of the vehicle performs acceleration funktsyiyu supply of compressed air in the chamber halmini art.973 011,000 0 - 1 pc; 3/2 way valve / 3/2 way valve Purpose - for pneumatic system of the vehicle performs funktsyiyu perenapralennya flow of compressed air art.463 036 024 0 - 1 pc; 3/2 solenoid valve / 3/2 solenoid valve Purpose - for pneumatic brake systems We vehicle; funktsyiyu performs pressure regulation century "POLAND0UA10028017.332870.4702526 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178419190000"1.Sonyachnyy collector panel to the frame type TM VISION (model Manufacturer - SCM 20-58 / 1800). Neelektrychnyybezinertsiynyy water heater for residential purposes withthrough solar energy for direct peretvorennyasonyachnoyi energy into thermal energy, comprises 20 withsystem vacuum glass tubes ploscheyu3 .26 sq. m., on the frame: VISION 1800/20, 35IS0104-10sht code, Producer ZHEJIANG SHENTAI SOLAR ENERGY CO., LTD; trade mark ZHEJIANG SHENTAI SOLAR ENERGY CO LTD; Country of origin CN;. "CHINA0UA1000206502627.385025
28/Apr/20171517909999"1.Hotovyy to consumer product - a dietary supplement to the diet containing some kind of vegetable and animal fats are not drugs: -Art. 674 583 i 3 Dietary Supplements Ginseng (Ginseng and 3) - 135shtSklad, soybean oil, hidroksypropilen starch (E1440) (15%), thickener: glycerol (E422), thickener: carrageenan (E407), emulsifier: mono- and dihlitseryly fatty acids (E471), dry extract of ginseng root of American (Panax quinquefolius L.), dry extract Siberian ginseng root (Eleutherococcus senticosus Maxim) based maltodekstyrnu, dry extract of the roots zhensh Contents (Panax ginseng CA Meyer) based maltodekstyrnu, dyes: titanium dioxide (E171), oxides and hydroxides of iron (E172); emulsifier: lecithin (E322); acidity regulator: sodium phosphates (E339); zinc oxide tsianokabalamin (Vitamin B12 ) based maltodextrin. The additive is recommended for breakdowns and deficiency in vitamin B12. Ginseng helps reduce signs of fatigue, zinc helps kohni tive functions, and supports the immune system. Fat content in capsules is 60%, non-water-fat emulsion. Packaged in cardboard packages of 60 capsules Net weight: 34h-Art. 674500 Dietary Supplements Omega 3-6 (3-6 Omega) - 135shtSklad: fish oil rich in EPA and DHA, gelatin, borage seed oil (Borago officinalis L.), thickener: glycerol (E422); DL- alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E). May contain traces of soy lecithin. Dietary Supplements Omega 3-6 recommended for persons who have a shortage of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which lead to normal cardiovascular system, DHA helps improve vision and brain activity. The additive also contains borage oil - a source of gamma-linolenic kyslotakysloty. Fat content in capsules is 75%. It is not water-fat emulsion. Packaged in cardboard packages of 32 capsules net weight 38,4hVyrobnyk: EQUILIBRA SRL "ITALY0UA1252209.77899.68146
27/Apr/20173925908000"1. Part of modular plastic ventilation systems: 100PTP, Field of the face plastic 205x240 flange D100-154 pc.LT1515P, Luke-door inspection bill with a handle-latch ABS 150h150-210 pc.LT1520P, Luke-door audit revision with a handle-latch ABS 150х200-248 шт. ЛТ2025П, Люк-дверь revision bill with a handle-latch ABS 200х250-315 шт.10РК, a grille ventilating round D130 an exhaust ABS with a flange D100-550 шт.10РКФ, a grille ventilating round D145 an extractor ABS with a flange D100-210 Piece 10АПВП, anemostat of inflow and exhaust adjustable with flange АБС D100-60 шт.10АПВП1, Анемостат приLuminous-exhaust adjustable ABS D100-160 pc.125PTP, Platform face plastic 205x240 flange D125-154 pc.12RK, Grille ventilation round D150 exhaust ABS with flange D125-280 pc.12RKF, Grill ventilation round D165 exhaust system ABS with flange D120-66 P.1313G, Ventilation grille ventilation and exhaust system ABS 138х138мм-85 шт.1313С, Ventilation grille ABS 138х138-500 шт.12,5АПВП, Anemostat inflow-in a tension adjustable with a flange ABS D125-32 шт.12,5АПВП1, Анемостат приточно - Extreme adjustable ABS D125mm-64 pc. 1515K10F, Grating inflow and exhaust with a gravity shutter ASA 150х150 with a flange. D100, white-132 pc. 1515K10FV, Outlet wall exhaust with a return valve 150х150 with flange D100, ASA, white-400 pcs. 3040ДФ, Luke-door inspection ventilated, bill "Dekofot" "ABS 300х400-80 p.4513RP , Ventilation Grille ABS 455x133mm, white 120 pc. 2020RPP, Grille Ventilation Adjustable ABS 200х200-80 pc. 2030ДФ, Luke-Door Revision Ventilated, Consignment "" DECOFOT "" ABS 200х300-120 pcs. 2030РРП, Grille Ventilation Adjustable ABS 200х300 -30 pieces.2121K12,5F, Grating inflow and exhaust with gravity shutter ASA 212х212 with flange D125, white-36 pc. 2212K12,5FV, Exit wall exhaust at the return They have a valve 212х212 with a flange D125, ASA, a white 240 pc. 2212P, a grille ventilating extractor АБС 208х208, a white-760 pc.2323С, a grille ventilating extractor АБС 234х234, a white-300 pc.1724г, a grille ventilating inflow-exhaust ABS 170х240-100 pieces.1724С, Ventilation grille ABS 170х240, white-480 pieces.1825Р, Ventilation grille ABS 183х253, white-760 pieces.1825РУ, Ventilation grille ABS 184х254 with flange D125, white-300 pieces.1919Г , Ventilation grille, inflatable and exhaust ABS 194x194mm-100p.1919S, Ventilation grille ABS 194x194mm, white-630pcs. 1515P, Ventilation grille ABS 150x150, white-1380p.1151RPP, Grille ventilation adjustable ABS 150х150мм-100 шт.2525Р, Grille ventilation extractor ABS 249х249, white-400 units. "RUSSIA0UA1251801093.2657128.52435
27/Apr/201790189084001.Vyroby medical input for accurate dosage of drugs in intensive care, anesthesia, infusion solutions himioterapiyi.Prylady (medical) .art.A2906N infusion systems for mixing and administration of cytotoxic drugs Cyto-Set Mix (dimming) (№20) -20 shtart .8700125SP line Space infusion pumps, 250 cm, 600 black-shtart.8700125SP line Space infusion pumps, 250 cm, 800 black-shtart.4062264 infusion set Exadrop® Neutrapur of Intrafix® Air and air ventilation, no PVC, 150 cm-1500 shtart .4062264 infusion set Exadrop® Neutrapur of Intrafix® Air and air ventilation, no PVC, 150 cm-3500 shtTorh ovelna Mark B. BraunVyrobnyk B. Braun Medical Kft. Production DivisionKrayina production HU.HUNGARY0UA100020302.17655.000159
27/Apr/20178518109590"1.Mikrofony systems service called" "connection as part of a professional television studio, has some kind of device for receiving / transmitting radio signals, no signs of STZ: Art.6390004, MIC-30 Electret Microphone 30cm for Riedel Intercom / Performer Panels / Electret condenser microphone "" gooseneck "" for internal panels called "" connection, installed devices intercom systems at a distance of 30 cm from the panel. Frequency response 50-18000Hts size 30h30h300 mm. - 7 sht.Torhovelna mark RIEDELVyrobnyk RIEDEL Communications GmbH & production CoKrayina DE. "GERMANY0UA1250601.05979.6901531
27/Apr/20178517620000"1.Aparatura for transmitting / receiving audio / video signal to the wired network service called" "connection as part of a professional television studio, has a membership of receivers and transmitters, no signs of STZ: Art.1220100, RSP-2318 BASIC, 18 keys SmartPanel User Interface, 19 "" / 1RU Smartpanel Platform with 18 keys; 3 multi-colored, high resolution, multi-touch displays; integrated power supply; studio grade mic preamps; 2 headset connectors (exchangeable XLR connector on front); high quality loudspeaker; 3 GPI-In; 3 GPI-Out; 2 analog 4-Wire; Matrix link: AES67 / AVB; HDMI; SD-Card Slot; option slot; 2 USB with option RSP-2318-APP-BASIC (Intercom App for Smartpanel RSP-2318; Turns the RSP-2318 platform into an Intercom Panel; supports 12 keys for Intercom; individual volume control; AES67 / AVB and Ethernet connectivit y; Front Headset and USB port support), RSP-2318-UP-BASIC / 19 "" / 1RU smart cover internal called "" communication RSP-2318 is a versatile control panel for all systems service Volyn NGO called "" communication production RIEDEL , 18 keys with three multi-touch screen, built-in power supply, microphone peredposylyuvachem 2 inputs for set (roses '' cap XLR front), speaker, 3 GPI -vhody; 3 GPI-outs; 2 analog 4-wire inputs; podklyuchennya matrix to AES67 / AVB; HDMI; slot for SD-card slot for expansion cards; 2 USB ports with integrated software RSP-2318-APP-BASIC, RSP -2318-UP-BASIC - 6 sht.Art.1220100, RSP-2318 PRO, 18 key Smartpanel Userb Interfase, incl.UP-PRO / 19 " "/ 1RU panel internal smart called" "connection 18 keys, with three colored multisensor displays, integrated power supply, microphone peredposylyuvach 2 inputs for headsets, speaker, 3 GPI -vhoda; 3 GPI-outs; 2 analog 4-wired inputs; connectivity matrix to AES67 / AVB; HDMI; slot for SD-card slot for cards razshyrennya; 2 USB ports. Included software support established RSP-2318-APP-PRO, RSP-2318-UF-PRO - 1 sht.Art.1410002, C31 Split Box, The C31 split box distributes one digital partyline input signal on XLR 3 pin to three digital partyline outputs on XLR 3 pin. The C31 is powered by a C44, CR2, CR4 or an external PSU (C31 / PSU). / Divider input digital audio signal is applied to the connector XLR-3, 3 digital audio output connectors for XLR-3 - 2 sht.Art.1310100, Connect AVB X8, AVB network interface for up to 8 intercom control panels or 8 bidirectional AES signals. 8 xRJ45 sockets for AES and panel connections, 1x RJ45 socket for AES and connections, 1xRJ45 socket for 1000BaseT Ethernet AVB.SR-12 housing for mounting up to two units in SmartRack SR-January 19 "" frames. / AVB network interface. 8 roz'yemov type RJ45 Connector for AES and panels, 1 RJ45 jack for 1000BaseT Ethernet AVB, converts eight AES audio signals into signals AVB and vice versa - 1 sht.Art.1090011, XLR-Patch, XLR Patchbay 19 "" / 1RU for Artist, 19 "" / 1RU patchfield for converting 8 8 analog or AES ports from the Artist matrix to XLR c "GERMANY0UA12506016.33511601.77963
26/Apr/20178517620000"1. An apparatus for the reception, conversion and transmission or restore the voice and image of other information for processing video in TV studios, Systemavideokonferents communication Skype, TalkShow MS Computer Hardware, informatsiyuza passes through a fiber optic cable network, working permanently in TV studios is an online AV processor for use prypidklyuchenni video calls to Skype PROFESSIONAL televiziynohoobladnannya language, converter IP stream video and audio, and video and audio in IP flow software and hardware kit used exclusively for televisionbroadcasting is not a device for receiving television programs for obrobkyvideosyhnalu in TV studios that can send or receive calls withany kind desktop video-enabled notebook, mobile, conference room, Internet TV running software zabezpechennyaSkype allows to manage all aspects of the call, when upravlinnyamprohramnoho software, without antenna and includes: software zabezpechennyaSkype TX, 2 channels (1 out of 1) HD-SDI I / O, a professional XLR and SDI-embedded sound, call control and management interface for recording call-povnapropuskna ability, Pro Audio Tools, auto color and controls Procpidsylyuvachiv, video on IP over TriCaster, audio over IP via Dante nedlya military and not for medical purposes, does not contain skladiradioelektronni its facilities and emitters do not nelezhyt to spetsialnyhtehnichnyh means, TalkShow 100 MultiSandart Computer Hardw are, NewTek TalkShowMulti-Standard, 1RU Broadcast Ready Integrated Hardware and Software System (TSVS-100MS), mod. TSVS-100MS, all - 1 pc., Country of origin - US; trade mark - NEWTEK; Producer - NEWTEC, INC. "UNITED STATES0UA1250606.83434.892808
26/Apr/20178504409000"1. Static converters: - APC-8-700 - 2 pieces, Power: 7.7 W; Strmu: 700m; Size: 60h30z23 mm. Used in the manufacture telekomunikatsiynohoobladnannya, civilian purposes. It is no equipment or protective systemamydlya use in explosive atmospheres . do not contain skladiperedavachiv or transmitters and receivers. spetspryznachennya.Krayina not a means of production - CNTorhovelna mark - OvisionVyrobnyk - Ovision. "CHINA0UA1002000.2523.448504782
26/Apr/201785389091001. The parts to industrial modular con troleriv type RTU560 consisting of electrical systems and installations of voltage to 0V 100: Electronic modules dyskretnyhvhodiv 23 BA 40 R0011 art.1KGT011200R0011 -24shtKrayina production - PL.Torhovelna mark - ABB.Vyrobnyk - ABB AG, Power Grids Division.POLAND0UA12502016.9684276.056938
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Vision System Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""НЕСТ-АВТО"""
Importer Address
04210, м.Київ, пр-т ГЕРОЇВ СТАЛІНГРАДА, буд. 10-А, корп. 2, кв. 35
Exporter Name WABCO Austria GesmbH
Product Description
"1.Two-way valve / valve with two main lines Purpo.........
HS Code 8708309998Value 870.4702526
Quantity 0Unit UA100280
Net Weight 17.332
Origin Country POLAND

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