Ukraine Import Data of Vinyl Ester Resin | Ukraine Import Statistics of Vinyl Ester Resin

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of vinyl ester resin collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of vinyl ester resin imports.

Vinyl Ester Resin Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Vinyl Ester Resin

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of vinyl ester resin. Get Ukraine trade data of Vinyl Ester Resin imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
18/Apr/20173208109090"1. Paints and varnishes dispersion based on polyester content of dry zalyshkumensh 50% contain substances ozonoruyniv are not in aerosol, nevohnezahystni.Slad: alkyd resins (DSM AD 44W 70, Super Gelkyd) and 50% fillers (Calcium Carbonate , dolomite, talc) to 28% pigment (tytanurutylnoyi dioxide forms concenter atm iron oxide, organic pigments in alkidnyhlakah) to 15.5% additives: Perenol solution of polyvinyl polymer aromatyzovanamu little white spirit 1.5% white spirit maloaromatyzovanyy ( LIV200) AR5%: - Paint Accord-30 2,25l - 24sht - Paint Accord-30 TR 0,9l - 72sht - Paint Accord-30 TR 2,2 5l - 144sht - Paint Accord TIX TR 0,9l - 72sht - Paint Accord TIX 0,9l - 144sht - Paint Accord-90 2,25l - 24sht - Paint Accord-90 TR 0,9l - 144sht - Paint Accord-90 TR 2,25l - 60sht - Lac Parketilakk SE-60 1.0l - 144sht.- Lac Parketilakk SE-60 2.5l - 168sht.- Lac Parketilakk SE-60 10,0l - 22sht.- Lac Parketilakk SE-30 10.0l - 5sht.- Lac Parketilakk SE-30 -144sht.- Lac 1.0l 1.0l MarineLakk -10 - 120sht.- Varnish G ranitlakk S 1.0l - 432sht.Krayina production EETorhovelna mark EskaroVyrobnyk AS Eskaro "ESTONIA0UA10002027209115.259634 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
10/Apr/20173208209090"1. Marking paint YPL1-1, DIN22-24 - 250 liters for marking machines PAPU2229 number; Product - MR0026-25.Uyavlyaye a paint based on vinyl polymers, dispersed in non-aqueous medium. Polymer type - synthetic resin (polyvinyl acetate) - 40% .Vmist solvent - 43%, including: ethanol - 15% methyl - 6% isopropyl alcohol - 12% hlikoliyeva acid, butyl ester - 10% .Pihmenty: white powder dyeing (titanium dioxide) - 12 .Dysten-sillimanite% - 5% in .Postachayetsya neaerozolniy package. packaged 10 cans (25 liters capacity) in two wooden boxes.. "GERMANY0UA7000502336619.832546
10/Apr/201729153200001 Esters of acetic acid, vinyl acetate 5-7 PPM HQ, clear liquid with a characteristic odor, weight fraction of the basic substance 99,97% (cas 108-05-4), weight fraction of water 0.01% acetaldehyde - 10ppm, acidity 0,001 % HQ inhibitor 6 ppm, bulk, intended for the manufacture of resins and dispersions for paints and lakivyaka contains no drugs and prekukrsoriv - 10,080 tons. Manufacturer Dow Europe GMBH. .UNITED STATES0UA5080301008012064.86025
05/Apr/20173809910000"1.TEKSTYLNO-excipients used in the textile industry, not in aerosol packaging: - DRUG" "Schlicht F-1" "-500 CG (4 barrels), THAT BY 812000247.005-2012 chemical composition - is a water solution BASED polyester resins. INTENDED FOR SHLIHTUVANNYA threads in textile production (own production). - DRUG VODOMASLOVIDSHTOVHUYUCHYY "" MUSSON WMO-1 "" -3000 kg, (19 barrels), THAT BY 812000247.003-2009 chemical composition - is a water dispersion of polymers BASED fluoroethylenes, copolymers based on vinyl monomers, polyurethane, DI SOLUTION Amides of carbonic acid and surface-active substances. Compatible with KATIONAKTYVNYMY PREPARATION AND NEINOHENNYMI product, used for final processing TEXTILE paintings, as well as crosslinking agents and KATALIZATORAMY.PRYZNACHENYY PROVISION FOR textile webs of cellulose fibers and their blends with synthetic fibers VODOMASLOVIDSHTOVHUYUCHYH PROPERTIES (own production). Country of origin: BY. MANUFACTURER: OAO "" YUTANOL "". Brand: No data. "BELARUS0UA902070350021687.39184
03/Apr/201735069100901.Kleyilni tools ready to use, not aerosol packaging, free of ozone-depleting substances: DECOLLO 715.282 nat-125kh (25 kg sacks), Chem. composition: ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer 30-40%, rosin esters 20-30% aromatic resin 0-5% inorganic filler calcium carbonate and barium sulfate 30-40%. Used in the field of woodworking. .ITALY0UA125130130.52271.0887102
03/Apr/20173506910090"1.Kleyilnyy agent (adhesive) termorozplav not in aerosol packaging, not retail, synthetic resin (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate): transparent white glue pins to 300 mm. Aggregate state - hard, dry. Packed in cardboard boxes on 25 kg (148 boxes). Ingredients: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate copolymer - 30-80%, CAS No24937-78-8, hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin - 0-50%, CAS No 68132-00-3, hydrocarbon resins -0-50% , CAS No69430-35-9, -0-50%, CAS No9011-11-4; antioxidants - 0-0,5%, CAS No6683-19-8, - 0-0.5%, CAS No2082-79-3. Operating temperature: 160hr.S - 190hr.S. Suitable for gluing paper and products from po astika. AE-119 - 300mm / 25kg box - 3700 kh.Kleyilnyy agent (adhesive) termorozplav not in aerosol packaging, not for retail sale: Based on synthetic rubber, adhesives colorless color blocks of 0.5 kg. Aggregate state - solid dry. Packed in cardboard boxes of 24 kg (54 boxes) .Sklad: Amorphous poly-alpha-olefins - 0-100%, CAS No9010-79-1, 0-100% CA S No29160-13-2; Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer - 0-30%, CAS No24937-78-8; Styrene butadiene block copolymers - 0-15%, CAS No9003-55-8; hidroochyschenyy heavy naphthenic distillate - 0-15%, CAS No64742-52-5; Polibuten (isobutylene / butene copolymer) - 0-20%, CAS No9003-29-6; hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin - 0-50%, CAS No68132-00-3; hydrocarbon resin - 0-25%, CAS No69430-35-9; terpene resin - 0-20%, CAS No25766-18-1; rosin - 0-10%, CAS No8050-09-7; paraffin wax - 0-25%, CAS No8002-74-2; Antioxidants - 0-0,5%, CAS No6683-19-8 - 0-0,5%, CAS No2082-79-3; UV absorber - 0-0,5%, CAS No2440-22-4. Operating temperature: 120hr.S-150hr.S. Designed for gluing labels on PET bottles. AR-901C - 0,5kg block / 24kg box - 1296 kh.Kleyilnyy agent (adhesive) termorozplav not in aerosol packaging, not retail, synthetic resin (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate): Glue pale yellow granules. Aggregate state - hard, dry. Packed in cardboard boxes of 25 kg (136 boxes). Composition: polymers of ethylene - 10-50%, CAS No26221-73-8; Synthetic waxes - 0-20%, CAS No 8002-74-2; hydrocarbon resin - 0-50%, CAS No69430-35-9; modified C-5 petroleum hydrocarbon resin - 0-30%, CAS No 62258-49-5; Polyethylene wax - 0-10%, CAS No 9002-88-4; rosin ester - 0-20%, CAS No 8050-26-8; antioxidants -0-0,5%, CAS No6683-19-8 - 0-0,5% CAS No2082-79-3. Operating temperature: 150hrS-170hrS. Designed for automatic bonding trays and cardboard boxes. AE-424 - in pellet form / 25kg - 3400 kh.Kleyilnyy agent (adhesive) termorozplav not in aerosol packaging, not retail, synthetic resin (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate): Light yellow clay granules. Aggregate state - hard, dry. Packed in cardboard boxes of 25 kg (128 boxes). Ingredients: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer - 25-50%, CAS No24937-78-8; Polyethylene wax - 0-30%, CAS No 9002-88-4; paraffin wax - 0-20%, CAS No 8002-74-2; hydrocarbon resin - 0-50%, CAS No69430-35-9; modyfikova "MALAYSIA0UA1252701769251158.88001
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Vinyl Ester Resin Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Vinyl Ester Resin Importer Sample

Date 18/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЕСКАРО КОЛОР"""
Importer Address
"67667,Одеська обл.Біляївьский район Хмельницького, 17/52 Літера ""А"""
Exporter Name AS Eskaro
Product Description
"1. Paints and varnishes dispersion based on polye.........
HS Code 3208109090Value 9115.259634
Quantity 0Unit UA100020
Net Weight 2720
Origin Country ESTONIA

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