Ukraine Import Data of Vienna Sausage | Ukraine Import Statistics of Vienna Sausage

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of vienna sausage collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of vienna sausage imports.

Vienna Sausage Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Vienna Sausage

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of vienna sausage. Get Ukraine trade data of Vienna Sausage imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/20176213200000"1. Spicy-aromatic mixtures and food additives for the meat industry (in powder form): art.7397 Alma C50 Combined A / 1 - 120pak. To 6kg - 720kh, art.6166 Alma lanchmit - 700pak. To 1kg - 700kg , art.7935 Alma liquidity Color - 20kan. to 12kg - 240kh; art.25680 Alma 55 - 300pak. to 1 kg - 300 kg; art.13502 Alma salami hevyurts H / 301 - 120pak. 1,8kh on - 216kh; art.2053212 Alma super mix - 80pak. to 4kg - 320kh, art.9952 Alma frishflyaysh I - 400pak. 0,75kh to - 300 kg; art.25691 Alma shvarten top - 8mish. to 25kg - 200kg; art.2042431 Alma shvartenmiks I - 4mish. to 25kg - 100kg; art.11974 Almonat for pork - 340pak. 1,3kh on - 442kh, art.5001 Alroza EIT Extra one discipline - 2400pak. to 0.5 kg - 1200 kg, art.17835 Verons'ka RN-A - 54pak. 1,15kh on - 62,1kh; art.10609 Wiener EC - 1200pak. to 0.5 kg - 600kh, art.9646 Eco Warsaw combi - 800pak. to 1 kg - 800 kg; art.2054647 Eco Vienna sausages combi - 600pak. to 1kg - 600kh, art.7401 Krakauer combi - 700pak. to 1kg - 700kg, art.7851 Lebershtreyh Fein - 300pak. to 1 kg - 300 kg ; art.17823 Milan salami RN-A - 500pak. by 1,2kh - 600kh, art.7005 Dairy combi - 800pak. by 1kg - 800 kg; art.7620 Mortadel combi - 800pak. by 1kg - 800 kg; art.11663 Moscow combi - 350pak. by 1kg - 350kh; art.2055071 Pikant combi - 150pak. by 1kg - 150kg; art.11640 Brines Delta Combi 80 - 280pak. to 2,5 kg - 700kg; art.10661 Roshynken Prosciutto - 800pak. by 1kg - 800 kg; art.18988 Rusanivska combi - 300pak. by 1kg - 300kg; art.31219 Salami CD - 30pak. by 1kg - 30kg; art.17630 Salami La Mancha - 400pak. by 0,8kh - 320kh; art.2017825 of Milan Salami and PHA - 90pak. by 1kg - 90kg; art.27038 Wieners combi - 700pak. by 1kg - 700kg; art.24996 smazheneoho taste of meat - 350pak. by 1kg - 350kh, art.6576 taste of pork ham - 700pak. by 1kg - 700kg; art.2055088 Frankfurters combi 6 - 120pak. by 1kg - 120kg; art.21814 mixture of spices "" Pharmaceutical "" - 360pak. to 0.5 kg - 180kg; art.22719 mixture of spices "" Moscow "" - 280pak. by 0,6kh - 168kh; art.21824 spice blend "" Veal "" - 350pak. by 0,9kh - 315kh; art.18470 Frankfurter super combi - 350pak. by 1kg - 350kh.Torhovelna mark "" Almi "". Brand "" Almi Ges.mbH & Co KG "". Country of AT. "CHINA300UA1000506.664112.292848 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
14/Apr/20172103909000"1. additives for meat products from spice or spice mixture -aromatychnymy: 218136 Fragrance Salami art. 9218136- 200,00kh., 171,297 Aufshnit Pepeks art. 0126 (42) -500.00 kg., 118,979 Bertie Art. 42 -110- 200,00kh., 152440 Boiled sausage combo "Professor Luxury №1" art. 42-175Z / 2- 200,00kh., 166433 Boiled sausage Combi II art. 42-1555Z- 400,00kh., 118,733 Aspita Extra art. 5890- 200,00kh., 172057 Creamy sausage Combi art. 42-120091Z- 500,00kh., Vienna 114 748 Combi art. 0239Z-42- 199,00kh., Vienna 145 658 Combi with GDL art. 42-02391Z / 1 - 1200,00kh., 125343 smoked Vienna art. 2356 (42) - 200,00kh., Victoria 149 176 Combi without dye art. 42-0183Z / 1200,00kh., 20, 175723 Hrylfyks "" BBQ "" Art. 42-8892- 206,40kh., 171628 Tools for extrusion Global 530 without dye art. 42-5879 / 1 210,00kh., 159,208 Combi Medical CE art. 42-1755Z- 400,00kh., 158067 Amateur Combi - new art. 42-1143Z- 700,00kh., 162136 Milk pudding Combi art. 42-12006Z- 3400,00kh., 179,145 sausages Dairy Combi art. 42-144Z- 430,00kh. , Presidential 175,077 Combi GO art. 42-1755ZG- 197,00kh., 171,627 to spice ham "" Rustic "" Art. 75508- 800,00kh., RSTS 7 118 832 Plus - Combi art. 5987-42- 1300,00kh., 38 217477 Salami Classical art. 9217477- 1066,00kh., 218,166 sausages Creamy Combi art. 9218166- 200,00kh., Senatorial 115,318 sausages - Combi art. 124Z (42) - 400,00kh., 191,335 sausages Combi GO senatorial art. 124ZG / 1-42- 200,00kh., 193503 Spice mixtures Provence art. 42-2450- 199,00kh., 196,056 mixture of spices Hungarian art. 42-82006- 600,00kh., 158,822 F.E.T. 230 XC art. 75020/1 900,00kh., 218130 Tea Combi art. 9218130- 200,00kh., 245025 Garlic Salami Cheap Combi art. 9245025- 100,00kh., 210,052 Shvayne Buster art. 42-5247- 98,00kh., 136104 Bavarian salami art. 2630- 200,00kh., 136,101 sausages Balykova art. 1960 200,00kh., 135,263 loin sausage art. 1175- 200,00kh., 226286 Salami Italian art. 9226286- 100,00kh.Krayina production - DETorhivelna mark - WIBERGVyrobnyk - FRUTAROM GmbH "GERMANY0UA10004018735.46270412.08881
14/Apr/20172103909000"1.Smako aromatic and flavor additives for the manufacture of meat and sausage products in the food industry (processing aids bulk (or liquid), not intended for retail sale): Rotblok Italy (Rotblock Italia), art.1000110-004 - 110kh; Rotblok sprint (Rotblock Sprint), art.1000120-003, -40kh, Papageno (Papageno), art.1000546-008, -20kh; Shvartsvaldshinken (Schwarzwalder Schinken), art.1000767-003, -40kh; Rotblok Italy ( Rotblock Italia), art.1000110-004, -960kh; Superkvik Italy (Superquick Italia), art.1000118-002, -10kh; Smokal (Smokal), art.1000648-010, -40kh; Lymontella (Zitra-Zitronenessenz), art.1000698-002, -60kh, 3000 Paprika (Paprika 3000) art.1000699-010, -59,8kh, Deco Grill he EVO (Schwenkbratengewurz), art.1000701-007, -20kh, Jumbo brother (Jambo-Brat), art.1000789-010, -14kh, chicken Turbo (Turbo Chicken), art.1001331-002, -600kh; Braunshvayher komplet (Braunschweiger komplett), art.1001870-004, -600kh; Kavkaziya (Knoblauch Marinade), art.1008084-008, -750kh; Faine extra komplett (Feine extra kom plett), art.1035918-005, -1200kh, Salami combi (Salami K), art.1036246-007, -600kh, eco Mortadella (Mortadella Economy), art.1036291-010, -660kh; Dairy (Molotschnye), art.1036351-007, -35kh, Medical (Doktorskaja), art .1036353-008, -400kh; Kroyter Willie (Krauter Willy), art.1036487-004, -337,5kh, Creamy (Sliwotschnaja), art.1036829-008, -600kh, Creamy combi (Sliwotschnaja Kombi), art.1037194 -007, -1200kh; Mortadel combi CPF (Mortadela combi CPF), art.1037609- 011 -1200kh, Imperial (Imperatorskaja), art.1037986-004, -592kh, smoked sausages (Kolbaski Koptschonye), art.1037987-005, -600kh, Rape-flavor (Raps Aromat), art.1038349-003 - 600kh, Medical combi CPF (Likarskaya Combi CPF), art.1038897-002, -1200kh; Kuked Universal Ham (Cooked Ham Universal), art.1038951-020, -565kh, Rape-talk (Rapsgeschmack), art.1039748-002 , -600kh; Rotblok imperial (Rotblock Imperatorskaja), art.1091085-001, -448kh; Combined with GDL Vienna (Wiener Kombikut mit GDL), art.1694050-001, -600kh, Carpathian (Pelmeni Baturinskie), art.1695845- 001, -600kh; Rauhvurst Kombi (Kombi Rauchwurst), art.1697772-001, -208kh, Frankfurt cream combi (FRANKFURTER SUPER KOMPLET MOLO), art.1919583-001, -600kh; Mortadel cream combi (Mortadella combi) , Art.1919606-001, -600kh. "GERMANY0UA2040101676986442.36724
11/Apr/201721039090001.Smakovi additives and seasonings mixed. Creamy sausages (composition, flavor enhancer: E621, antioxidant: E300, food cook Ena salt, stabilizers: E450 and E451, tsuk ri (lactose), spice extracts and spices (pepper, nutmeg) (1.2%), food flavoring butter) Konzal (Ingredients: sugar (dextrose, maltod ekstryn) (> 5%), acidity regulator: E 262, spices and extracts of spices (lemon, mustard), antioxidant: E316) Euro Color (Ingredients: sugar (dextrose, maltodextrin), salt, dyes, enzymes mentovanyy rice) Amateur Combi (Composition: stabilizers: E450 and E451, sugars (dextrose), and the food floor Arena salt, flavor enhancer: E621, antioxidant: E300, spices and spice extracts (chornyyperets, nutmeg, cardamom) (1.6%), food flavoring) Euro 200 Ham (Composition: Stabilizer: E451 and E450, thickener, and E407a E415, protein (pork, beef), vegetable fat, sugars (dextrose), flavor enhancer: 621, antioxidant E316, acidity regulator E500, flavor) Top aroma - the taste of beef (Ingredients: sugar (maltodextrin, dextrose), food fl arena salt , harchovyyaromatyzator meat flavor enhancers: E621, E631, means you caking of ihrudkuvannya: E551) Euro Special b Mixed (Ingredients: animal bill ca (pork), powder, red beet dye, fermented) Fragrance pork (Ingredients: sugar (maltodekst markets), food salt, food flavoring Ham chickens (Ingredients: stabilizer: E451, E450, E452, modified starch: E1 442, thickeners: E407, E407a, E415, adjustable yator acidity: E500, flavor enhancer: E621, antioxidant: E316, food Aro matyzator) Carpathian (Composition: stabilizers: E450 and E451, spices and extracts of spices (black pepper nutmeg, garlic), Amplify yuvachi taste: E621, E631, edible salt, n Cover (dextrose), antioxidant: E 316, al omatyzator smoke flavor) Sausages home (Ingredients: Spices and extreme acts of spices (black pepper, garlic crust Andrew) (1.2%), harchovapovarena salt tsuk ri (dextrose, maltodextrin) Sausages Frankfurter Combi (MDM) (Euro Frankfurter Gruppe) art. 162130 -88kh. Russian GOST (EuroAufschnitt Gruppe) art. 100909 -48kh. Calf ISO (Euro Aufschnitt Gruppe) art.100912 -96kh. Speedy Salami (Euro Salami Gruppe) art. 123660 -168kh. OdeskaKombi (Euro Dauerwurst Gruppe) art. 124710 -200kh. Vienna (Euro AufschnittGruppe) art. 129940 -360kh. Hutsul (Euro Dauerwurst Gruppe) art. 155410-120kh. Extra Ostankino (Euro Aufschnitt Gruppe) art. 168220 -240kh. MolochnaKombi (Euro Aufschnitt Gruppe) art. 124560 -72kh. Cervelat Sk (Ingredients: spices taekstrakty spices (black pepper, coriander, garlic) (1.2%), flavor enhancer: E621, food table salt, antioxidant: E316) Armavir (Composition: stabilizers: E450 and E451, spices and spice extracts (garlic, chornyyperets, sweet pepper) (1.7%), food table salt, flavor enhancer: E621, sugars (dextrose), antioxidant: E 316, food flavoring Amateur KombiLyuks (Composition: stabiliz ATOR: E450, E451, food, kitchen salt pidsylyuvachsmaku: E621, sugars (dekstroAUSTRIA0UA209140999762644.30968
10/Apr/20172103909000"1.Harchovi additives used in vyhotovlennim'yasnyh, sausage and fish products from zmishanymyprypravamy contains no animal products: (Milchwurst NU & M) aromatic blend" "Milk ou + M '' - 100 kg, 100 polyethy. packets over 1kg, art. 482054278.100; (Wiener Combi 610) "" Vienna Combi 610 '' - 3100 kg (3100 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482002358.100; (Doktorskaja Elitnaja 7513) "" Doctor Elite 7513 "" - 200 kg (200 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482002161.100; (Doktorskaja Kardamom) "" Doctor Cardamom "" - 74kg Currently, 74 polyethy. packets over 1kg, art. 482002206.100; (Krainer Kombi Spezial) "" Krayner Combi special '' - 203 kg (203 p / e packets of 1 kg) , Art. 482002362.100; (Jagdwurst Combi 1013) "" Hunting Combi 1013 '' - 588 kg, 588 p / e packets of 1 kg Art. 482002211.101; (Bruhwurst Nishna) drug with spicy ingredients "" Boiled Soft "" - 600 kg (600 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482002424.100; (Bockwurst Royal) aromatic blend "" Sausage King '' - 100 kg, 100 polyethy. in 1kg packets, art. 482116160.507; (Ham-Star 50) "" Star Ham 50 '' - 210 kg (15 p / e 14 kg bags) art. 481495250.107; (Ljubitelskaja Gost) "" Amateur guests "" - 600 kg (600 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482051046.105; (Russkaja Gost) Complex mixture "" Russian GOST '' - 325 kg, 325 poliet.paketiv to 1kg, art. 482063062.503; (Garlic Salami Unit) "" Garlic Salami FA Unit '' - 50 kg (50 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482001174.103; (Bruhwurst Exclusiv OC) "" Boiled Eskpyuzyv OC "" - 2,120 kg (2,120 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482002125.104; (Aspik-Fest) "" Aspik Fest '' - 150 kg (150 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482020005.103; (Tafelsenf) Spicy mix "" Mustard, sweet, coarse '' - 200 kg (20 cans of 10 kg), art. 482516021.102; (Aufstreu S) decorative mix '' C '' - 10 kg (10 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482022007.106; (Fischburger Spezial) Spicy mix "" Fish burgers '' - 256 kg (256 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482036002.103; (Krautermatjesreifer + K) Dozrivach "" Mathieu "" - 50 kg (paper bags 5 to 10 kg), art. 482048000.113; (Ketchup Fix) A set of spices and emulsifiers for making ketchup "" Ketchup Fyks "" - 20 kg (20 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 481423100.101; (Krauterquark III) A mixture of spices "Cheese Herbs III» - 20 kg (20 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482048184.103; (Mayo Mix Komplett) "" Mayo-Mix complex '' - 50 kg (paper bags 5 to 10 kg), art. 481423110.119; (Senfsamen-Aroma) "" Scent grain mustard '' - 10 kg (5 p / e packets to 2 kg), art. 481430120.408; (Friesland Wurzmarinade OG) Marinade Aromatic "" Frisland "" - 64 kg (16 p / e kanister to 4 kg), art. 481420100.406; (Krauter Reifer Spezial + K) "" Dozrivach herbal special '' - 100 kg (10 paper bags of 10 kg), art. 482047182.102; (Kaltmarinaden) "" Spicy marinade essence cold '' - 12 kg (2 p / e canisters to 6kg), art. 481430160.414; (Sardelki Senatorski Combi) Complex preparation "" Wieners senatorial '' - 50 kg, 50 p / e 1 kg bags, art. 482002648.100; (Salami Pikant) aromatic blend "" spicy salami "" - 50kg, 1kg to 50 poliet.paketiv, art. 4820021 "GERMANY0UA100110948232300.99583
10/Apr/20172103909000"1. Smack-aromatic and flavoring additives for the manufacture of meat and sausage products in the food industry (technological additives for loose (or liquid), not for retail sale): Rotblock Italy (Rotblock Italia), art. 1000110-004, - 480kg, Bockwurst, art.1000253-001, -10kg, Steakado, art.1000638-007, -10kg, Wurzol Magic Hot, art.1000709-007, -40kg, Jambo Brother (Jambo-Brat), art.1000789-010, -14kg, Turbo Chicken, art.1001331-002, -600kg; Mustard Emulsion, art.1001535-015, -580kg; Delicate extra kit (Delikates Extra komplett), art.1001862-004, -600kg; Braunschweiger kit (Braunschweiger komplett), art.1001 870-004, -1747kg, Cooked Ham 50 New, Art.1036332-015, -532kg; Molotschnye, Art.1036351-007, -60kg; Sliwotschnaja Kombi, Art. 1037194-007, -1200kg; Finnish servelat (Servelada Kombikut), art.1037868-002, -600kg; Effect (Effect), Art.1037985-003, -600kg; Imperial (Imperatorskaya), Art.1037986-004, -600kg ; Raps Aromat, art.1038349-003, -1498kg, Slowenskaja Osobaya, Art.1038971-001, -600kg, Viennese WIENER PURELINE, Art 1039367-003, -10 kg; Gentle sausages (Parowki Lagedni), art.1039744-001, -600kg; Ukrainian (Ukrainskaja), art.1039749-002, -3525kg, Tschesnotschnaja, art.1039750-001, - 600kg; Wiener Kombikut mit GDL Vienna, art.1694050-001, -675kg; Rotblock Perfect (Rotblock Perfekt), art.1696840-001, -423kg, FRANKFURTER SUPER KOMPLET MOLO, art.1919583-001, -600kg; Sardelki molotshni Basic, art.1919612-001, -500kg . "GERMANY0UA2040101670474623.85642
04/Apr/20172103909000"1.Smako aromatic and flavor additives for the manufacture of meat and sausage products in the food industry (processing aids bulk (or liquid), not intended for retail sale): Superkvik Gold (Superquick Gold), art.1000100-003 - 20kg; Superkvik Italy (Superquick Italia), art.1000118-002, -10kh; Rotblok sprint (Rotblock Sprint), art.1000120-003, -190kh, Christine (Cristin), art.1000328-004, -67,5kh; Thuringian (THURINGER ROSTBRATWURST F + F | TB), art.1000532-009, -3kh, Papageno (Papageno), art.1000546-008, -20kh; Hlyutalin (Glutalin), art.1000611-038, -100kh; Muskatol ( Muskatol) art.1000632-001, -8kh; Smokal (Smokal), art.1000648-010, -40kh, 3000 Paprika (Paprika 3000) art.1000699-010, -98,8kh ; Vyurtsol Magic hot (Wurzol Magic Hot), art.1000709-007, -50kh; Shvartsvaldshinken (Schwarzwalder Schinken), art.1000767-003, -60kh; seasoning for poultry (Wurzado zu Huhn), art.1000985-003 - 24kh; Braunshvayher komplet (Braunschweiger komplett), art.1001870-004, -2350kh; Knoblauh (Knoblauch-extrakt D), art.1005098-007, -151kh, Medical (Doktorskaja), art.1036353-008, -200kh; Kroyter Willie (Krauter Willy), art.1036487-004, -212,5kh, Creamy combi (Sliwotschnaja Kombi), art.1037194-007, -1200kh, combi Moscow (Moskovskaya Combi), art.1037606-002, -672kh, Finnish sausage (Servelada Kombikut), art.1037868-002, -600kh, Rape-flavor (Raps Aromat), art.1038349-003, -1800kh; Aufshnit "" Clean line "" (Aufschnitt PURELINE), art.1039364-001, -20kh; Flyayshkeze "" Clean line "" (FLEISCHKASE PURE LINE), art.1039366-001, -2kh; Bryuvurst "" Clean Line "" (BRUHWURST PURELINE), art.1039608-001, -5kh, sweet sausages (Parowki Lagedni), art.1039744-001, -600kh, Rape -smak (Rapsgeschmack), art.1039748-002, -2000kh; Ukrainian (Ukrainskaja), art.1039749-002, -2100kh; Rinderbraten (Sauce ZU RINDERBRATEN), art.1039830-002, -10,5kh; Kuked Hem Top (Cooked Ham Top), art.1091665-002, -2324kh, Tennessee (Tennessee Sauce), art.1695346-001, -10kh, Frankfurt cream combi (FRANKFURTER SUPER KOMPLET MOLO), art.1919583-001, -813kh; Mortadel Combined cream (Mortadella combi), art.1919606-001, -232kh, creamy Vienna (Wiener molotshni Basic), art.1919614-001, -425kh, Drug Combined with cream (LIKARSKAYA COMBI MOLOTSCHNA), art.1919617-001 - 543kh. "GERMANY0UA20401016961.378449.32878
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Vienna Sausage Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Vienna Sausage Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЮСК УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
вул. Патріса Лумумби, буд. 21, м.Київ, 01042, Україна
Exporter Name Jysk Sp. z o.o.
Product Description
"1. Spicy-aromatic mixtures and food additives for.........
HS Code 6213200000Value 112.292848
Quantity 300Unit UA100050
Net Weight 6.664
Origin Country CHINA

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