Ukraine Import Data of Veterinary Use | Ukraine Import Statistics of Veterinary Use

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of veterinary use collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of veterinary use imports.

Veterinary Use Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Veterinary Use

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28/Apr/20172936280000"1. Vitamin E and its derivatives:" "Tocoblend L50 IP" is a food antioxidant containing natural mixed tocopherols (D-alpha-Tocopherol 9 - 20%, D-beta-tocopherol 1-4%, D-gamma- Tocopherol 50 - 65%, D-delta-Tocopherol 20 - 35%) on sunflower oil carrier. It has high efficiency. It is dissolved in oils and fats at 20 C. It is insoluble in water, significantly slows the oxidation of fats, increases the shelf life of the products, It ensures the stability of organoleptic parameters. It is used in the food industry. Not for use in veterinary medicine and livestock. Trademark: VItablendProducer: Vitablend Nederland BVCrea Production: NL. "NETHERLANDS0UA10011020439.2151345 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201739232100001.Vyroby plastic packaging for transporting goods and veterinary use, a plastic bag to collect semen filter: Packet US-BAG to collect semen filter, 100 pcs. - 20 Pack., US art.229932Torhovelna mark BAGVyrobnyk Minitub Country of SK.SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA12527016976.0256812
28/Apr/201782015000001.Ruchni tools used in agriculture for scissors with one hand for hoof (for sheep), with teeth, length 26 cm, green - 1 pc., Art.1639Torhovelna mark vidsutnyaVyrobnyk MLD Veterinary Suppliers Country of PK.PAKISTAN1UA1252700.5556.191374913
28/Apr/201730042000001.Veterynarnyy granulate preparation Monenzyn 20%, for the treatment of coccidiosis in chickens patients posed eymeriyamy: Eimeria tenella, E necatrix, E maxima, E miyati, E brunetty, E mittis, E praecox and other types eymeriy chickens. Pharmacological properties: ATCvet QP51, Anti veterinary medicine. Monenzyn natriyunalezhyt ionomorfnyh to a group of antibiotics. The mechanism of action of the drug is in violation of cations transport of sodium and potassium in the oocysts that leads to death eymeriy the stage shyzohoniyi.Rozfasovano 400 paper bags. Used for own needs for production. .CHINA0UA1252601000037500.00009
28/Apr/20173004900000"1.Likarski facilities used exclusively for Veterinary Medicine. Skladayutya zizmishanyh or unmixed products that rapevtychnoho profilaktychnohozastosuv ment and contains no drugs and psyhotro pnyh substances and precursors, put up for retail sale: -Enroksyl 5% in the form of a solution for other ' EC this composition: 1 ml of the drug contains diyuchurechovynu: enrofloxacin, 100 mg, Product: bottles of brown glass, sealed with a rubber stopper under an aluminum run for 100 ml, art.791453-6000sht (161kart.kor.) - Enroksyl Max, in the form of a solution injectable composition: 1m diyuchurechovynu product contains: enrofloksatsyn- 100 mg, Product: bottles of dark glass stopper under an aluminum zakrytihumovym run in a 100ml carton, art.771428-400sht (10kart.kor) - Marfloksyn 10% solution for injection 100 mg / ml, solution for injection form, gl al: 1 mg of solution contains active substance: marbofloksatsyn -100mh; formavypusku: glass bottles, closed rubber stopper under an aluminum run po100ml, art.760886 - 40sht (1kart.korobka) - Kalfoset in the form of injection, composition: 100g of product contains diyuchirecho fault: calcium gluconate for others' nctions - 32,82h; calcium glycerophosphate-8,13h, magnesium chloride hexahydrate-4,18h; Product: Glass bottles of 100ml, art.785375 -786sht (20kart.kor) - Toltaroks 5%, in the form of a suspension for oral use, composition: 1 ml of the drug contains the active ingredient: 50 mg toltrazuril-; Form release -Plastic flakonypo 250 ml, packed in cartons, art.795093- 60sht (3kart.kor.) Producer: "" KRKA, tovarna zdravil, dd, Novo mesto "". Country of origin: SITorhovelna mark: "" KRKA " "."SLOVENIA0UA8071701617.04529821.30658
27/Apr/201738220000001. Test strips WELLION GLUCO CALEA designed for glucometers WELLION GLUCO CALEA, are coated strip which: glucose oxidase (aspergillus niger) -7,6%, electronic media, 53.3% non-reactive ingredients, 39.1% of which MEDICAL BLOG used in veterinary testing for blood sugar diagnostic krovi.Reahenty on the substrate appointment for measuring blood sugar Wellion GLUCO CALEA test strips, 50 pieces / Wellion GLUCO CALEA test strips, 50 pieces = 50 art.WELLVET715 upakovok.Partiya DP21F32600 number, Expiration 30.11.2018.Mayut appropriate to mark markuvannya.Torhovelna TRUSTVyrobnyk MED MED TRUST HANDELSGESELLS CHAFT MBHKrayina production AT.AUSTRIA0UA1001301.75515.6562466
27/Apr/201730042000001. Veterinary medicinal products containing other antibiotics, put up for retail sale: -DENAGARD 80% 25KG, (Denahard (R) 80%) in powder form for oral use - to treat fever patients with dysentery, colitis, ileitis, enzootic pneumonia caused by pathogens susceptible to tiamulinu. The polyethylene barrel to 25kg. 1 g of the drug contains the active substance: tiamulin hydrogen fumarate - 800 mg. Excipients: zhelatyn.Seriya: V270765-9 pack. Limited time Fit .: 09.2017. Trademark - Novartis.Krayina production - AT.Vyrobnyk - Sandoz GmbH, Plant Shafteno. .AUSTRIA0UA1000102252357.100014
27/Apr/201730042000001. Veterinary medicinal products containing other antibiotics, put up for retail sale: -DENAGARD 10% INJ 100ML, (Denahard (R) 10% injection) in the form of injection - to treat fever patients dysentery, enzootic pneumonia, pleuropneumonia, arthritis, caused by pathogens susceptible to tiamulinu. Bottles made of glass, closed rubber stopper under an aluminum run of 100 ml (№1). Active ingredients: 1 ml contains the active substance: tiamulin hydrogen fumarate - 123 mg. Series: 09PN1190-200 pack. Shelf life: 09.2019. Trademark - Novartis.Krayina production - AT.Vyrobnyk - Sanohemiya pharmaceutics AG. .AUSTRIA0UA10001031964.000133
27/Apr/201730023000001. Vaccines Veterinary zareyestrovanita approved for use in chasmedychnoyi practice in Ukraine submitted a vrozfasovanomu dlyarozdribnoyi trade in packages ready touse (no aerosol packaging) .- KANIHEN DHPPi / L (CANIGEN DHA2PPi / L) polyvalent vaccine against chumym'yasoyidnyh, adenovirozu , parvovirozu, parainfluenza and leptospirosis sobak.Vaktsyna consists of two components: the lyophilized and liquid. Packing 10 doses (10 vials 1 ml suspension + 10 vials 1 ml of lyophilizate). Series: 67LX - 10,000 packages. Expiration date to (month / year): 09/2018. Manufacturer: VIRBAC SA (FR), France. Trademark: VIRBAC.FRANCE0UA1251008019934.19015
27/Apr/201730023000001. Antigen for production of rabies vaccines for carnivores, horses, ruminants. Used only for veterinary purposes: V-antigen RGdlya oral rabies vaccine - 632l. Series: L441241 Series: L441240. Notcontains narcotics, psychotropic substances and precursors. Not aerozolniyupakovtsi.Krayina production: FRTorhovelna Brand: MERIALVyrobnyk: MERIAL.FRANCE0UA10002068674848.24255
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""БАРЕНТЦ УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
01135, м.Київ,вул. Павлівська, буд. 29, кімната 10
Exporter Name Vitablend Nederland B.V.
Product Description
"1. Vitamin E and its derivatives:" "Tocoblend L50.........
HS Code 2936280000Value 439.2151345
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 20
Origin Country NETHERLANDS

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