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Vendor Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Vendor

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20172923100090"1. Lipoid GPC 85 F Fluid Concentrateof sn-Glicero-3-phosphoholine in water / GPC Lipoid 85 F, vyazkaya liquid concentration RAO-sn-3-hlitsero fosfoholin (substance) in water. CAS № 28319-77-9. chemical compounds: Choline hydroxide (R) -2,3-dihidroksy-propilhidrofosfat (vnutrishnyasil). C8H20NO6P formula. It is a viscous, transparent, colorless - slightly colored liquid, easily soluble in water and ethanol 96% by poluchenu hydrolysis of synthetic fosfatilholina. Condition: concentrated liquid hlitsero SN-3-fosfoholina water. Technical indicators: Hlitserofosfoholin (dry weight) 100.6% pH (25% in water) 6.3. Series number 580400-1170116. Designed for sterile and non-sterile drugs for humans. Packages are labeled products, which are made in two languages ​​- English and Ukrainian: Seller / vendor: "" Lipoid AG "", Sennweidstrasse 44, CH-6312 Steinhausen, Switzerland . consignor / shipper: "" Lipoid GmbH "", Frigenstrasse 4, D-67065 Ludwigshafen, Germany. Ma nufacturer / manufacturer: "" Lipoid GmbH "", Frigenstrasse 4, D-67065 Ludwigshafen, Germany, "" Lipoid GmbH "," Frihenshtrasse 4, D-67065 Ludwigshafen, Germany. Buyer / Consignee: Research-and-Production Firm "" MICROKHIM "" Ltd., 33 Lenin Street, 93000, Rubezhnoye, Lugansk region, Ukraine. The buyer / consignee LLC Firm "" microw "" 93000, Luhansk region. G.Rubezhnoe, Lenin, 33. Number CONTRACT / CONTRACT №: LM 19/12/16 from / to 12/19/2016. Lot number / series number: 580400-1170116. DESCR / DESCRIPTION: liquid (substance) of LIPOID GPC 85 F / 85 LIPOID GPC F, liquid (substance). "" Medicaldrug / drug "" No. of the Certificate on the State Registration of the Ukraine: UA / 12866/01/01 dd 09.04.2013, valid until 09.04.2018 / certificate of registration number UA / 12866/01/01 dated 09.04.2013roku certificate valid until 09.04 .2018roku. PALLET / pallet N.1-1. Drum / drum № 1/6 (2/6, 3/6, 4/6, 5/6, 6/6). Net weight / net weight - 50,000Kg (for barrels 1 / 6-6 / 6). Gross weight / gross weight - 60,000Kg (for barrels 1 / 6-2 / 6) and 59,000Kg (drum for 3 / 6-6 / 6). DATE OF MANUFACTURE / Date of manufacture: January 2017 / January 2017. EXPIRY DATE / Expiration Date December 2021 / December 2021. STORAGE CONDITION / Storage: In dry place below 25 "," C / in a dry place below 25 "" C. CP UA / 12866/01/01 04/09/2013. "GERMANY0UA70202030084280.35784 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20178483102190"1. Transmission shafts articulated steel for agricultural machinery: Crank shaft (6CT8.3 Cummins) (vendor number from CU-3918986) - 10pc, Val ICE distribution (number from the seller CU-3923478) - 4 pieces; Crank shaft engine T-8040 (2388New) (vendor number from CU-3965006) - 5pcs.. "CHINA0UA1101501252.46671.11389
27/Apr/20177318220090"1.Vyroby ferrous metal products with no thread, other Washers for agricultural equipment: fuel tubes washer (vendor number from CU-3903037) - 60sht, Washer 1,5 mm, nozzles (vendor number from CU-3937142) - 72sht ; washer nozzles (T80 .., Mag) (vendor number from CU-3906659) - 300sht.. "CHINA0UA1101500.6664.18285602
27/Apr/20174016930090"1. linings, gaskets, seals, washers, etc. from vulcanized rubber to not porous agricultural machinery: Upper Gasket Set (catalog number with the seller CU-4025271) - 1pc, lower set of pads (lining of the pallet) 6CT8.3 Cummins (No. catalog merchant of CU-3802389) - 1pc, front cover gasket ST 6CT8.3 Cummins (vendor number from CU-3938737) - 50sht, exhaust manifold gasket SPX-3310 (a number from the seller CU-3927154) - 36sht, Gasket final collector (vendor number from CU-3929012) - 240sht, crankshaft seals CT front Cummins (number of cat alohu seller CU-3921927) - 90sht; Gasket thermostat (vendor number from CU-3914310) - 110sht, Construction turbocharger (without partitions) (vendor number from CU-3911941) - 20pcs, crankshaft stuffing box (a number from the seller CU- 3933384) - 8 pieces; seals the inlet / exhaust valve (a number from the seller CU-3927642) - 560sht, Laying pipes drain oil from the turbine (number of cat alohu seller CU-3937706) - 50sht, Laying pipes maslozabornyka (a number from the seller CU -3914302) - 30sht; Construction corps seal crankshaft (vendor number from CU-3914301) - 40sht; Proklos ka front cover DIC SPX-3310 (a number from the seller CU-3938156) - 5pcs, Laying pipes maslozabirnyka (a number from the seller CU-3938157) - 10pc; Gasket Oil coolers (a number from the seller CU-3942914) - 10pc; padding ( vendor number from CU-3917779) - 10pc, Upper Gasket Set (catalog number with the seller CU-4025271) - 10pc; ring sealing nozzle (T80 .., Mag310) (vendor number from CU-4890926) - 300sht, oil coolers Construction (vendor number from CU-3929011) - 10pc; kit (SEM) front crankshaft seals (a number from the seller CU-3925343) - 65sht; Gasket exhaust manifold (vendor number from CU-3932063) - 6 pieces; seals nozzles (vendor number from CU-3909356) - 36sht. "CHINA0UA11015047.761854.455224
27/Apr/20177307291000"1.Fitinhy of stainless steel, with z'yednennya nar.rizboyu for z'yednennya tubes of agricultural machinery: Union (vendor number from CU-3924725) - 30sht; choke (catalog number with the seller CU-3916361) - 10pc.. "CHINA0UA1101501.0317.54605949
27/Apr/20178421230090"1.Prystroyi filtering lubricants or fuel in internal combustion engines for agricultural machinery: Fuel filters for secondary (vendor number from FL-FF42000) - 51sht, secondary fuel filter (Mag3 ..) (vendor number from FL-FF5580) - 22sht, the primary fuel filter with sensor (Mag3 ..) V79080 lowest (number from the seller FL-FS19732) - 36sht; Filters SPX (vendor number from FL-LF3959) - 12p.. "CHINA0UA11015060.79398.6569421
27/Apr/20176812999090"1. Products from asbestos, gasket under the cylinder head for engines for agricultural machinery: Construction GBTS +0,25. SPX-3310 (a number from the seller CU-3283337) - 1pc; Gaskets for .25 (No. catalog merchant of CU-3935586) - 25sht, Gaskets CT (vendor number from CU-3935585) - 35 pcs, Gaskets 0.5 (vendor number from CU-3935587) - to seal joints 20sht.Pryznacheni head with the block cylinder engines.. "CHINA0UA11015043.28636.4721848
27/Apr/201790329000001. Thermostats for agricultural machinery: Thermostats (vendor number from CU-392863) - 20pcs. .CHINA0UA1101501.5289.02444767
27/Apr/201784818051001. valves to control the process temperature control for agricultural machinery: thermostatic valve (vendor number from CU-3911901) - 10pc. .CHINA0UA1101500.2839.54059585
27/Apr/20178413308000"1. The fuel pumps, oil or coolant for reciprocating internal combustion engines for agricultural machinery Pump Oil ICE SPX-3310 (a number from the seller CU-4939587) - 5pcs, oil pump ICE (vendor number from CU-3991123) - 10 pieces; pump oil (a number from the seller CU-3415365) - 20pcs, pump fuel stooge (a number from the seller CU-4088866) - 5pcs, pump fuel (a number from the seller CU-4309344) - 5pcs, pump swap fuel ( vendor number from CU-4944710) - 20pcs, oil pump (vendor number from CU-3286278) - 3pc. ".CHINA68UA110150144.582532.691115
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Vendor Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Vendor Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ НВФ ""МІКРОХІМ""Україна"
Importer Address
93000, м.Рубіжне, вул.Леніна, 33, Луганська обл.
Exporter Name Lipoid GmbH Німеччина
Product Description
"1. Lipoid GPC 85 F Fluid Concentrateof sn-Glicero.........
HS Code 2923100090Value 84280.35784
Quantity 0Unit UA702020
Net Weight 300
Origin Country GERMANY

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