Ukraine Import Data of Valve Strip | Ukraine Import Statistics of Valve Strip

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of valve strip collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of valve strip imports.

Valve Strip Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Valve Strip

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201740169300901. Spare parts (parts) for cars, gaskets, seals, gaskets, washers nezatverdiloyi of vulcanized rubber nonporous, laying the intake manifold -1sht. Producer (brand): ELRING KLINGER AG (ELRING), timing cover gasket, 1pc. Producer (brand): ELRING KLINGER AG (ELRING), valve cover gasket-116sht. Producer (brand): ELRING KLINGER AG (ELRING), cover gasket (oil filter) -5sht. Producer (brand): ELRING KLINGER AG (ELRING), laying of oil-pallet 12p. Producer (brand): ELRING KLINGER AG (ELRING), strip-cooling radiator 4 pieces. Producer (brand): ELRING KLINGER AG (ELRING), filter gasket (rubber seal) -12sht. Producer (brand): ELRING KLINGER AG (ELRING).GERMANY0UA40003011.184861.3438217 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201787089997981.Chastyny ​​and devices are motor transport vehicles (passenger cars), long Follower art. 241804A010 -4sht. Here koromыsel art. 2451142500 -4sht. Piddonkartera engine art. 2151026010-2sht. Rocker art. 2455133060 -4sht. Rocker intake valve, pieces of art. 2453142880-10sht. Rocker vpusknoy art. 241704A010-30sht. Rack front panel art. 641551C000 -4sht. Cable Strip Art. 327902E100-3sht.Torhovelna mark: HYUN DAI MOBIS.Krayina production: KR. Ik stones: HYUNDAI MOBIS. .KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA12525012.88100.7906464
25/Apr/20178483508000"1. Component parts, products and materials used in facade systems and internal structures of public and residential buildings SCHUCO brand. Building Products of plastic., Art.268753, insulators 43 mm SI, the number -3 pack, art.268755, insulators 55 mm SI, the number -3 pack, art.288112, INSULATION GLASS folded, the number -4 pack, art.288717, insulation tape 21h5 mm, the number -3 pack, art.284801, porous filler, the number -3 pack, art.244654 , joining profiles, the number -1 pack, art.239298, receiver valves 75, the number -1 pack, art.238672, sealing element, unit number -1, art.203 102 PVC holder, the number -1 pack, art.288773, under glass substrate 100X44X4 mm -2 number of packs, art.288166, under glass substrate pack., The number -1 pack, art.268004, Drain item number -2 pack, art.268208, Prypidnimach leaf, the number -4 pack, art.244885, PVC gaskets round number -3 pack, art.228958, drain pipes 2800 mm, the number of -4 units, art.284800, Foamed Flexible filler -8 pack number, art.284803, porous filler, the number -4 pack, art.244884, medium sealant, the number -20 units, art.203111, PVC shtapika holder for colored profile, the number -4 pack, art.203109 , PVC holder shtapika, k ilkist -3 pack, art.207515, closing COVER BLACK, the number -1 pack, art.226942, PVC doors sealing element, the number -6 pack, art.237205, inlet RAL 9016, the number of -4 units, art.237282 , pipe clamp, the number -4 pack, art.244845, guiding element number -2 pack, art.266887, plastic seal junction rack, the number yn -2, art.266888, corner seal to the frame, the number -3 pack, art.281074, Circular PVC item number -2 pack, art.288280, under glass substrate 9 mm package, the number -6 pack, art.288291, Seal corner junction, the number -3 pack, art.288292, corner with Seal tick, the number -3 pack, art.288453, under glass substrate 100X57X3 mm, number -9 pack, art.288460, under glass substrate 100X57X2 mm, number -9 pack, art.288776, standard glass substrate during 62X4 mm, the number - 2 pack, art.288777, standard glass substrate during 68X4 mm, number -9 pack, art.298359, PVC bathroom with a roller, the number of -1 units, art.238440, Set odnostulkovyh sealing strip for door number -2 units, art.203102, PVC shtapika holder for colored profile number -1 pack, art.288773, under glass substrate 100X44X4 mm -1 number upVyrobnyk "" Schuco International KG "" Storage brand production SCHUCOKrayina EU "GERMANY0UA100110102.512020.807989
22/Apr/20173926300090"1.Zapasni made of plastic, and dolehkovyh / m Prospect Island group, new washer insert: art.N 10621301-10sht;: art.N 10621301-10sht;: art.N 10621301-10sht, air valve, art. 4M0819181-1sht, spring clamp, art.5N0880385A-5pcs;: art.5J0867276-20sht;: art.7E0843514-10sht, housing serednoyipaneli: art.6R1863680D 82V-1am; korpusdzerkala: art.5P1857507K 9B9-1sht, building naruzhnej mirrors: art.5N0857537 GRU-1pc, mirrors lining: art.1K8857601A 9B9-1sht, inscription "" BLUEMOTION "": art.5G0853675APCWB-1am; inscription "" TIGUAN "": art.5N0853687B 739-1sht, facing rack: art.5K0867233C 6K8-1sht, strip labeled PASSAT "": art.3C8853687A 739-1sht; Producer: Volkswagen AG; trade mark: Volkswagen; Country pla bnytstva: ES;. "SPAIN0UA3052001.86185.3809961
21/Apr/20174016930090"1.Zapasni of the technique" "Karcher" ": uschylnyuvachy: art.5.365-222.0-4sht sealing strip, ring groove of 18x26x5.4 art.6.365-526.0-6sht, ventilation valve (rubber membrane) art.6.412-509.0 -1sht, trademark KARCHER.Vyrobnyk Alfred Karcher GmbH & production Co.KG.Krayina DE. "GERMANY0UA1002901.13932.80183598
20/Apr/201784841000901. Spare parts (parts) for cars: Sheet metal gaskets combined with other materials: strip-3pc valve cover. Producer (brand): ELRING KLINGER AG (ELRING).GERMANY0UA4000300.1212.55717215
20/Apr/20174016930090"1.Vyroby of nezatverdiloyi vulkanizovanoyineporystoyi rubber z'yednandetaley compaction vehicles., Kiltseuschilnyuvalne: art.N 0138123-2sht;: art.N 0138123-2sht;: art.N 0138495-1sht;: art.N 0138495-5sht ;: art.N 90297202-2sht;: art.WHT005302-4sht;: art.8E0260749C-1am;: art.8E0260749C-5pcs;: art.N 90933101-1sht;: art.N 90032204-1sht;: art.N 90344501-2sht;: art.N 90344501-4sht;: art.2E0867471E-1am;: art.WHT002287C-1am;: art.WHT003186-1sht;: art.2E0867471C-1am;: art.N 90521604-1sht;: art .059130120-1sht;: art.WHT005499A-3pc;: art.028103532A-3pc;: art.09G321181-1sht;: art.03P103070-3sht; kiltseuschilnyuvalne rubber: art.8E0260749-1sht;: art.WHT000884-6sht; : art.WHT003379-3sht;: art.N 90809102-1sht;: art.N 90903201-1sht;: art.N 90903201-1sht;: 90362001-2 art.N pc;: art.N 90362001-5sht;: art.N 91056801-1sht;: art.059121149E-1am;: art.7M0422999-1sht;: art.03L130519-2sht;: art.WHT002666-1sht;: art.02T311113A -1sht;: art.038103085E-1am;: art.038103085E-1pc, support shock: art.7E0412331A-2 pcs;: art.7E0412331A-2 pcs; lining: art.1J0512109-2sht, of masonry: art.03P973900-3sht; : art.059103609R-1am;: art.059103610E-1am;: art.059145773B-1am;: art.028145757-1sht;: art.034115427B-1am;: art.059109091F-1am;: art.059109092D-1pc ;: art.059103147F-1am;: art.059103147F-2 pcs;: art.032103161K-2 pcs, laying throttle unit: art.028129748-1sht;: art.028129748-1sht, laying the discharge pipe: art.7L0253115A-2 pcs; valve gasket : art.068131547B-1pc, manifold gasket, art.036253039F-1am; crankcase cover gasket : Art.059103161T-1am;: art.059103161T-1am; prokladkamaslyanoyi pump: art.032121119H-1pc, strip filter: art.036115111-1sht; Clutch: art.0AM198142H-1pc, Repair kit for valve unit: art.06J998907B-3pc , repair kit caliper: art.0AM398091A-1am; Producer: Volkswagen AG; trade mark: Volkswagen, Country of origin: DE; "GERMANY0UA30520018.13552.8332649
19/Apr/201740169300901.Prokladka art.N204409-1sht.Maslouschilnyuyuchi rubber ring with nezatverdiloyine porous vulcanized rubber toprevent leakage of oil art.N305594-18sht. Maslouschilnyuyuchi iznezatverdiloyi not ring porous vulkanizovanoyihumy to prevent leakage mastylaart.51332774-9sht.Uschilnennya iznezatverdiloyi vulkanizovanoyihumy not porous to prevent oil leakage art.N280975-96sht.Uschilnennya iznezatverdiloyi not porous vulcanized rubber to prevent leakage of oil (in the complex. 9sht.) Art.AA27477 -10sht.Salnyk art.AA46620-2sht.Salnyk art.AH112401-15sht.Remkomplekt gear hydraulic pump (in the complex. humovyhuschilnen 5, 1 metal plate) art.AH131176-1sht.salnyk art.AH137772-20sht.Uschilnennya of nezatverd iloyi not porous vulcanized rubber zapobihannyapidtikannya oil (in the complex. 4 pcs.) art.AH212097-4sht.Maslouschilnyuyuchi iznezatverdiloyi not ring porous vulcanized rubber to prevent leakage of oil (in kompl.8sht.) art.AH214615-4sht.kiltsya rubber art. AN302036-2 sht.Salnyk art.AR103873-10sht.salnyk art.AR90861-10sht.Salnyk art.AT173348-1sht.Prostavkyzirochok rubber transmission changes the rules for seed sowing crops posivutehnichnyh art.A43610-20sht.Uschilnennya vacuum sowing machine John Dirart. A44867-20sht.Uschilnennya of nezatverdiloyi not porous vulcanized the second rubber toprevent leakage of oil art.A46670-100sht.Salnyk art.A85727-200sht.Salnykart.E56866-10sht.Salnyk art.H158676-10sht.Uschilnennya to combine threshing iznezatverdiloyi not porous vulcanized rubber in the form of stripes, reinforcing, steel art.H226877 -20sht.Uschilnennya of nezatverdiloyi vulkanizovanoyihumy not porous to prevent oil leakage art.N376361-8sht.Uschilnennya iznezatverdiloyi not porous vulcanized rubber to prevent leakage of mastylaart.P42061-20sht.Salnyk art.RE14439-10sht.Uschilnennya nezatverdiloyi not porystoyivulkanizovanoyi rubber fo prevent leakage of oil (in the complex. 2 pcs.) Art.RE186599-50sht.Podushka humometaleva wings front axle tractor art.RE213549-2sht.Salnyk art.RE235800-10sht.Salnyk art.RE40600-20sht.Komplekthumovyh rings with nezatverdiloyi not porous vulcanized rubber zapobihannyapidtikannya oil (a complex . 3pc.) art.RE47392-16sht.Uschilnennya of nezatverdiloyine porous vulcanized rubber to prevent leakage of oil art.RE524105-10sht.salnyk art.RE542195-20sht.Uschilnennya nezatverdiloyi not porystoyivulkanizovanoyi art.RE54368-5sht.salnyk rubber valve cover art. RE567107-10sht.Uschilnennya of nezatverdiloyi not porous street anizovanoyi rubber zapobihannyapidtikannya oil (in the complex. 3pc.) art.RE69844-1sht.Uschilnennya of nezatverdiloyine porous vulcanized rubber to prevent leakage of sealing oil art.RE70230-25sht.Kiltse art.RE71255-2sht.Salnyk art.R102882-72sht.Uschilnennya nezatverdiloyi with no porous vulcanized rubber zapobihannyapidtikannya oil art.R106663-20sht.salnyk art.R112954-10sht.Prokladka iznezatverdiloyi not porous vulcanized rubber to prevent leakage of oil art.R1UNITED STATES0UA10012029.939045.697183
19/Apr/20174016930090"1.Vyroby of nezatverdiloyi vulkanizovanoyineporystoyi rubber z'yednandetaley compaction vehicles., Komplektuschilnen: art.1K0898022-1sht; kiltseuschilnyuvalne: art.1T0919133C 704-1sht;: art.N 90765301-2sht;: art.8E0260749D-1am; : art.8E0260749B-2 pcs;: art.N 0138495-2sht;: art.N 0138495-2sht;: art.N 0138495-4sht;: art.WHT001969-1sht;: art.N 90715601-1sht;: art.N 90715601-1sht;: art.N 90715601-2sht;: art.WHT005302-4sht;: art.WHT006112-1sht;: art.8E0260749C-1am;: art.8E0260749C-2 pcs;: art.8E0260749C-2 pcs;: art. 8E0260749C-2 pcs;: art.WHT001315-1sht;: art.3D0260749C-2 pcs;: art.3D0260749C-2 pcs;: art.3D0260749C-5pcs;: art.4E0260749B-1am;: art.WHT005161-1sht;: art.N 0438123-2sht;: art.WHT001965-2sht;: art.N 91037301-1sht;: art.N 90344501-1sht;: art.2E0867471E-1am;: ar .N 90978801-1sht;: art.N 90978801-2sht;: art.N 90783001-1sht;: art.2E0867471C-1am;: art.WHT003366-2sht;: art.03C145288B-3pc;: art.03C145288B-3pc; : art.2E0837191B-1am;: art.5Q0129646A-1am;: art.WHT005299-1sht;: art.N 90432402-2sht;: art.07Z133557-1sht;: art.09G321181A-1am;: art.09G3211 81-1sht ;: art.N 0438123-3sht;: art.WHT005499A-25sht; kiltseuschilnyuvalne rubber: art.N 0138326-1sht;: art.N 0138514-2sht;: art.8E0260749-1sht;: art.8E0260749-1sht ;: art.N 91020001-8sht;: art.N 0138133-2sht;: art.N 0138133-2sht;: art.N 0138133-2sht;: art.N 0138133-10sht;: art.N 90180902-2sht;: art. N 90180902-4sht;: art.WHT000884-3sht;: art.WHT000884-4sht;: art.WHT000884-6sht;: art.WHT000884-10sht;: art.N 90809102-3sht;: art.N 90903201-1sht ;: art.WHT005157-1sht;: art.N 90666003-4sht;: art.WHT007212-1sht;: art.WHT007212-1sht;: art.WHT007212-1sht;: art.WHT007212-2sht ;: Art.WHT003463-1sht;: art.WHT003463-1sht;: art.WHT003463-4sht;: art.N 90200903-1sht;: art.7M0422999-2sht;: art.7L0422999-2sht;: art.N 91095601- 2 pcs;: art.N 91095601-2sht;: art.03L130519-2sht;: art.WHT002666-1sht;: art.038103085C-1am;: art.038103085E-1am;: art.038103085C-1am;: art.038103085C- 1pc;: art.WHT007212-6sht;: art.06A133398F-4 pieces, lid sealing ring cooling system: art.1H0121687A-1pc, support shock: art.7E0412331A-1am;: art.7E0412331A-3pc; padding: art.06F145757L- 1pc;: art.431955465A-1am;: art.035115427-3sht;: art.8K0521142A-1am;: art.03C129636-2sht;: art.059109092L-1am;: art.059131599K-1am;: art.059103147F-1pc ;: art.059131797G-1am;: art.1K0820139-1sht;: art.059145215-1sht;: art.03C129717C-1am;: art.06F129717D-1am;: art.1J0698671-1sht, laying vypusknoyitru and, art.7L0253115A-1am; Rubber: art.070145215-1sht, laying klapanasystemy fuel vapor circulation: art.059131120-1sht, strip filter: art.036115111B-1am;: art.036115111B-1am;: art.036115111B- 2 pcs;: art.036115111B-2 pcs, laying intercooler: art.03L145757Q-1am; Clutch: art.03C198159A-1am;: art.03F198725C-1am; Clutch block valves: art.06E998907G-4 pieces, Clutch dlyabloka valves: art.06J998907B -4sht, repair kit caliper: art.0AM398091A-1am; seal: art.6Q6955758A-1am;: art.06E103181K-1am;: art.06E103181L-2 pcs, seal the front wing: art.AKL45000505-1sht; Producer: Volkswagen AG; Trade mark: Volkswagen; Country of origin: DE; "GERMANY0UA3052004.53503.339193
15/Apr/201784812010001. Control Valves oil and hydraulic power transmissions, hydraulic valve kit, type 83-00126 - 2 pcs. It is a control valve, manufactured from steel, with two hydraulic appointed to switch the flow of oil from one direction to another hydrounit installed on stripping screw series 6021, 95h12 models. Not for military purposes. For your business needs to ensure that the production process. .CANADA0UA5001705.4508.2881837
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Valve Strip Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Valve Strip Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""Inter Cars Ukraine"""
Importer Address
м. Хмельницький, вул.Толстого, 1/1Україна
Exporter Name Фірма 'INTER CARS S.A.'
Product Description
1. Spare parts (parts) for cars, gaskets, seals, g.........
HS Code 4016930090Value 861.3438217
Quantity 0Unit UA400030
Net Weight 11.184
Origin Country GERMANY

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