Ukraine Import Data of Used Computer | Ukraine Import Statistics of Used Computer

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of used computer collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of used computer imports.

Used Computer Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Used Computer

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201785044030001.Bloky supply used with laptops or tablet firms ASUS: PSU ADAPTER 45W PD 2P (TYPE C), 0A001-00238500 - 1pc., Block zhyvlennyaADAPTER 18W 5V / 9V 2P (USB), 0A001-00500900 - 1pc., PSU ADAPTER 90W 19V3P (5.5PHI), 0A001-00055100 - 1pc., PSU ADAPTER 45W19V 2P (4PHI), 0A001-00236400- 1pc., PSU pOWER ADAPTER 10W5V (18W15V) BLK, 0A001-00101700 - 1pc., Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - ASUSVyrobnyk - ASUSTeK Computer INC.CHINA5UA1002300.87525.20991977 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178528594000"1.Dyspley Roda RD19 (from roses '' yemamy industrial class to connect to a computer", "computers), incl. Power supply from the mains cable DVD to DVD = 2 pcs packed in kart.korobky represent a color monitor screen, which is produced by technology ridkokrystalychnyh display (TFT) display 19 "" (not containing incorporates radio - transmitters and receivers or transmitters): -Size display (WxHxD): 480h405h92mm, -Material / surface: aluminum painted RAL 6031HR, -zhyvlennya 18 -32V DC, -temperature limits: working -20hr.S to 55hr.S + / + non-working 71hr.S, -radiator, seem -rozdilna tions: SXGA 1280x1024 pixels .; -yaskravist 400 cd / m2, contrast of 1000: 1; -sensor: resistive touch screen with USB, -Interface: DCin.VGA DP- DVI; 2x USB 2.0 invisible touch keyboard 3 8 keys, 2 LED; -EMV, developed in accordance with MIL-STD 461F; -dovkillya, developed in accordance with MIL-STD 810F; all display the production computer-Rod RD series are designed for connection to personal computers (PCs) and can be used together with built-in PC to mobile platforms (cars, etc.).. not for military purposes. "GERMANY2UA2091802315986.00009
27/Apr/201785444290911. Cable connection signal, voltage up to 24V connector USB, connected inside the housing UPS, used to connect external devices to the management of UPS, used in IBM UPS 5395 art.69Y6073-1sht to computer IBMTorhivelna technology brand - IBM manufacturers - IBM Corporation Country of origin - CN.CHINA0UA1002000.113.75387211
27/Apr/20178443321000"1.Elektronyy module TC638-101 (thermal sealing of the film on 80mm., Without housing, is able to join automatic data processing machines, used exclusively in computer technology for processing and output of information in printed form, with voltage up to 12V, RS232, TTL, not military) .Kilkist -300sht.Vyrobnyk: TNCEN TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED.Torhivelna mark: TNCEN TECHNOLOGY.Krayina production: CN.. "CHINA300UA100290174516.354132
26/Apr/20178517620000"1. An apparatus for the reception, conversion and transmission or restore the voice and image of other information for processing video in TV studios, Systemavideokonferents communication Skype, TalkShow MS Computer Hardware, informatsiyuza passes through a fiber optic cable network, working permanently in TV studios is an online AV processor for use prypidklyuchenni video calls to Skype PROFESSIONAL televiziynohoobladnannya language, converter IP stream video and audio, and video and audio in IP flow software and hardware kit used exclusively for televisionbroadcasting is not a device for receiving television programs for obrobkyvideosyhnalu in TV studios that can send or receive calls withany kind desktop video-enabled notebook, mobile, conference room, Internet TV running software zabezpechennyaSkype allows to manage all aspects of the call, when upravlinnyamprohramnoho software, without antenna and includes: software zabezpechennyaSkype TX, 2 channels (1 out of 1) HD-SDI I / O, a professional XLR and SDI-embedded sound, call control and management interface for recording call-povnapropuskna ability, Pro Audio Tools, auto color and controls Procpidsylyuvachiv, video on IP over TriCaster, audio over IP via Dante nedlya military and not for medical purposes, does not contain skladiradioelektronni its facilities and emitters do not nelezhyt to spetsialnyhtehnichnyh means, TalkShow 100 MultiSandart Computer Hardw are, NewTek TalkShowMulti-Standard, 1RU Broadcast Ready Integrated Hardware and Software System (TSVS-100MS), mod. TSVS-100MS, all - 1 pc., Country of origin - US; trade mark - NEWTEK; Producer - NEWTEC, INC. "UNITED STATES0UA1250606.83434.892808
26/Apr/20178525801900"1.Kamery function of transmission limits zobrazhennyaza camera to view images that are used for obchyslyuvalnymymashynamy.Systema fotovizualizatsiyi idokumentuvannya data after obrobkyzrazkiv in gel electrophoresis: QUANTUM-CX5 / WL + PAD-26MX with software software BIOVISION -1sht. (System consists of: digital type CCD kameradoslidnytskoho CX5. zobrazhennya16bit, camera resolution 5-20Mp; + transilyuminator-PAD 312nm, 21h26sm + svitofiltr 590nm + CD ROM with POBio-Vision). The system for visualizing gel electrophoretic analysis produktivpolimeraznoyi Lanka govo reaction of DNA and RNA in the computer monitori.Transilyuminator serves as a source of UV radiation for pidsvichuvannyadoslidzhuvanoho gel sample while a digital camera captures the sample and vyvodytyoho on the computer monitor to the further laboratory research. Pryladz'yednuyetesya a computer with USB port. Apart from the computer does not work. (Do not contain radio electronic devices and emitters Nam in its istyat there peredavachi or peredavachi and pryymachi not contain inits composition of claim transmitter-receiver ystroyiv at the carrier frequency) .Torhovelna Brand: VILBERKrayina production: FRVyrobnyk: VILBER LOURMAT "FRANCE1UA125100302127.838971
25/Apr/20178542330000"1.Elektronna monolithic integrated circuit made by the CMOS technology, Amplify yuvach audio used in computer technology (napruhazhyvlennya 4,5V-14V, power 20W): H + art.MAX9744ET -516sht, Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated Products.Krayina production: TH.Torhivelna brand: Maxim. It is no electronic means and emitted nyuvalniprystroyem.. "THAILAND0UA1002901.91155.840152
25/Apr/20178542399000"1.Elektronna monolithic integrated circuit made by the CMOS technology, transsexuals September, which is used for transmitting and receiving digital data vmerezhevyh Mar shrutyzatorah personal computers (k ilkistpryymachiv / T 2/2, eg H-3V supply 3,6V): art.DP83849IFVS / NOPB-1037sht, Manufacturer: Texas Instruments Emea Sales GKrayina production: PH.Torhivelna brand: Texas Instruments. It is not a radio electronic devices and emitters.. "PHILIPPINES1037UA1002900.75371.659954
25/Apr/20178528594000"1.Prystriy output, which is mainly used with a computer, 210 AJEXRidkokrystalichnyy monitor, Profe ssional P2417N (model P2417Nc) in size omdyspleya 23.8 '' (16: 9), diagonal (60 45cm) display brightness 250 cd / m2, the angle of the horizontal and vertical Browse 178 hoobzoru 178. (outputs VGA, HDMI, DP) new, notcontains TV - tuner: Split Railway atnist screen 1920x1080, black / 3 richharantiya replacement -3sht.Torhivelna brand " "Dell" "Country of origin: CNVyrobnyk:" "TPV Electronics (Fujian) Co.Ltd" ".."CHINA3UA12520019.5495.2324382
25/Apr/20173004200000"1. Medicines for People for therapeutic use containing some kind of antibiotics (other than penicillin or streptomycin) packaged in vyhlyadi.MAKROTsEF dosed powder for solution for injection 1000 mg / 1000 mg, in bulk: 10 vials of powder in bulk packaging with cardboard series 161118 - 41 package. MAKROTSEF, powder for solution for injection 1000 mg / 1000 mg, in bulk: 10 vials of powder in bulk packaging with cardboard series 161118 - 459 packages. Active ingredients - sodium cefoperazone which is a cephalosporin antibiotic ovoho row and sulbactam sodium is a synthetic drug which is beta-lactam structure and is used in conjunction with antybiotykamy.Komponentiv included in the list established PKMU 770 of 06.05.2000 (in the red. on 01.18.2013) does not. Not in aerosol upakovtsi.Markuvannya under the Law of Ukraine "" On medicines "." Trademark - MAKROTsEF.Vyrobnyk - NSPS Hebei Huamin Farmasyutikal Computer Limited or China. Country of origin - CN. "CHINA0UA100070110.421446.76758
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Used Computer Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Used Computer Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Ф1 ПРОДАКШН"""
Importer Address
03680, м.Київ, б-р І. Лепсе буд.8, корп.12, Україна
Product Description
1.Bloky supply used with laptops or tablet firms A.........
HS Code 8504403000Value 25.20991977
Quantity 5Unit UA100230
Net Weight 0.875
Origin Country CHINA

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