Ukraine Import Data of Usb Board | Ukraine Import Statistics of Usb Board

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of usb board collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of usb board imports.

Usb Board Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Usb Board

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of usb board. Get Ukraine trade data of Usb Board imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201784733020001. Electronic module for PC Motherboard Socket AM3 + AMD 970 + SB950 / 4xDDR3 / 5xSATA3 / ATX -970 Extreme4-10shtElektronnyy module for PC Motherboard Socket AM3 + AMD 970 + SB950 / 4xDDR3 / 6xSATA3 / ATX -970 Pro3 R2.0 -20shtElektronnyy module for PC Motherboard Socket AM3 + AMD 970 + SB950 / 4xDDR3 / 6xSATA3 / USB 3.1 / ATX -970A-G / 3.1-20shtElektronnyy module for PC Motherboard Socket FM2 + / FM2 AMD A88X / 4xDDR3 / 8xSATA3 / USB 3.1 / Micro ATX -A88M-G / 3.1-20shtElektronnyy module for PC Motherboard Socket AM4 AMD B350 / 4xDDR4 / 4xSATA3 / Micro ATX -AB350M PRO4-20shtElektronnyy module for PC Motherboard Socket AM4 AMD B350 / 2xDDR4 / 4xSATA3 / Micro ATX -AB350M-HDV-20shtElektronnyy module for PC Motherboards and pay Socket 1151 Intel B250 / 2xDDR4 / 6xSATA3 / Micro ATX -B250M-HDV-20shtElektronnyy module for PC Motherboard Socket 1151 Intel B250 / 4xDDR4 / 6xSATA3 / ATX -B250 Gaming K4-5shtElektronnyy module for PC Motherboard Socket 1151 Intel H270 / 4xDDR4 / 6xSATA3 / ATX -H270 Performance-5shtElektronnyy module for PC Motherboard Socket 1151 Intel Z170 / 4xDDR4 / 6xSATA3 / ATX -Z170 Gaming K4-1shtElektronnyy module for PC Motherboard Socket 1151 Intel Z270 / 4xDDR4 / 8xSATA3 / ATX -Z270 Gaming K6-5shtElektronnyy fashionVIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA100110380.2951882.16404 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201784733020001.Elektronni modules for automatic data processing machines, expansion card with USB connector to the notebook SPS-VGA / USB BD 14 Art. 730966-001-1sht. motherboard without a processor (chipset HM87) to the laptop SPS-MB UMA HM87 WWAN MODEM art. 744016-001-1sht. expansion card with USB connector to the notebook SPS-BD I / OW / CABLE art. 773223-001-1sht. PC graphics card SPS-PCA Graphics - Quadro M2000 4GB art. 846379-001-1sht. Manufacturer HPKrayina production CNTorhovelna brand HP.CHINA0UA1002000.46951.4601706
28/Apr/20178471606000"1.Prystroyi enter information for automatic data processing machines, without the device rad" "communication: the keyboard to the PC without Wi-Fi SPS-HP USB Slim KB Win 8 RU art. 803823-251-1sht. Manufacturer HPKrayina production CNTorhovelna brand HP. "CHINA1UA1002000.6224.17984432
28/Apr/20178471410000"1.Mashyny automatic data processing comprising one central unit korpusiprynaymni information processing and input devices tavyvedennya combined or not included with the installation CD discs: systemnyyblok (Intel Pentium) (Options: Packing Single unit (SFF) Packaging # Z6W84AV -1sht .; PSU HP ProDesk 400BRO180W SFF Chassis # Y5R94AV -1sht., operating system LOC W10P6 # Y5W22AV-1pc .; processor CPU I G4400 6Gen Pentium2C # 1DU54AV -1sht .; memory RAM 4GB (1x4GB) DDR42400 NECC UNB # Y5S11AV-1pc .; hard drive HDD 500GB 7200RPM3.5 # Y5R63AV -1sht .; keyboard KBDWD # 1CR81AV -1sht .; mouse HP Optical USB mouse # 1AZ74AV -1sht .; no option no Included ODD # Y5S03AV -1sht .; harantiynizobov'yazannya WARR 1/1/1 SFF # Y5S25AV .; localization -1sht 400 G4 Country Kit # Y5R84AV -1sht sticker .; Intel Inside Pentium Label # 1BG50AV-1pc .; warranty HP 3y NextBusDay Onsite DT Only HW Supp # U6578AV-1pc .;) BU ProDesk 400 G4 SFF PC art.Y5W43AV .; -10sht system unit in the complex ektiz wired keyboard and pointing device such as "the" mouse "" (Intel Core i3) HP 280G2 MTi36100 500G 8 PC 4G art.X3K18ES -20sht .; system unit complete with drotovoyuklaviaturoyu and manipulator of "" mouse "" (Intel Core i5) HP 280G2 MT i56500 500G4G 8 PC art.X9D58ES -10sht., Country of origin - CZTorhovelna mark - HPVyrobnyk - HP Inc. "CZECH REPUBLIC40UA125120267.314113.09995
28/Apr/20178528594000"1.Dyspley Roda RD19 (from roses '' yemamy industrial class to connect to a computer", "computers), incl. Power supply from the mains cable DVD to DVD = 2 pcs packed in kart.korobky represent a color monitor screen, which is produced by technology ridkokrystalychnyh display (TFT) display 19 "" (not containing incorporates radio - transmitters and receivers or transmitters): -Size display (WxHxD): 480h405h92mm, -Material / surface: aluminum painted RAL 6031HR, -zhyvlennya 18 -32V DC, -temperature limits: working -20hr.S to 55hr.S + / + non-working 71hr.S, -radiator, seem -rozdilna tions: SXGA 1280x1024 pixels .; -yaskravist 400 cd / m2, contrast of 1000: 1; -sensor: resistive touch screen with USB, -Interface: DCin.VGA DP- DVI; 2x USB 2.0 invisible touch keyboard 3 8 keys, 2 LED; -EMV, developed in accordance with MIL-STD 461F; -dovkillya, developed in accordance with MIL-STD 810F; all display the production computer-Rod RD series are designed for connection to personal computers (PCs) and can be used together with built-in PC to mobile platforms (cars, etc.).. not for military purposes. "GERMANY2UA2091802315986.00009
28/Apr/20178471606000"1. roda external keyboard IP54 USB UA to the computer '' s memory (not containing incorporates radio - transmitters and receivers or transmitters) protected from dust and moisture -USB = 3pc, black, IP54, treckpoint -Color: chornyy- layout: Cyrillic / Ukrainian / English. not for military purposes. ".TAIWAN3UA20918051190.99998
27/Apr/201784733020001.Elektronni modules for automatic data processing machines, video card PC SPS-PCA Graphics - Quadro M2000 4GB art. 846379-001-1sht. expansion card with USB connector to the notebook SPS-BD I / OW / CABLE art. 773223-001-1sht. motherboard without a processor (chipset QM77) to the laptop SPS-MB UMA QM77 P art. 686971-001-1sht. Manufacturer HPKrayina production CNTorhovelna brand HP.CHINA0UA1002000.41967.1698796
27/Apr/20178473299000"1.Zapasni without the electrical items to the cash register" "Micro-VAMP" ": - Top cover in a disassembled state, complete (upper lid, cover toothed line) count - 500sht.- bottom cover in a disassembled state , complete (lid "" Eternet "", cover "" USB "", the battery cover, pallet termostrichky, bottom cover) count - 500sht.- Base printer count - 500sht.- roll axis termostrichky art .V88.300.044, count - 500sht.- Keyboard 24 keys art.V87.181.000-02, count - 500sht.Torhovelna mark VAMP-MIKROVyrobnyk AO OrhtehnykaKrayina production of BG. "BULGARIA0UA12510094.8654902.119217
26/Apr/20178473302000"1.Chastyny ​​computers and accessories. Electronic modules for cars avtomatychnohoobroblennya informatio graphics card with cables 90-C1CSI0-L0UANAYZart.210-SL-TC1GD3-L .; -100sht graphics card with cables 90YV0940-M0NA00 art.710-2-SL -40sht .; motherboard 90MB0L40-M0EAY0 art.A68HM-PLUS -10sht .; materynskaplata 90MB0R30-M0EAY0 art.A88XM-E / USB 3.1 -10sht .; plata90MB0H50 parent-M0EAY0 art.A88XM-PLUS -30 pc motherboard .; 90MB0IR0-M0EAY1 art.AM1M -10sht .;-A motherboard 90MB 0G50-M0EAY5 art.B85M -10sht-G.; maternal ka fee 90MB0HR0-M0EAY5 art.B85M-K -10sh t .; kabelyamy90YV09X5 card with 0-M0NA0 art .DUAL-GTX1060-3G -24sht .; card with kabelyamy90YV09X4-M0NA00 art.DUAL-GTX1 060-6G -24sht .; video card with cables 90YV09X3-M0NA00 art.DUAL-GTX1060-O3G -24sht., a graphics card with cables 90YV09X0-M0NA00art.DUAL-GTX1060-O6G -24sht .; graphics card with cables 90YV09T4-M0NA00 art.DUAL-GTX1070-8G -8sht .; video card with cables 90YV 09T1-M0NA00 art.DUAL-GTX1070-O8G -8sht., a graphics card with cables 90YV09L0-M0NA00 t.DUAL al-RX460-2G -20sht .; video card zkab elyamy 90YV09L2-M0NA00 art.DUAL-RX460-O2G-20pcs .; video card with cables 90YV0A82-M 0NA00 art.EX-GTX1050-2G -20sht., with cables and videokar 90YV0A52-M0NA00 art.EX-GTX 1050TI-4G -20sht .; video card zkabelyamy 90YV0A54-M0NA00 art.EX-GTX1050TI-O4G -20 pcs .; video card with 00-M0NA kabelyamy90YV06K0 art.GT730-2GD3 -100sht .; video card with cables 90YV06N1-M0NA00art.GT730-2GD5- BRK -20sht .; video card with cables 90YV06 M0-M0NA00art.GT730-4GD3 -10sht .; videoka PTA with cables 90YV06P0-M0NA00 art.GT730-SL-2GD3-BRK -40sht .; motherboard 9 0MB0R60-M0EAY0 art.H110M-A / M.2 -50sht.; m aterynska fee 90MB0NY0-M0EAY0 art.H11 -50sht 0M-C .; parent plata90MB0PH0- M0EAY0 art.H110M -1000sht-K .; motherboard 90MB0PN0-M0EAY0art.H110M-PLUS -10 pcs .; motherboard 90MB0QN0-M0ECY0 and rt.H110M-R / C / SI-200sht .; maternal and plastic 90MB0NC0-M0EAY0 art.H170-PRO -30sht .; materynskaplata 90MB0GI0-M0EAY0 art.H8 1M-PLUS -10sht .; motherboard 90MB0J Y0-M0ECY2art.H81M-R / C / SI -100sht .; Mater ynska payment processor 90MB0JH0-M0EAY Mart.J1900I -100sht-C .; Motherboard and 90MB0MY0-M0EAY0 art.M5A78L-M LE / USB3 -20sht .; motherboard 90-MIBI40-G0EAY 0GZ art.M5A78L-M LX3 -40sht., motherboard 90-MIBJP0-G0EAY0MZ art.M5A97 LE R2 .0 -10sht .; materynskaplata 90MB0LG0-M0 EAY0 art.M5A97 PLUS -10sht .; plata90 parent-MIBJK0-G0EAY0MZ art.M5A97 R2.0-10sht .; motherboard 90MB0SE0-M0EAY 0 art.MAXIMUS IX CODE -5sht .; videokartaz cables 90YV09U0-M0NA00 art.MINI-R736 0-2G -10sht .; motherboard withprocess rum 90MB0LP0-M0EAY0 art.N3150I -20sht-C .; video card with kabelyamy90YV0AA0-M0NA00 t.PH al-GTX1050-2G -100sht .; video card with belyamy90YV0A70 ka-M0NA00 art.PH-GTX1050TI- 4G -100sht .; motherboard 90MB0T10-M 0EAY0art.PRIME -100sht B250M-K .; mother's lic fee 90MB0S90-M0EAY0 art.PRIME H270-PLUS -200sht .; video card with 90 cables YV0AJ0-M0NA00art.ROG-STRIX-RX570-O4G-GA MING -32sht .; video card with cables 90YV0 AG0-M0NA00art.RX550-4G -20sht .; maternal ka fee 90MB0RA0-M0EAY0 "CHINA0UA1251201902.31225812.7608
26/Apr/20178471500000"1.Systemnyy unit PC (keyboard and pointing device such as" the "mouse" "does not contain inits bezprovodnoho consisting of transmitter and receiver without guard): HP EliteDesk 800 G2 TWR, art.L1G77AV -1sht. (Options: The factory setting ( physically absent) # L1P91AV; PC Chassis # L1G83AV; Pre vstanovlenePZ (virtual) # N1H64AV; DIA-russian Cyrillic localization; zradiatorom # N8G73AV CPU, memory module (2 * 8192Mb) # L1G54AV; Hard drive # L1Z25AV; Hard drive # L1Z08AV; Keyboard USB # L1R47AV; ASV- russian lokalizatsiyakyrylytsya; laser Mouse # C8N39AV; Optical drive # L3Z46AV; Prohramnezabezpe spare on DVD # Z3Y75AV; Adapter # L1P71AV; Warranty # L2X27AV; ABBanhliyska localization, documentation # L1Z49AV; ABB anhliyskalokalizatsiya, Sticker # P1V44AV; factory setting (physically absent): # AY130AV; # YT926AV; Service Package (E) # U7897E) , PC system unit (zklaviaturoyu and manipulator of "" mouse "" does not contain in the skladibezprovodnoho transmitter and receiver): HP Eli teDesk 800 G2 SFF, art.L1G76AV-11sht. (Options: Support for the system unit # L1P90AV; Undercarriage PC # L1G80AV; preinstalled software (virtual) # N1H64AV; DIA-Russian Cyrillic localization; Processor radыatorom # N8G73AV; memory module (1 * 16384Mb) # L1G62AV; Hard disk # L1Z20AV; Hard drive # L1Z39AV; Video # T6S10AV; Video # T6S11AV; Keyboard USB # L1R48AV; DIA-russian lokalizatsiyakyrylytsya, Mouse laser # C8N39AV; Optical drive # L1Z53AV; Software zabezpechennyana DVD disk # Z3Y75AV; Adapter for interface cable # L1P74AV ; Perehidnykdlya interface cable # L1P73AV; Support # L2X26AV; ABB anhliyskalokalizatsiya, document tion # L1Z49AV; DIA-Russian Cyrillic localization, Sticker # P1V43AV); PC System unit (a keyboard and pointing device such as "the" mouse "," notcontains composed bezprovodnoho transmitter and receiver): HP Z2G3M ZC3.3256G 16G Win 10 Pro 64 WS, art.1CC45EA (ASV- Russian Cyrillic localization) -1sht. ; trade mark - "" HP "" Country of origin - CZ.Vyrobnyk - "" Hewlett-Packard Company "". "CZECH REPUBLIC13UA10013089.95912313.46007
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Usb Board Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Usb Board Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АТ ІМПОРТ+"""
Importer Address
04050, Україна, м.Київ, пров. Косогірний, 4
Exporter Name ASRock Europe B.V.
Product Description
1. Electronic module for PC Motherboard Socket AM3.........
HS Code 8473302000Value 51882.16404
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 380.29

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