Ukraine Import Data of Up Converter | Ukraine Import Statistics of Up Converter

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of up converter collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of up converter imports.

Up Converter Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Up Converter

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of up converter. Get Ukraine trade data of Up Converter imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201785044082001.Statychni converters, electrical rectifiers, power supplies (adapters) in stock, -50kh.Torhovelna Brand: No danyh.Vyrobnyk: SHANGHAI YANMIN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.Krayina production: China (CN).CHINA0UA50009050119.9998358 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201785044082001. static converters (rectifiers): LU-PS35-300 Power Supply, Power: 35W, Input Voltage: 185-300VAC power supply, Power: 35W, voltage 185-300VAC -100sht, LU-PS40-350N Power Supply, Power : 40W, Input voltage: 185-300VAC Blokzhyvlennya, power: 40W, voltage 185-300V AC-200sht. .CHINA0UA12510016385.0000224
29/Apr/201785044090001. Electrical static converters: Power units (transformers): 220V-12V15W-2080sht. Power units (transformers): 220V-12V 25W-3000sht. Power units (transformers): 220V-12V 36W-2000sht. Power units (transformers): 220V-12V60W-4000sht. Power units (transformers): 220V-12V 120W-4032sht. Blokyzhyvlennya (transformers): 220V-12V 150W-900sht. Power units (transformers): 220V-12V 200W-2592sht. Power units (transformers): 220V-12V 250W-504sht.Bloky supply (transformers): 220V-12V 360W-480sht. Power units (transformers): 220V-12V 500W-126sht. Power units (transformers): 220V-12V120W-990sht. Power units (transformers): 220V-12V 150W-495sht. Power units (transformers): 220V-12V 200W-798sht. Power units (transformers): 220V-12V360W-200sht. Power units (transformers): 220V-12V 20W-200sht. Power units (transformers): 220V-12V 30W-1040sht. Power units (transformers): 220V-12V45W-715sht. Power units (transformers): 220V-12V 60W-1000pcs. Bl Oki supply (transformers): 220V-12V 80W-100 pieces. Power units (transformers): 220V-12V120W-1000pcs. Power units (transformers): 220V-12V 150W-100 pieces. Blokyzhyvlennya (transformers): 220V-12V 200W-50sht.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - no danyhVyrobnyk - SW TRADING PTE.LTD. the production capacity GUANGZHOU KATYUSHAINTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD.CHINA0UA5000206927.99752.749878
28/Apr/20178504409000"1 static converters Generator for induction furnaces for high-IGBS modules (converter) ZP2 - 20kHz / 30kW - 2 komplekta.Obladnannya is a generator for induction furnaces, electric circuit which combines a number of circuits that convert voltage three-phase AC power network current to voltage high frequency 16-20 kHz to vyhodi.Henerator structurally designed as electrical cabinet. The cabinet has a door with electromechanical lock. Inside the cabinet is divided by a partition that is ekranom.Potuzhnist 30 kW range, the obochyh frequency: 16-20 kHz; voltage of the supply network: 380 V, current frequency of the supply network 50 HtsHenerator is a sinusoidal current source (in exercise) high (16-20 kHz) frequencies intended for induction heating installations consisting of induction thermal metals, alloys and plants obtain single crystals using induction nahrivu.Torhivelna brand: Green Power.Vyrobnyk: Beijing Green Power Technology Co., Ltd.Kr ayina production - CN. "CHINA0UA10021070018530.4759
28/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni preparations for skincare, without aerosol packaging, plastic tubes and plastic jars: (Slimming SPA) Wraps d / Ginger perfect body silhouette (1000g BODY) - 2 pcs .; (Slimming SPA) Wraps d / body strengthening SMUSI and lifting (1000g BODY) - 4 pieces .; (Multykysl. peeling) facial gel facial 300ml converter TL - 45sht .; BEAUTY SHOP 25+ Cosmetic set - 4 pieces .; BEAUTY SHOP 35+ Cosmetic set - 8 pieces .; SPA-WRAPPING anti-cellulite mud-algal 1,3kh - 10pcs .; Active serum for face (100ml tube submarine Expert White) - Active gel 5pcs .; nyzkomol. hialur. sour. 2% bi orevit skin (5 ml h5sht. hardware) - 6 pcs .; Aroma scrub for feet 100ml (tuba) FC - 105sht .; balm against the crack foot 100ml (tuba) FC - 30sht .; BB Cream Cleanser (30ml tube Belita Young ) - 240sht .; gel concentrate vysokomol. hialur. sour. biorevit 2%. skin (5 ml h5sht. hardware) - 6 pcs .; PEPTIDE COMPLEX Gel Cleanser (200ml tube ACT. HYALF hardware) - 5pcs. ; Tanning gel (145ml Solaris) - 12p .; Gel-balm for cooling foot that '' burn '' 100ml (tuba) FC - 75sht .; Hidrobalansuyuchyy Cream-gel for hand and body moisturizing absolute (150ml tube hydro) - 180sht .; Homazh delicate scrub for face to combined. oily skin (Calendula 100ml tube) - 100 pieces .; Make up remover for face and eyelids (150 ml FACE COLLAGEN) - 48sht .; Makeup remover biphasic with Q10 Face 150ml - 32sht .; Filler for the eye and lip 55 (20ml tube Ultra Lift Olive) - 126sht .; IntensyvnaSYROVATKA-corrector for face (30ml tube GOLDEN AGE) - 36sht .; COCKTAIL polirevitalizuyuchyy stem cells for face (3 mL TL Cell Intense) - 320sht .; Softening cream for dry and rough skin stop (300ml PRO Pedicure) - 30sht .; Body cream BeautyMoisturizer dragged heavily. moisturize. (Tuba 200ml Body Sculptor) - 45sht .; Day cream for smoothing facial wrinkles and age (50 mL Royal Care) - 80sht .; Night cream for smoothing facial wrinkles and age (50 mL Royal Care) - 80sht .; MATRIKS cream facial for dry and normal skin (50 ml FACE COLLAGEN) - 80sht .; Cream-FACTOR of stem cells for the face, neck, décolleté) - 30sht .; Biokrem that corrects, Eye (20ml tube GOLDEN AGE) - 30sht .; What biokrem corrects facial NIGHT (50ml GOLDEN AGE) - 48sht .; Cream Eye precision laser effect (20ml tube LASER Like System) - 375sht .; Antiseptic cream for legs 100ml (tuba) FC - 105sht .; Rejuvenating cream shadow that pulls (50 mL TL FC) - 16sht .; Eye cream with sea buckthorn oil (sea buckthorn 30ml tube) - 255sht .; Eye Cream Q10 20ml of energy (tuba) - 20pcs .; Face Cream Perfect skin (50ml tube Belita Young) - 540sht .; Soothing Foot Cream 300ml PL - 450sht .; Hand Cream Express power with flax oil (100ml tube Power of Nature) - 200sht .; Hand Cream with avocado and sesame oils Power and mitigation (tuba 100ml OIL) - 20pcs .; Hand Cream with Argan and Jojoba oils Intense Care (tuba 100ml OIL) - 20pcs .; Cream"BELARUS0UA1250101775.8116220.60985
28/Apr/20178504408200"1. Static converters Electric power supply (rectifier): Art. QL-12-100WIP -300sht 33, Art. QL- 12-120W IP 33 -300sht, art. QL-12-200W IP 33 -280sht, art. QL-12-250W IP 33 -196sht, art. QL- 12-25W IP -290sht 33, art. QL-12-360W IP 33-112sht, art. QL-12-80W IP -300sht 33, art. QL- 24-150W IP 33-108sht, art. QL- 24-35W IP -145sht 33, art. QL-24-60W IP 33 -100sht; art.QL-12-360W IP33 -14sht, art. QL-12-200W IP33 -16sht; art.QL-24-35W IP33 - 1 pc., art.QL-12-12W IP 33 - 5 pcs .; art.QL-12-15W IP33 - 25 pcs .; art.QL-12 200W IP33 -4 pcs .; art.QL-24-150W IP33 - 1 pc .; art.QL-12-25W IP33 - 17 pcs .; art.QL-12-36WIP33 - 19 pcs. -72sht, art. QL-24-60W IP44 -9sht, art. QL-12-100W IP 33 -20sht, art. QL-12-120W IP 33 -17sht, art. QL-12-80W IP33 -3sht, art. QL-12- 60W IP33 -9sht, art. QL-12-250W IP33 -26sht.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - NUMINAVyrobnyk - SHENZHEN SHILIHE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. "CHINA0UA500040771.91929.979877
28/Apr/201785044082001.Statychni converters, electrical rectifiers, power supplies (adapters) in stock, -317kh.Torhovelna Brand: No danyh.Vyrobnyk: YIWU CURI IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD.Krayina production: China (CN).CHINA0UA500090317760.8001717
28/Apr/201785044090001.Zapasni parts for air conditioners, electric static converters Fees power supply sht.Plata art.A0010400352C -3, -3 art.A0011800052K sht.Ne include radio and transmitter-receiver prystroyiv.Vsoho 6 sht.Torhovelna Brand: HAIERVyrobnyk: HAIER OVERSEAS ELECTRIC APPLIANCES CORP.LTD., Country of origin: CN.CHINA0UA1250104.5166.1754632
27/Apr/201785044090001.Statychni converters: Power supply / Power supply art.UPS-DP -potuzhnist 30W -30sht.Chastyny ​​systems videodostupu not Miss tyat radio electronic devices and emitters that can vykorystovuvatsya in Ukraine in smuhahchastot public. .CHINA0UA12510079797.9998854
27/Apr/20173305200000"1.Zasib for prolonged howl volossyau non-aerosol pack these: PMAC-I Tool dlyahimichnoyi waving" "Acid" "(dlyazavyvky Lotion 75ml, 100ml converter, Activator 25ml) -3up.x 24sht. PMAL-K Zasibdlya perm" " Alkaline "" (Losyondlya waving 100ml, 100ml Neutralizer) -2up.x 24sht. PMEX-O maker himichnoyizavyvky "" Exothermic "" (zavyvky80ml Lotion, 100ml Neutralizer, Aktyvator20ml) -1up.x 24sht. Producer John Paul Mitchell Systems, Inc. Country of origin US. trade mark of Paul Mitchell.. "UNITED STATES0UA10007032.4596.8706612
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Up Converter Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Up Converter Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""СМАРТВIН"""
Importer Address
03164, м.Київ, Святошинський р-н, вул Підлісна, буд. 1, оф.9
Product Description
1.Statychni converters, electrical rectifiers, pow.........
HS Code 8504408200Value 119.9998358
Quantity 0Unit UA500090
Net Weight 50
Origin Country CHINA

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