Ukraine Import Data of Tubes 446 | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tubes 446

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of tubes 446 collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of tubes 446 imports.

Tubes 446 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tubes 446

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of tubes 446. Get Ukraine trade data of Tubes 446 imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173926300090"1.Detali accessories plastic to a / m" "BMW" ": Insert mounting bumper art.51111944540 -10sht, insert mounting pads, art.51131928778 -10sht, front panel, art.51487067242 -2sht, Box, art.51718186501 -10sht, insert-nut, art.07147122912 -20sht, insert-nut, art.07147201307 -30sht, Box-latch art.51717066229 -30sht; Vtrymuvach wiring sensors art.34521518166 -1sht, push the plastic nut, art.51711947419 -20sht; emblem "" BMW "", art.51148132375 -30sht, Cap Towing loop art.51112990204-1sht, Cap door panel, art.51419167014 -1sht; clip door handles, art.51419150340 -1sht; clip , art.51417325082 -3sht; For ipka, art.№: -5sht 34356794949; 11128514463 -1sht; -20sht 51337052945; 51417046415 -20sht; -50sht 51418224781; 51718184574 -40sht; 33181182957 -1sht; Splicing Unit tubes washer, art.61668374372 -1sht, dust ring, art.11281730532 -1sht; Kovpachokzatyskacha mirror art.51167698437 -2sht, roller cap protective art.12311713143 -10sht; Fixing pin, art .07147296886 -20sht; kriplennyabampera, KT, art.51122411407-1k-t; The lid of the luggage compartment art.41127003126 -1sht; Cover hnizdaprykuryuvacha, art.61346904008 -1sht; Cover rear-view mirror, art.51167078359 -1sht; The hood lining rack art.51439180572 -4sht; Ocisharniru protective cover, art.33177674694 -1sht; Cover the bottom of the panel, art.51757162322-2sht; Cover the nozzle headlight washers, art.51118048679 -1sht; Moldings roof art.51137410312 -1sht; Rip Rope lock art.51217325297 -2sht, Rip Rope lock art.51217325298 -2sht; Spacers during spring, art.83302364829 -1sht; Rearview mirror frame, art. 51168029243 -1sht; frame glass mirror art.51167266032 -1sht; Holder emergency sign art.51497383584 -1sht; trademark - "" BMW "" Manufacturer - Concern "" BMW "" "GERMANY0UA1002103.0671099.756813 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/20177307910000"1. fittings for pipes and tubes chornyhmetaliv, flanges, art.44602020 FlanetsSAE 6 1 1/4" "90 hrad.LITLH 11/4" "-4 flange SAE 6 3/4" "45hrad. L ITLH 3/4 "" -3 flange SAE 6000 3/4 "" -10sht.Torhovelna mark HYDROSCANDVyrobnyk production HYDROSCANDKrayina SE. "SWEDEN0UA1000105.4235.1338849
24/Apr/20178466928000"1. fittings for pipes and tubes chornyhmetaliv, flanges, art.44602020 FlanetsSAE 6 1 1/4" "90 hrad.LITLH 11/4" "-4 flange SAE 6 3/4" "45hrad. L ITLH 3/4 "" -3 flange SAE 6000 3/4 "" -10sht.Torhovelna mark HYDROSCANDVyrobnyk production HYDROSCANDKrayina SE. "TAIWAN0UA1252003.271.03488676
18/Apr/20177326909890"1. Parts and accessories for agricultural machinery, ferrous metals, metal clamp, art. BN321074 - 5 pieces; metal bracket cultivator, art. 06402430 - 4 pcs; Notched metal reel headers, art. 646 668 - 10 pcs, stainless steel plug , art. 1316328C1 - 1 pc; Lever reshitnoho metal mill combine art. 131198A1 - 3 pieces, press a knife reaper, art. 86630787 - 40, a metal plate prostavochna axle tractor art. 90-8099T1 - 4 pieces; metal Lever reshitnoho mill combine art. 131198A1 - 1 pc; steel reducer bushing combine art. 135307A1 - 1 piece, steel toe, art. 195439C2 - 1 pc; plate hundred Eva inclined chamber combine art. 87748011 - 8 pieces; Nave, art. 253533A1 - 1 pc; Notched metal speed regulator rotor combine art. 113485A1 - 2 pcs, clamp metal, art. 1954736C1 - 9 pieces; Bracket Metal Lantern tractor cab , art. 87417645 - 3 pieces; metal clamp, art. 86625036 - 6 pcs, metal clamp, art. 86637701 - 3 pieces; metal clamp, art. 87016869 - 1 pc; metal bushing, art. 87342136 - 36 pc; metal bracket Lantern tractor cab, art. 87417645 - 5 pcs, metal shaft bushing differential, art. 1981270C1 - 1 pc; caliper wings art. 1340671C1 - 2 pieces, Finger metallic suspension wings sprayer, art. 21.42023.5 - 4 pieces, Finger metallic suspension wings sprayer, art. 21.42023.5 - 4 pieces; caliper sprayer, art. 21.47391 - 1 pc; caliper sprayer, art. 21.47391 - 1 piece, Clamp Metal, Art. BN310446 - 16 pieces; metal clamp flange, art. 400502A1 - 10 pieces; metal bushing, art. 87584013 - 2 pcs; axis bansyra cultivator, art. 06400290 - 2 pcs; Nave with the axis of the disc cultivator, art. 87614379 - 2 pcs; reschitnoho metal plate mill combine art. 87323001 - 1 piece, steel plate, art. 377586A1 - 1 pc; Overlay metal casing screw vyvantazhnoho combine art. 84164168 - 1 piece, plug steel frame combine art. 87280254 - 1 pc; Overlay Transmission metal case, art. 831821C1 - 1 unit, the locking finger, art. 87371864 - 10 pcs, steel finger pulley combine art. 81854 - 2 pieces; metal bushing, art. 87036417 - 3 pieces; metal plate beam rear axle combine art. 236028A2 - 3 pieces; steel plug, art. 1316328C1 - 2 pcs; steel plate reshitnoho state combine art. 84005167 - 1 pc; metal finger cultivator frame, art. 14820442 - 2 pcs, metal Rip reaper, art. 87450152 - 1 piece, mounting plate tubes of fuel, Art. J991275 - 3 pieces; Overlay Side metal shell silo grain combine art. 1319942C1 - 1 pc; Rip rotor combine art. 186075C2 - 4 pieces; axis balancer cultivator, art. 09983475 - 1 piece, press a metal bottom header, art. 1307580C2 - 30 pcs, steel drum pads Set oblique camera (1komplekt-2 pcs.), Art. 112047A2 - 3 pieces; Lever drum inclined chamber, art. 87660200 - 1 pc; Lever rotary combine art. 412305A1 - 1 pc; metal bracket, art. 86985965 - 3 pieces; knife head reaper, art. 848094 - 2 pcs; steel plate reshitnoho state combine art. 84462460 - 1 pc; Plate metal valve d "UNITED STATES0UA110160298.3736691.808216
10/Apr/20174009220000"1.Zapasni parts s / d traktoriv.Novi. Tubes of vulcanized rubber, reinforced with metal, with fittings. Tube MTZ fuel; 240-1104160-01L = 1045mm art.144613009-140sht, MTZ fuel tube; 240-1104160-02 L = 350mm art.144613010-120sht manufacturers: (Guang Zhou Titu Auto Parts Co., LtdTorhova mark JOB'sKrayina production-CN. "CHINA0UA12513052270.7070273
10/Apr/20178409990000"1.Zapasni parts s / d traktoriv.Novi. Part of diesel engines. Fuel tubes (compl.) Johnston, 240-1104300 art.144613005-20sht, cylinder head assembly D-240, 240-1003012 art.244709001- 68sht, cylinder heads PD-10; D24.033-Bart.244709002-6sht, cylinder heads D-120, D-140; D144-1003008 art.244709004-2sht, cylinder heads D-120, D-140; D144-1003008 -10 (with candle) art.244709005-2sht, connecting rod assembly D-240, 240-1004100 art.244 711001-20sht, the inlet valve Johnston, 240-1007014-B4 art.244730001-370sht, MTZ exhaust valve; 240- 1007015 art.244730002-220sht-B4, Finger piston MTZ, 50-1004042 art.504752020-30sht manufacturers: (Guang Zhou Titu Auto Parts Co., Ltd brand JOB country's pro ers-CN. "CHINA0UA1251303709.4810326.06479
10/Apr/201784195000001. Non-electric water-air heat exchangers to transfer temperaturyteplonosiya proventylvanomu air in simple ventilation systems and air systemahkondytsiyuvannya rectangular section. The heat exchanger is made zalyuminiyevyh plates that stretched for copper tube body is made zotsynkovanoho sheet, tube collectors are welded from steel tubes. In yakostiteplonosiya vykorystovuyetsya liquid. Designed for installation in povitroprovodyventylyatsiynyh systems. VAER437 FC GS3 / 6RR RIGHT - 1 pc. VAER229 VO GS5 / 4R Rightnew - 3 pieces. VAER205 VO GS3 / 4R new - 1 pc. VAER519 FC GS13 / 3R Right new - sht.VAER522 1-A FC GS13 / 4RR 2 sec. - LEFT - 1 pc. VAER465 FC GS5 / 4R Right new - sht.VAERC028 2-A VO 50-30 / 3R epoxy - 1 pc. VAER446 FC GS5 / 4R Left new - 1 pc. VAER017VO GS13 / 2R new - 3 pieces. VAER019 VO GS13 / 3R new - 3 pieces. VAER943 (GS 7) - 4 sht.Torhivelna mark - Roen Est.Vyrobnyk - Roen Est, sroKrayina production - SK. .SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA100110593.27622.569812
06/Apr/20178539311000"1.Lampy discharge, fluorescent, ztermokatodom, dvotsokolni, dlyazahalnoho lighting (household not yevybuhonebezpechnymy new): lampatrubchasta tube diameter 26 mm, 36Vt power, voltage 230V, power consumption 43kWh / 1000h, luminous flux 3100Lm, base G13: L36W / 830 -1 25X1 OSRAM art.A73120E0110, EAN: 4008321959058 - 25sht .; lamp tube diameter 16mm tube type cap G5, 220V voltage, power 27,9Vt, second light flux 2600Lm, 4000K color temperature, base G5, power consumption of 31kWh / 1000h light efficiency 93Lm / W: HE 28W / 840 20X1 OSRAM art.A4995050510, EAN: 4050300591421 - 400sht .; lamp tube diameter tubes 2 6 mm, voltage 230V, power 15Vt, luminous flux 400Lm, socket G13, energy 20k Wh / 1000h (class B), the light efficiency 27Lm / W: L 15W / 77 10X1 OSRAM art.A52610A 0110, EAN: 4050300003214 - 20pcs lamp .; tubular, tube diameter 26 mm type tsoko Liu G13, voltage 230V, power 15Vt, luminous flux 900Lm, 6500K light o cheers, energy consumption 19kWh / 100 0h, light efficiency 60Lm / W: L 15W / 865 25X1 O SRAM art.A53543C0110, EAN : 4050300446189 - 50sht .; tubular lamps for growing p asses, tube diameter 26 mm type cap G13, voltage 230V, 18W power, the world catch flux 550Lm energy consumption 23kWh / 1000h: L 18W / 77 10X1 OSRAM art. A5261570210, EAN: 4050300004235 - 500sht. ; lamp tube, tube diameter 26 mm type cap G13, voltage 230V, 30W power, luminous flux 100Lm, enerhospozhy tion 38kWh / 1000h: L 30W / 77 10X1 OSRAM art.A52618C0210, EAN: 4050300003238 - 50 pcs .; lamp tube, tube diameter 26 mm type cap G13, voltage 230V, sweat zhnist 30W, 2400Lm light output, color temperature 3000K, enerhospozhyv Reference 36kWh / 1000h, light efficiency 80Lm / W: L 30W / 830 25X1 OSRAM art.A5357610210, EAN: 4050300518053 - 100 pieces .; lamp tube, tube diameter 26 mm type tsoko Liu G13, voltage 230V, power 30W, 2400Lm light output, light temperature 4000K round energy consumption 36kWh / 1000h, light efficiency 80Lm / W: L 3 0W / 840 25X1 OSRAM art.A52232D0410, EAN : 4050300518039 - 500sht .; Lamp trubcha hundred, tube diameter 26 mm type cap G13, voltage 230V, power of 30W, the world catch flux 2350Lm, light temperature 6500K, base G13, power consumption 36kW h / 1000h, light efficiency 78Lm / W: L 30W / 865 25X1 OSRAM art. A53577C0110, EAN: 4050300518015 - 50sht .; Country of origin: DE; The manufacturer: LEDVANCE GmbH; Trademark: OSRAM. "GERMANY1695UA125230202.962886.079244
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Tubes 446 Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Tubes 446 Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АВТ Баварія Україна"""
Importer Address
01001, м.Київ, вул. Хрещатик, 12-а
Exporter Name """Bayerische Motoren Werke AG"""
Product Description
"1.Detali accessories plastic to a / m" "BMW" ": I.........
HS Code 3926300090Value 1099.756813
Quantity 0Unit UA100210
Net Weight 3.067
Origin Country GERMANY

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