Ukraine Import Data of Tsi | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tsi

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of tsi collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of tsi imports.

Tsi Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tsi

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20176042090001. Leaves, branches and other parts of plants suitable for drawing bouquets or for ornamental purposes, fresh, without flowers or buds, Latin / Ukrainian name length in cm: ALCHEMILLA / ALHEMILLA-70 cm 100 pieces, ASPARAGUS / ASPARAHUS- 70 cm 150sht, aRALIA / aralia-55 cm 30sht, CYNEREA / spirea-70 cm 24sht, CHAMELAUCEIUM / HAMELATSIUM-70cm-200sht, CRASPEDIA / KRASPEDIYA-60 cm 250sht, CYPERUS / tsiperus-70 cm 30sht, DRAC BAMBOO SPIRAAL / Dracena, 80cm-140sht, EUCALIPT / eucalyptus-70 cm 466sht, ERYNDIUM / ERINDIUM-70 cm 160sht, GAULTHERIA / HAULTERIYA-45 cm 25sht, HEDERA / Hedera 100 cm 20pcs, HYPPERICUM / hiperikum-70 cm 1180sht, LEUCADENDRON / LEUKADENDRON 60-cm-150sht, LOTUS / Lotus-70 cm-10pc , MONSTERA / Monster-45 cm 80sht, MOLUCELLA / MOLUTSELA-55 cm-10pc, PANICUM / PANIKUM-70 cm 300sht, PHILODENDRON / philodendron, 65 cm 80sht, PITTOSPORUM / PITTOSPORUM-70 cm 110sht, RUSCUS HYPOPHYLLUM / ruscus -70 cm 1061sht, SCABIOSA / scabious 55-cm-210sht, SIERGRASS FOUNTAIN / SIERHRAS 65-cm-1 0sht, SKIMMIA GREEN / SKIMIYA 45-cm-20pcs, SOLIDAGO / SOLIDAHO 70-cm-450sht, SYMPHORICARPUS / SIMFORIKARPUS-70 cm 400sht, TRAHELIUM / TRAHELIUM 65-cm-290sht, TANACETUM / TANATSETUM-70 cm 100 pieces, aSPIDISTRA BLAD / aspidistra 60-cm-455sht, BEARGRASS / BERHRAS 60-cm-160sht, CHICO JUMBO ORCA / Chico-55 sm 529sht, LEDERVAREN / Fern-60 cm 210sht, PHOENIX ROEBELEN. BL / PHOENIX-80 cm 349sht, SALAL / Salalah 90-cm-45sht, STEELGRAS / STILHRAS 90-cm-10pc, total number 7814sht. Net weight is 596,79kh Country of manufacturer NL No dataNETHERLANDS0UA401010596.79895.1849076 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201748101900001.Etyketochnyy LabelSet coated paper, density 70g / m², in sheets formatu720h1020mm, embossed Reflexion. Embossed paper, moisture resistant, alkali-resistant, made of bleached pulp, not containing fibers obtained by mechanical tahimiko mechanically-layer, coated on one side karbonatomkaltsiyu, has painted, decorated or printed image surface, not corrugated, not perforated, not krepovanyy. Used to drukuetyketok and other graphic tsiley.Torhovelna Brand: feldmuehleKrayina production: DE The manufacturer: Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH.GERMANY0UA8071702068528580.60303
29/Apr/20178081080901.Plody forth meat Fresh apples, harvest 2016 species Malus Domestica L, Class II, bezHMO suitable for human consumption in SZAMPION-grade 20280kh.Ne in pervynniyupakov tsi.Torhivelna mark is absent. The country yrobnytstva PL. .POLAND0UA209200202806286.799822
29/Apr/20174811590000"1.Metalizovanyy paper" "Alulabel HWS" ", with embossed linen (Linen Embossed), varkushah 720h1020mm format and in rolls 720mm wide. It is a white paper zhladkym silvery-white shiny coating on one side zderevnoyi made cellulose fibers obtained free of mechanical and chemical mehanichnymsposobom with one side covered with aluminum powder, over which a layer of acrylic polymer (total thickness product -0.06 +/- 0,004mm, tovschynasharu acrylic polymer - less 0,01mm) density of 68 +/- 1 g / kv.m.Vykorystovuyetsya image tsiley.Torhovelna Arch: AR MetallizingKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: AR Metallizing Srl. "ITALY0UA8071702148459446.5994
29/Apr/201743023099001.Hutrovi skins of sheep tanned, furskins and processed without tsiliVyrobnyk not known trademark absent, Country of origin: TR.TURKEY0UA80518078.3156.6000927
29/Apr/20178081080901.Plody forth meat Fresh apples, harvest 2016 species Malus Domestica L, Class II, bezHMO suitable for human consumption in SZAMPION-grade 20280kh.Ne in pervynniyupakov tsi.Torhivelna mark is absent. The country yrobnytstva PL. .POLAND0UA209200202806286.799822
29/Apr/20178081080901.Plody forth meat Fresh apples, harvest 2016 species Malus Domestica L, Class II, bezHMO suitable for human consumption in SZAMPION-grade 20020kh.Ne in pervynniyupakov tsi.Torhivelna mark is absent. The country yrobnytstva PL. .POLAND0UA209200200206206.20009
28/Apr/20172811220000"Processed products, related products tolling (METYLTRYHLORSYLANU (M1)): 1.DIOKSYD silicon (plump white-gray powder). TU 24.1-31695418-002, 2008. Marco" "ORISIL MTO" "- 15 kg. Mass fraction of large particles (heat) "" ORISIL TO '' - 0.4% in the production .UTVORYUYETSYA When unloading cones DESORBERIV IN THE FORM warm - rough, baked silica Particles and dirt. used as an ingredient in cooking process defoamers, drilling solutions in the construction industry and other TECHNICAL TSILYAH.1 10 kg paper bag labeled "" O RISIL MTO "" and 1 paper bag 5 kg marking "" ORISIL MTO. ' "Company manufacturers - Company" "Plant control ORISIL" ". Country of origin - UKRAINE (UA).."UKRAINE0UA2060701511.4249868
28/Apr/201739263000901.Kripylni products and accessories for plastic design outlets and mistsprodazhu: Big plastic back support BACK-XL art.254206-200sht., Velykaplastykova back support with magnetic base BACK-XL-TM art.270077-150sht., Perforated profile Vstavkav UNITRACK UNI-LINE, art.282020-1000-50sht length 1000 mm., insert a color list holders cOLOR-INSERT39, color zelenyyart.195023-07-10sht., insert a color list holders cOLOR-INSERT39, kolirchervonyy (RAL 3020) art. 195023-06-13sht., insert a color TsinnykoutrymuvachiCOLOR-INSERT39, color blue (RAL 5010) art.195023-08-9sht., Holder CARDHOLDER-VL, 27 mm (p / p) art.202140-7 00sht., Holder CARDHOLDER-VL, 27 mm, black (p / p) art.202140-10-500sht., Holder CARDHOLDER-VL, 50 mm, black (p / p) art.202141-10-500sht. , Holder transparent CLAMP art.102220-80sht., Holder CLIPLARGE-VL, black art.202009-10-1000sht., Holder frame at an angle of 75 hradusivnastilnyy BASE-75 (A6-A2) art.102095-600sht., holder frame 90 degrees ivnastilnyy BASE-90 (A6-A2) art.102097-1000sht., Holder with variable angle nahyluHINGE art.400031-16-10sht 16 mm., holder plastic tubes STD-12 color siryyart.400075-03- 1300sht., clamp-holder DELI-CL, color prozoryyart.202033-00-400sht., Clam CARDCLAMP-VL art.202013-6400sht., Capture pryamyypoperechnyy SGKLG-00, 25mm art.254 054-200sht., Capture corner camokleyuschiysya SGT-2525h25 art.251018-10000sht mm., Plastic needles DELI-STICK, color bilyyart.102181-01-2000sht., Plastic needles DELI-STICK, color chornyyart.102181-10-300sht. , frame for making cassettes prices A4 color chornyyart.501531-10-1000sht., Carman hanging from soft PVC FW A6 art.171063-2000sht., pocket-protector anti-glare plastic PP A3 art.101013-200sht., Karman- PP A4 plastic protector anti-glare art.101014-5000sht., Quick-zamokvelykyy LARGE SNAP-38 art.251066-300sht., B-CLIP Clip art.102195-80sht., KlipsaH-CLIP-SW A6-A2 art.102047-300sht ., plastic Clip HM, length 50, consoles b single plastic length 100 mm SINGLE HOOK 100art.254244-100sht., fasteners for plastic pipes 20 mm stand kolirchornyy art.400030-10-6sht., bracket connecting DELI-UNBO 40mm, color bilyyart.102182-01 -200sht., Hook F-CLIP-SW (A6-A2) art.102051-440sht., Hook dlyapidvishuvannya frames UP-CLIP art.102193-700sht., self-adhesive hook-hanger HANGTAB 4-color transparent art.253004-15000sht ., suspended plastic tape CLIPSTRIP-W art.254064-600sht. limiter plastic cutting height of 30 mm ST-profile L-RAIL30-TF, length 1000 mm ext. art.270031-00-1000-100sht cattle. limiter plastic front height 80 mm T-profile L-RAIL80-TF, dovzhyna1250 mm ext. art.270009-00-1250-470sht velocity., 16h20 mm Adapter dlyateleskopichnoyi pipe, black art.400317-10-300sht., loop pidvishuvannyaplastykovoho profile CLICKER HOOK, white art.252040-01-40sht., to hinge PidstavkaFOT Price list holders art.202126-2500sht., Stand FOT dlyasharnirnoho list holders, black art.202126-10-300shRUSSIA0UA1000102972.827594.38928
28/Apr/201727101999001.Olyva industrial I-20A- 189,200.00 kh.HOST 20799-88.Vidnosytsya for oils containing petroleum fractions over 70mas.% As the main content komponentu.Bez molibdenu.Vykorystovuyetsya disulfide as a working ridynyv hidravlychnyh systemahverstatnoho industrial equipment avtomatychnyhliniy , presses, rolling mills, dlyazmaschuvannya lehkonavantazhuvalnyh gears, guides and sliding oscillation machines, tsirkulyatsiynyh lubricating systems without requiring special oils. .RUSSIA0UA80701018920067165.99992
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ДАНТАРБУД-ДТБ"""
Importer Address
03191, м.Київ, вул. Смолича Юрія, буд. 2 А
Exporter Name Long Life s.r.o.
Product Description
1. Leaves, branches and other parts of plants suit.........
HS Code 604209000Value 895.1849076
Quantity 0Unit UA401010
Net Weight 596.79
Origin Country NETHERLANDS

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