Ukraine Import Data of Tsc | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tsc

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of tsc collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of tsc imports.

Tsc Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tsc

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173821000010Cultural 1.Seredovyscha for growing microorganisms: nutritional seredovyschazahalnoho purpose: (M028) Peptone Water Peptonna water 500g art. M028-500G-2 pcs. (M044) Dextrose Broth soup 500g sugar art. M044-500G -1sht. (M065) Deoxycholate Citrate Agar deoxycholate-citrate agar 100g art. M065-100G -1sht. (M083) MacConkey Broth Purple Broth McConkie of bromocresol purple 500hart. M083-500G -10sht. (M099) Simmons Citrate Agar agar Simmons citrate 500hart. M099-500G -8sht. (M104) Candida Medium Medium with bismuth for hrybivCandida 500g art. M104-500G -1sht. (M1418) HiCrome UTI Agar, Modified 500g art.M1418-500G -1sht. (M202) Cary - Blair Medium Base (Transport Medium w / o Charcoal) 500g art. M202-500G -2sht. (M204) Buffered Glycerol Saline Base, OsnovaFosfatnoho buffer with glycerol 500g art. M204-500G -1sht. (M314) Tinsdale AgarBase basis Tinsdalya agar 500g art. M314-500G -4sht. (M352) CLED Medium (with Andrade Indicator) Lactose-tsystyyovyy agar (indicator Andrede ibromt ymolovym blue) 500g art. M352-500G -1sht. (M450) Tryptose Blood Agar Basewith Yeast Extract basis tryptoznoho blood agar with yeast ekstraktom500h art. M450-500G -1sht. (M882) Diphtheria Virulence Agar Base 500g art.M882-500G -2sht. (M972) Bile Esculin Agar agar gall-eskulynovyy 500g art.M972-500G -2sht. FD006) Campylobacter Supplement-I (Blaser-Wang) dlyakampilobakteriy additive, and art. FD006-5VL -1sht. (FD018) Middlebrook OADC GrowthSupplement art. FD018-1VL -6sht. (FD019) Middlebrook ADC Growth SupplementRostova additive for ADC Mycobacterium art. FD019-1VL -2sht. (M081) MacConkey Agarwith CV, NaCl and 0,15% Bile Salts AharMakKonki with Crystal and 0.15% of bile salts 500g art. M081-500G -4sht. (M083) MacConkey Broth Purple BulyonMakKonki 500g of bromocresol purple art. M083-500G -6sht. (M130) Rogosa SLAgar, Agar Rogoza SL 500 grams art. M130-500G -20sht. (M198) Middlebrook 7H9 BrothBase basis Midlbruka 7H9 broth 500g art. M198-500G -1sht. (M199) Middlebrook7H10 Agar Base 500g art. M199-500G -1sht. (M770) Mannitol Motility Test MediumNapivridke medium with mannitol 500g art. M770-500G -1sht. (M826) Hugh LeifsonMedium Hugh medium-Leyfsona 500g art. M826-500G -1sht. (OD001) GI-plusupakovka 10 pieces of art. OD001-1PK -5sht. (RM002) Beef Extract Powder M'yasnyyekstrakt dry 500g art. RM002-500G-1am. (RM1049) Meat Peptone P Tire Meat peptone, Type R 500g art. RM1049-500G-1am. (FD014) Supplement (Perfringens TSC Supplement) Addition of tsykloserynomT.SC art. FD014-5VL -3sht. (FD068) Sulpha Supplement Selektyvnaya additive forallocation salmonellas art. FD068-5VL -5sht. (M103) Chocolate Agar Base 500g Osnovashokoladnoho agar art. M103-500G-1am. (M083) MacConkey Broth Purple Broth McConkie of bromocresol purpurnym500h art. M083-500G -16sht. (M103) Chocolate Agar Base Base aharu500h chocolate art. M103-500G-1am. (M144) Columbia Blood Agar Base Base kolumbiyskoho blood agar 500hart. M144-500G -10sht. M463) Tryptone Broth (Tryptone Water) 500g art. M463-500G-1shINDIA0UA125100156.9048551.590001 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201729181500101. The salt of citric acid: TRISODIUM CITRATE DIHYDRATE TSC N 1500, CAS №6132-04-3 (art. 10072622) - sodium citrate (dihydrate trynatriyevoyi salt of citric acid) as a fine-grained granular powder white crystalline substance without the expressed smell. Applications: food processing and pharmaceutical industries additive. Party number 1218286 - 10000 khVykorystovuyetsya in the production of household chemicals and cosmetics. .AUSTRIA0UA2091401000012231.04441
27/Apr/20173906909000"Chemicals for production of paper: Lycrid P48 (0.5 t.), Lycrid N1 (0.2 t.), Ascal4500 / L2 (0.25 vol.) - flocculant powder consisting of polyacrylamide modified without adding napovnyuvachiv.Vykorystovuyetsya as a means to improve maintenance processes , dehydration and flocculation in the paper industry. The manufacturer firm "" TSC Sp. z oo "". Country of origin FR.. "FRANCE0UA2091209503240.667639
27/Apr/20173908900000"Chemicals for production of paper: Forcyl 110 (0.4 vol.) - a means for coverage and adhesion to the paper industry, is used to save wear Yankee cylinder, liquid zhovtoburshtynovoho koloru.Vyrobnyk firm" "TSC Sp. Z oo" ". Country of origin IT .. "ITALY0UA2091204001215.658759
24/Apr/201796039099001. PLASTORES 21 - 1000 kg. Polyamide resin dispersed in water, the mass fraction of volatiles 80.9 wt.%. Means for improving the strength of paper. Does not contain ozone-depleting substances, without aerosol packaging. Manufacturer TSC. Origin EU. Trademark PLASTORES 21..CHINA0UA100130474.9043937.150944
21/Apr/201785169000001.Zapasni parts for warranty repairs that coffee TM DE'LONGHI: art.5513215491 PCBLCD (TSCREEN-16L) + GUID E LIGHT ESAM67 * Electric control board with a monochrome display and buttons for coffee, 2 pcs., Art.6013211671 CUPSSUPPORT (AISI430- BA THICK0,8) ECAM22-grill pan kavovar ing metal, 2 pcs., art.5332264500 KNOB CONTROL CHROME VELUR (ABS) (3E) MCSA * -nakladka rehulyatorukavovarky plastic-8 pieces., art.5313229731 RUBBERFOOT TRANSP (SIL 70 SH) ECAM26 -humova coffee-leg 9sht., art.5332113800TUBE INFERIOR FROTHER (POM) EC300 / BAR40-cap plastic coffee 3 pcs. art.5513213901 tUBE PTFE DI2-DE4 L = 320 + 2BUSHES ECAM-Teflon tube zlatunnym and washers for coffee -6sht., art.5332180500 NIPPLE90 NATURAL (PA) PIPESILICON MCSA-adapter-plastic 3pc. art.536199 SLIDE TANK WHITE (E) (PC) BARM1-lock plastic 2 pcs., art.5213212251 PCB POWER (DGT SW2.1) 230 (ST BY <1W) ESAM545-board power satellite, 230V, 1 pc., art. 5313214361 PIPE INTERNALFROTHER BLACK (POM) ECAM plastic nozzle kavovarky- 1 pcs. art.6213211521BUSH-BRASS (TUBE PTFE) E SAM-IFD-cone metal coffee-5pcs., art.7313230521ASSY GRINDER230 (VM) (3D-DL) + GEAR ECAM23 coffee grinder assembly with tazhornovamy Moto rum, 230V, 1 pc., art.5513296641 SET DLSC012CARAFE-LATTEC REMA DLECAM-plastic milk container with rubber gaskets 1 pcs. art.5513212801 DISPENSER HOT WATER + TUBE INOX ESAM66-plastic chrome trubkadlya water supply 1 pcs. art.5332239200 FITTING QUICK-B NATURAL (PPS) MCSA-plastic adapter 1 pc ., Art.5332249000 UNDERKNOB CONTROL BLACK (ABSUL) (2 & 3E) MCSA-lock plastic buttons Coffee-4 pieces. Art.5313218351DOUBLE CONNECTOR BLACK (PPA) EC850-plastic adapter for coffee-3pc., Art.5513212881 TUBE PTFE DI2- E4 L270 + 2B US EN7 / ESAM-Teflon tube latunnymyshaybamy for coffee, 2 pcs., contains radiobladnannya.Vyrobnyk DE'LONGHI APPLIANCES srlKrayina manufacturer ITTorhivelna mark DE'LONGHIITALY0UA8072102.863148.3454595
19/Apr/20178471490000"1. Electronic Blocks of Information Processing System. Server without Hard Drives: UCS C220 M4 SFF W / O CPU, MEM, HD, PCIE, PSU, RAIL KIT (Included: Processor 2.2 GHZ E5-2630 V4 / 85W 10C / 20MB CACHE / DDR4 2133MHZ art.UCS-CPU-E52630E-1pcs. Memory module 16GB DDR4-2400-MHZ RDIMM / PC4-19200 / SINGLE RANK / X4 / 1.2Print.UCS-MR-1X161RV-A-1 pc. Hard disk drive 480GB 2.5 IN ENTERPRISE VA LUE 6G SATASSD (1FWPD) -PM86 Art.UCS-SD480GBKSS-EV -2pcs CISCO 12G Controller SAS MODULARRAID CO NTROLLER Art.UCSC-MRAID12G-1PC Power Supply CISCO UCS 770W AC POWERSU PPLY FOR RACK SERVER Art .UCSC-PSU1-770W -2pcs Rack for rack mounting (mounting kit) BALL BEARING RAIL K IT FOR C220 M4 AND C240 ​​M4 RACK SERVICEART.UCSC-RAILB-M4 1 pc. CISCO 12GBPS SAS 512MB FBWC C ACHE MODULE CONTROLLER RAID 0/1/5) ar TSCSC-MRAID12G-512-1). Art. CSC-C220-M4S-1. Art. - "CISCO" Country of origin - CZ. Producer - "" CISCO Systems, Inc. "". "CZECH REPUBLIC1UA10008022.94398.289452
19/Apr/201740011000001.Kauchukovyy Natural Latex, pidvulkanizovanyy: brand LA REVULTEX - number - 18 000 kg., Batch 1068156, kontsentratnist TSC- 60.4%, for its own production and nipples gloves. Trademark Revertex. Country of MYVyrobnyk: Revertex (MALAYSIA), SDN. BHD. .MALAYSIA0UA1252301800050580.00014
18/Apr/201790185090001.Medychni products: ophthalmic optical instruments: -Avtorefkeratometr AXIS TSRK-P-1000 projector 5sht. signs EUCARIS TSCP-800-5sht. .KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA12510012015929.99985
18/Apr/201739072020901. Products that are based on simple liquid alcohol polyesters with hydroxyl number greater than 100 mg KOH / g .. It is used for insulation of walls, floors and inshyhpoverhnostey: - Daltotherm TSC 30-00, polyethers, mix-net 20khVaha 20 kg / 26 kg incl bochok.- Daltotherm TSC 20-00, polyethers, a mixture of 20 kh.Vaha net: 20 kg / 26 kg incl bochok.Vsoho net weight 40 kg / 52 kg incl barrels. Goods are neaerozolniy package. .GERMANY0UA2091804082.0000464
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Tsc Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Tsc Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПП""Глансфарма"""
Importer Address
Голосіївський проспект, буд. 118, корп. 1, кв. 1, м. Київ, 03127
Product Description
Cultural 1.Seredovyscha for growing microorganisms.........
HS Code 3821000010Value 8551.590001
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 156.904
Origin Country INDIA

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