Ukraine Import Data of Transducer | Ukraine Import Statistics of Transducer

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of transducer collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of transducer imports.

Transducer Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Transducer

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201790269000001. Parts of fluid flow, not mistyat b electronic means tavyprominyuv cial devices measuring transducer type 2700 meters, mass flow Micro Moti on, mod. 2700R12AFFEZZZPK, sir. №387420 6-1sht.Torhovelna Brand: Micro Motion.Vyrobnyk: Emerson Process Management Flo w BV.Krayina production: NL. .NETHERLANDS0UA1002008547.2016917 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201790181200001.Vyroby medical devices, equipment for ultrasound scan tion: -Acclarix LX8 Diagnostic Ultrasound System Acclarix LX8 complete set consists of: // digital ultrasonic diagnostic system Acclarix LX8 complete, 1 pc., Consists of a diagnostic system and: -art. 02.01.211814-Linear array transducer: L10-4D // Linear sensor: L10-4D-1sht.-art.02.01.212626-Convex array transducer: C5-2XD // convex probe: C5-2XD-1sht. art. 02.01.211399-Phased array transducer: P5-1XD // The phase detector: P5-1XD-1sht.-art.02.01.211398-Endocavity array transducer: E8-4D // sensor endoporozhnyny: E8-4D-1sht. art. 02.01.211475-3D / 4D Mechaical curved array transducer: C5-2MD // 3D / 4D curved mechanical sensor: C5-2MD-1sht.-U2 Diagnostic Ultraso und System U2 complete set consists of: // diagnostic ultrasound system U2, complete, consists of 1 pc., consists of a diagnostic system and: -art.02.01.210396-12-Convex array transducer: C352UB // convex probe: C352UB -1sht.-art.02.01.210398-11- Linear array transducer: L742UB // Linear sensor: L742UB-1sht.-art.02.01.210400-11-transvaginal array transducer: E612UB // transvaginal probe: E612UV-1sht.Torhovelna mark EdanVyrobnyk Edan Instruments Inc. (3 / FB, Nanshan Medical Equipments Park, 518067, PRChina) Country of CNCHINA0UA12522015247999.99985
28/Apr/20178504409000"1.Statychnyy transducer AC current of another frequency and voltage: Adapter (PSU) 220 - 56,000 pcs., Adapter (PSU) 220 - 30000 pcs .;."CHINA0UA5000309953.813950.00002
27/Apr/201790262020001. Electric th Common use: For bezperervnohoperetvorennya surplus values, differential, depression, absolyutnohotysku a standardized current signal (electronic): Pressure gauge elektronnyyЭKM 2005 DI YM16M - 15sht. Pressure measuring transducer Elemer 100 DI 1131 -10sht. Pressure measuring transducer Elemer 100 SEE 1350 - 1am. Peretvoryuvachtysku Elemer measuring 100 DD 1411M - 2 pcs. VymiryuvalnyyЭlemer pressure transducer 100 DD 1410M - 8 pieces. Pressure measuring transducer Elemer 100 DYV1311ME - 1pc. Pressure measuring transducer Elemer 100 DI 1170 - 1sht.Peretvoryuvach pressure measuring Elemer 100 DI 1150 mp3 - 7sht. Peretvoryuvachtysku Elemer measuring 100 DD-1440 - 2 pcs. VymiryuvalnyyЭlemer pressure transducer 100 DD-1420 - 2 pcs. Pressure measuring transducer Elemer DD 100 1430 -1sht. Pressure transducers measuring AIR-10H DI 1160 GSP - 18sht. Peretvoryuvachtysku measuring AIR-20 / M2-N SEE 315 - 4 pieces. Pressure transducers vymiryuvalnyyAYR 2 0 / M2-N 140 DI - 4 pieces. Pressure transducers measuring AIR-20 / M2-N 160 DI -2sht. Pressure transducers measuring AIR-20 / DD 420 M2 t1070 - 2 pcs. Peretvoryuvachtysku measuring AIR-20 / M2 DI 190 - 2 pcs. Pressure transducers vymiryuvalnyyAYR-20Eh / M2 DI 170 - 2 pcs. Pressure transducers measuring AIR-20 / H-DV M2 235 -2sht. Pressure transducers measuring AIR-20 / M2-N SEE 340 - 3pc. Peretvoryuvachtysku measuring AIR-20 / DD 440 M2 t1070 - 6 pieces. Converter tyskuvymiryuvalnyy AIR-30 S1 CD9 t2570 - 5pcs. Pressure transducers measuring AIR-30S1 CD4 t2570 - 5pcs. Pressure transducers measuring AIR 30-S1 CD6 t2570 - 2sht.Peretvoryuvach pressure measuring AIR 30-S1 TG16 t2570 - 4 pieces. As part pryladivvidsutni radio receiver / Before pline.RUSSIA111UA112080308.344790.24988
27/Apr/20178474200000"1.Mashyny for crushing or grinding, ball mill SAO V5-1sht, Pryznachenyydlya grinding chocolate glazes, nachinok masnevelykymy fat and various parties in the laboratory. Stani.Skladayetsya offollowing disassembled components: -rama stainless steel, the main drive as part electric gear motor 1,3 kW tachastotnoho transducer installation in a control panel, -zmishuyuchyy / grinding shaft as part of removable crushing shaft obladnannohovzayemozaminnymy weighed hardened wear-resistant LEG of Old steel -emnist crushing capacity of 15 liters of water rubashkoyu pressure of 2 bar produced znerzhaviyuchoyi steel structure, bottom sieve, cover with fuse, heating -vuzol composed Adjustable heating element 0.2 kW yakyyvstanovlenyy a crushing capacity have rubashtsi and adjustable from the control panel, composed -seredovysche grinding steel balls weighing 50 kg, DIN 5401 (100Shb), HRC 63 (+/- 3) Rockwell, skvoznoho hardening, control-panel composed of the main thing is a switch, frequency converter, buttons, switches, relays. Capacity 5 kg for 30 minutes at work nakrystalichnomu sugar. Power 1.3 kW. Labeling: caotech "NETHERLANDS0UA80605014713703.16707
27/Apr/201784198998001. Electric th Common use: For use inas a shining example of working well when testing and calibration termomet ditch resistance iperetvoryuvachiv Thermoelectric chnyh (e): Calibrator CT-110 - 1sht.Suhoblochnyy temperature calibrator desig playback achenyy temperature-40 ... + 110 C., and calibration of transducers and resistance thermometers termoelektrychnyhz uni fikovanym output signal in a given range. .RUSSIA0UA11208083427.686451
27/Apr/201790291000901.Lichylnyk operating hours LE8N-BF-10pc. E40H1210006L5-5sht transducer. EnkoderE40H825006L5-5sht. E40S850003124-4sht transducer. E40S850006L-5pcs transducer. EnkoderE80H3010246L5-4sht. Encoder E40S825006L-2sht.Krayina origin - Korea, RespublikaTorhovelna mark - AutonicsVyrobnyk - Autonics.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1000105.361909.760683
27/Apr/201785049099001.Chastyny ​​transducers for static frequency converter E82MV222K4B-frequency 1sht.Peretvoryuvach E82EV152K4C-40sht. The frequency converter E82EV152K4C-frequency 20sht.Peretvoryuvach E82EV222K4C-25sht. The frequency converter E82EV222K4C-frequency 10sht.Peretvoryuvach E82EV302K4C-3pc. The frequency converter frequency E82EV303K4B201-2sht.Peretvoryuvach E82EV303K4B201-2sht. The frequency converter E82EV402K4C-frequency 2sht.Peretvoryuvach E82EV552K4C-3pc. Servoperetvoryuvach EVS9324ES-2sht.Servoperetvoryuvach EVS9325EP-2 pcs. Servoperetvoryuvach EVS9325ES-5sht.Krayina origin - FrantsiyaTorhovelna mark - LenzeVyrobnyk - Lenze.FRANCE0UA100010329.6568316.02773
27/Apr/201790291000901.Lichylnyk motohodyn3.474.911.373-20sht. 8.5020.2824.2048-1sht transducer. 8.A020.5AA2.1024-1sht.Enkoder 8.KIS40.1342.2500-3sht transducer. 05.2400.1132.0360-1sht transducer. Enkoder8.5000.8328.1500-2sht. 8.5020.2A24.2048-1sht transducer. Enkoder8.5020.D82A.5000.0050-1sht. 8.5873.5312.B721-5sht transducer. Enkoder8.H120.3354.0100-3sht. 8.3720.5631.1000-2sht transducer. Magnetic sensor liniyky8.LI50.1121.2050-3sht.Krayina origin - NimechchynaTorhovelna mark - KueblerVyrobnyk - Kuebler.GERMANY0UA10001014.866306.960099
27/Apr/201790262020001. Electric th Common use: For bezperervnohoperetvorennya surplus values, differential, depression, absolyutnohotysku a standardized current signal (electronic): Rust tyskuvymiryuvalnyy Elemer 100 DI 1112 - 2 pcs. VymiryuvalnyyЭlemer pressure transducer 100 DD 1430 - 1am. Pressure measuring transducer Elemer 100 DI 1171 -1sht. Pressure measuring transducer Elemer 100Vn DI-1151 - 1am. Peretvoryuvachtysku measuring Elemer 100Vn DI-1161 - 1pc. VymiryuvalnyyЭlemer pressure transducer 100 DI 1150 mp3 - 3pc. Pressure measuring transducer Elemer DD1440 100 - 4 pieces. Electronic gauge ЭKM 2005 DI YM16 - 3pc. Converter tyskuvymiryuvalnyy AIR-20 / M2 H-DD 410 - 5pcs. Pressure transducers measuring AIR-10NDY 1160 GSP - 10pc. As part of the missing devices radio receiver / Before pline. .RUSSIA31UA11208071.512899.34934
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЕМЕРСОН"""
Importer Address
04073, м.Київ, пров.Куренівський,12 Україна.
Product Description
1. Parts of fluid flow, not mistyat b electronic m.........
HS Code 9026900000Value 547.2016917
Quantity 0Unit UA100200
Net Weight 8
Origin Country NETHERLANDS

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