Ukraine Import Data of Tractor Gears | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tractor Gears

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of tractor gears collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of tractor gears imports.

Tractor Gears Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tractor Gears

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of tractor gears. Get Ukraine trade data of Tractor Gears imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201787084099981. Spare parts for gearboxes, steel, cast followed by treatment, industrial assembly nedlya, dlyatsyvilnoho destination for agricultural tractors: 5143463 gearshift fork-1sht.Rozfasovano for wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk CNHI INTERNATIONAL SATorhovelna mark CNHKrayina production TR.TURKEY0UA5041700.44993.00846925 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/20178708999798"1. Parts and devices motornyhtransportnyh means, not for industrial assembly to s / h tractors: 72-2209011 BRACKET-4 pieces. 72-2209013 VAL-4 pieces. 72-2209018 clips, 4 pieces. 72-2209019 disco 50sht. 50 2800011 bush-4 pieces. 70-3001085-01 pins steering-8 pieces. 80-3001085-01 pins steering-3pc. 80-4202015-A-02 VAL-3pc. 2022-4202016 shank-4 pieces. 2022-4202016-01 HVOSTOVYK- 4 pieces. 1221-4202017 shaft 1am. 2022-4202017-03 shank-4 pieces. 80-4202017-B-VAL 2 pcs. 80-4202019-B-shaft 6 pcs. 1025-4202020-B-reducers 3pc. 1221-4202020-A COVER-3pc. 1221-4202020-A-01 cover-1am. 80-4202020-A COVER-30sht. 80-4202020-A-01 cover-1am. 85-4202020 lid 25sht. 85-4202020-01 lid 1pc . 80-4202042-B COVER-4 pieces. six 70-4202043 Crown I-7sht. 70-4202044-B-VAL crown gears 16sht. 70-4202060 drove With satellites, 3pc. 50-4202066-A-4 pieces glass. 70-4202072-B-AXIS 2 pcs. 50-4202074 lever 30sht. 85-4202074 lever 20pcs. 80-4202076 shaft 1am. 85-4202079 plate-3pc. 80-4202081-A plate-1pc. 210-4235011 BRACKET-2 pcs. 85-4604 bush-012 1pc. 70-4604034 shaft 1am. 80V-4616050 BRACKET-1am. 320-4605115 crossbar-1am. 80-4202019-B-19sht shaft. 1221-4202020-A-COVER 13sht. 80-4202020-A COVER-3pc. 70-4202033 drum 5pcs. 70-4202044-B-VAL crown gears 4sht.Rozfasovano and packaged for retail and wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk OAO "" BZTDyA "" Trademark BZTDyAKrayina production BY "BELARUS0UA5041702940.85214629.23253
24/Apr/20177307991090"1. sprinklers hook, for use in s / g, which is driven by a power tractor with built reservoir capacity of 2800l., Width -18m, used, year -1999r., Mark" "Hardi Commander" ", zav.nomer no -1sht. Trademark "" Hardi "". Country of Denmark. Present traces of corrosion protectors worn wheels, gears for oil leaks, rozkomplektovani spray, no pumps.. "GERMANY0UA1250200.0249.39703241
19/Apr/20177318210090"1.SHAYBA. Kat.nomer-700-31-2371.Kil Number 20 pcs. Assembly part kolesanatyazhnoho tractor T-10, T-170. Steel, Lock washer designed for mounting fiksatsiyiboltiv. The main dimensions: d-13mm. , S-1 mm., H-5mm., 10mm, b., R-83mm., R1-84mm., R2-97mm., a0-60mm.PLASTYNA. Kat.nomer-700-31-2262.Kil Number -45 pc. Steel, Lock, designed for mounting in nut zapobihannyavidhvynchuvannya hub gear onboard traktoraT-10, T-170. Dimensions: D-21mm., S-1.5 mm., L- 170mm., I-112mm., L1 -30mm., B- 36., R-195mm., the type-17.SHAYBA. Kat.nomer-700-31-2470. Count 25-pc. assembly unit onboard gearbox tractor T-10, T-170. Steel hundred arable designed for fixing screws on the axis. plates. Kat.nomer-31318. Count 100 pcs. assembly part of the main board from the clutch tractor T-10, T-170. Steel, Lock, U-shaped, with two holes inside. The main dimensions: d-63mm., S-1 mm., I-22 mm., R-73mm., R1-87,5mm., R2-101mm., a0-45mm.PLASTYNA. Kat.nomer-31545. Circles -Th 15 pc. clutch assembly part zche prisoners tractor T-10, T-170. Steel, Lock, designed to prevent unscrewing boltiv.KILTsE. Kat.nomer-700-58-2520. Count 10 pcs. Piece clutch assembly tractor T-10, T-170. Steel retaining designed, intended for the propeller shaft. Plate. Kat.nomer-700-31-2474. Count 55-pc. Assembling detail of the main board from the clutch tractor T-10, T-170.Vstanovlyuyetsya threaded flange cork board clutch. Steel, Lock, without threaded washer; main dimensions: d-63mm., D-95mm., S-1 mm., L-73mm. And, 14mm., R-2 mm. H-25, b-15.PLASTYNA. Kat.nomer-700-31-2352. Count 80-pc. Assembling board clutch detail tractor T-10, T-170 Lock dimensions: D-63mm., D-108mm., S-2,0mm., L-74mm., I-15 mm., H-25mm., B- 15mm., the type-5. PUCK. Kat.nomer-31106. Count 60-pc. Assembly piece of gear starting engine tractor T-10, T-170. Steel, Lock, designed for fixing the steering pusher. Main dimensions: d-20,5mm., D-29mm., S-1 mm., L-44mm., I-7mm., H-5mm., B-12mm.PLASTYNA. Kat.nomer-31364. Count 15 pcs. Regulator assembly detail diesel tractor T-10, T-170. Steel, Lock, without threaded mechanically treated (the puck) intended for fixing nuts shestirni.PLASTYNA. Kat.nomer-31396. Count 20 pcs. Board assembly piece of gear tractor T-10, T-170. Designed for fixing bevel gears in gear onboard. Steel, without thread, with 2 holes inside. Main dimensions: d-17mm., S-1 mm., L-106mm., And, 62mm., H-30, b-22.SHAYBA. Kat.nomer-700-31-2543. Count 60-pc. Assembly piece boxes tractor T-10, T-170. Steel, solid, with the os on the inside, designed for installation on the shaft to prevent displacement of the bearing. "RUSSIA0UA11210016.9199.4233341
18/Apr/20178708509998"1.Zapasni parts s / d traktoriv.Novi. Part of bridges leading. Art.70-2407060-23sht glass, art.70-2407060-01-16sht, art.1221-2407042-2sht, art.1520-2308039- 20pcs plate locking art.50-2403023-150sht, art.50-2407056-100sht gaskets, cover art.52-2301061-10sht, gaskets art.52-2302021-200sht, differential art.52-2303010-B-01- 10pcs axis art.52-2303019-20sht, gearbox housing art.52-2308014-A2-10sht, art.52-2308015-A2-10sht, cover art.52-2308030-A-20pcs, semi-axis art.52-2308065 -20sht, HYLZA art.52-2308084-A1-40sht, SHTIFT art.52-2308099-10sht, art.52-2308101-20sht BUILDING, BUILDING RIGHT art.52-2308110-A2-5sht, gears art.70-2407053 -10sht, art.70-2407053-01-20sht, clutches art.70-2409010 LOCK-B-5pcs, B RUDOVYK art.72-2308029-B-10pcs flange art.82-2308017-10sht, art.85-2403020-30sht differentials, traction art.952-1802011-20sht, art.952-1802025-20sht, gaskets art.52 -2302022-100sht plate locking art.1521-2308031-2sht, crosses art.1522-2403062-B-2 pcs, couple UPPER art.52-2308100-2sht, glass-art.50H 2407042-5sht, disco NAZHYMNYY art.70 -2409018-10sht, dirt art.72-2308029-B-10 pieces, brand: MSA "" Minsk Tractor Plant "" brand MTZ Country of-BY "BELARUS0UA1251302756.6621100.01552
18/Apr/20178708409998"1.Zapasni parts s / d traktoriv.Novi. Parts of transmissions. Art.80-4235028-5sht PLATE, art.80-4235028-01-5sht, glass art.50-1701195-20sht, gears art.74- 1701045-5sht axis art.80-4202076-1sht manufacturers: MSA "" Minsk Tractor Plant "" brand MTZKrayina production-BY. "BELARUS0UA125130185.77957.2513979
18/Apr/20178708409998"1.Zapasni parts s / d traktoriv.Novi. Parts of transmissions. Art.1521-1701042-5sht gears, art.1522S-1701052-2sht, focusing art.50-1701187-200sht, bushings SHLITSEVA art.50-1701188 -20sht, gaskets art.50-1701258-200sht, art.50-1701259-200sht, bushings art.50-1701312-10sht, art.50-1701401-20sht impellers, housings forks art.50-1702080-A-45sht, Rods castle art.50-1702083-20sht plate art.50-1702084-10sht, Plug art.50-1702116-6sht lever art.50-4216022-A-20pcs, cover art.70-1701454-A2-10sht, lever art.70-1702020-A-40sht, art.70-1703011-20sht, control lever art.70-1703200-B-5pcs, leash art.70-1703202-A-200sht, art.70-1703210 POLE-B -20sht, lids Supporting art.70-1721022-40sht, Plug art.74-1702116-5sh t thrust art.80-4216060-10sht, gears art.112-1701224-1sht, cover art.70-1702010-2sht, gears art.112-1701312-5sht, art.112-1701361-2sht, cover art BOXES. 50-1702025-A-2 pcs, plug art.50-1702096-10sht shaft art.80-1701240-1sht shaft SECONDARY art.80-1701252-B 10pcs, art.80-1702010-02-1sht control mechanisms, Gear and rt.80S-1701054-2sht, Corpus art.80S-1702080-2sht, gears art.50-1721040-2sht, cover art.70-1702010-5sht manufacturers: MSA "" Minsk Tractor Plant "" brand MTZ Country of-BY "BELARUS0UA1251301029.3410016.7861
14/Apr/201787084099981. Spare parts for gearboxes, steel, cast followed by treatment, industrial assembly nedlya, dlyatsyvilnoho destination for agricultural tractors: 5143463 gearshift fork-3sht.Rozfasovano for wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk CNHI INTERNATIONAL SATorhovelna mark CNHKrayina production TR.TURKEY0UA5041701.347278.863971
13/Apr/20178483908990"1.Chastyny ​​s / g technology Parts gears, driveshafts: Hubs variator art.185286C91-2sht; Gear transmission tractor art.250728A1-1sht; Producer: CNHI International SA; trade mark: CNHI, Country of origin US;."UNITED STATES0UA1251206.46460.4465503
12/Apr/20178483908100"1. Parts and accessories for agricultural machinery, gears steel gears and other elements presented separately Sprocket Drive reaper art. 86604840 -5sht, fork hinge art. -2sht 1321058C1, Asterisk grain elevator art. -2sht 84167767, Star Drive header art . -15sht 86604840, Gear transmission tractor art. -1sht 87699456; ".CHINA0UA11016044.911809.556743
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Tractor Gears Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Tractor Gears Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТЕХНОТОРГ-ДОН"""
Importer Address
54025,м.Миколаїв,пр.Героїв Сталінграду 113/1
Exporter Name CNHI AMERICA
Product Description
1. Spare parts for gearboxes, steel, cast followed.........
HS Code 8708409998Value 93.00846925
Quantity 0Unit UA504170
Net Weight 0.449
Origin Country TURKEY

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