Ukraine Import Data of Track Lighting | Ukraine Import Statistics of Track Lighting

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of track lighting collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of track lighting imports.

Track Lighting Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Track Lighting

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178432301900"1.Mashyny agriculture, for the preparation or processing of soil, sowing, seeding pneumatic trailer combination (drill) Compact-Solitair 9/600 K HD 125 - 1am. Do not knead composed radioobladnannya.Seriynyy number: 284697, new, 2017 issue .Maye following characteristics and packaging: Clip 6 m wide, hydraulically folding, fertilizing and seeding electronic control computer Solitronik 48 OptiDisk coulter spacing of 125 mm and a hydraulic pressure control, seed hopper 5000 l 2x2 technology track series , track width 1800 MI-MI Co. Leah tractor track width technological MI-MI 1670 (2x2, 2x4, etc.) for dvohdyskovyh Cepphus 48 shovels, 48 ​​Cepphus for pryzhymnyh spots, hydraulically compiling markers trace, right side guard D500, kat.3 shaft gear control, gear steel wheel D550, without brake, with leveling harrow beams, lighting equipment before and behind, working lights, including lighting hopper sieve for Bunka era air filter, 4 sets of fingers rozmishuvacha grass tires 420/65-R20. Manufacturer - LEMKENTorhovelna mark - LEMKENKrayina production - DE "GERMANY1UA1001101093895745.81994 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/20179405990090"1.Chastyny ​​lighting obladnannyavyhotovleni of nedorohotsinnyhmetaliv: Blind reflector svitylnykaalyumineva LUGTRACK 5 under lyuministsentnilampy T5, set 2sht150110.00927-35sht; Reflector alyuminevyy dosvitylnykiv LUGTRACK 5 pidlyuministsentni T5150110.00208-7sht lamp, Cap reflektorasvitylnyka alyumineva LUGTRACK 5 under fluorescent lamp T5, 2 pcs set 150110.00927-5sht, Trademark-LUG Manufacturer: LUG Light Factory S pzoo Country of origin: PL. "POLAND0UA1000107.325132.3315469
21/Apr/20179405109890"1.Electric lighting devices, which are superimposed or fixed to the ceiling on the wall, are used in the premises, from the combined materials: Polycarbonate lampATLANTYK 3 under two fluorescent lamps withput power 58W, with electronic ballast, with a degree of protection IP 65090110.1208.72-16; a type of downlight LUGSTAR LB LED rec ED 3000lm / 840 IP20 70deg white 300031.00004-30pcs; Luminaire under two luminescent lamps with capacity of 49W, LUGTRACK 5 2х49, with lightweight ballast, white 080011.11202.1-3; Luminaire under four luminescent lamps with capacity 49V T, LUGTRACK 5 2х2х49, with e lectron ballast, white 080011.12202.2-3; Trade mark-LUG Manufacturer: LUG Light Factory S pzoo Country of manufacture: PL.POLAND0UA10001072.711497.862557
21/Apr/201785444290981. System of busbars of electric circuits, equipped with couplings, for voltage not more than 1000V with fastening, intended for distribution of electric power: NORDIC XTS 4400-3 szyna 4m biala three-phase wireline white 4м-60шт.NORDIC XTS 4300-3 szyna 3m biala Three-phase busbar line white 3m-40pcs. NORDIC XTS 4200-3 szyna 2m biala three-phase wires white 2m-30pcs. NORDIC XTS 4100-3 3-circuit track 1000mm, white / szyna natynkowa 3-fazowa biala 1m three-phase wires white 1m-20pcs. NORDIC XTS 41-3 zaslepka biala plugs white-100pcs. NORDIC XTS 11-3 zasil. Konc-100pcs. NORDIC XTS 21-3 straight connector, white / lacznik liniowy bialy linear connection electric white-50pcs. NORDIC SKB 18-3 Uchwyt holder-100pcs. NORDIC SKB 16-3 corner-400pcs. Production area: FI Manufacturer: Spectra Lighting Sp. Z oo Trademark: Spectra. .FINLAND0UA1001104306666.348367
20/Apr/201785444290981. The wires insulated with connecting parts for a voltage not exceeding 1000V: Track Track mounting fixtures for 1600 pcs -160up Track lighting-Track dlyakriplennya: 2200 pcs 110up.Krayina-production - CNTorhovelna mark - no danyhVyrobnyk - FOSHAN WEST -LIGHTING MANUFACT URE.CHINA0UA5000905551.766107.399828
20/Apr/201785366990901. Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits or dlyapryyednannya to electrical circuits or electrical circuits that do not contain radio: Connectors track (tires) in the package: 850 pcs 1up-track connectors (bus) vupakovtsi: 1700 pcs- 1up Connectors track (tires) in the package: 400 pcs-2up Z'yednuvachitreku (tires) in the package: 1000 pcs-track 10up Connectors (tires) in the package: 700pcs-track 14up Connectors (tires) in packing inthese: 1200 pcs-track 24up Connectors (tires) in the package: 300 pcs-12upKrayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - no danyhVyrobnyk - FOSHAN WEST-LIGHTING MANUFACT URE.CHINA0UA500090555.682095.019905
18/Apr/201794051098901.Svitylnyky LED tracks zakriplyuyutsya Ceiling lamp shell material of aluminum alloys: RS-Q501, LED DOWN LIGHT COMPLETE ISOLATED DRIVER 4000K 24DEGREE 40W, 7000733-100sht.RS-2108C-1, LED DOWN LIGHT HOUSING FOR 20W 36DEGREE 20W , 7100433-100sht. Complete with kabelem.RS-2108C-2, LED DOWN LIGHT HOUSING FOR 2 * 20W 36DEGREE 40W, 7100533-100sht. Complete with kabelem.RS-2108C-3, LED DOWN LIGHT HOUSING FOR 3 * 20W 36DEGREE 60W, 7100633-50sht. Complete with kabelem.Krayina production: CN.Vyrobnyk: FOSHAN RONSE LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTDTorhivelna Brand: LUMEN.CHINA0UA100110672.94669.741502
18/Apr/20178701903900"1.Mashyny for works of agricultural tractor wheel, brand CLAAS" "AXION950" "new 2017r.v. Body number: A2302413 -1sht. ID: A2334EAA2302413. Not comprises transmitters and pryymachiv.Typ A23410-2017Komplektatsiya: 6-cylinder engine (diesel, №№000046337) FPT, nominalnapotuzhnist 405 hp / 298 kW (at ECE R120) welded wheels 710 / 75R42 TrellerborgTM900 HP, universal front ballast weight 1500 kg th, encumbrancer zadnihkolis weight 1334 kg, rear axle of the regulatory track 2, 5 m, rear PTO 540ESO / 1000 rev / min hectare lmom, shank 1 "" 6 + 1 3/8 '' and 3/8 21 1 "" 3/4 20 shlitsevyy, mechanical stabiliza ri Lever at the bottom, two additional lights f I dorihzahalnoho destination computer without spring, 1 remote section hidroraspodilyuv acha one free-flow return set s layer category 4, 4/3, extra lighting, I hitch a brief strengthening of the regulation holes on height, flashing traction bruskatehoriyi 4 finger 50 mm, swiveling headlights cop regulating height, hidrozbilshuva including schepnoyi weights and with the Dutch com slipping wheels coaxial piston pump Load Sensing 220 l / min, line power Hydraulics Powerbeyond of the "" yednuvalnoyi muftoy cab HYDROSTABLE (with 4 x dot weights) for Forest 1D29650 / 65R34 P425CT.Vyrobnyk: Firm "" CLAAS Global Sales GmbH "" Trademark: "" CLAAS "". Vyrobyk Country: FR. Total: 1 piece. "FRANCE1UA12511015900163201.329
12/Apr/201794054091001.Elektrychni lighting, Outdoor lighting, gardens with a base for pidsvitkysadovyh areas, gardens Track. Made with a combination of materials: metal, plastic, PMMA, used with incandescent lamps with lampotrymachem pidtsokol E 27. Lamp PMMA 150mm ball with lampotrymach eat at E27, opalELNf-S1801-150 30926001 - 1416 pcs 200mm PMMA light ball with lampotrymach empid E27, opal ELNf-S1801-200 30926002 - 4194 pcs 250mm PMMA light ball zlampotrymach eat at E27, opal ELNf-S1801-250 30926003 - 132 pieces, with 150mm light kulyaPMMA lampotrymach eat at E27, golden prismatic ELNf-S1807-20030926009- 1 248 pcs 150mm PMMA light ball with lampotrymach eat at E27, smoky ELNf-S1807-150-S 30,926,011 - 216sht, PMMA light ball of 150mm lampotrymach eat at E27, opal ELNf-S1801-150 30926001 - 3096 pcs Lamp kulyaPMMA 250mm with lampotrymach eat at E27, opal ELNf-S1801-250 30926003 - 1872 pcs 250mm PMMA light ball with lampotrymach eat at E27, golden ELNf -S1801-250-G C30926004 -216 units, ball lamp with 250mm PMMA lampotrymach eat at E27, zolotyypryzmatychnyy ELNf-S1807-250 30926018- 72 pcs 300mm PMMA light ball zlampotrymach eat at E27, opal ELNf-S1801-300 30926020 - 768 items, lamp kulyaPMMA 200mm with lampotrymach eat at E27, golden ELNf-S1801-200-GC 30926008 -612sht, PMMA light ball of 200mm lampotrymach eat at E27, golden pryzmatychnyyELNf-S1807-200 30926010- 1 638 units, light fuel bullet A 200mm with lampotrymach empid E27, smoky ELNf-S1807-200-S 30,926,012 - 1 026sht, light ball with PMMA250mm lampotrymach eat at E27, smoky ELNf-S1807-250-S 30,926,013 - 216sht, 250mm PMMA light ball from under lampotrymach em E27 golden pryzmatychnyyELNf-S1807-250 30926018- 60 pcs 300mm PMMA light ball with lampotrymach em pidE27, opal ELNf-S1801-300 30926020 - 440 pcs 200mm PMMA light ball zlampotrymach eat at E27, golden prismatic ELNf-GD003-B-200 30926022- 828 pcs 350mm PMMA light ball with lampotrymach eat at E27, opal ELNf-S1801-35030926023 - 316 pieces, 200mm PMMA light ball with lampotrymach eat at E27, opalELNf-S1801-200 30926002 - 72 pcs, light roller I 250mm PMMA with lampotrymach em pidE27, opal ELNf-S1801-250 30926003 - 480 pcs 200mm PMMA light ball zlampotrymach eat at E27, golden prismatic ELNf-S1807-200 30926010- 72 pcs 250mm PMMA light ball with lampotrymach eat at E27, pryzmatychnyyELNf gold-S1807-250 30926018- 228 pcs 200mm PMMA light ball with lampotrymach em pidE27 and base, opal ELNf-GD0 42-200 -408 30,926,019 units, light ball with PMMA400mm lampotrymach eat at E27, opal ELNf-S1801-400 30926024 - 252 units, PMMA light ball hanging lamps with 200mm otrymachem under E27, opalELNf-GD001-S-200 30926025 - 1 188sht, PMMA light ball suspension with 250mm lampotrymachem under E27, opal ELNf-GD001-S-250 30926026 - 1 452sht, Country of CN.Torhivelna mark lightVyrobnyk Expert: GUANGDONG SHUNDE TALENT IMP. & EXP.CO., LTD.CHINA0UA1252507710.747884.72913
12/Apr/201785122000901.Prylady lighting and visual alarm to agricultural equipment: Tracker probleskovyy, art.87050694-3 unit, left headlight, art.87309029-1 pieces, headlight rights art.87455675-1 units, tractor headlight front right, art.87455672- 1 pc, trademarks, CNH.Krayina vyrobnytstva- IT.Vyrobnyk-CNHI International. .ITALY0UA1101907.319379.5735706
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Track Lighting Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Track Lighting Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ДП із 100% іноземним капіталом ""ЛЕМКЕН-УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
03143, м. Київ, вул. Академіка Заболотного, б.150-Г, офіс 112м. Київ, Україна
Exporter Name LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG
Product Description
"1.Mashyny agriculture, for the preparation or pro.........
HS Code 8432301900Value 95745.81994
Quantity 1Unit UA100110
Net Weight 10938
Origin Country GERMANY

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