Ukraine Import Data of Toys Train | Ukraine Import Statistics of Toys Train

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of toys train collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of toys train imports.

Toys Train Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Toys Train

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201795030030001.Ihrashkovi electric trains and railroads, with or without batteries, no radio, only 5000 pieces. Trademark TOYS, HAISHUTOYS, PLAY SMARTPHONE. Manufacturer SYNERGY TRADING COMPANY LIMITED. Country of CN. .CHINA0UA5000103207.7512895.19986 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/201795030030001.Ihrashkovi electric trains and railroads, with or without batteries, no radio, only 280 pieces. Trademark BSQ, TOYS. Manufacturer SHANTOU HUADA TOYS IMP. & EXP.TRADING CO., LTD. Country of CN. .CHINA0UA500010381.931535.400023
19/Apr/20175609000000"1.Aksesuary pet, scratching as pieces of rope made of natural raw wound on wooden plate, in the range: Toys for dogs uhvatka 25 cm / o 4 cm, textile, 3295, art.003295-48sht; Toys for dogs uhvatka 30 cm / o 6 cm, textile, 3296, art.003296-24sht; Uhvatka for training dogs, jute, 25 cm, 3297, art.003297-48sht; Uhvatka for training dogs, jute, 60? 7 cm, 3298, art.003298-24sht; Dryapka cat Scratchy, 48? 5? 13 cm, sisal, 4327, art.004327-6sht; Dryapka cat Parla, 62 cm, beige, sisal, 43331, art.0043331 -16sht; Dryapka cat Parla, 62 cm, gray, sisal, 43332, art.0043332-8sht, hundred pchyk for dryapky, o 9/40 cm, sisal, 43991, art.0043991-16sht; Column for dryapky, o 9/50 cm, sisal, 43992, art.0043992-16sht; Column for dryapky, o 9/60 cm sisal, 43993, art.0043993-32sht; column for dryapky, o 9/70 cm, sisal, 43994, art.0043994-32sht, cat toy mouse in the house 16 * 10cm, sisal, 4537, art.004537-36sht; Ball toy for cats and brightly-helix 4, 5 cm, 4570, art.004570-8sht; Toy cat with mouse shpatahu 5 cm, 45758, art.0045758-24sht, Ball toy for cats striped syzalevyy 4.5 cm, 45805, art.0045805-8sht; Toy for cats Mouse 5 cm, sisal, 45808, art.0045808-8sht; Toy for birds Ring rope 24 cm, 5159, art.005159-24sht; Swing for birds 37cm rope? 16mm, 5160, art.005160-24sht; Toy for birds Ring rope 25cm, 5166, art.005166-24sht; Rope Toy for birds 60cm / o 23 mm, 5168, art.005168-12sht; Toy wood for rodents with rope, 6186, art.006186-48sht, Country of CNTorhovelna mark TRIXIEVyrobnyk Trixie Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG "CHINA0UA807170255.012716.5836983
18/Apr/20179503001000"1. Spare parts for wheeled toys: A train control unit, art. MEVA0061 - 1 unit, control unit Gaucho Super Paver (501 - 2008), art. MEPU 0003 - 1 pc. Manufacturer: Peg Perego SpAKrayina production ITTorhovelna brand Peg Perego. "CHINA0UA1001203.271.44024528
14/Apr/20179503009500"1.Ihrashky children, plastic: plastic helicopter on the battery-600sht; 2520sht-plastic cars, plastic toy microphone-1728sht, Steam plastic on the battery-300sht, Beanbag for carriage -240sht plastic, plastic game -1800sht rings, plastic Train to batareyi- 144sht, plastic plane for battery-grade 480sht.Torhova "" TOYS "". brand "" JIA YU TOY TRADE CO, LTD "", the country made in China, (CN).. "CHINA0UA5001001165.44685.690169
14/Apr/20179503009500"1.Ihrashky plastic without engine, without engine -ihrashka" "Pinwheel" "- 168sht; -ihrashka training" "Board knowledge" "Plastics - 60sht; -kaleydoskop - 60sht; Machines - 36sht; Machines 24sht.v packing. - 72upak; -mylni bubbles in the case of plastic packing 12sht.v. - 120upak; -bryazkaltse, plastic packing 6sht.v. - 24upak; -ratsiya plastic engine without the battery - 120sht; -fen on the battery (without batteries ) - 108sht; -kulka-skipjack of polymer material - 24sht; -kulka-skipjack of polymer material 12sht.v packing. - 120upak, brand: JIA YU TOY TRADE CO., LTD.Torhovelna brand: JIA YU TOYSKrayina production and China (CN). "CHINA0UA500100549.052207.359986
13/Apr/20179503003000"1. Plastic toys (running on batteries, batteries included) Art .: 12151" "train" "net net weight 1,29kh / 120sht., 31537," "train" "clean vahanetto 0,59kh / 240sht. Trademark - KEENWAY.Krayina production - China CN.Vyrobnyk - KEENWAY INDUSTRIES LTD.. "CHINA0UA500100296.391487.999923
13/Apr/20179503007000"1. Toys in sets and kits: Sister Barbie with her puppy al. (3) Update. Art. DMB29 - 30 pcs, original train set '' Motorized plastic series" "" "Thomas and Friends" "Art. DFM49 - 32 pieces, set "" Coal bunker / waterwheel "" "" Thomas and friends "" art. DVF71 - 32 pc; track '' deluxe '' in the ass. "" Thomas and friends "" art. DVF74 - 98 pieces; Musical snail art. 71922 - 120 pieces; Mobile with remote control "" Dream of butterfly "" Fisher-Price art. CDN41 - 120 pieces; Toys for drawing "" crocodile "" Fisher-Price art. CDC48 - 120 pieces; Pocket track " "Racing" "Hot Wheels art. CKJ08 - 20 pieces, set Game" "Rescue" "Thomas & Friends art . DFM64 - 120 pieces, doll Barbie "" trendy mix '' in Assam. (2) Art. DJW57 - 120 pieces; Trailer for pets Barbie art. DLY33 - 2 pieces; toy "" Crocodile "" Fisher-Price Art. DRG34 - 120 pieces; mini doll Barbie series "" Fashion and beauty '' in Assam. (6) art. DTW45 - 1200 pieces; Track Cars with m / f wheelbarrows 3 art. DVT46 - 200 pieces, doll Barbie and her house art . DVV48 - 30 pcs, furniture Barbie in the ass. Art. DVX44 - 60 pieces, Barbie doll with a set of furniture in the ass. Art. DVX51 - 30 pcs; Garage for Heroes m / f "" Cars 3 " 'in Assam. Art. DWB90 - 360 pieces; house of Barbie doll Chelsea art. DWJ50 - 60 pieces, set "" Chelsea and her fabulous ship "" Barbie art. DWP59 - 96 pieces; set of additional accessories and tracks for tracks with container art. DWW95 - 240 pieces; Hot Wheels track with accessories Art. DWW96 - 120 pieces; Furniture Barbie in the ass. Art. DXB69 - 60 pcs, portable package "" Thomas and Friends "" Art. FBB85 - 60 pieces; optional accessory "" Descent spiral '' in Assam. "" Thomas and Friends "" Art. FBC44 - 60 pcs, portable game set in the ass. "" Thomas and Friends "" Art. FBC51 - 4 pieces; Game set of "" Reference to the dump "" "" Thomas and Friends "" Art. FBC58 - 30 pieces, set Game "," Quest in the Jungle "" "" Thomas and Friends "" Art. FBC73 - 24 pieces; Special purpose transport in Assam. Hot Wheels art. FDW70 - 3 pieces, cookie cutters, "" Big, bigger "" Art. W4472 - 60 pcs, Heroes m / f "" Cars 3 " 'in Assam. series "" Crazy Eight "" Art. DYB03 - 1440 pieces, set of three characters m / f "" Cars 3 " 'in Assam. Art. FBG38 - 600 pieces; house Barbie art. DVV47 - 30 pc; pad "" Monkey "" Fisher-Price Art. DYC85 - 60 pcs, Game set "" Thomas and Friends "" Art. BDP12 - 4 pieces; mobile "" Funny parrot "" 3 in 1 Fisher-Price Art. CHR11 - 8 pieces, set Game "" Hide from the sharks "" "" Thomas and Friends "" Art. DVT12 - 12 pcs, portable game set in the ass. "" Thomas and Friends "" Art. FBC51 - 56 pieces; Muzychko mat '' machine '' 3 in 1 Fisher-Price Art. DFP07 - 6 pieces; Country of CNTorhovelna MATTELVyrobnyk brand Mattel, Inc. "CHINA0UA1001102208.6833641.02165
13/Apr/20179503001000"1. Toys on wheels from plastic:" KIDS TRAINING BIKE "" Art.3PW1673700-6pcs. Producer: KTM MOTORRAD AG Trademark: KTM. "CHINA0UA10011031.2263.3400297
13/Apr/20175609000000"1.Aksesuary pet, scratching as pieces of rope made of natural raw wound on wooden plate, in the range: dog toys ball with rope o 8 cm / 38 cm, 32646, art.0032646-36sht; dog toys ball with two ropes, o 8 cm / 54 cm, 32647, art.0032647-24sht, dog toys Denta Fun ball-rope with rope 7cm / 44sm, rubber, 32650, art.0032650-24sht , dog toys Ring rope 14 cm, 32655, art.0032655-24sht, dog toys dumbbell-rope 20cm / 220hr, 32656, art.0032656-96sht, Game rope dog ball 36 cm, 3267, art .003267-48sht, Game rope dog 15cm / 25gr, 3270, art.003270-1152sht; Game rope dog 20cm / 50g, 3271, art.003271-1152sht, Game rope dog 37cm / 300hr, 3273, art.003273-432sht, Game rope dog with 2 nodes 54sm / 360hr, 3274, art.003274 -216sht, Game rope dog with the 1st loop and knot 60cm / 500g, 3275, art.003275-216sht, Game rope dog 40cm / 470hr, 3276, art.003276-144sht, Game rope dog ring 30cm / 35 0gr, 3277, art.003277-72sht; Game rope dog 35cm / 280hr, 3278, art.003278-144sht; Game rope for dogs with 1st node 70cm / 270hr, 3279, art.003279-48sht, Game rope dog ball and a plastic handle 50 cm, 3280, art.003280-144sht; Toys for dogs uhvatka 25 cm / o 4 cm, textile, 3295, art.003295-24sht, dog toys, uhvatka 30 cm / o 6 cm, textile, 3296, art.003296-12sht; Uhvatka to train dogs , jute, 25 cm, 3297, art.003297-96sht; Uhvatka for training dogs, jute, 60? 7 cm, 3298, art.003298-12sht, Country of CNTorhovelna mark TRIXIEVyrobnyk Trixie Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG "CHINA0UA807170670.3441901.11086
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Toys Train Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Toys Train Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Product Description
1.Ihrashkovi electric trains and railroads, with o.........
HS Code 9503003000Value 12895.19986
Quantity 0Unit UA500010
Net Weight 3207.75
Origin Country CHINA

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