Ukraine Import Data of Toy Bird | Ukraine Import Statistics of Toy Bird

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of toy bird collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of toy bird imports.

Toy Bird Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Toy Bird

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of toy bird. Get Ukraine trade data of Toy Bird imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
26/Apr/20174016930090"1. Vulcanite neporystoyihumy, rubber seals and komplektyuschilnyuvachiv with the framework and zatyskachamydlya prokladtsikabeliv at Roxtec. The rubber gasket RM 60RM00100601000 -48sht .; Rubber uschilnyuvachz clamp R 200 Galve. SitkoyuR000002001018 of -12sht. (Each comprising: a clamp with rubber gasket with mesh 1pc., synthetic oil for zmaschuvannyauschilnyuvachiv under construction, 25 ml tube -1sht. set for attaching -1sht., assembly instruction -1sht.) set ComSeal LW12 / 12 108 020 -60sht. (each comprising: a metal frame of the clip - 1pc., humovyyuschilnyuvach EM 20w40 -6sht., synthetic oil for the lubrication of seals prymontazhu, 25ml tube - 1pc., Assembly instruction -1sht., mounting kit, 1pc.) uschilnyuvachz Rubber Wedge clamp 120mm in Galve for th ARW0001201018-10sht. (each comprising: a rubber gasket on clip -1sht., syntetychnemastylo to lubricate seals during installation, 25ml tube - 1pc., zmontazhu instructions - 1 pc., plastic retainer -1sht.) Rubber Shield clamp ilnyuvach of R75 W Ex AISI316 / primed EXWR00000752112 -2sht. (Each comprising: a rubber clamp uschilnyuvachz -1sht., Steel sleeve -1sht., Synthetic oil for zmaschuvannyauschilnyuvachiv under construction, 25 ml tube - 1pc., Assembly instruction -1sht., Nabirdlya installation -1sht.). The trade mark "" ROXTEC " ".Vyrobnyk:" "Roxtec International AB" ". Country of origin: SE."SWEDEN0UA12510091.592838.847887 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
22/Apr/201740149000901. Toys plasmasovi polymer materials (without engine): 2/217 Cutters for the eight teeth sht.2 288/221 Cutters for teeth Delfin sht.2 576/242 Cutters for teeth Sleeping Bear sht.2 288/812 Cutters for teeth bicolor Fruits sht.2 288/830 Cutters for dental Figures 288 sht.Vyrobnyk: Bebe Toys & Accessories Mfty, CN for Canpol, PL Trade mark: Canpol babies74 / 015 Cutters for dental Bird sht.74 72/016 Cutters for teeth Owl 144 items .74 / 017 Cutters for teeth Penguin 72 sht.Vyrobnyk: Ningbo Raffini Import & Export Co. Ltd, CN for Canpol, PL Trade mark: Canpol babies.CHINA0UA2050901161223.254303
20/Apr/20175609000000"1.Accessories for pets: a cigarette in the form of segments of the rope from natural raw materials, wound on a wooden plate, in the range: Toy for birds Ribbon 19 cm, 5158, art.005158-48pcs; Swing for birds rope 66cm? 18mm, 5161, art.005161-48p; Swing for birds, rope 75cm and 30mm, 5162, art.005162-48pcs; Country of production CNToriginal brand TRIXIE Producer Trixie Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG. "CHINA0UA80717046.128129.64794
20/Apr/20174421909800"1.Vyroby animal-based wood (in combination with twine and other materials), not fiber boards in stock: Ladder for birds syzaleva wooden staircase 40 cm, 5186, art.005186-24sht, Ladder for birds wooden 24 cm, 5812, art.005812-120sht, wooden bird Ladder 30 cm, 5814, art.005814-144sht, Swing for birds wooden 12h13,5 cm, 5821, art.005821-48sht; Swing for birds double bell with 12? 20 cm, wood, 5822, art.005822-24sht, Swing for birds arc 10,5h22,5 cm, wood, 5826, art.005826-48sht, Swing for birds with a bell 12? 13 cm, wood, 5830, art.005830-96sht; Toy for Wooden parrots 40 cm, 5870, art.005870-72sht; Zherdynka Y-shaped bird natural wood 20cm / 15mm, 5876, art.005876-24sht, wooden bird Ladder 30 cm, 5880, art.005880- 24sht, wooden toy for parrots with Loofah and bell 33 cm, 58968, art.0058968-24sht, Country of CNTorhovelna mark TRIXIEVyrobnyk Trixie Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG. "CHINA0UA80717030.408140.1810022
20/Apr/20173926400000"1.Dekoratyvni plastic in a variety of animals, plants, and animals for aquariums in stock: Stick cat toy with feathers 50 cm, plastic, 4550, art.004550-360sht, toys for cats and sticks with butterfly 45 cm pen, 45733, art.0045733-24sht, cat toy Stick with butterfly and ball 54 cm, 45741, art.0045741-48sht, Toy parrot with a bell on a chain for birds 9 cm plastic 5309, art.005309 -48sht, Toy parrot bird with a cargo of 12, 5 cm, plastic, 5311, art.005311-96sht, bird toy parrot with a load of 15 cm, 5312, art.005312-96sht, Country of CNTorhovelna ma pKa TRIXIEVyrobnyk Trixie Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG. "CHINA0UA80717020.32858.95117654
19/Apr/201795030035001.Ihrashky plastic that are based designers kolorovyhblokiv, wheels, figures of people, animals, birds and other parts which are connected between themselves on thorns, and can help you make all things: 10845 Moyapersha carousel LEGO DUPLO art . 6174755 -6sht. 10,816 My first car tavantazhivky LEGO DUPLO art. 6137256 -12sht. 10813 Big maydanchykLEGO DUPLO building art. 6138011 -2sht. 60 101 cargo plane at the airport in LEGO CITY art.6135708 -6sht. My first 10,816 cars and trucks LEGO DUPLO art. 6137256 -3sht.10818 My First LEGO DUPLO truck art. 6137264 -4sht. 10845 pershakarusel My LEGO DUPLO art. 6174755 -3sht. 10847 Train from LEGO DUPLO figures art.6174759 -4sht. 10848 My First LEGO DUPLO bricks art. 6174761 -3sht. Moyipershi 10,816 cars and trucks LEGO DUPLO art. 6137256 -12sht. 10810 DUPLO Toy poyizdLEGO art. 6138001 -2sht. 70366 Lance in combat suit LEGO NEXO KNIGHTSart. 6175171 -6sht. My first 10,816 cars and trucks LEGO DUPLO art. 6137256-8sht. 10590 Airport LEGO DUPLO art. 6101283-3sht. 10,592 Fire Truck LEGO DUPLO art. 6101232 -4sht. 10810 Ihrashkovyypoyizd LEGO DUPLO art. 6138001 -2sht. Box 10696 LEGO bricks for LEGO CLASSIC tvorchohokonst art. 6102211 -4sht. 10845 My First LEGO DUPLO carousel art.6174755 -3sht. My first 10,816 cars and trucks LEGO DUPLO art. 6137256 -8sht.10845 My First LEGO DUPLO carousel art. 6174755 -3sht. 10,816 My first car tavantazhivky LEGO DUPLO art. 6137256 -12sht. 10811 Backhoe LEGODUPLO art. 6138004 -4sht. 42057 ultralight helicopter LEGO TECHNIC art. 6175661-6sht. 70366 Lance in combat suit LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6175171 -6sht. 10816Moyi first cars and trucks LEGO DUPLO art. 6137256 -3sht. 10818 pershavantazhivka My LEGO DUPLO art. 6137264 -4sht. 10845 My First LEGO DUPLOart carousel. 6174755 -3sht. Train 10847 LEGO DUPLO figures of art. 6174759 -4sht. 10848Moyi first LEGO DUPLO bricks art. 6174761 -3sht. 10,816 My first car tavantazhivky LEGO DUPLO art. 6137256 -12sht. 10810 Toy Train LEGO DUPLO art.6138001 -2sht. My first 10,816 cars and trucks LEGO DUPLO art. 6137256 -3sht.10818 My First LEGO DUPLO truck art. 6137264 -4sht. 10845 pershakarusel My LEGO DUPLO art. 6174755 -3sht. 10847 Train from LEGO DUPLO figures art.6174759 -4sht. 10848 My First LEGO DUPLO bricks art. 6174761 -3sht. 10845 Moyapersha carousel LEGO DUPLO art. 6174755 -3sht. 10,816 My first car tavantazhivky LEGO DUPLO art. 6137256 -12sht. 10572 Universal set DUPLOVesela LEGO DUPLO LEGO box art. 6059072-2sht. 70366 Lance in combat suit LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6175171 -6sht. 10816Moyi first cars and trucks LEGO DUPLO art. 6137256 -8sht. 60101 Vantazhnyylitak CITY Airport LEGO art. 6135708 -6sht. 10845 My first roundabout LEGODUPLO art. 6174755 -3sht. My first 10,816 cars and trucks LEGO DUPLO art.6137256 -8sht. 10572 Universal set LEGO DUPLO LEGO Fun box DUPLOart. 6059072-2sht. 10808 airplane LEGO DUPLO art. 6137996-4sht. 10833 Preparing for shkoHUNGARY0UA1251902309.90730702.92899
19/Apr/20176307909800"1.Hotovi textiles for animals of various forms and prescriptions in stock: beds for dogs" "Relax," "70x60 cm, textiles, textile, 2855, art.002855-6sht, lager cat" "Mijou" "48h37 cm muzzle cat cream, textiles, 28632, art.0028632-10sht, dirty paw pad, 100 x 70 cm, beige, 28656, art.0028656-6sht, dog mat, 75 x 70 cm, textiles, gray, 28662, art .0028662-6sht, Bath Dirt dogs 80 * 55cm, brown with quotes, textile, 28665, art.0028665-6sht; Termokylymok dog 100 * 75cm gray, 28672, art.0028672-6sht, dog toys ball with tassels, o 5 cm / 24 cm termoplasna rubber / fleece 33530 , Art.0033530-24sht, dog toys Soccer Ball 11 cm piece of cloth, 3471, art.003471-2sht, Dr. Toy / Dog Hippo mini bright, 14 cm, plush, 34746, art.0034746-24sht, toys etc. / Hippo dog, 22 cm, plush, 34749, art.0034749-24sht, dog toy horse plush 32 cm, 34830, art.0034830-12sht, dog toys Hedgehog plush 17 cm, 34832, art.0034832-24sht, Toy I f dogs Hedgehog plush 37 cm long, 34,833, art.0034833-12sht, Toy Rat dog plush 26 cm, 34835, art.0034835-12sht, toy dogs ankle zhdya "" Happy Catch "" plush rope at 30 cm 35713 , art.0035713-24sht, dog toys Moose 23 cm, plush, 35752, art.0035752-12sht; Games for dogs plush giraffe 33 cm 35,765, art.0035765-24sht, dog toy plush pet with ropes, 28 cm, 3578, art.003578-6sht, Cat Toys Mouse plush 33 cm, 35793, art.0035793-12sht , dog toys 42cm plush chicken aportyrovochna / textile, 35801, art.0035801-12sht, Toy Penguin with a plastic bottle of plush / fabric 26 cm, 35802, art.0035802-12sht, chicken dog toys plush / fabric 47 cm, 35803, art.0035803-12sht, toy dog ​​paw ankle with 26 cm plush / textile, 35804, art.0035804-24sht, dog toys Beetle 38cm with rope, textile, 35805, art.0035805-12sht, dog toys deer plush 21 cm 35811 , Art.0035811-24sht; toy duck with sound, plush / fabric rope, 15 cm, 35 812, art.0035812-24sht, toy dog ​​Tiger 20 cm, plush, 35814, art.0035814-12sht, dog toys " "dog," "17 cm, with ropes, plush, 3582, art.003582-16sht, dog toy sheep plush 30 cm, 35838, art.0035838-12sht, dog toys Vislyuchok fabric / plush 55 cm, 35 839, art. 0035839-12sht, Bear toy for dogs 32 cm, colored, plush, 35852, art.0035852-12sht, toy dog ​​Mouse, 17 cm, plush, 35861, art.0035861-24sht; set of toys for dogs "" Longies "" plush 35 cm (4 pcs.), 35872, art.0035872-12sht, hippopotamus toy for dogs 32 cm (1 pc.) 35894, art.0035894-12sht; Ihrash Dog and Rabbit plush 15 cm, 3590, art.003590-12sht, plush toy Bird Neck 24 cm, 35911, art.0035911-24sht, Dr. Toy / Dog Bober, 40 cm, plush, 35918, art.0035918-24sht; Toy Fox plush dog with rope 34 cm, 35919, art.0035919-24sht, toy dog ​​shaggy sheep plush 21 cm, 35933, art.0035933-12sht, Raccoon dog toys plush 21 cm, 35942, art.0035942-12sht , wolf dog toys 20cm plush, 35946, art.0035946-8 "CHINA0UA807170574.8971811.330015
19/Apr/20173926400000"1.Dekoratyvni plastic in a variety of animals, plants, and animals for aquariums, in the range: Toys for dogs Soft & Strong ball on a rope, o 6 cm / 26 cm, Orange, 33516, art.0033516- 48sht, dog toys 'Push to mute rugby ball, 12 cm / 27 cm, orange / blue, 33550, art.0033550-24sht, dog toys' Push to mute ball on a rope, o 7 cm / 22 cm, orange / blue, 33551, art.0033551-24sht, dog toys 'Push to mute stick on the rope 20 cm / 35 cm ,,, orange / blue, 33552, art.0033552-24sht, dog toys M' ball-hedgehog backlit Silent 5cm, 33640, art.0033640-96sht, dog toys hedgehog ball-Be Sound 8 cm, 33651, art.0033651-48sht, Toy Dog Ball-hedgehog Silent 12 cm, 33652, art.0033652-24sht, dog toys ball, o 22 cm, 33672, art.0033672- 8 pieces, dog toys set plastic balls with bells (4 pcs.), 4521, art.004521-96sht, cat toy Stick with bird feathers and 50 cm, 45289, art.0045289-48sht, Toys for cats A bird with feathers, plush, 8 cm, 45765, art.0045765-24sht, Toys for cats feather Wobble, o 5 x 14 cm, interactive, with feathers, 46013, art.0046013-24sht, bell Toy for birds plastic rings to 25 cm, 5235, art.005235-144sht, Beanbag Toy for birds, plastic 4 cm, 5335, art.005335-96sht, Ca. invillage for birds 10cm plastic 5355, art.005355-48sht, Plastic Ball bird 4, 5 cm, 5360, art.005360-72sht; Toy Drive for rodents racing, 17 cm, 60 811, art.0060811- 12p; Kolesodlya rodents plastic on metal stand 16 cm, 60822, art.0060822-24sht, Scenery aquarium Grotto stairs with 16? 12? 15 cm, 76194, art.0076194-6sht, Scenery aquarium Cave 16? 7? 11 cm, 76210, art .0076210-6sht, scenery aquarium Broken plane 35 cm, 8707, art.008707-4sht, scenery Coral reef aquarium 29 cm, 8708, art.008708-12sht, scenery aquarium crocodile skull is 14 cm, 8712, art.008712-12sht; scenery aquarium crocodile 26 cm, 8716, art.008716-16sht, scenery aquarium fish Nemo 12? 10 cm, 8717, art.008717-12sht, scenery aquarium Submarina 19 cm, 8740, art.008740-12sht, scenery aquarium Submarina 51 cm , 8742, AR .008742-6sht, Scenery aquarium broken ship 32 cm, 8743, art.008743-18sht, scenery Broken amphora aquarium 18 cm, 8745, art.008745-18sht, Scenery aquarium Roman Amphora 12 cm, 87800, art.0087800-16sht; scenery aquarium with treasure chest 17 cm, 87813, art.0087813-9sht, scenery aquarium broken ship 23 cm, 87816, art.0087816-6sht, aquarium scenery ship 15 cm, 87818, art.0087818-24sht, scenery aquarium fortress with towers 12 cm, 87820, art.0087820-8sht, scenery aquarium Skull 8-11 cm, 8793, art.008793-12sht, scenery Fortress aquarium 12 cm, 8801, art.008801-12sht, scenery aquarium Roman columns 16 cm, 8803, art.008803-6sht, scenery ruins aquarium 27 cm, 8804, art.008804-6sht, Scenery aquarium coral colored round (4 pieces), 8809, art.008809-30sht, Scenery for reptiles 21.5 Deck cm, 8828, art.008828-6sht, scenery Coral aquarium 12 cm, 8838, art.008838 "CHINA0UA807170270.501784.4530513
19/Apr/20175609000000"1.Aksesuary pet, scratching as pieces of rope made of natural raw wound on wooden plate, in the range: Toys for dogs uhvatka 25 cm / o 4 cm, textile, 3295, art.003295-48sht; Toys for dogs uhvatka 30 cm / o 6 cm, textile, 3296, art.003296-24sht; Uhvatka for training dogs, jute, 25 cm, 3297, art.003297-48sht; Uhvatka for training dogs, jute, 60? 7 cm, 3298, art.003298-24sht; Dryapka cat Scratchy, 48? 5? 13 cm, sisal, 4327, art.004327-6sht; Dryapka cat Parla, 62 cm, beige, sisal, 43331, art.0043331 -16sht; Dryapka cat Parla, 62 cm, gray, sisal, 43332, art.0043332-8sht, hundred pchyk for dryapky, o 9/40 cm, sisal, 43991, art.0043991-16sht; Column for dryapky, o 9/50 cm, sisal, 43992, art.0043992-16sht; Column for dryapky, o 9/60 cm sisal, 43993, art.0043993-32sht; column for dryapky, o 9/70 cm, sisal, 43994, art.0043994-32sht, cat toy mouse in the house 16 * 10cm, sisal, 4537, art.004537-36sht; Ball toy for cats and brightly-helix 4, 5 cm, 4570, art.004570-8sht; Toy cat with mouse shpatahu 5 cm, 45758, art.0045758-24sht, Ball toy for cats striped syzalevyy 4.5 cm, 45805, art.0045805-8sht; Toy for cats Mouse 5 cm, sisal, 45808, art.0045808-8sht; Toy for birds Ring rope 24 cm, 5159, art.005159-24sht; Swing for birds 37cm rope? 16mm, 5160, art.005160-24sht; Toy for birds Ring rope 25cm, 5166, art.005166-24sht; Rope Toy for birds 60cm / o 23 mm, 5168, art.005168-12sht; Toy wood for rodents with rope, 6186, art.006186-48sht, Country of CNTorhovelna mark TRIXIEVyrobnyk Trixie Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG "CHINA0UA807170255.012716.5836983
19/Apr/20174421909800"1.Vyroby animal-based wood (in combination with twine and other materials), not fiber boards in stock: Ladder for birds syzaleva wooden staircase 85 cm, 5187, art.005187-24sht; Toy for birds Ring rope with a bell 34cm? 7,5sm, 5188, art.005188-24sht; Toy for parrots multykolor wooden 30 cm, 5195, art.005195-48sht, wooden crossbar for birds (4 pcs.) 35cm? 12mm, 5515, art.005515-24sht, wooden crossbar for birds (4 pcs.) 35cm? 10-12mm, 5520, art.005520-24sht, the bar for birds 45cm / o 10ta 12 mm 2? 2 pieces wooden, 5521, art.005521-24sht, bird feeder s Dowa "" Natura "" 30? 28? 18.5 cm 5568, art.005568-6sht, bird feeder garden "" Natura "" 47 * 40 * 36cm / 1,4m on Legs, 5576, art.005576 -1sht, Ladder-tree wood bird 27 * 13 cm, 5801, art.005801-12sht, wooden bird Ladder 20 cm, 5811, art.005811-72sht, wooden bird Ladder 36 cm 5815, art.005815-72sht, wooden bird Ladder 45 cm, 5818, art.005818-24 items, Swing for birds arc 8h15 cm, wood, 5825, art.005825-144sht; Swing for birds arc 27h15 cm, wood, 5827, art.005827-48sht; Swing wooden bird colored 13? 19 cm, 5828, art.005828-24sht; Swing wooden bird colored 20h29 cm, 5829, art.005829-24sht, Swing for birds ring 15 cm, wood, 5836, art.005836-24sht; Zherdynka bird natural wood 2 pcs. 35cm / 10-12mm, 5875, art.005875-24sht; Zherdynka Y-shaped bird natural wood 35cm / 18mm 5877, art.005877-72sht, wooden bird Ladder 26 cm, 5879, art.005879-24sht, bird toy triangle 16 * 16 * 16cm, wood, 5882 , art.005882-24sht; Swing for birds Wooden, 27? 27? 27cm, 5883, art.005883-12sht; Toy for parrots wood with ropes, 35 cm, 58 844, art.0058844-24sht; Toy for parrots wood with ropes, 45 cm, 58 845, art.0058845-12sht, bird perch with rope, 20cm / 23mm, wood, 5888, art.005888-24sht; Zherdynka bird natural wood with ropes 25cm / 25mm, 5889, art.005889-48sht, Swing for birds wooden 22h29 cm, 5891, art.005891-24sht, bird cake with a wooden toy and a bell 16 cm, 58951, art.0058951-72sht; Toy for wooden parrots multykolor 31 cm, 58963, art.0058963-12sht, wooden toy for parrots multykolor on the rope 35 cm, 58986, art.0058986-24sht, home hamsters 10? 10.5? 11 cm tree, 60751, art.0060751-12sht, Ladder rodent 27.5 * 7 cm, wooden, 61 06 art.006106-24sht; tunnel for rodents, hay, o 6? 20 cm, 6130, art.006130-48sht, hamsters home "" Hendrik "" 15? 12? 11 cm, wood, 6171, art.006171-12sht, home rodent "" Jesper "" 32? 21 5? 13 cm, wood, 62044, art.006173-8sht, home hryzuna'Bjork '15 * 15 * 16cm, wood, 6176, art.006176-12sht, Dr. Toy / hamsters roller 5? 7 cm, tree , 6184, art.006184-96sht, Ball bell with wooden 6cm, 6187, art.006187-128sht, Games for rodents "" wooden Fun "" (3 pcs.), wood, 6190, art.006190-24sht , home rodent "" Finn, "" 13? 20? 20,5 cm, wood, 6203, art.006203-6sht, House for rodent "" Jesper "" 22? 15? 10 "CHINA0UA807170244.7661128.371252
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Toy Bird Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Toy Bird Importer Sample

Date 26/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Рокстек УА"""
Importer Address
04050, м.Київ, вул.Мельникова, 12 Україна
Exporter Name """Roxtec International AB"""
Product Description
"1. Vulcanite neporystoyihumy, rubber seals and ko.........
HS Code 4016930090Value 2838.847887
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 91.59
Origin Country SWEDEN

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