Ukraine Import Data of Towel Rack | Ukraine Import Statistics of Towel Rack

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of towel rack collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of towel rack imports.

Towel Rack Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Towel Rack

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of towel rack. Get Ukraine trade data of Towel Rack imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
26/Apr/201783025000001. Bathroom accessories, holders of precious metals: Holder 28797001-1sht shower Rainshower 600mm. Towel Essentials 40365001-3sht. Rainshower shower arm 27488000-1sht. 27711000-1sht.Vyrobnyk bracket shower Rainshower GROHE Shanghai Sanitary Products Co.Ltd. Country of CNTorhovelna GROHE brand.CHINA0UA1002105160.5041666 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/201739233010001. Bathroom accessories, holders of precious metals: Holder 28797001-1sht shower Rainshower 600mm. Towel Essentials 40365001-3sht. Rainshower shower arm 27488000-1sht. 27711000-1sht.Vyrobnyk bracket shower Rainshower GROHE Shanghai Sanitary Products Co.Ltd. Country of CNTorhovelna GROHE brand.CHINA12UA1000501.3729.826886691
24/Apr/201761143000001.Kriplennya and similar products of base metal: (not mistyatradioobladnannya) TOWEL RAIL Towel art.SCPC40 - 2 pcs. FIXING SET KOMPLEKTKRIPLEN art.FI019 - 1pc. SHOWER ARM Holder showerheads art.86018028 - 1sht.HANDLE Handles for shower doors art.KDM03AUL - 2 pcs. HAND SHOWER HOLDER TRYMACHRUCHNOHO art.F2093CR.RU SOUL - 1pc. SHOWER ARM Holder showerheads art.DOCC PA RI 0 1 - 2 pcs. SHOWER ARM Holder showerheads art.BRACDOCQR 0 1 -2sht. HOOK Hook art.52011.29 - 8 pieces. HOOK Hook art.5208.29 - 5pcs. RAILTRYMACH art.5212.29 TOWEL Towels - 4 pieces. TOWEL RAIL Towel art.52814.29 - 6sht.TOWEL RAIL Towel art.52921.29 - 1pc. TOWEL RAIL Holder RUShNYKAart.52926.29 - 1pc. HOOK Hook art.52938.29 - 2 pcs. ROLL HOLDER PAPERUart.53064.29 Holder - 2 pcs. ROLL HOLDER paper holder art.53065.29 - 2 pcs. PAPER ROLL HOLDERTRYMACH art.52908.29 - 1pc. HAND SHOWER BRACKET Holder LIYKYart.BNBRACBR05 - 5pcs. HAND SHOWER BRACKET Holder LIYKYart.AWELL00138 / 4 # 209 --- STD - 2sht.Torhoveln a mark - GLOBOVyrobnyk - CERAMICA GLOBO SPASRI LANKA0UA1001100.92748.72819063
20/Apr/201739263000901. Part for the brand'SKODA ': Plastic splash, art .: 5E0821821A 9B9-3 pieces. Plastic brass, art.: 5E0821822A 9B9-3pcs. Backsplash rear plastic (tint, 2 pc.), Art .: 3V0075101-5pcs. Front plastic brizzlin (kt 2 pcs.), Art .: 5E0075111-50pcs. Front plastic brassieres, towel (2pcs.), Art .: KEA800001-7pcs. Plastic blanket, art .: 5JA861369B 9B9-5 st. The reflector of airflow on the plastic radiator, art .: 1Z0121283B-5pcs. The reflector of the flow of air to the plastic radiator, art .: 1Z0121284B-5sht. The reflector of the flow of air to the plastic radiator, art .: 5J0121284-3 st. The reflector of the stream of air on Plastic radiator Art.: 5JA121283C-5pc. Reflector for air flow to the radiator, art .: 1Z0121285D-3pc. Reflector for air flow to the radiator, art .: 1Z0121285F-2pcs. Plastic emblem, art .: 5J0853621A AUL-5pcs. Plastic emblem, art .: 6V0853621A FOD-2pcs. Plastic bumper plug, art.: 5E5807441 GRU-2pcs. Shaft end of body, Art .: 3T0825961-10pcs. Shaft of body bottom, Art .: 3T0825962-10pcs. Spring spring, Art .: 5J0853139-2pcs Spring press, art .: 5J0853139A-2шт.Ковпак колес пластический, art .: 5E0601147C Z31-10шт.Костав колец пластический, art .: 5E0601147D Z31-20шт.Коставка колес пластиковый, арт.: 5JA601147A Z31-10шт.Роблинг багажника shelf , Art .: 5J6867377D-2s Clip of the side mirror plastic, art .: 1U0837993 47H-2pcs. Crash niche of passenger airbag, Art.: 5J1880261B 47H-2pcs. Cushion of headlight washer, Art .: 5E0955109A GRU-1pc. Crash washer of plastic headlights, art .: 5E0955110A GRU-1pc. Bracket-guiding compartment for trinkets of the luggage compartment, art .: 5J9861346C-2pcs. Decorative plaster bumper insert, art .: 1U6807423B 01C-1pc. Decorative plaster bumper insert, art .: 1Z5807423 B41-2st. , Art.: 5JA881317A 9B9-1. Note for the seat frame, Art .: 5JA881318 9B9-1. Body body threshold, Art .: 3U5853898C B41-2n. Handle lever tab I have a check point plastic, an art .: 5L0798117-3 pieces. The tab of a plastic luggage rack handle, art .: 1Z0827574C-2шт.Накладки on thresholds plastic, to-t, art .: KDA600001-1шт.Плущик локера arches of a wheel, art .: 1U0810974- 1pc. Lacquer polisher wheel arches, art .: 1Z0809958B-1pc. Frame plaster grille, art .: 3U0853663 GRU-3pcs. Straight track plastic, art .: 5J9867146A 47H-3pcs. Plasma radiator ribbon, art .: 6V0853653A 9B9-2pcs .Spayer of plastic bumper, art .: 5JH807521-2шт.Тримач of a bag and a phone, an art .: 000087811C-1шт.Опор plastic a hood, an Art.: 1U0823570A-40шт.Торжовая mark 'SKODA AUTO AS'Producer' SKODA AUTO AS'Крайна Production facilities Tva CZCZECH REPUBLIC0UA20404054.6331559.334458
20/Apr/20178302419000"1.Function for use in the production of sectional gates: lining support art.AYPC.C48.0901M-600 pc. Towel art.AYPC.150.0757-600 pc. Positive fastening impost art.AYPC.W62.0951-800 pc. Positive mount Imposta Art.AYPC.W62.0951-01-3681 pcs. Positive fastening impost art.AYPC.W62.0951-03-420 pc. Pivot angle art.AYPC.C48.0937-60 pc. Pivot corner art.AYPC.C48 .0940-38 pc. Pivotal angle art.AYPC.W62.0952-2400 pc. Pivot angle art.AYPC.W62.0952-01-1000 pc. Pivot angle art.AYPC.W62.0952-02-800 pc. Angular art.AYPC.W62.0952-03-1500 pcs. Angle angle art.AYPC.W62.0953-2400 pcs. Angle art.AYPC.W62.0953-01-3800 pcs. Angle angle art.AYPC.W62.0953-02-3500 pc. Pivotal angle art.AYPC.W62.0953-03-1520 pc. Pivot angle art.AYPC.W62.0954-1200 pc. Pivot angle art.AYPC.W62.0954-02 -140 pc. Pivotal angle art.AYPC.W62.0954-03-70 pc. Pivotal angle art.AYPC.W62.0955-02-300 pc. Pivot angle art.AYPC.W62.0957-21400 pc. Pivot corner art .AYPC.W62.0954-04-200 pcs. Angle art.AYPC.W62.0954-05-350 pcs. Angle art.AYPC.W62.0962-06-8 pcs. Angle art.AYPC.W62. 0953-04-60 Pieces 100 Art.AYPC.150.0705 / 01-300 Pieces 150 Art.AYPC.150.0706 / 01-1200 Pieces. Art.AYPC.150.1715-2850 Pieces. Bracket 100х215 Art.AYPC.150.0702 -03 / 1-38 pc. Bracket 100x255 art.AYPC.150.0702-04 / 1-68 pc. Bracket 100x255 art.AYPC.150.0702-04-408 pc. Bracket 170x145 Art.AYPC.150.0750-288 pc. Bracket 60x135 art.AYPC.150.0701-01-1280 pc. Support art.AYPC.F50.2903-04-72 pc pad support art.AYPC.F50.0941-400 pc slashes Art.AYPC.150.0753-300 pc. Salads art.AYPC.150.1716-1728 pc. Salads art.AYPC.150.0716-1672 pc.Length 170h184 Art.AYPC.150.0752-324 pc. Trademark AluminTechno Producer SOOO "Aluminum Techno" " Country of manufacture BY "BELARUS0UA1252201994.27513316.77112
18/Apr/201783025000001.Vishalky, shelves and hooks Vano room: AI0010CS hook matt stainless steel 50shtAI0020CS holder, towel rack, matovanerzhaviyucha 5shtAI0060CS steel shelf, matte nerzhaviyuchastal 5 shtVyrobnyk: Mediclinics SAKrayina vyrobnyttstva: CNTorhivelna mark: Mediclinics.CHINA0UA1000105.3393.166761
13/Apr/201773249000901.Obladnannya sanitary-technical, towel rack with black metalivVyrobnyk not known trademark absent, Country of origin: TR.TURKEY0UA80518023.000111141
07/Apr/201773239300001. Household household productsWaste garbage, warehouse: stainless steel.2723001-MEDLE, capacity 5l-4pcs. Clothes rack (shoulders), composition: stainless steel / plastic card.3979101-BJARKE, for 5 trousers-18pcs. Dispenser for liquid soap , Warehouse: stainless steel / plastikart.2736300-MEDLE, the size is diameter 6 * 17cm-6pcs. Stand for kitchen towels table, warehouse: stainless steel.3948900-PRICE STAR, the size of diameter 14 * 29cm-48pcs. The support for weaver's paper, warehouse : Stainless steel.2742500-MOLIDEN, the size of the diameter is 16 * 55 / 66cm-6pcs. Tub for the toilet, warehouse: stainless steel Stainless steel / polypropylene. 2714300-KOSTA, size 26 * 5 * 20cm-6pcs. Art.2714600-KOSTA, size 26 * 5 * 13cm-6pcs. Trademark JyskCare produced by CN China.CHINA0UA10005029.988128.5032512
01/Apr/20178302500000"1.Furnitura of base metal, not containing radio equipment in itsof: Hook for towels - 120sht, double khachok towel - 280sht, towel rack - 60sht, Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - SHIVyrobnyk - SHUNXIANG INDUSTRIAL LTD."CHINA0UA100050170.91481.200033
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Towel Rack Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Towel Rack Importer Sample

Date 26/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Укрбудмаркет"""
Importer Address
01103 м.Київ б-р Дружби Народів 28-А
Exporter Name Trade International Logistics
Product Description
1. Bathroom accessories, holders of precious metal.........
HS Code 8302500000Value 160.5041666
Quantity 0Unit UA100210
Net Weight 5
Origin Country CHINA

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