Ukraine Import Data of Tooth Washer | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tooth Washer

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of tooth washer collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of tooth washer imports.

Tooth Washer Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tooth Washer

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of tooth washer. Get Ukraine trade data of Tooth Washer imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178703239031"1.Poshkodzhenyy, passenger car, to transport people, used for personal use - 1pc .: stamp - SUBARU model - WRX 2.5L ZhidnoVysnovoku expert №t490 / 17 of 26.04.2017r. Brand, modifications -SubaruWRX STi number body / VIN - JF1VA2V64G9802221 number of the engine - no data typdvyhuna - petrol engine power - 221kVt, environmental regulations - YEVRO5, working on the "" volume cylinder - 2457 cm3, number of seats, including the driver - 5; calendar year - 2015; rikvyhotovlennya model - 2016, axle 4x4. Color - red. Products for zova - sedan.KTZ damaged. According to expert opinion №t490 / 17 of 26.04.2017r., Poshkodzhenita be replaced: front bumper, front bumper grating, napravlyayuchabampera left and right, cover the left and right front bumper, kronshteynvnutrishniy left and right front bumper, bracket front bumper, front bumper lower bracket, front bumper damper assemblies ґratkaradiato Dr. bracket lattice radiator, front bumper protection, hood, hood and right sharnirlivyy, insulation of the engine compartment, hood lock, lock lord ikapota, flexible thrust forward, seal the top lattice radiator uschilnyuvachkapota, facing wing front left and right, hood air intake, air channel central, lamp left and right wing of the front left and right wing front left bottom, cover the upper wing left, pidkrylok perednoholivoho and right wings, facing left front wing, power paneliperedu, front panel assembly, wheel arch left and right, locking panelkolisnoyi arches front left and right, front beam left and right collection, cover spar front left and right panel fairing left, windscreen washer assembly panel front door front left, extension porohalivoho sensor airbags front left and right, airbag vodiyata knees of the driver, the control unit airbags, airbag systems, pasbezpeky left and right, front left drive wheels, radiator cooling vzbori of mounted parts, expansion tank, shroud, krylchatkaventylyatora, engine fan, facing the engine crankshaft pulley shaft wedge belt generator casing toothed belt assembly element povitryanohofiltra, block the front and rear air filter, rubber cushion left andlegal engine, lower engine protection, curtain front engine compartment, zahysnyykozhuh top front, Bank, facing the battery, the alarm high tanyzkoho tone fuse box. Skewed front spars, broken otvirperednoyi left door. In the area of ​​possible damage to hidden defects. Povnyyperelik spare parts, repair work and painting are given in Appendix №1 to conclusion №t490 / 17.Torhovelna Brand: SUBARU.Vyrobnyk: Fuji Heavy Industries.Krayina production: JP. Unloaded from container CAIU8295872. "JAPAN1UA8071901632.938329.999869 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201784829900001.Chastyny ​​bearings, retaining rings, toothed washers. Made of steel. .CHINA0UA20914042.42301.255683
19/Apr/20174016999100"1. Declaration of the goods a significant number of names submitted by one party, in accordance with Article 267 of CCU. Parts of railway equipment, humovokordovyy 360h100 element (4 pieces) Item humovokordovyy 500h130 (8 pieces), of vulcanized rubber nonporous, with a steel cord reinforced polyamide fibers , form: toropodibna is highly elastic coupling detail drive compressor generator installation locomotive designed to transfer a given value of torque between the shaft nespivvisno located in the dynamic mechanisms and kick navantazhennyamy.Shlanh them TЭM2.45.01.023 (6 pieces), hose TЭM2.45.01.024 (6 pieces), hose TЭM2.45.01.195 (4 pieces), sleeves of vulcanised rubber nonporous reinforced with textile materials, with fittings (nut) designed to supply a mixture of air and sand from the sand nozzles system to the point of contact with the wheels of the locomotive rails to increase the ratio zcheplennya.Diafrahma 5TH456.013 (8 pieces) made of vulcanized rubber, solid round shape with the mounting holes are designed to control the diaphragm drive chambers cam switch reverser diesel by the energy of compressed povitrya.Diafrahma 5TH.456.049 (2 pieces) made of vulcanized rubber, solid round shape with the mounting holes designed for actuation air diaphragm mechanism locomotive reverser actuator by the energy of the compressed elastic povitrya.Shayba TЭM2.35.30 .020 (28sht) TЭ10.35.30.016 elastic washer (16sht), consisting of two layers of steel and rubber layer, round, used in spring hanging extinguishing teplovoza.Shayba elastic wave offerings cart rights TЭM1.40.60.138 (124sht) , steel, kiltsep odibna, with a slot (Grover washer), used in locomotive brake lever gear to prevent loosening screws adjusting joints with right-rizblennyam.Zamok door TЭM2.53.01.064 (12p), mechanical lock, steel is used as a locking device door cab locomotive. Flexible shaft B-124-2600 (20pcs) transmission, reversible, consists of a rope in a protective shell, designed to transmit torque from the worm gear for speed to teplovozu.Korpus bearing TЭM2.10.60.122 (1pc) case with iron with holes for ball bearings used as bearing shaft of the cooling fan traction motors teplovozu.Reduktor worm TЭM2.00.20.015 (1pc), with toothed worm gear, part of the drive for speed locomotive designed for transferring rotational Wheel th pair locomotive for speed to that set in the locomotive cab. Typhon 4U24.4.0014.02 membrane (1pc), a metal plate is circular, as part of Typhon (feeder loud sound) used for locomotives; when the compressed air membrane Typhon driven in oscillatory motion and provides hudok.Pult portable TЭM18.70.56.000 (2 pieces) team unit in a metal box with buttons and t "RUSSIA0UA112070457.616006.75866
13/Apr/20177318290090"1.Viroby with metal screws and rings vehicle: Rings" "SECURING PLATE TOOTHED 03" "art.60033034000-4sht.Kiltse stopper" "TAB WASHER" "art.78132018000-3sht.Kiltse stopper" "VALVE SPRING HOLDER "" art.59036036000-2sht.Vyrobnyk: KTM MOTORRAD AGTorhovelna brand: KTM. "AUSTRIA0UA1001100.0626.41956065
11/Apr/20177318220090"1.Chastyny ​​s / g products tehniky- iron deposited without rizby- washers, washer tooth harrow metal art.E-630-15000sht, Brand: McFarlane, trade mark: McFarlane, Country of origin US;."UNITED STATES0UA125120657.797065.369147
11/Apr/20177318220090"1.Chastyny ​​and accessories for agricultural machinery and products without threading of ferrous metals: Washer tooth cultivator art. E-630 -10sht, washer tooth cultivator art. E-630 -10sht;."UNITED STATES0UA110160426.89353279
07/Apr/20178474901000"1.Chastyny ​​to crushing equipment, saddle oporuart. (418620) -2sht., Plate washer art. (905628) -1sht., Plate art. (442.7121-01) -7sht., Traverses sleeve art. (442.9408-01) -6sht., a pair of toothed art. (442.7093-00) -1sht., cone boot art. (1055981159) -3sht., stalevi.torhovelna brand products - "" IBEST "" manufacturer - "" Tianjin Ibest International Trade Co., ltd "" country of-CN. "CHINA0UA1001301144.615232.12747
06/Apr/201784829900001.Chastyny ​​bearings, sealing rings, bushings, toothed washers. Made of steel. .CHINA0UA2091401788.4413543.60563
03/Apr/20178701903900"1. propelled Tractor: Fendt 936 VARIO (Fendt 936 Vario Power Plus G3 Type 953) -1sht, New. Year 2017. Machine number: 953252272, engine number, number TTCD7.8L612008723 cabins: H0B103028. Power 265 kW / 360 hp .s. Fendt 936 VARIO (modification Power Plus G3 Type 953) Basic machine. Standard bezSCR. Fuel filter preview. dvyhunastandartnyy fan cooling system. Planetary rear axle, the execution of 50 km / h. rear GDP flantsevohotypu 540E / 1000. shank GDP 1 3/4 "" 6 - tooth comfortable perednohobalansyra without fixing gear control, rear weights unilateral action, three-point weights kat.4 shvydkozatsep. C ntralnyy Lever 3/2 shvydkozatsep, ball joints 4/3 (1 pair), ball joints 4 (1 pair), ball joint cat. 3/2. cat.3.Hidravlichni Ball Joint Connection 1 / 1-1 / 3 behind UDK . valve 1/4 back, UDK. Highway reverse drain behind. The pump hydraulic system 205 l / min .. Farbuvannyastandartne: cab green, red wheels. The front window of a continuous safety glass, rear window standard. Rear window washer. Super-comfort operator seat zpnevmatychnoyu ammortyzatsiyeyu. Seat assistant operator. Upravlinnyaobladnannyam Socket for 3-pin, socket control equipment 7-pin. Steering kolesostandartne, bracket for mounting additional monitorvi, sunroof Vario Guide, mirror reverse type electric. Without equipment reversyvnohovodinnya. Additional working light on the front of the cabin roof. Side light roboche.Dodatkove working lights on the cab front Roof / center. Working lights front nakapoti. Working light on A-reception + rear wing. Turnovers and braking svitlostandartnee. Transport light (near and far) standartnee. Working on the roof svitlopozadu 2 couples. Vario-Terminal Monitor 7 inches. protyuhinnasystema / immobilizer. Flashers left. Versions of Power Plus. Variotronik-mounted control. Block preparation GSM VarioGuide. Navihatsiynasystema VarioGuide RTK Trimble. Front balance (2,500 kg). Balance weights on zanihkolesah 2x1000 kg. Single-board braking system without halmuvannya.Pnevmatychna braking system attachments - 2 providnykova.Pnevmatychna braking system attachments - 1 providnykova.Rehulovanyy height top turnbuckle Mechanical Device. Frame for nyzhnohoprychipnoho device. Equipment for the lower coupling. Nyzhniyprychipnyy device Cat. 4, 50 mm. Dopuskdo movement with a total weight of 15,0 t. Kolesaperedni 650 / 65R34 160D MT -67 DW23AX34 12, rear wheels 710 / 75R42 175D MT -55 10DW23AX42, 2100 mm front track, rear track 2000 mm. As part rozibranomustani for transportuvannya.Torhovelna Brand: Fendt.Vyrobnyk: AGCO International GmbH.Krayina production: DE. "GERMANY1UA12525015404169041.5034
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Tooth Washer Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Tooth Washer Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name ТзОВ'Комплексметал-Україна'
Importer Address
79039, м.Львів вул.Золота 8/21
Exporter Name TECHWELT Sp. z o. o.
Product Description
1.Chastyny ​​bearings, retaining rings, toothe.........
HS Code 8482990000Value 301.255683
Quantity 0Unit UA209140
Net Weight 42.42
Origin Country CHINA

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