Ukraine Import Data of Toilet Seats | Ukraine Import Statistics of Toilet Seats

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of toilet seats collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of toilet seats imports.

Toilet Seats Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Toilet Seats

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of toilet seats. Get Ukraine trade data of Toilet Seats imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/20174411129000"1.Pleasure means for leisure or sports: length no more than 7.5m: new: Hydrocycles brand 'SEA DOO', model # 45HB GTX LTD 300 Black - 1pc: stationary gasoline engine 'Rotax 1630 ACE', V engine 1630sm3, Length 3,54 m; HIN / engine number: YDV11528B717 / M6915196; EU category: A; total number of seats 3; number of cabins 0; number of toilet rooms 0; no furniture; no accessories. : Speedometer, water temperature display, stroke indicator, fuel indicator, oil indicator, adjustable mirrors, emergency stop cord With float, calendar year 2017, lineup 2017. Trademark 'SEA-DOO' Manufacturer 'BRP Mexico, SA'. Country of production MX. "POLAND26082UA209180209007604.240114 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/20178208900000"1. Sanitary-technical plastic, seats for toilets and bidets, complete with mounting: -Sydinnya toilet lady-N Compact 2 units; -Sydinnya Debbie toilet 1 pc; -Sydinnya toilet Hall 2 pc; -Sydinnya bidet NEKS 2 pieces; -Sydinnya bidet GAP-5 pc; trademark Roca, Roca SA brand, Country of the European Union (EU) EU.. "ITALY0UA805180774974.965941
18/Apr/20173922200000"1.Vyroby sanitary purpose of plastmasy.-art.M30102000 NOVA PRO Seats for people and the disabled, dyuroplastove - 1 pc. - art.573025000 Renova seat to the toilet with microlift, white - 70 pcs. - art.574410000 4U seat toilet microlift to DIN 19516, mounting: metal.- 26 pcs .; labeling Consignor article goods. ".CHINA0UA400020265.8461784.698138
18/Apr/201739222000001. Products of sanitary purposes from plastic, including: - PARVA toilet seats with duroplast, antibacterial, free-flowing, with a set of metal fasteners - 50 pcs, - seats for toilet CARINA SLIM from duroplast, antibacterial, free-flowing, with a set of metal Fasteners - 50 pcs. - seats for the toilet EKO PLUS from duroplast, antibacterial, with a set of metal fasteners - 192 pcs. Trademark CERSANIT.Manufacturer ROVESE SA Country of manufacture - China (CN). Country of origin - China (CN). .CHINA0UA1010506913326.446258
07/Apr/20178903999900"1.Plavuchyy vehicle (boat) for sport or leisure length over 7.5 m: zakonstruktsiyeyu to establish outboard engine. Outboard engine unidentified, not packaged by the manufacturer, contains in its composition pryymachivta transmitters. Mark:" "Atlantic Marine" " model "" Open 750 "", Identyfikatsiynyynomer (HIN): PL-SLFF3161B717, category by the EU, "" C "". Total number of seats (including the driver) has 12 cabins available. Dressing room: 1pc. Furnishing: 2 seat SEA PLUS (contin not pilot seat adjustment), 2 lockers at the stern, stern bench with storage chamber that for kryvayetsya, including pens, desk nakormi two steps, side folding aft bench, camera storage vsydinnyah deck, camera storage aft, left and right, deck ziskladnym table, sliding doors and lock - opaque plexiglass , locker for livomuborti with holders rod PCV; Accessories: anchor box anchor rouls zlebidkoyu, plank Nordic 150 mm anchor th box, box battery's 2z system settings for 2 batteries sy tems installation for radio, 2 speakers, strip 200mm " "bulldog" "(4 pcs.), navigation and fire-proof., top mo lights 100cm, pipe for preinstallation swan ki (optional), set leyernoyiohorozhi for nasal whine of set pillows PCV, short platforms for bathing ziskladnymy Pools, U-shaped bolt on the nose (1pc.) / U-bolt on the stern (2 pcs.) (stainless steel) water system with shower on deck and tumbochkaz sink - water tank of 70 liters, coasters difficult, windshield zpleksyhlasu with handrail, steel wheel, control panel with plexiglass zlohotypom Atlantic Marine, automatic and suction pump , manual suction pump n alyvna system, the fuel tank of 260 liters of fuel filter systemasa movidkachuvannya water from the cockpit (outside deck stack corrosion, vseredyninerzhaviyuchyy) passionate skier, hydraulic steering 300 hp, electrical equipment, fuel level sensor, lighter - 12 W USB outlet baffle zalyuminiyu, complex ladder with handle, fastening traction control pan innyapidsklyannyk panel, electrical panel, quiche ENN; Options: Bimini frame (beige) znerzhavi yuchoyi steel, marine toilet system (1 pc.), Refrigerator to 39l. zmorozylnoyu ca 5,3l Mero, The parking cover (beige), covers the parking dlyasydin. Dimensions: length 7,70m, width 2,51m. Calendar year: 2017.Vyrobnyk - Atlantic Marine Sp.zoo (SEA LIFE) Trade mark - Atlantic Marine (SEA LIFE) .Krayina production - PL. "POLAND1UA100010178018269.68426
06/Apr/20173808949000"1. (3,041,620) Incidin Liguid Spray - 849,6 kg (liquid disinfectant that mistyt1-propanol (propyl alcohol; 25g / 100g of drug) and 2-propanol (isopropyl alcohol, 35g / 100g of drug) and limonene aromatychnurechovynu . For fast disinfection of medical equipment and poverhonprymischen aparatury.dozuvannya 40 ml / m2.chas exposure: 1 min - 10 min. (not aerosol packaging) .polimerni 1 liter bottles in cardboard boxes of 12 units - 80 cartons. ( 3076700) INCIDIN PRO - 325,3 kh.Shvydkodiyuchyy disinfectant based spyrtiv.Sklad: 1% - 5% - non-ionic surfactants 5% - 10% - amino propyl N-Dodetsykloprop Mr. diamine, 10% - 20% - Fenoksietanol, fenoksibutonol 5% - 10% Benzalkonium hloryd1% - 2.5% ethanolamine, 1% - 2.5% - deciles Oktil glycoside, 1% - 2.5% Alkilpolihlikozidy time ekspozytsiyi- 5 to 90 hv.preparat designed for fast disinfection of surfaces of small parts in hard to reach areas, cracks and items such as spoons, dental chairs, door handles, toilet seats, railings, window sills, all surface areas , instruments, equipment and items obstanovkyne upakovtsi.polimerni in aerosol bottles 2 liters in cardboard box 3 w T - 54 korobky.krayina cardboard production: IT.torhovelna Brand: Ecolab.Vyrobnyk: Ecolab Production Italy Srl "ITALY0UA1252501174.94034.266808
05/Apr/20173922200000"1.Siding and covers for plastic toilets: toilet seats for art 100121996 - 1 pc; toilet seats for art 100130997 - 1 pc; manufacturer:" NOKEN DESIGN, SA "; country of production ES;" NOKEN "";. "SPAIN0UA1101505.9227.4840773
04/Apr/20173922900000"1.Vyroby sanitary purpose plastic, toilets, art.92805PORTA POTTI QUBE 165 (white) plastic material, equipment, tank top, nyzhniybak, cover the top of the tank, seat, pump, the kit includes startovyynabir liquid: 150 ml Aqua Green + 150ml Aqua Rinse Plus -180sht. art.92809 PORTAPOTTI QUBE 165 LUXE (byezh) plastic material, equipment, tank top, nyzhniybak, cover the top of the tank, seat, pump, the kit includes startovyynabir liquid: 150ml 150ml Aqua Green + Aqua Rinse Plus-240sht. art.92835 PORTA POTTI QUBE MG (white) plastic material, equipment, tank top, bottom tank lid A tank top, seats, pump, starter set in komplektvhodyt liquid: 150 ml Aqua Green + 150ml Aqua Rinse Plus-36sht. art.92843 "" CAMPA POTTI QUBE XGL "" white material - plastic, equipment, tank top, bottom tank, cover the top of the tank, seat, pump in fluid komplektvhodyt starter set: 150 ml Aqua Green + 150ml Aqua Rinse Plus-120sht. art.92843 "" CAMPA PO TTI QUBE XGL "" white material - plastic, equipment, tank top, bottom tank cover tank top, seats, pump, the kit includes a starter set of liquid: 150ml 150ml Aqua Green + AquaRinse Plus-90sht. "CHINA0UA4081502947.821022.40364
04/Apr/201739222000001. Sanitary-technical plastic, toilet seat vupakovtsi 40-piece 8up. Toilet seat in the package: 40 pcs-8up. Seats dlyaunitazu in the package: 165 pc-165up. Toilet seat in the package: 145 pcs 28up.Sydinnya-toilet in the package: 75 pcs 15up.Krayina-production - CNTorhovelna mark - no danyhVyrobnyk - TANGSHAN IMEX INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.CHINA0UA50009011712951.699825
03/Apr/20174818101000"1.Papir Toilet: -" 'Marathon' ': -Papir toilet' 'Extra' ', width roll 9,6sm density 16g / m2, article: 9665025 (3pc / pack 24rul / up) -300 seats - "" Selpak "": -Papir toilet "" Ocean Breeze "", width 10 cm roll density 19h / m2, not ayerozolniy package trohsloynyy, flavored, article: 9661029 (12p / up 4rul / up) -100 seats. According to the manufacturer's documentation, weight can vary prouktu totally within +/- 10%. Country of origin: Turkey (TR). Trade mark: "" Selpak "", "" Marathon "". producer: "" Ipek Kagit SaneTic aS "" .. "TURKEY0UA1101502115.54142.323155
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Toilet Seats Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Toilet Seats Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""Мегаполіс-Експрес"""
Importer Address
Exporter Name "Ф-ма ""Kronospan Szczecinek""Sp.z o.o"
Product Description
"1.Pleasure means for leisure or sports: length no.........
HS Code 4411129000Value 7604.240114
Quantity 26082Unit UA209180
Net Weight 20900
Origin Country POLAND

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