Ukraine Import Data of Tin Bars | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tin Bars

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of tin bars collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of tin bars imports.

Tin Bars Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tin Bars

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of tin bars. Get Ukraine trade data of Tin Bars imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201794016100001.Stiltsi sitting in a disassembled state and nezavershynomu (without seat unvarnished, understaffed, model Side Chair Model 1316 / S-80 pieces including (-80 Plant assembled front pieces, rear-kominat 80 pieces) Model Arm Chair RF model KD 1316 / a-30 pieces including (assembled front-Plant 30 units, rear-Plant 30 pieces) model Side Chair model 8023 / S-40 pieces including (-40 Plant assembled front pieces kominat-back 40 pieces) model Barstool RF model 8024 / B-6 pieces including (Plant-assembled front 6 pieces combine back-6 pieces) model Arm Chair RF KD model 8023 / a-6 pieces per ton. h. (assembled front to combined AT-6 pieces combine back-6 pieces) Model Arm Chair RF KD Model 1318 / A-4 pieces including (assembled front-combine 4 pieces, rear pieces combine 4) (assembled and beefed up as a model of chairs is padded. (packed in 20 cartons)..ITALY0UA209120758.66711.506523 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20177214997900"1. Bars alloy carbon steel, without further processing, hot-rolled, with carbon content of 0.25% or more, round poperechnohopererizu diameter less than 80 mm, GOST 2590-2006, GOST 1050-2013: - rod CR 60 ( diam.60 mm), length 3000-6000 mm, grade 35 steel content vuhletsyu0.33%, melting room 29911, lot number 14011 - 34.320 tonnes, 8 pachok.Torhova mark: METALLOINVEST OEMKVyrobnyk: AO "" OЭMK "" Country of - RU. "RUSSIA0UA1000703432018635.76016
28/Apr/20174016995790"1.Vyroby of nonporous nezatverdiloyi vulcanized rubber for cars, not forindustrial assembly transport over- sobiv: Pylnik rulovoy 6001547607-10sht rails. Buffer pace zzhatiya front suspension + 1118-2902812 -25sht.Komplekt guard for hinge promezhutochnoho drive shaft (ROSTECO ) 21238-2202066 / 68-10sht. Wilk clutch cover (ROSTECO) 2110-1601211 -10sht.Torhovelna mark: ROSTECO technology KAChESTVAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" business priorities "," Bushing front stabilizer (ROSTEKO) for T4-pieces in pack. 2101-2906040-200sht. Bushing front stabilizer (ROSTEK O) pair in pack. 2108-2906040-100sht. Cartridges jet bars (10pcs KT) in the pack. 2101-2919042 / 108-10 front stabilizer -25sht.Vtulky (ROSTECO) Kt 6 pc in pack. 2123- 2906040 / 46-100sht. Bushing front stabilizer (t-2 units) (ROSTECO) 2190-2906040 -10sht.Vtulka front stabilizer (t-2 pieces) 96191890 -40sht. perednohostabilizatora plug (Kt 2 pieces) 96380586 -40sht. Bushing front stabilizer (K- t2sht) 96434540/96839848 -40sht.Torhovelna mark: ROSTECO technology KAChESTVAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" VOLHATEHMASH "" Bushing front stabilizer (ROSTECO) vpak pair. 2110-2906040-100sht. Cover shock front suspension (ROSTECO) a corr. 2110-2905681-204sht. Cover shock front suspension (ROSTECO) a corr. SPORT2110-2905681-24sht. Set silencer pads (2 pieces) (ROSTECO) 21213-1203073 -100sht. Komplektpodushek muffler 2170 (t-4 children.) 2170 / 21213-1203073 -60sht.Torhovelna mark: ROSTECO technology KAChESTVAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" Car Kit K "" Reliance display engine (ROSTECO) 2112-1008658-50sht. Cover sharnyra PPC (ROSTECO) 2108-1703182-20sht. KT covers steering 2108-2110 (ROSTECO) 2108-3401224 / 23/82 / 80-20sht. Cover rulovoy rails (ROSTECO) in the pack. 2108-3401224 -30sht. KT Chohlivrulovoho mechanism 2110-2112 (ROSTECO) 2110-3401224 / 25/23/80 / 82-10sht. Cover rulovoy rails (ROSTECO) in the pack. 2110-3401224 -20sht. Cover + ShRUSavnutrishniy lubrication with clamps (ROSTECO) 2121-2215068 / 34/90 / 84-12sht. Cover SHRUS internal lubrication (ROSTECO) 2123-2215068 / 34/36 -24sht. ChoholShRUSa + external lubrication (Kt) (ROSTECO) 1118-2215030 -24sht. ShRUSavnutrishnoho Cover + Seal Drive, lubrication (ROSTECO) 1118-2215068-24sht. Cover + SHRUS external lubrication with clamps (ROSTECO) 2110-2215030 / 34/36 / 84-24sht. Cover SHRUS seal + inner drive, lubrication, with homutamy2110-2215068 / 34/36/84 -24sht.Torhovelna mark: ROSTECO technology KAChESTVAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" FORMAKS "" Set silencer pads 1118 (t-4 children.) 1118 / 21213-1203073 -20sht. Cushion muffler mounting 96181437-100sht. Cushion muffler mounting 90352773-60sht.Torhovelna mark: ROSTECO technology KAChESTVAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" resources "," Pillow Muffler 5pcs ROSTECO 2108-1203073-20 -300sht.Torhovelna mark: ROSTECO technology KAChESTVAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" BELKOTRANS " "Cover shock rear suspension (ROSTECO) in pak.SPORT 2108-2915681-15sht. Choh "RUSSIA0UA807170376.72685.333266
28/Apr/20178705908090"1.Motornyy first vehicle specifically use (specially designed to accommodate a variety of devices that provide the ability to perform vyznacheninetransportni function). Self-propelled agricultural sprayers, PANTERA4502 in configuration" "H" "art.ZUA00047, 1shtuka, Brand: AMAZONE; Model: PANTERA4502 appointment, for spraying agricultural fields spodarskyh, car number: PAP0000462, capacity: 2mistsya vklachayuchy driver, engine number: 11996176, engine type: diesel, new, calendar year, 2017, model year: 2017; devices that enable you konuvaty determined not transport functions: Irrigating machine equipment skladayet be with folding design, the tank dlyarobochoho solution tank clean water tank for washing ruk.Postavlyayetsya chastkovov unassembled. In completing one self-propelled sprayer Pantera 4502v configuration "" H "" (art. ZUA00047 number) includes: labels and instructions zekspluatatsiyi ma Ying (art.№947057), a standard cabin (art .№947243) standard nahidravlika (art.№ 941,820), automatic control system (art.№941824) pidviskaz height adjustment to gauge 1800-2400mm (art. №945010) koleso320 / 90R54 BKT LI155B di ametr ET 80-4sht 1948mm (art.№LE470 + 75), wing kolisshyryna 2,55m (art.№94181 4), comfort package 1 (art.№941815) Armat cheers upravlinnyaTG (art.№936535) AMAPAD control unit (art.№100250), stickers and instruktsiyiz using the device manufacture ruvannya (art.№945589) rod SUPER-L2 36m (art.№101186) ISOBUS wiring package for Pantera (art.№941937) UV Protective takozh (art.№947352), hydraulics package Profi 2 (art.№928148) headlight lighting on cabine niXenon (art.№941517), suction hose 3 "," 230 8m (art .№941957), filter and check valve, hose 3 "" 8m (art.№ 941,958) centralized lubricating system (art.№941 959) LED-backlight cable each sunky odds for bars Super-L (art.№945604) LED-lighting S + LEAN UX / PAN for SUPER-S (art.№948305), the system of external co ntrolyu (art.№ 941038), nozzles AirMix110-02 -72sht (art.№ZF1050) nozzle AirMix 110-03 -72sht (art.№ZF1052) forsunkyAir Mix 110-05 -72sht (art.№ZF1054) sticker "" 40 "" (art.№941534) systemaDistance-Cont rol plus ISOBUS for UX / Pantera with Super-L (art.№101413) servisnaknyzhka, instructions manual Exposure Pantera, cranes shorten ting the last section (art.№947226), with AMADRIVE array management, supply line 36m (art.№928419), remote control (art .№941934) Protective caps on the wheels (art.№104066) divider oslynnoyi weight (art.№104050) .Vyrobnyk: AMAZONEN-WERKE H.Dreyer GmbH & Co.KGKrayina production: DETorhovelna brand: AMAZONE "GERMANY1UA10011011200238219.8221
27/Apr/20177210122000"1 of rolled carbon steel Brand: tin white EZHK: A2, net weight - 8850 kg, hardness 55 tin cover: 6.40 g / m2, in rolls, size, thickness 0.17 mm, width of 820mm. Country production: RU. Trademark: 'MMK'. Manufacturer: OAO "MMK". Packed under standards: TS 14-101-975-2014, 14-101-638-2013 TC, GOST 13345-85. Packaging: (2 roll ) put on the horizontal axis, wrapped waterproof wrapping paper, wrapped metal casing, the top covered with a metal lid belt mounted on metal trays with wooden bars.. "RUSSIA0UA40101088508672.999942
26/Apr/20178433900000"1.Zapasni parts for combines, parts of machines or mechanisms for harvesting or threshing crops: Bars PROTYVOREZH. (Beater) GRAS FUER HALBMESSERart.0004956691-1sht; Producer: CLAASTorhovelna Brand: CLAASKrayina production: AT."AUSTRIA0UA12518011.1393.1434383
26/Apr/20178302419000"1. Fittings for windows Fakro mounting base metal: Set products (bars, skladnyhprofiliv) with aluminum prosverdlenymyotvoramy for installation using Shur-half that of a collection utvoryuyutmetalevu design: oblyahuvannya element ups -3380 kg aluminum plate RAL pryl.sklopaket 7022 -2343kh serves to protect the trees "" poverhonmansardnoho wooden doors and frames from vplyvuzovnishnoho seredovyschaKomplekt protection cap vent windows FAKRO (consisting of two structural elements) of the set with screws designed to protect from atmospheric vent opadiv.kovpak -4050sht.. "POLAND0UA209180667834057.75915
26/Apr/201744186000001.Balka Formwork (part of the formwork for concreting) krashena P20 (80x200) with pine wood in the form of long bars: Premium-180.00m.p 1,80m (100 pieces.), Premium 2,45m-245,00m.p (100 pieces.), Premium 2,65m-2915.00m.p (1100sht.), Premium 3,30m-330.00m.p (100 pieces.), Premium 3,90m-780.00m.p (200sht.) used for concrete works. Manufacturer: my Wood Polomka Timber sro Trademark: my Wood sro, Country of origin: SK. .SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA8071702076822485.1103
26/Apr/201734011100001.Mylo in the form of bars, cakes molded or shaped products netkanimaterialy, impregnated or coated with soap or detergent for hygienic purposes: -0770136 VB EXFOLIATING SOAP WITH SNAIL EXTRACT AND COFFEE 75g / gentle soap-pilinhz garden snail extract and natural coffee 75 gram 48sht. not aerozolniyupakovtsiTorhova Brand: SAMCOVyrobnyk: SAMCO LtdKrayina production: BG.BULGARIA0UA100110441.27203866
25/Apr/20178501101000"1. Sanding Superfinish ceramic bars called" "yaztsi: 54SCH Superfinish brusok10 X 60 X 100 89A 400 -46 V83 T3- 10sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok10 X 60 X 100 89A 600 -56 V83 T3- 5sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok8 X 60 X 89A 100 400 -46 V83 T3- 12sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok8 X 60 X 75 89A 600 -56 V83 T3- 5sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok10 X 60 X 75 89A 600 -56 V83 T3- 5sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok8 X 60 X 75 89A 800 -56 V83 T3- 12sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok6 X 50 X 75 89A 400 -46 V83 T3- 3sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok6 X 50 X 75 89A 600 -56 V83 T3- 10sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok14.50 X 12 X 50 89A 800 -26 V83 T3- 400sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok11,7 X 12 X 100 89A 800 -26 V83 T3- 86sht.54SCH Superfinish timber K12 X 12 X 100 89A 800 -26 V83 T3- 16sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok15 X 12 X 55 89A 800 -26 V83 T3- 100sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok10 X 60 X 100 89A 600 -56 V83 T3- 7sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok14. 4 X 50 X 70 89A 1000 -26 V83 T3- 300sht.Superfinishni bars designed for supe rfinishnoyi processing paths tapered bearings rolykiv.Harakterystyka Superfinish bruskaUmovne marked: 54SCH-BxHxL B - width mmH - height, mmL - length, mm alumina material- white. Tverdist- average. Ceramic-type connections. Size zerna- very fine granularity. Struktura- Vidkryta.Superfinishna treatment - a type of machining (conical rollers) using abrasive tools, cutting tools abrasives are micropowder. Tapered roller roughness after grinding processing - Ra 0,10-0,16.Rizhuchym tool for processing tapered rollers on the machine is Superfinish Superfinish brusky.Shyryna bar Superfinish selected depending on the diameter rolyka.Superfinishni bars consist of grains of abrasive materials connected between a binding material (binder). The hardness of abrasives considerably higher hardness zakalenyh parts (tapered rollers). Superfinish bars made of artificial abrasive materialiv.V quality abrasives used only crystalline coverings synthetic materials manufacturing. Used - corundum (aluminum oxide) and silicon carbide. Superfinish bars are not in use. Packed in a cardboard box and placed on trees "" yanyy tray. Vyrobnyk- Tyrolit AG (subsidiary company Tyrolit CEE ksv Austria), AT. Year 2017. A trademark issue is TYROLIT. "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF7UA1251004.576263.6496171
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""Тіволі Стиль"""
Importer Address
м.Київ,Печерський р-н. вул.Московська. буд. 43/11,кв.(офіс) 4
Exporter Name Morello Gianluca SRL.
Product Description
1.Stiltsi sitting in a disassembled state and neza.........
HS Code 9401610000Value 6711.506523
Quantity 0Unit UA209120
Net Weight 758.6
Origin Country ITALY

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