Ukraine Import Data of Tiles 800 | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tiles 800

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of tiles 800 collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of tiles 800 imports.

Tiles 800 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tiles 800

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20176908909100"1.Plytka of glazed stoneware, polished interior finish, art. S80601 posted. 800 * 800mm - 1094,4M2, Producer - FOSHAN FORTUNE IMPORT & EXPORT TRADE CO., LTDTorhovelna mark CHANG AN TILESKrayina production of CN."CHINA10944UA500030259359756.099977 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201725010099001. Himalayan sea (a stone) salt. Kuskova salt bricks and wood products (main method used for the installation of salt rooms can also beused for decorative purposes other buildings): Salt cake / Rock SaltTiles 8h8h1 inches - 1500sht. Salt cake / Rock Salt Tiles 8h4h1 inches natural -2004sht. Salt cake / Rock Salt Tiles 8h4h1 inches - 2000sht. Salt cake / RockSalt Tiles 8h4h2 inches natural - 1500sht. Salt cake / Rock Salt Tiles 8h4h2inches - 3000sht. Salt shaped pieces of soap / Rock Salt Massage bars - 100sht.Pidstavka salt in the form of a cube / Rock Salt T light holder cube shape - 20sht.Pidstavka salt in the form of the ball / Rock Salt T light holder ball shape - salt on 20sht.Kusky stand / Rock Salt Stones with wood base 7-50kg - 24sht. Kuskysoli processed in the form of eggs / Rock Salt Egg shapes - 20pcs. Cusco salt processed inform of the pyramid / Rock Salt Pyramids - 20pcs. Lump of salt in processed form the ball / Rock Salt Ball shape - 20pcs. Lump of salt in processed form cube / Rock Salt Cu beShape - 20pcs. Lump of salt in processed form lamp / Rock Salt Table Lamp Shape -20sht. Rozsypchata salt granules / Rock Salt Stones 10kg to 30kg - 1800kh.Naturalni pieces of salt / Rock Salt Grains Salt - 625kh.Krayina production - PK.Torhovelna mark - Anaya.Vyrobnyk - Anaya Salt Crafts.PAKISTAN0UA1000102150013228.95662
28/Apr/201762143000001.Torhovelna mark ORIFLAMESharf Linchao (textiles, 1800h1200, PE), kod.29529-360sht.Krayina vyrobnytstva- CNVyrobnyk-ORIFLAME COSMETICS.CHINA360UA10001047.551050.339882
28/Apr/20178452290000"1.Mashyny sewing, electromechanical not automatic, purpose-linking two or more parts, textile and other materials, sewing and mending of textiles andother, multifunctional equipment elektrodvyhunompotuzhnistyu 140-160 Vt., With one needle and hook, civilian use, working velocity 1,800 stitches / min: 1310sht.Torhivelna mark: "" Janome Juno Pro "". Manufacturer: not zaznachenyy.Krayina production: TW.. "TAIWAN1310UA10001010648.521296.99983
28/Apr/201794017900001. Furniture sitting on a metal basis (without upholstery, without features height adjustment and rotation) Sofa, Structure: metal / Petani series Jutlandiaart.3774102-LANGET, size 171 * 80 * 77cm-5sht.Stilets Bar, composition, metal / MDF / PVC quality Basicart.3680012-PRICE STAR, size 45 * 93 * 49cm-2sht.Stilets leisure structure: metal / textiles series Jutlandiaart.3738530-HALDEN, size 64 * 84 * 110cm-2sht.Stilets, structure: metal / polirotanhart.3770700-GRENAA, size 51 * 73 * 61cm 76sht.Torhovelna-grade production JyskKrayina CN China.CHINA0UA100050364.7071083.155035
28/Apr/20176307909800"1.Hotovi textiles. Semis for medical plasters, medical application needs first means of sterilization, packaging uindividualnu packaging, non-woven adhesive bandage on the basis of syntetychnyhvolokon, surface density 54h / sq.m., Perforated, rectangular zmedychnoyu middle cushion for the application of therapeutic agents, adhesive coated on based on thermoplastic polymer: - Non-woven wound dressing 6cm * 8cm (adhesive bandage non-woven base (semi) 6cm * 8cm) size 6cm * 8cm, -35kart.kor.po 2000sht . = 70000sht.; - Non-woven wound d ressing 10cm * 10cm (adhesive bandage non-woven base (semi) 10cm * 10cm) size 10cm * 10cm, -27kart.kor.po 1500sht. 40000sht =.; - Non-woven wound dressing 15cm * 10cm (adhesive Trans' yazka non-woven base (semi) 15cm * 10cm) size 15cm * 10cm, 1000pcs -20kart.kor.po. 20000sht =.; - Non-woven wound dressing 20cm * 10cm (adhesive bandage non-woven base (semi) 20cm * 10cm) size 20cm * 10cm, 1000pcs at -20kart.kor.p. 20000sht =.; - Non-woven wound dressing 25cm * 10cm (adhesive bandage non-woven base (semi) 25cm * 10cm) size 25cm * 10cm, -25kart.kor.po 800sht. = 20000sht., trademark: ZhejingVyrobnyk: Zhejing Bangli Medical products you Co.Ltd.Krayina robnytstva: CN "CHINA0UA125110486.518068.84731
27/Apr/201762092000001.Dytyachyy wear tall child less than 86sm. cotton textiles range: Body with long sleeve: 5972827 height 74CM-1am. Body with short sleeves: 6017713 height 80CM-2 pcs. 6017714 height 86CM-1am. 6017720 height 86CM-2 pcs. SHORTS NALYAMKAH: 6020758 height 62CM-1am. 6020759 height 68CM-1am. 6020760 height 74CM-80CM-length 2sht.6020761 3pc. 6020762 height 86CM-4 pieces. sets of clothes (shorts with straps + T-shirt with short sleeves): 6,020,765 height 62CM-1am. 6020766 height 68CM-74CM-length 2sht.6020767 4 pieces. 6020768 height 80CM-5pcs. 6020769 height 86CM-5pcs. 6020796zrist 62CM-1am. 6020797 height 68CM-2 pcs. 6020798 height 74CM-3pc. 6020799 zrist80CM-4 pieces. 6020800 height 86CM-4sht.Krayina production - BDTorhovelna mark - COOL CLUBVyrobnyk - SMYK SA.BANGLADESH0UA1000106.85291.5614033
27/Apr/201762089200001.Clothing for textiles: CHILDREN OF WOMEN.Art.0800 / 354 size ML - 2 pc. Composition: 100% POLYESTERCHALT OF WOMEN.Art.0800 / 354 size SM - 2 pc. Composition: 100% POLYESTER Trade Mark OYSHO Manufacturer OYSHO ESPANA SA Made by MA.MOROCCO0UA2050201.1254.12207467
27/Apr/201782075090001.Instrumenty variables for hand tools tools for drilling (working part contains natural and synthetic diamond in not containing precious stones): Storms on concrete, 10 x 160 mm, SDS PLUS art. 70557 -200sht.Torhovelna Brand: SYBRTEH Forstnera set of drill bits on wood, 10-15-20-25-35mm, 5 pcs in trees. boxing, tsilin.hvostovik art. 704405 -20sht. A set of drill pobetonu MM 5-6-8, 5-6-8 mm metal, wood 5-6-8 mm 9 pcs. cy. art.725055 -40nabir shank. A set of drill bits for concrete, metal, wood 3-4-5-6-8-10 mm, 18 sht.plast. Boxing, Qilin. tail. Art. 725305 -60nabir.Torhovelna mark: SPARTA Drill on glass and tiles 40 x 67 mm, 3-sided shank art. 726409-108sht. Drill on glass and tiles, 45 x 67 mm, 3-sided hvostovykart. 726459 -216sht. Drill on glass and tiles 55 x 67 mm, 3-hrannyyhvostovyk art. 726559-36sht. Drill on glass and tiles 60 x 67 mm, 3-sided shaft art.726609-36sht. Drill on glass and tiles, 65 x 67 mm, 3-sided hvostovykart. 726659-252sht. Concrete Boer, 6 x 110 mm, SDS PLUS art. 710039 -4800sht. Bur for concrete, 8x 110 mm, SDS PLUS art. 710059 -480sht. Storms on concrete, 10 x 210 mm, SDS PLUS art.710299 -1440sht. Bur for concrete, 14 x 210 mm, SDS PLUS art. 710339 -240sht. Storms pobetonu 12 x 300 mm, SDS PLUS art.710379 -720sht. Storms on concrete, 10 x 300 mm, SDSPLUS art. 710409 -960sht. Storms on concrete, 14 x 400 mm, SDS PLUS drills art.710449 -100sht.Nabir pen on wood, 10-12- 16-18-20-25 mm 6 pcs., 300mm podovzhuvach6-sided. tail. Art. 704069-120nabir. Drills on a tree feather, 22mm 6-hrannyyhvostovyk art. 704149-300sht. Drills on a tree Perov, 32 mm 6-sided yhvostovyk art. 704249 -240sht. A set of circular saws wood, 64-127 mm, 8 7047159 -120nabir. Drill through circular tiles (balerynka) with a protective sitkoyuart. 882409 -120sht.Torhovelna Brand: MTXKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: MATRIZE Handels-GmbHCHINA0UA100130955.686682.713102
27/Apr/20176805100010"1.Abrasive material on a woven textile basis, for dry grinding: ribbon infinite (10 pieces) -21-272-100compile; Abrasive material on fabric textiles, for dry grinding: ribbon infinite (10pcs) -21-276-150comp; Abrasive material On woven textile and base, for dry grinding: ribbon is infinite (10 pcs.) -21-277-150 comp.; Abrasive material on woven textile fabric; for dry grinding: ribbon infinite (10 pcs) -21-281-100 comp.; Abrasive material on woven Textile materials and, for dry grinding: non-white ribbon (10pcs) -21-285-150Comp; Abrasive material on a woven textile base, for dry grinding: colloidal and rye-21-262-8000pcs; Abrasive material on woven textileboth, for dry grinding: a circle of petal end face-21-2 63-5000pcs; Abrasive material on a woven textile basis, for dry grinding: a circular end face-21-264-4000; Abrasive material on woven textiles on its basis, for dry grinding: a circle of petal end-21-265-1800; Abrasive material on a woven textile base, for dry grinding: spear-end face-21-267-800; Abrasive material on a woven textile fabric, for ear-grinding: a circle of petal endesses e-21-268-800; Abrasive material on a ton of textile basis, for dry sanding: circular end face-21-269- 800;Abrasive material on fabric textile base, for dry grinding: circle of petal end face-21-270-800pcs; Country of production - CNTorval brand - ORION Producer - NINGBO E-STAR INTERNATIONAL C O., LTD "CHINA0UA8071901972.252663.050142
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Product Description
"1.Plytka of glazed stoneware, polished interior f.........
HS Code 6908909100Value 9756.099977
Quantity 10944Unit UA500030
Net Weight 25935
Origin Country CHINA

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