Ukraine Import Data of Tiles 600 | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tiles 600

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of tiles 600 collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of tiles 600 imports.

Tiles 600 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tiles 600

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20176905100000"1. Ceramic tile roof, specially formed so that zabezpechuyeschilne" "with a unity between the tiles: Tiles Ru13V rough black diamond art.8200147 -3552sht. Comb Sattel black diamond art. -205sht 7,011,392. To13V standard black tile glaze art. 8100114 -546sht. Comb Sattel black glaze art.7700914 -17sht. Comb initial muszla black glaze art. -1sht.Cherepytsya Ru9V 7,702,014 ordinary brown Ref. 8600101 -1920sht.Torhovelna brand: BRAASKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: Monier Braas GmbH.. "GERMANY6241UA20918021761.16894.678043 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20176907908000"1. Ceramic" "PLYTKI CERAMICZNE NIESZKLIWIONE TYPY BISKWIT" ". IS THE unglazed (WITHOUT LIMITATION coating) Tile brown rectangular shape with dimensions PARTIES: 250X600MM, thickness 8,5MM -1579.5 m2 POLPRODUKT.NA face of the tile no traces of machining (grinding, polishing). On the back side tILE RELIEF AVAILABLE for improving adhesion with glue mortar AND labeling manufacturers. tILES iNTENDED FOR FURTHER APPLICATION HLAZURI- PRODUCTION glazed tile paving STIN.UPAKOVANA With 13 wooden pallets (BAHATOOBERTOVA container) .VYROBNYK "" COTTO PETRUS SP.ZOO "". VYROBNYTSTVA- Country POLAND (PL).. "POLAND15795UA206070211903985.800702
28/Apr/20173918101090"1.Pokryttya floor PVC laminated that skladaэtsya of in sklavolokna a base, the base layer PVC layer coated pattern - in rolls :-( thickness - 2.0 mm., Width - 2 m., Length - 20 m., a protecting layer thickness - 0.7 mm.) Art.DU971832-01, DU971832 / 2.OT / 2000 -1600 sq.m .- (thickness - 2.0 mm., width - 2 m., length - 20 m., Protective layer thickness - 0.5 mm.) Art.TD12502-01, TD12502 / 2.OT / 2000 -1600 m.kv.Art.SPR8082-01, SPR8082 / 2.OT / 2000 -1600 m. April, in the form of tiles, plates :-( thickness - 2.5 mm., width - 180 mm., length - 920 mm. Protective layer thickness - 0.5 mm.) Art.GSW1227-E2, GSW1227 / 2 OT / 2000 -596.1 m.kv.Art.GSW2511-E2, GSW2511 / 2 OT / 2000 -596.1 m.kv.Vyrobnyk: LG HAUSYS LTD; That rhovelna brand: LG HAUSYS; Krai? in production: KR. "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF59922UA1001101992626935.20012
27/Apr/201762044200001.Overall children's clothing for girls textiles cotton sleeveless dresses: 6003747 height 92CM-6pcs. 6003748 height 98CM-4pcs. Production line - CN Trade Mark - MARIEProducer - SMYK SA.CHINA10UA1000101.457.84185838
27/Apr/201762113290001.Verhniy children's clothing for boys body in cotton textiles range: zdovhymy sleeves: 5998835 height 92CM-1am. with short sleeves: 6003199 zrist92CM-4 pieces. 6017614 height 92CM-4 pieces. 6017615 height 98CM-4sht.Krayina production - INTorhovelna mark - COOL CLUBVyrobnyk - SMYK SA.INDIA0UA1000101.2856.95238866
27/Apr/201762092000001.Dytyachyy wear tall child less than 86sm. cotton textiles range: Body with long sleeve: 5998832 height 74CM-1am. sets of clothing (Body with DOVHYMYRUKAVAMY + pants): 5,999,136 height 80CM-1am. sets of clothing (Body with long sleeve vest + + + PANTS BUTTERFLY): 5,981,315 height 86CM-1am. Body with short sleeves: 6003230 height 80CM-2 pcs. sets of clothes (sleeveless dress + leggings): 5,999,236 zrist68CM-1am. Shorts: 6004067 height 86CM-1am. 6004117 height 80CM-5pcs. 6004118 zrist86CM-1am. 6004124 height 86CM-1am. Pants: 5980901 height 86CM-3pc. 5980907 zrist86CM-2 pcs. 5980918 height 80CM-1am. 5982086 height 86CM-1am. 5998730 zrist86CM-1am. 5998738 height 80CM-1am. 5998739 height 86CM-4 pieces. 5998774 zrist86CM-1am. 5998826 height 74CM-1am. 5998828 height 86CM-1am. sets of clothing (trousers + shirt with short sleeves): 6,004,249 1sht.Krayina height 74CM-production - INTorhovelna mark - COOL CLUBVyrobnyk - SMYK SA.INDIA0UA1000103.22141.3813055
27/Apr/201794032080001. Household furniture made of metal, in a disassembled garment for clothes, composition: metal / textiles, Price Star series, quality Basicart.3698756-DAMHUS, size 100 * 174 *, size 149 * 174 * 49cm 3шт.Паліца для ванної, склад: металрт.2726000-VIDSEL, розмір 25 * 20 * 39см-4шт.Шафа книжкова, склад: метал / ДСП ламінована, якість Основнийрт.3610026-GELSTED, розмір 61 * 146 * 29см-3шт Trademark JyskCrane of CN China.CHINA0UA20914087.318170.9632254
27/Apr/201762044200001.Verhniy children's clothing for girls in cotton textiles range: zdovhymy sleeved dress: 5979110 height 92CM-4 pieces. 5979112 height 104CM-1am. 5979114 zrist116CM-2 pcs. 5979115 height 122CM-1am. 5979211 height 134CM-1am. 5979212 zrist140CM-4 pieces. 5979213 height 146CM-3pc. 5979214 height 152CM-3pc. 5979215 zrist158CM-5pcs. 5979216 height 164CM-4 pieces. 5979217 height 170CM-3pc. sundresses: 6003289zrist 92CM-4 pieces. Cork dresses with sleeves: 6017643 height 92CM-10pc. 6017644zrist 98CM-4 pieces. 6018376 height 92CM-1sht.Krayina production - INTorhovelna mark - COOL CLUBVyrobnyk - SMYK SA.INDIA50UA1000109302.5133518
27/Apr/201762034290001.Verhniy children's clothing for boys textiles cotton shorts in stock: 6002663 height 104CM-1am. 6002666 height 122CM-1am. 6002681 height 116CM-128CM-length 3sht.6002683 2 pcs. 6014908 height 170CM-2 pcs. 6021096 height 104CM-128CM-length 1sht.6021100 1am. 6021103 height 98CM-2 pcs. 6021104 height 104CM-116CM-length 2sht.6021106 3pc. 6021889 height 134CM-1am. 6021895 height 170CM-3sht.6021918 height 92CM-1sht.Krayina production - BDTorhovelna mark - COOL CLUBVyrobnyk - SMYK SA.BANGLADESH23UA1000104111.5914039
27/Apr/201762034235001.Verhniy children's clothing for boys textiles cotton pants in stock: 5979926 height 122CM-2 pcs. 5979932 height 116CM-1am. 5979996 height 152CM-1sht.5984157 height 98CM-2 pcs. 5984167 height 110CM-1am. 5984186 height 98CM-1am. 5984189zrist 116CM-1am. 5984224 height 140CM-1am. 5989248 height 140CM-2 pcs. 5989249 zrist146CM-3pc. 5989254 height 134CM-2 pcs. 6002689 height 116CM-1am. 6002714 zrist116CM-1am. 6002738 height 116CM-1sht.Krayina production - BDTorhovelna mark - COOL CLUBVyrobnyk - SMYK SA.BANGLADESH20UA1000104.46114.948823
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Tiles 600 Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АзовСпецТехнологія"""
Importer Address
87517,Донецька обл, м.Маріуполь, вул.Чорноморська, буд. 20, кв.30
Exporter Name Monier Braas Sp.z o.o.
Product Description
"1. Ceramic tile roof, specially formed so that za.........
HS Code 6905100000Value 6894.678043
Quantity 6241Unit UA209180
Net Weight 21761.1
Origin Country GERMANY

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