Ukraine Import Data of Thrombin | Ukraine Import Statistics of Thrombin

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of thrombin collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of thrombin imports.

Thrombin Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Thrombin

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/20173822000000"1. Products medical appointments, diagnostic reagents to the analyzer SI EMENSdlya clinical and laboratory lit. idzhen blood for hospital laboratories, Quinet I have the blood of humans, animals, etc. s blood fractions and modyfikovanyhimunolohichnyh products intended only for diagnosis and IN VITRO, napidklad those not packaged in single-use bottles in stock (not animalorigin): - art. B4233-27, Thrombin Reagent -10x5.- 4 pieces; -art. B4212-50, Innovin - 10x10 - 2 pcs; -art. B4218-2 , Actin - 10x10 - 1am; -art. OWHM135, Test Thrombin (BFA) -10x5- 3pc, trade mark: SiemensVyrobnyk: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products GmbH Raina Origin: Germany (DE).. "GERMANY0UA1001102.62838.6229052 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20173002109500"1.Medychnyy diagnostic product for in vitro (Clinical Laboratory) to study blood samples and tissues derived from the human body alone (or with the main purpose) to obtain information. Reagents Laboratory prepared containing biological components of human origin for diagnostic applications tests in vitro, based on monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies with antigen-antibody reaction, for use in medical practice without veterinary: 843521-Reagent Bio-Ksel System PT / reagent Bio-Ksel System PT-50sht., 543541 -Reagent Bio-Ksel Eko TT / reagent Bio-Ksel Eko TT-20pcs., 543,002-Reagent Bio-Ksel Eko Normal / reagent Bio-Ksel Eko Normal-1pc., Intended for «in vitro» diagnostic for coagulometer Coag Chrom 3003, and present diagnostic kits to monitor biochemical studies and definitions: prothrombin time, fibrinogen, thrombin time, antithrombin-III quantitative and qualitative methods. Their action is based on the measurement or ch admonition changes taking place in biological substances (blood, serum, urine, saliva person) and based on common agglutination, hemagglutination, binding complex ment, deposition reaction and neutralization. Designed for use in medical laboratories are not used to determine pregnancy drugs. Country of PLVyrobnyk Bio-Ksel Sp. z oo, ul.Kaliowa 3, 86-300 Grudziadz, Poland trademark BIO-KSEL "POLAND0UA12502018.83078.075096
14/Apr/201730021095001. Medical products for diahnostykyin vitro. For studies of blood samples to detect and diagnose diseases. Used in clinical laborotoriyah for automatic analysis, Tori and koahulometriv.Vyhotovlenyy from stabilized human blood (containing: stabilized human eretrotsyty treated and stabilized trombotsytopodibni components) .00008469810 PT-Fibrinogen HS Plus HemosIL -42 pack, 00009758515 Thrombine time HemosIL -26 pack, 00020003050 Rekombiplastyn 2G (5 x 20 ml) HemosIL -15 pack, 00020301100 Fibrinogen C HemosIL -5 wonder, 00020301500 screening tests dRVVT HemosIL -2 pack, 00020301600 Confirmation test dRVVT HemosIL -1 mean, 00020003110 Plasma rate control HemosIL -5 to say, Plasma 00020003210 control pathology low HemosIL -5 wonder, 00020003310 Plasma control high pathology HemosIL -3 pack, 00020003700 calibration plasma HemosIL -18 pack, 00020011000 spetstesty Control Level 1 HemosIL -1 pack. .ITALY0UA12510019.94616242.0978
13/Apr/20173002109900"1.Nabory reagents to assess the hemostatic derived from bovine blood fraction (bovine thrombin and serum albumin) for laboratory doslidzhenza outside of a living organism (in vitro). Prothrombin time 10h5ml set consisting of: R1 10h5ml-70 sets (a set of 10 bottles on 5ml) set Activated chastkovyytromboplastynovyy time 5h2ml consisting of: R1 5h2ml; R2 5h2ml 15 sets (in a set 10flakoniv 2 ml.) set Activated partial thromboplastin time 5h5ml inof: R1 5h5ml; R2 5h5ml-140 sets (in a set of 10 vials of 5 ml.) NabirTrombinovyy time 10h5ml in the village structure of: R1 10h5ml -35 sets (a set of 10 bottle ivpo 5 ml), fibrinogen 5h2ml set consisting of: R1 5x2 ml; R2 3h30ml-25 sets (a set of 5 bottles of 2 ml. and 3 bottles of 30 ml ..; Set 5h5ml fibrinogen consisting of: R1 5h5ml; R2 3h30ml 30 sets (set of 5 bottles of 2 ml. and 3 bottles of 30 ml .; normal control plasma (NCP) -3naboriv (in a set of 10 vials of 1ml) .Patolohichna control plasma (ANCP) -3 sets (in sets and 10 bottles of 1ml) .Vykorystovuyutsya for coagulometers series LG-Paber-2CH, LG-Paber-I, M200 and M600pry conducting laboratory tests (assays) krovi.Vyrobnyk human - "" BEIJING STEELLEX SCIEN TIFIC INSTRUMENT COMPANY "". Brand - "" Steellex "". Made -CN. "CHINA0UA80707043.739391.299886
12/Apr/201730021099001.Imunofermentni medical tests and test kits, reagents kit 31002-SI HemoStat thromboplastin for determination of prothrombin time (6h2ml agent, buffer solution 6h2ml) -100upak., 31003 Set thromboplastin reagents HemoStat-SI to determine the prothrombin time (6h10ml agent, buffer solution 6h10ml) -20upak., 32002 HemoStat fibrinogen reagent kit for the determination of fibrinogen (5h2ml agent, buffer solution 1h100ml Calibrators 2h1ml) -50upak., 33002 set APTT reagents HemoStat - EC to determine the activated partial thromboplastin time (6h4ml reagent, a subsidiary of REA ent 6h4ml) -20upak., 34002 HemoStat set of reagents for determining thrombin time thrombin time (reagent 3h3ml) -50upak., 40040 latex reagent for the determination of C-reactive protein (100 tests: Water 1h4,5ml) -50upak., 40043 Full a set of tests for C-reactive protein (100 tests: reagent 1h4,5ml control P 1h1ml control 1h1ml H, dies at positions 6) -30 packing., 40050 latex reagent for determining revm atoyidnoho factor (100 tests: Water 1X4 , 5 ml) -25upak., 40060 latex reagent for determining antistreptolysin Au (100 tests: Water 1h4,5ml) -70upak., 40063 full set of tests for you value antistreptolysin Au (100 tests: reagent 1h4,5ml control P 1h1ml control 1h1ml H, dies at positions 6) -20 upak.Vyrobnyk: Human Gesellschaft fur Biochemica und Diagnostica mbH.Torhivelna mark - Human. Country of origin - DE.GERMANY0UA1000106013004.06916
12/Apr/20173002109500"1.Reahenty not lined diagnostic for the diagnosis in vitro, in thewhich consists of fractions of blood, human origins tion: KM-1. Tests to diagnose invitro. PLASMA H (plasma control (s pool of healthy donors) - 70 sets. Skladnaboru: human blood plasma pas rametramy hemostasis within normal limits, liofi lnovysushena - 3 bottle. human plasma with artificially reduced parametramyhemostazu, lyophilized and - 3 bottle. Series 6517.1717 fit and do02.2018r. PG-10/1. Tests for the diagnosis in vitro. fibrinogen Test (determine the content of fibrinogen) - 50naboriv composition Mr. aboru: 1. Thrombin human freeze-dried (2 ml) - 8 bottles 2. Plasma-Calibrator, lyophilized (1 ml) - 1 vial 3. Buffer imidazolovogo concentrated (5 ml) - 1 vial. Series 6517 fit do03.2019r. not for use in veterin Arnie medytsyni.Ne misyatnarkotychnyh drugs, psychotropic substances and prekursoriv.Vyrobnyk: NVO "" RENAM "" MBHOI "" Society of patients hemofelyey "" Trade mark: NPO RENAMKrayi in production: RU "RUSSIA0UA80721012.62184.339616
06/Apr/20173822000000"1. Products medical appointments, diagnostic reagents to the analyzer SI EMENSdlya clinical and laboratory lit. idzhen blood for hospital laboratories, Quinet I have the blood of humans, animals, etc. s blood fractions and modyfikovanyhimunolohichnyh products intended only for diagnosis and IN VITRO, napidklad those not packaged in single-use bottles in stock (not animalorigin): - art. OWZG235, Multifibren U - 10x5- 1pc - art. ASCG0020DB, ASCARIS LUMBRICOIDES IGG - 72sht - art. ECHG0130DB, Echinococcus IgG- 40sht - art. LEIG0310DB, Leishmania IgG - 1pc - art. TOCG0450DB, Toxocara canis IgG - 72sht - art. TAEG0420DB, Taenia solium IgG- 1sh t - Art. TRIG0480DB, Trichinella spiralis IgG - 32sht - art. OWZG235, Multifibren U - 10x5- 1pc - art. OQGS295, Pathromtin SL - 10x5- 1pc - art. OWHM135, Test Thrombin (BFA) - 10x5 - 28sht - art. OUHP295, Thromborel S - 10x4- 2 pcs - art. OQGP172, LA 1 Screening Reagent - 22sht - art. OQGR132, LA 2 Confirmation Reagent - 48sht - art. OQWD112, LA Contro l High - 6 pieces; - art. OQWE112, LA Control Low - 7sht - art. OPAT035, PT Multi Calibrator 1-6- 2 pcs - art. B4218-2, Actin - 10x10 - 5pcs - art. B4212-50, Innovin - 10x10 - 20pcs - art. B4233-27, Thrombin Reagent - 10x5. - 17sht, trade mark: SiemensVyrobnyk: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products GmbHKrayina Origin: Germany (DE). "GERMANY0UA100110163.1926012.49276
05/Apr/20173002109900"1. Sets diagnostic reagents laboratory-based animal blood fractions in the form of liquid or lyophilisates in vials not containing test strips: Set of investigation of hemostasis klottinhovym method: the prothrombin time, art.PV50-170nab., Kit study states hemostasis klottinhovym method: thrombin time art.TV50-130nab. Marking available and corresponds to the legislation standards. Manufacturer: Private enterprise "" Dyasens "" Trademark "" Dyasens "" Country of origin: bY.. "BELARUS0UA12510017.871576.348099
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Thrombin Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Thrombin Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Address
88000, Закарпатська обл., м.Ужгород вул.Перемоги, буд.28, Україна.
Exporter Name HEMO MEDIKA Services, S.r.o.
Product Description
"1. Products medical appointments, diagnostic reag.........
HS Code 3822000000Value 838.6229052
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 2.62
Origin Country GERMANY

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