Ukraine Import Data of Thickener | Ukraine Import Statistics of Thickener

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of thickener collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of thickener imports.

Thickener Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Thickener

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20171901909900"1.Harchova mixture based on flour, ystovuyetsya usage in food promyslovostidlya previous semi obsypky: Art. 702 20108048 DERABAT I (flour (wheat, rice), starch, dextrose, lactose, animal protein (mistytyaytsya), modified starch, thickener (E461 )) - 2175kh, 87mishkiv to 25kg, Country of origin - PLTorhovelna mark - KerryVyrobnyk - Kerry Polska Sp.zoo. "POLAND0UA10001021752675.68483 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201739123985001.Himichni cellulose derivatives, in primary forms - Cellulose ethers: - TYLOSE MO 30023 P4 - 5000 kg. There modified metylhidroksypropiltselyulozoyu. CAS 9004-65-3.- TYLOSE MHS ​​150003 P4 - 1000 kg. There modified metylhidroksyetyltselyulozoyu. CAS 9032-42-2. Represent cellulose ethers in the form of a fine powder off-white color. Used in the production of building materials as thickeners, volohoutrymuvachiv, stabilizers and as a binder and dispersants. Packaging - layered paper bags of 25 kg. .GERMANY0UA700020600027688.74909
28/Apr/20172106909890"1.Harchovi additives for use in the food industry, without vmistuetylovoho alcohol: Ref. 20314479 CUTTER MAX (vegetable protein (containing 45% soybean) zheluyucha substance (E407a), flavor, 11% starch, salt, thickener (E412, E415) , emulsifiers (E471)) - 250 kg, 10mishkiv to 25kg; Art.20108058 FES N 2000 U 410 (stabilizers (E450, E451, E452), glucose syrup znyy (24.8%), starch (19.1%), reg ulyator acidity (E575), flavor enhancers (E621, E631, E627), antioxidant (E316), coloring (E150s, E100)) - 500kg, 25kg in 20mishkiv; Art.20108378 SAUMAD DRY UA (glucose syrup 30% Voltage ri ( E451, E452, E450, E500), flavor enhancers (E621, E631, E627), villages , Aromatyz ATOR, antioxidant (E301), a preservative (E 252) - 250 kg, 10mishkiv to 25kg, Art. 201 08040 SAUMAD U530 (stabilizers (E451, E452, E508), dietary fiber (containing CO S) zhelyuyuchyyahent (E407a) dry syrovat ka (9.27%), glucose (7%), antioxidant (E 316), glucose syrup) -1200kh, 48mishkiv to 25kg; Ref. 20108704 SAUMAD UNIVERSAL (stabilizer (E451), glucose syrup (26.28%) modified starch (14.33%), gelling agent (E407a), dextrose (5.3%), flavor enhancer (E621), antioxidant (E316), Thickeners (E415, E410) - 500K g 20mishkiv to 25kg; Art.20107979SAUMAD XEV3 (modified starch, starch (15%) (stabilizers (E450, E451, E452), salt, antioxidant (E316), flavor, thickener (E415), a preservative (E250) - 420 0kg, 168mishkiv to 25kg; Ref. 20108775 SAU MAD XEV3 NN (modified starch (48%), stabilizers (E451, E450, E452), CD ohmal (16.5%), salt, antioxidant (E316), flavor, thickener (E415)) - 1600kg, 64mishkiv to 25kg, Country of origin - PLTorhovelna mark - KerryVyrobnyk - Kerry Polska Sp.zoo "POLAND0UA100010850019452.58099
28/Apr/20172103909000"1.Salatni sauces that are ready sauces semi dlyastrav consistency in cardboard cartridges (tubes) (in 1korobi-12upak.h750ml): art.07919-078" "Big Teysti" "- 1080kor., In cardboard cartridges (tubes) (in 1korobi-6upak.h750ml): art.00880-021 "" tzatziki "" - 1681kor. containing incorporates a mixture of flavors, flavors, cooking oil, condiments, spices and thickeners barvnykiv.Vyrobnyk - "" Develey Senf & Feinkost GmbH "", Nimechchyna.Krayina production-DE.Torhivelna mark - "" McDonald's "".. "GERMANY0UA1001201744761507.04897
28/Apr/20172103909000"1.Cmako aromatic compositions for usage in food industry last one, that bezvmis ethanol: Ref. 20108042 DERAROM U250 (flavor, dextrose, flavor enhancer (E621, E635), salt) - 250 kg, 125up to 2kg, Art. 201 08050 PATEMIX UA 0202 (flour (wheat), glucose syrup, spices and extracts of spices, thickener (E412), antioxidants (E316, E330), dextrose, flavor enhancers (E621, E631, E627), sugar, flavor yzator) - 1002kh, 167up to 6kg, Country of origin - PLTorhovelna mark - KerryVyrobnyk - Kerry Polska Sp.zoo. "POLAND0UA10001012523994.718858
28/Apr/201739123985001.Metylhidroksyetyltselyuloza modyfikovanashvydkorozchynna brands: Walocel MT 10000 PV Methyl Hydroxyethyl cellulose.Bilyy powder in bags of 90 weight 25kh.Zahalnoyu 2250 kh.Walocel XM 20,000 PV Methyl Hydroxyethyl cellulose, Mod.Bilyy powder in bags of 108 25kh.Zahalnoyu weight of 2700 kg. Walocel XM 30,000 PV Methyl Hydroxyethyl cellulose, Mod.Bilyy powder in bags of 144 25kh.Zahalnoyu 3700 kh.Vykorystovuyetsya weight as thickeners, stabilizers in the production of emulsion farb.Produkt Company.Vyrobnyk TM Dow Chemical DOW Wolff Cellulosics GMBH.Krayina production: DE . .GERMANY0UA100110855043489.69377
28/Apr/20173209100000"1. own production potreb.Farby based akrilovyh polymer dispersed in an aqueous medium, water-dispersed paint VD-AK" "Meta-Tex-A '' (color RAL-7005), packaged in n / etil. Barrels in 50 l.Vmist: aqueous dispersion "" Lakotэn E-24 '' - 55% of auxiliary substances OP-10.3%; thickener Sulfatsell-7% titanium dioxide, 23% water, pigment pastes 7% water-5 %. TU-2316-006-18451281-2003 amended. without content precursors of ethanol, not aerosol packaging does not contain ozone-depleting substances. It is used to protect the pipe from corrosion.. "RUSSIA0UA110180195013866.30103
28/Apr/20171704906100"1. sugar confectionery not containing cocoa: - jelly beans candy in the assortment: -" "Freshok" "12 * 24 * 15 g - 236 kor.-" "Freshok" "12 * 24 * 12 g - 263 kor.- "" Freshok "" 6 * 50 * 10 g - 938 correspondent. Expiry date - 11/2019. Each odynytsyazapakovana in original packaging. Ingredients: sugar, acid regulator ness, thickener, steorat magnesium, identi cal natural flavor production barvnyky.Krayina - TR.Torhivelna mark - MERTSAN.Vyrobnyk - MERTSAN GIDA VE IHT.MAD.SAN. VE TIC AS, Turkey.. "TURKEY0UA4081304742.456971.400021
28/Apr/20171302390000"1. Product Art. 7760.1UA Pakovys Stop Vatera used in the food industry and is a mixture of herbal thickener (carrageenan, potassium chloride, locust bean gum, gum packaging, dekstoroza) .- 140kh; Shelf life - 23.09.2018r . packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. Purpose: for use in the food industry in the production of sausages. Manufacturer: Pacovis AG; trade mark: Pacovis; Country of origin: CH;. "SWITZERLAND0UA1002801401319.359057
28/Apr/20173204130000"1. Organic and synthetic dyes, Food colors: - WS-LU-01 - yellow Liguid gel 140 ml - 540 units; - WS-LU-03 - orange Liguid gel 140 ml - 180 units; - WS-LU-09 - red Liguid gel 140 ml - 720 units; - WS-LU-12 - cherry Liguid gel 140 ml - 72 units; - WS-LU-18 - violet Liguid gel 140 ml - 180 units; - WS-LU-21 - azure blue Liguid gel 140 ml - 360 units; - WS-LU-27 - green Liguid gel 140 ml - 270 units; - WS-LU-30 - brown Liguid gel 140 ml - 216 units; - WS-LU-12 - black Liguid gel 140 ml - 144 pieces; -S11 / spray silver 50 ml - 40sht; -S21 / spray gold 50 ml - 40sht; -S02 / spray pearl 50 ml - 20pcs; -S31 / spray ruby ​​50 ml - 20pcs; -S41 / spray copper 50 ml - 20pcs; Ingredients: water, dye: tartrazine E102, thickener, xanthan gum E415, preservatives: potassium sorbitol E202, pH stabilizer, citric acid E330. E415. E124 Ponceau 4R. Karmuazyn E122, AP onso 4R. E133.Vykorystovuyetsya Blue Diamond in the confectionery industry. Goods in the original packaging. Manufacturer: "" FOOD COLOURS "". Trading "" FOOD COLOURS "". PL. "POLAND0UA125250432.564227.285038
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""КЕРРІ УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
01033,м.Київ,вул.Короленківська,4 Україна
Exporter Name Kerry Polska Sp.z.o.o.
Product Description
"1.Harchova mixture based on flour, ystovuyetsya u.........
HS Code 1901909900Value 2675.68483
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 2175
Origin Country POLAND

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