Ukraine Import Data of Thermoplastic | Ukraine Import Statistics of Thermoplastic

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of thermoplastic collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of thermoplastic imports.

Thermoplastic Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Thermoplastic

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of thermoplastic. Get Ukraine trade data of Thermoplastic imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20173926300090"1.Kripylni plastic, mechanical connectors, amorphous thermoplastic, art.12486561001, count-9900sht .; holder for Impost profile 126 genera, amorphous termolast, art.13517451007, count-50sht .; Producer: "" REHAU "". Country of origin: DE.Torhivelna mark: "" REHAU "".. "GERMANY0UA100110279.52334.494696 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20173926300090"1.Kripylni plastic, mechanical connectors, amorphous thermoplastic, art.12486561001, count-9900sht .; Producer:" "REHAU" ". Country of origin: DE.Torhivelna mark:" "REHAU" ".. "GERMANY0UA100110277.22265.622197
29/Apr/20173920300090"1.Mebel tape safe edge" "EGGER Edging ABS" "ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) thermoplastic, not reinforced, does not contain chlorine, non-porous, non-lacquer, without lining, and not combined in a similar way with other materials. Quantity - 2475.00 m., 56 , 94 m2, 0,057 m3. It is used for furniture production. "TURKEY0UA40815058.69428.503103
29/Apr/20173920300090"1.Mebleva tape safe edge" "EGGER Edging ABS" "ABS (AkrylnitrylButadiyenStyrol) thermoplastic, reinforced, does not contain chlorine, non-porous, nesharuvata, unlined and is not connected in this way with other materialamy.Kilkist - 5025.00 m., 116 10 m2 0.164 m3.. "TURKEY0UA408150170.92853.320532
28/Apr/20174016999790"1. Goods tvarynIhrashka d / dogs, bones DENTO spiked a platter., 10cm, thermoplastic rubber art. 20-2206 - 36 ShTIhrashka d / dogs, bones spiked a platter., 15cm, thermoplastic rubber art. 20 -2208 - 16 ShTIhrashka d / dogs, rings with large spikes in assorted., 8,5sm, thermoplastic rubber art. 20-2216 - 16 ShTIhrashka d / dogs, triangles, assorted., 8cm, thermoplastic rubber art. 20- 2218 - 8 ShTIhrashka d / dogs, heart, assorted., 8cm, thermoplastic rubber art. 20-2219 - 8 ShTIhrashka d / dogs BALL relief bone, assorted., 6cm, thermoplastic rubber art. 20-2220 - 12 ShTIhrashka d / dogs, heart, assorted., 8cm, termopl astychna translucent rubber art. 20-2265 - 12 ShTIhrashka d / dogs nipples in assorted., 14,5sm, translucent thermoplastic rubber art. 20-2266 - 4 ShTIhrashka d / dogs, chicken, sound, 24 cm Whip Art . 20-2327 - 6 ShTIhrashka d / dogs, yellow BEHEMOTYK, sound, 7cm Whip art. 20-2336 - 3 ShTIhrashka d / dogs, blue elephant, with sound 7cm Whip art. 20-2337 - 3 ShTIhrashka etc. / dogs Oh RANZHEZHE Poros with sound 7cm Whip art. 20-2339 - 3 ShTIhrashka d / dog, pig, orange, with sound, 23 cm Whip art. 20-2343 - 6 ShTIhrashka d / Dog, Pig, with sound 24cm Whip art. 20-2356 - 3 ShTIhrashka d / dogs, bone, assorted. 14 cm rubber art. 20-2502 - 9 ShTIhrashka d / dogs M "," ball-sponge in assorted., D = 57mm, rubber art. 20-2556 - 12 ShTIhrashka d / dogs EGG FOR jumps, 40h55mm, rubber art. 20-2558 - 6 ShTIhrashka d / cats, loved by a ball in a set of 4 pieces. and asort.koloriv, ​​d = 4cm, rubber art. 20-7045 - 6 nab "CHINA0UA10107010.22130.6783474
28/Apr/20173911100000"1. The resin-styrene oil indenovana (kumaronoindenova) in the form of plates with thickness up to 3mm EE 10718773 TU 7: 2013, CAS number 68187-58-6.Temperatura rozmyahchennya ° C - 97; 100; mass fraction of ash% - 0 02; 0.03;% mass fraction of water - 0.03; mass fraction of sulfur% - 0.33; 0.31; content of acids and alkalis% - 0.01; mass fraction of solids% - 0.03; 0, 05, as thermoplastic additives for own production needs for the tire brand promyslovosti.Torhovelna - vidsutnya.Vyrobnytstva - Novotrade Invest AS.Krayina production - EE.. "ESTONIA0UA1252702002517074.55633
28/Apr/20173909509090"1. Polyurethanes in liquid form for use in the construction industry as a component in the production of polyurethane thermoplastic brand Efka PU 4063- 760kh.Vyrobnyk" "Basf SE" ". Trademark - Efka.Krayina production - NL.."NETHERLANDS0UA1001107606146.628209
28/Apr/20178413702900"1. The electric pump without flow, centrifugal, submerged, multistage, downhole for lifting liquids: -822986- E4XP40 / 30 + MCH455 / S-8V with 4kW electric motor 400V, 50Hz -2sht, giving up to 16 m3 / hr., The pressure - up to 124m in diameter exhaust pipe 62mm..Vykorystovuyetsya for pumping clean, chemically aggressive water. With a maximum solids content of up to 150g / m3. maximum temperature fluid to 30 ° c. The depth of the installation below the water level up to 15m., stainless material execution steel, Runners thermoplastic rubber) .Vyrobnyk: "" Capr ari SpA "" IT.Torhova mark: "" Caprari SpA "" Country of Italiya.Dlya use in civil industry. ".ITALY2UA12502053.661340.047944
28/Apr/20176307909800"1.Hotovi textiles. Semis for medical plasters, medical application needs first means of sterilization, packaging uindividualnu packaging, non-woven adhesive bandage on the basis of syntetychnyhvolokon, surface density 54h / sq.m., Perforated, rectangular zmedychnoyu middle cushion for the application of therapeutic agents, adhesive coated on based on thermoplastic polymer: - Non-woven wound dressing 6cm * 8cm (adhesive bandage non-woven base (semi) 6cm * 8cm) size 6cm * 8cm, -35kart.kor.po 2000sht . = 70000sht.; - Non-woven wound d ressing 10cm * 10cm (adhesive bandage non-woven base (semi) 10cm * 10cm) size 10cm * 10cm, -27kart.kor.po 1500sht. 40000sht =.; - Non-woven wound dressing 15cm * 10cm (adhesive Trans' yazka non-woven base (semi) 15cm * 10cm) size 15cm * 10cm, 1000pcs -20kart.kor.po. 20000sht =.; - Non-woven wound dressing 20cm * 10cm (adhesive bandage non-woven base (semi) 20cm * 10cm) size 20cm * 10cm, 1000pcs at -20kart.kor.p. 20000sht =.; - Non-woven wound dressing 25cm * 10cm (adhesive bandage non-woven base (semi) 25cm * 10cm) size 25cm * 10cm, -25kart.kor.po 800sht. = 20000sht., trademark: ZhejingVyrobnyk: Zhejing Bangli Medical products you Co.Ltd.Krayina robnytstva: CN "CHINA0UA125110486.518068.84731
28/Apr/20175903909100"1.Tkanyny coated plastics fabric coated on one side with glue (on based on a thermoplastic polymer) is designed to produce medychnyhplastyriv, perevyazuvalnyh materials for wounds, adhesive bandages: -Fabric white color carrier with coated hole glue 96cm * 300m (woven osnovabiloho color of applying glue) -40032kv.m., 139rulonov type bases -bavovna, white, width 96cm length 300m, weight foundations 100g / sqm; -Light skin color elastic cotton 82mm * 250m (solid base fabric glycol oruelastychna) -10004kv.m., 122up. = 488ruloniv type bases -bavovna 1 00% kolirtilesnyy, width 82mm, length and 250 m, wa ha bases 118h / m; -skin color silk plaster 80mm * 250m (Silk ovyy patch tilesnohokoloru) -5000kv.m. 50 karton.up. = 250ruloniv type osnovy- acetate fiber fabric, width 80mm, length 250m, weight the adhesive onon Peninsula zinc oxide 59h / m, weight on 9 0h / m, trademark: ZhejingVyrobnyk: Zhejing Bangli Medical products Co.Ltd.Krayina production: CN. "CHINA55036UA12511011218.64133272.9836
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""РЕХАУ"""
Importer Address
03150, м.Київ, вул.Ковпака, 17, кв.3-4
Exporter Name REHAU AG + CO
Product Description
"1.Kripylni plastic, mechanical connectors, amorph.........
HS Code 3926300090Value 2334.494696
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 279.5
Origin Country GERMANY

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