Ukraine Import Data of Tfa | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tfa

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of tfa collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of tfa imports.

Tfa Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tfa

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201784141025001.Sistema vacuum load V30D50, used in the manufacture of plastics, vacuum zasmoktuvanyan polymer granules for supplying an automated processing line operates on the principle of vacuum pumps, unassembled, consisting of the following components: Suction unit with automatic cleaning VS30E50 A - 1 sht.Tsyklonnyy with automatic filter cleaning FC25CP - 1 sht.Resyver EXA / OW3 KASKO - 2 sht.Pult programming Master MSTK - 1 sht.Vuzol derivation - 1 sht.Hnuchka antistatic reinforcing pipe TFA50B - 2 sht.Odnozhylnyy extension cable (8m) - 2 sht.Rozhaluzhu Ah stainless steel D.50 + MG 50 (1 input, 2 outputs) - 1 sht.Homuty Pipe - 4 sht.Otsynkovani collars D.50 - 2 sht.Hnuchka tube probe TF53M - 2 sht.Torhovelna mark MorettoKrayina production ITVyrobnyk MORETTO SpA.ITALY1UA125190194.984810.54389 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178448590000"1.Chastyny ​​to industrial embroidery tire ma" "TAJIMA" ": P" "Yelets: TFA2: 360P: 413 * 239 [A]. Resyprokator [S] (needle manipulator).".JAPAN0UA1250203.4734.6358785
25/Apr/20176115969900"1.Katky road vibration, self-propelled, second hand, -b / a road roller Benford TV1300- 1pc., S.n.- SLBTLPK0E86CH1018, 2008., Vaha- 3240kh.Ekspluatatsiyna potuzhnist- 32.4 kW, the width of the drum - 13 000mm., 700mm diameter barabanu-., frequency vibratsiyi- 48 / 56Hts, turning radius (internal) -2475mm., (external) - 3845mm., dvyhun- diesel, 3 cylinder volume 44l Baku. , shvydkist- 10km / hod.Pryznachennya: for use on construction sites, road works or landscaping; -b / a road roller Benford TV1200- 1pc., s.n.- SLBT00R0E708CD254, 2007., vaha- 2740kh.Shyryna barabanu- 12 00mm. diameter roller-7 00mm., The frequency of the vibration-3060 kick. / Min. Turning radius (internal) -3 050mm., Dvyhun- diesel, number of cylinders 2, potuzhnist- 24 kW capacity Baku-44l., Shvydkist- 7 5km / hod.Pryznachennya: for use on construction sites, road works or landscaping; -b / a road roller Ammann AV26-2- 1pc., s.n.- TFAAV26EY70020674, 2007., vaha- 2800kh. Width 12 barabanu- 00mm. diameter roller-738mm., the frequency of the vibration-2400 kick. / min. turning radius (internal) - 2250mm., (external) - 3450mm., dvyhun- diesel, tsylindriv- 3 potuzhnist- 19.8 kW volume 43l Baku. maximum shvydkist- 10km / hod.Pryzna tions, for use on construction sites, road works or landscaping, Brand: Benford, Ammann .Vyrobnyk: Benford LTD, Ammann Schweiz AG.Krayina Production: GB, CH. "CHINA726UA10011041.48492.843568
25/Apr/20176205300000"1.Vytratomir to determine the mass wipe atm saturated steam included zkomunik atsiynym port to transfer data in digital format ovomu, designed dlyavstanovle ting Steam systems in various TV Company industriesindustry not miss tit radiobladnannya: (1930595) DN50 TFA with RS485 -1sht. Country of -Velykobrytaniya (GB), "" Spirax Sarco Ltd "". Trademark -Spirax Sarco.. "BANGLADESH147UA12523067.254391.564094
21/Apr/201790262020001.DATCHYK PRESSURE turbo DYZELNOHODVYHUNA art.0261230058-1sht.DATChYK TYSKUPALYVA art.0261230095-1sht.DATChYKTYSKU turbo DIESEL DIESEL DVYHUNAart.0261230224-1sht.DATChYK HIGH TYSKUPALYVNOYI vehicle systems DS-S3-TFart.0261230266-2sht. art.0261230266-1sht.DATChYK detonation in the chamber VNUTRISHNOHOZHORANNYA engine that operates on a mechanical pressure OSNOVIPERETVORENNYA electrical signals art.0261231004-1sht.DATChYKTYSKU art.0265005303-1sht.DATChYK PRESSURE OF HYDRAULIC ENGINE TURBONADDUVADYZELNOHO art.0281002244-1sht. art.0281002399-1sht. art.0281002593-1sht.DATChYK PRESSURE Turbocharged Diesel art.0281002655-1sht.DATChYK highpressure VEHICLE FUEL SYSTEM art.0281002662-2sht. art.0281002710-1sht.DATChYKTYSKU art.0281002908-1sht.DATChYK DIESEL FUEL HIGH PRESSURE FUEL VEHICLE SYSTEMYDVYHUNA art.0281006005-1sht.DATChYK HIGH PRESSURE FUEL SYSTEM ROZPODILYUYUCHOHOTRUBOPROVODU TO MOTOR VEHICLE DIESEL art.0281006053-1sht.DATChYK TYSKUPALYVA art.0281006102-1sht .DATCHYK T YSKU art.0281006481-2sht.Ne supercharged diesel engine incorporates the RECs and IP trademark BOSCHVyrobnyk ROBERT BOSCH DE GMBHKrayina productionGERMANY21UA1251100.796349.8199743
18/Apr/20179102990000"1. CONTRIBUTION TO AUTHORIZED CAPITAL: Equipment for measuring the restaurant" "McDonald's", "Industrial: Revenues materials for future installation completely disassembled state: equipment for restaurants" "McDonalds" ": Digital Stopwatch 75h62h25mm. With cord, waterproof art.718.391 .981 - 1pc. (body contains natural and artificial stones) does not contain in its composition bezdrotnoho transmitter or pryymachaKrayina production CNVyrobnyk TFA Dostmann GmbH & Co.KGTorhivelna brand TFA Dostmann GmbH & Co.KG. "CHINA1UA1000100.09816.61453962
18/Apr/20173926300090"1.Zapchastyny ​​to the a / m zplastmasy fasteners, floor protection NYZHNIYTSENTRALNYY RIGHT art.74603-SWW-G00-1sht., Fasteners art.91560-S04-003-4sht .; art.91560-S04-003-1sht ., MOUNT GLASS art.91568-SWW-G01-50sht., moldings top of RESHITKYRADIATORA, Central art.71126-SWW-E31-1sht., moldings DOORS art.72425-T0A-A01-1sht., lining the rear right wheel arch art.74410-T1G-E01-1sht., left rear lining DOOR UPPER art.75323-SCA-E01ZL-1pc., left rear lining DOOR LOWER art.75333-SCA-E01ZJ-1 pc., front left lining DOOR UPPER art. 75322-SCA-E01ZL-1 pc., front left lining DOOR LOWER art.7 5332-SCA-E01ZJ-1 pc., Rear bumper lining the bottom right-TFA-art.71502 T00-1sht., Lining PANEL wiper, left art.74218-SWW-G00-1sht., BASE FRONT EMBLEM Part 1 art.71122 -SWW-E31-1sht., BASE FRONT EMBLEM, Part 2 art.71128-SWW-E31-1sht., manufacturer Honda Europe NVTorhovelna brand Honda. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA2050908.831451.966425
14/Apr/201787083099981.Chastyny ​​for trucks / m ihalmovi brake system of the drum brakes used for trucks / mtsyvilnoho purpose: Brake cranes 100-3537310 -5 sht.Vyrobnyk: TFA ZIL.RUSSIA0UA11019010183.1529825
06/Apr/20177326909890"1.Komplektuyuchi of ferrous metals intended for installation vparokonde nsatnyh Industrial enterprises are not forged, not stamped, non-medical claim ryznachennya -" "injector pair of" "(stainless steel. Yakuvsmoktuyetsya nozzle through cold water and mixed with steam in the system): (4,014,300) IN15 SSBSP -1sht, type of flow for TFA: (1930283) tsentrucha steel sleeve vkompl. -1sht.Krayina production - United Kingdom (GB) "" Spirax Sarco Ltd "". Trade mark - Spirax Sarco.. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA4030300.5413.4498022
04/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni preparations for skin care, not aerosol packaging: DIPTYQUE Hand Cream 50 ml Rose O - limited edition 2017 art.VAL17HCREAM, pc-18; DIPTYQUE Facial Cleansing Face powder 40g art.FACEPOWDER, sht- 6; DIPTYQUE care leveling body scrub 200 art.BODYSCRUB, pc-24; DIPTYQUE care Rich body cream 200ml New art.CREMECORPS1, pc-6; DIPTYQUE care Velvet hand lotion 250ml art.HANDLOTION, pc-18; DIPTYQUE facial Hydrating facial spray - 15ml sample deluxe art.SFLOTIOLUX1, pc-40; DIPTYQUE facial oil facial on plant first base - Deluxe 4 ml sample art.SFOILLUX, pc-40; DIPTYQUE Facial Oil Facial plant-based 3 mL art.SFACEOIL, pc-40; DIPTYQUE Facial Cleansing Facial powder 2hr art.SFACEPOWDER, pc-40; DIPTYQUE facial clay mask scrub 5ml art.SFACESCRUB, pc-40; DIPTYQUE facial oil facial plant-based tester 30 ml art.T FACEOIL, item 2; DIPTYQUE facial clay mask scrub 100ml tester art .TFACESCRUB, item 2; DIPTYQUE TESTER hand Cream 50 ml Rose O art.TROSEHCREAM, pc-8.Krayina production FR.Vyrobnyk DIPTYQUE SAS.Torhovelna mark DIPTYQUE. "FRANCE0UA11015021.24525.7927775
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Tfa Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Tfa Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЄВРОПАКЛАЙН"""
Importer Address
Україна, 61020, м. Харків, жовтневий район, в-зд Пристанційний, б. 4
Exporter Name MORETTO S.P.A.
Product Description
1.Sistema vacuum load V30D50, used in the manufact.........
HS Code 8414102500Value 4810.54389
Quantity 1Unit UA125190
Net Weight 194.98
Origin Country ITALY

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