Ukraine Import Data of Test Dust | Ukraine Import Statistics of Test Dust

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of test dust collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of test dust imports.

Test Dust Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Test Dust

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201790248019001. machines for testing textiles: Breaking machine model TIME WDW-10M. new year 2017, electronic, for industrial testing gap textile materials from natural and synthetic fibers. Used to determine tensile, tensile strength, elongation, modulus, compression and bending tests of mechanical properties of polypropylene products. Vsho: 1 pc. Country of origin: CN.CHINA0UA2091803509517.479138 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20178438101000"1. Industrial Equipment Bakery, used, incomplete, mixing machines consist of rotating or stationary set Dej equipped with fixed or movable blades for kneading dough, dough mixer for Kemper, year - 1996 - 1 pc .; dough mixers Kemper , year - 1995 - 1 pc .; tistodililni machine in which the dough is coming through the receiving tray, mechanically divided into pieces of equal size, separator bread Werner, year - 1986 - 1 pc .; zaokruhlyuvach test Kemper, year - 1985 - 1.. "GERMANY0UA20918023502561.500118
28/Apr/20179030209100"1. Measurement values ​​for the control zaelektrychnymy without recording device in stock: Agilent / Keysight E8362B option 014 PNA network analyzer 10 MHz to 20 GHz (electronic) - 1pc, Serial Number: MY43020233, used, produced in 2008 .Predstavlyaye a vector analizatormerezhi for laboratory and industrial measuring reflected voltage transmission parametriv.Nominalna 220V.Zastosovuyutsya for configuration, testing, maintenance, repair and quality control of high-frequency equipment, etc. Second home tehniky.Torhovelna Brand: No danyh.Vyrobnyk: Keysight Technologies, US.. "UNITED STATES0UA2050902928477.98348
28/Apr/20178466940000"1.Chastyny ​​(details): module for testing measuring devices rupture strength special steel, special steel plates designed specifically for cars (8462) Industrial, multifunctional that handles flexible electrical conductors marks'" insects "" in an amount of 38 pieces.. "GERMANY0UA2091807.6456832.240028
28/Apr/20179030310000"1. Profibus module Ultra Plus 37021 - 1 pc. Universal Module is a diagnostic device for controlling and measuring signals parmetriv PROFIBUS network. It is also possible diagnose industrial or other device of the network - with or without PLC. The module consists of a diagnostic and measurement, which measures the electrical parameters of the network and compares them with reference values. The measurement results are displayed on the screen. it is also possible to connect the printer module for printing scorecards measurement. This module has n recording ystroyiv. To store the measurement results is possible to connect the module for module PK.Osnovni tasks: • Universal testing: -Poyednannya signal tester, oscilloscope, the protocol analyzer in a single diagnostic tools, together with the offline diagnostics on a PC; -pidhodyt to install, configure and commissioning, network optimization, troubleshooting and also suitable for laboratory testing. • Compact mo dul test network without using a laptop; -complex network without the use of tests I have a laptop; -Easy-to-understand test results • Enhanced diagnostics using software-generation of test reports, describing the actual state of the network PROFIBUS.Haluz application: - troubleshooting and maintenance of PROFIBUS networks: - commissioning networks PROFIBUS- testing and verification PROFIBUS products - passive test kabelivKomplekt delivery: 1. USB kabel2. module PROFIBUS3. connector to PK4. Blue chohol5. vykorystannya6 instruction. installation disk (if any) .Krayina production - Netherlands. Trade mark - Procentec. Vyrobnyk- Procentec BV. "NETHERLANDS0UA1120801.72992.275037
28/Apr/201794032080001.Stoly stainless steel for industrial use 3 pieces. Rozmir2,94x1,43h0,91 sotruvannya designed for calibration and intestinal raw vzhyvani- 1992 production. .POLAND0UA2091801503070.8858
27/Apr/20179609109000"1. Colored pencils with replacement leads to a hard shell: Pencils for testing Nataraj Checking (shetyhranni), red / blue, 12 pieces in a set of struhalkoyu 20 sets per box - 1 box Model 201240001; Colored pencils Nataraj 12 count, in the set with struhalkoyu, 192 sets per box - 3 boxes Model 201250002; colored pencils Nataraj triangular, 12 count, a set of struhalkoyu, 192 sets per box - 5 boxes Model 201250005; colored pencils Nataraj short, 12 count, a set of struhalkoyu , 288 sets per carton - cartons 9, article 201 251 001; colored pencils Nataraj 6 count, a set of struhalkoyu, 384 sets in a box - 2 boxes Model 201255001; Colored pencils Nataraj 24 count, a set of struhalkoyu, 96 sets in a box - 2 boxes, article 201 256 002; Total: 22 korobkyVyrobnyk: HINDUSTAN PENCILS PVT. LTD. Trade mark: NATARAJKrayina production: IN. "INDIA0UA401010414.231864.415028
26/Apr/20179025192090"1.Elektronni instruments for measuring temperature, for use in budivelniytermohrafiyi, Industrial thermography: Art. 0560 1063 testo 106 thermometer with dvomabatareykamy type CR 2032 -5sht .; art. Pyrometer 0560 8311 testo 830-T1 zbatareykoyu 9V" "Crown" "- 15sht .; art. Pyrometer 0560 8314 testo 830-T4 with batareykoyu9V "" Crown "" -2sht .; art. 0560 9056 Thermometer testo 905-T2 with three batareykamyAAA, clip-art .; 5pcs. 0572 1560 testo 174 temperature T dvomabatareykamy of CR 2032-7sht .; art. 0572 0561 Set of S3 temperature testo 174 T USBinterfeysom with two batteries CR 2032-1sht .; art. 0572 1841 registrar emperatury testo 184 T1 -5sht .; art. 0572 2001Reyestrator temperature testo Saveris T1 2 with four AA batteries, micro USBkabelem, wall mounting with lock -1sht .; art. 0572 S1 2003 Komplektreyestratoru temperature testo Saveris T3 2 with two temperature probes (-50 + 205C; 40 mm) with four AA batteries, micro-USB cable, wall mounting zzamkom-1sht.Torhove flax brand: TESTOKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: TESTO SE & CO. KGAA "CHINA42UA1002109.4452033.029121
26/Apr/20178481806100"1.Klapany valves, made of cast iron, for industrial use: Set-2768900101 dry pipe valves collected as part of DPV-1, size 6", "setting up FM, pressure switch PS10-1, ACC-1 Accelerator, a standard test signal valve (shut-off is a bypass valve, cast iron, for dry pipe sprinkler systems, fire suppression) -3sht., 1468800105 Set-water valve signal collected as part of AV-1-300, 6 "," pressure switch PS10-1, compensation Cam RC-1, without regulator control, tying EUR, manometers (is a bypass valve shut-off, with, c in a cast for fire extinguishing systems) -2sht., 1448800105 Set-water valve signal collected as part of AV-1-300, 4 "," pressure switch PS10-1, compensatory cell RC-1, without the regulator control OBV Euro ' yazka, manometers (is shut-bypass valve, cast iron, fire extinguishing system) -1sht., 1468800105 Set-water valve signal collected as part of AV-1-300, 6 "," pressure switch PS10 -1, compensation Cam RC-1, without regulator control, tying EUR, manometers (is shut-bypass valve, cast iron, for Water th fighting) -1sht., is part of the fire suppression systems used in buildings and tsyv "NETHERLANDS0UA100110461.67588.473242
26/Apr/20179025192090"1.Elektronni instruments for measuring temperature, for use in budivelniytermohrafiyi, Industrial thermography: Art. 0560 7351 testo 735-1 Thermometer zchotyrma AA batteries (1,5V) -1sht .; Art. 0560 8351 S11 Set pyrometer testo835-T1 with Printers module with three AA batteries (1,5V) -1sht.Torhovelna brand: TESTOKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: TESTO SE & CO. KGAA. "GERMANY2UA1002101.485424.6320719
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""АРММАКС ГРУП"""
Importer Address
82400, Львівська обл., м. Стрий, вул. Петрушевича, 39
Product Description
1. machines for testing textiles: Breaking machine.........
HS Code 9024801900Value 9517.479138
Quantity 0Unit UA209180
Net Weight 350
Origin Country CHINA

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