Ukraine Import Data of Termo | Ukraine Import Statistics of Termo

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of termo collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of termo imports.

Termo Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Termo

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201790251980911.Termometry used for industrial assembly of cars SKODA: exhaust temperature sensor using thermistor art.04L906088DB 15sht. .THAILAND15UA3051600.87203.4295449 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/20173926300090"1.Kripylni plastic, mechanical connectors, amorphous thermoplastic, art.12486561001, count-9900sht .; holder for Impost profile 126 genera, amorphous termolast, art.13517451007, count-50sht .; Producer: "" REHAU "". Country of origin: DE.Torhivelna mark: "" REHAU "".. "GERMANY0UA100110279.52334.494696
29/Apr/20177317006000"1.Kripylni ferrous metals: plug for attaching insulation facade zpodovzh.rozpirnoyu part with a steel pin with otsinkovanym termoholivkoyud10h160mm, art.LFM-10160 (200) - 16400sht; Dowel for fastening termoizolyatsiyifasadu of podovzh.rozpirnoyu part with steel nail otsinkovanym ztermoholivkoyu d10h200mm, art.LFM-10200 (200) - 30000sht; kriplennyatermoizolyatsiyi dowel for facade from podovzh.rozpirnoyu part with steel otsinkovanym tsvyahomz termoholivkoyu d10h220mm, art.LFM-10220 (100) - 29600sht; kriplennyatermoizolyatsiyi dowel for facade of part of podovzh.rozpirnoyu steel otsinkovanym tsvyahomz termoholivkoyu d10h300mm, art.LFM-10300 (100) - 5000sht; kriplennyatermoizolyatsiyi dowel for facade d10h90mm with steel nail with otsinkovanym termoholivkoyu5,5h95mm, art.LMX10090 (200) - 9600sht; plug for attaching insulation fasadud10h110mm with steel nail with otsinkovanym termoholivkoyu 5,5h115mm, art.LMX10110 (200) - 20000sht; plug for attaching insulation facade d10h120mmzi steel nail vanym Assessment of termoholivkoyu 5,5h125mm, art.LMX10120 (200) -20000sht; Plug for attaching insulation to the facade d10h140mm stalevymotsinkovanym highlight of termoholivkoyu 5,5h145mm, art.LMX10140 (200) - 8000sht; Dyubeldlya facade insulation fastening d10h160mm with steel nail otsinkovanym ztermoholivkoyu 5,5h165mm, art.LMX10160 (200) - 10000sht; Dowel for facade kriplennyatermoizolyatsiyi d10h180mm with steel nail with otsinkovanym termoholivkoyu5,5h185mm, art.LMX10180 (200) - 13000sht; Dowel for fastening termoizolyatsiyifasadu d10h260mm with steel nail with otsinkovanym termoholivkoyu 5,5h265mm, art.LMX10260 (100) - 8000sht.Torhivelna mark "" Wkret-Met "". Producer KLIMAS WKRET-MET Spolka z oo manufacturing country of the PL. "POLAND0UA100110676711926.35032
29/Apr/201796170000001.Termosy and other vacuum tanks, thermo mug, total 192 pieces. Trademark Tommee Tipee. Manufacturer no data. Country of CN. .CHINA0UA50001040.1151.34069311
29/Apr/201768061000001.Termoizolyatsiyni materials in plates made of pressed mineral (rock) wool to perform insulation and sound insulation in buildings HOST30244-94. Plates of mineral wool insulating FRONT 12 (chemical composition: SiO2 - 39,4%, K2O - 0,63%, Na2O - 1,37%, B2O3- less than 0.1%, and other (Al2O3, Fe2O3, FeO, TiO, P2O5, CaO, MgO, SO3), typzv'yazuvalnoyi substances - fenoloformaldehidna resin) -104.76 m3.BELARUS0UA102040141404525.005844
28/Apr/20176908909300"1 facing glazed tiles, pryznachennya- for wall / tile made of fine ceramics / in stock: 8mm size /29.7h59.8/sm.tovschynoyu amarante graphite inserto modern 144sht amarante graphite inserto modern 36shtrozmirom /29.7h29.7/sm . karoo beige mosaic 336sht size /29h59.3/sm. salonika cream inserto 52shtrozmirom /59.3h59.3/sm.tovschynoyu 8mm carrara white inserto flower 74sht size / 25h75 /sm.tovschynoyu 10.5mm elegant stripes multicolour inserto flower 152sht geometric game multicolour inserto geo 24shtrozmirom / 75h100 /sm.tovschynoyu 10.5mm vivid colours multicolour composition 92sht total: 198.130m.kvKrayina production Poland / PL / country of origin mark Polsha.Torhovelna opoczno.vyrobnyk "" ROVESE SA "" PL / 9 pallets in Poland termoplivtsi. Cartons labeled tags. "POLAND19813UA1010503587.164164.169471
28/Apr/20173920202100"1.PLIVKA polypropylene, oriented BIAKSEALNO" "BIAXPLEN" ", non-porous, NESAMOKLIYNA, reinforced, NESHARUVATA (NELAMINOVANA) without lining and NEPOYEDNANA INSHYMYMATERIALAMY With this method, Polymer POLIPROPILENU.ZAVTOVSHKY no more than a means 0,10MM.VYROBNYTSTVOPLIVKY held SOEKSTRUZIYI (extrusion process two or more RIDKYHPOLIMERIV in multilayer structures) .VYKORYSTOVUYETSYA for packaging diverse PRODUKTSIYI.PROZORA BIAKSEALNO oriented polypropylene film sealing LAYERS MARK HGPL, GENERAL PURPOSE Used for high quality printing AND lamination, BOPP film BIAXPLEN: -ZAVTOVSHKY 0,015MM: (grade X thickness FILM (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP film BIAXPLEN HGPL 15x720 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 908,80KH- thick 0,020MM: (grade X thickness FILM (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP film BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x710 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1042,30KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x840 TU 316 2245-003-70378591-2015- , 60KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x880 TU 2245-003-703 78591-2015- 365,20KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x890 FILM THAT FILM 2245-003-70378591-2015- 354,90KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x1040 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1103, 00KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x1200 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1000,00KH TU-thick 0,030MM: (X MARK FILM Thick (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP film BIAXPLEN HGPL 30x680 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 850,30KH-thick 0,035MM: (grade X thickness FILM (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 35x720 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 161,80KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HGPL 35x830 FILM THAT FILM 2245-003-70378591-2015- 723,80KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HGPL 35x860 TU-thick 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1074,80KH 0,040 MM: (grade X thickness FILM (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP film BIAXPLEN HGPL 40x690 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 794,60KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 40x800 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1654,10KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 40x800 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1053,60KHMETALIZOVANA BIAKSEALNO oriented polypropylene film TERMOZVARYUVA LNYMY LAYERS MARK HMIL.M with a low threshold welding from standard friction, with long CONSERVATION ACTIVATION used for printing and lamination (metallization process is carried remedy VAKUMNOYI by causing condensation ALUMINUM high purity on one side of the film-based), BOPP FILM BIAXPLEN: -ZAVTOVSHKY 0,020MM: (grade X thickness FILM (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP film BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x970 TU 2245-002-70378591-2016- 371,30KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x800 TU 2245- 002-70378591-2016- 662,60KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x880 TU 2245-002-70378591-2016- 353,90KHBOPP Worthless CA BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x710 TU 2245-002-70378591-2016- 600,00KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x695 FILM THAT FILM 2245-002-70378591-2016- 290,20KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x720 TU 2245-002-70378591-2016 - 769,60KHPLIVKA wound on a spool, mounted on chipboard spacers packaged in shrink PLIVKU.TORHIVELNA Brand: BYAKSPLEN. MANUFACTURER: OOO "" BYAKSPLEN "". VYRONYTSTVA Country: RU. "RUSSIA0UA11011014451.423670.83263
28/Apr/20177228209100"1. termozmitsnena Reinforcing steel, rolled section ARM PR GOST 10884-94, GOST 5781-82klas AT800, brand st.28S: diameter 14mm length 6700mm -23,122tn, diameter 10mm length 6700mm -45,438tn without further processing, in addition to hot rolling, hot-rolled, alloyed steel kremniyevomarhantsevoyi circular cross section. The content of carbon (C) -28-0,29% silicon (Si) -0,93-0,94%, manganese (Mn) -0,84-0,86% . Producer - OAO "" Moldovan metallurgical plant "." "MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF0UA4030306856034316.06248
28/Apr/20178536501990"1.Elektrychna devices for switching and joining the circuits, voltage not exceeding 60 V, for use in cars, termoperemykach cooling system., Trademark: RAON.Vyrobnyk:" "PARTS-MALL CORPORATION" ". Country of origin: China .. "CHINA0UA1001100.8741.80336195
28/Apr/20178443321000"1.Termotransfernyy Printers for drukuetyketok designed to drukuetyketok used dlyamarkuvannya lehkovyhavtomobiliv cable networks, printing is performed on paper natermochutlyvomu dopomohoyuelektronahrivannya. Prynteromprovodytsya management through its connection domashyn automatic processing informatsiyicherez port USB, RS-232 Thermal transfer printers for printing labels GK420t, equipment .№311395 art.GK420t-4pcs., contains no special equipment designed for transferring or radiosyhnaliv.Tehnichni characteristics: 203dpi resolution, print speeds up to 127mm / sec print maksymalnashyryna 104mm, maximum length of print 991mm, operating voltage 24V, current 2,5A.Vyrobnyk: Zebra Technologies Corporation; trade mark: Zebra; Country of origin: China / CN.. "CHINA4UA40303012.1161476.191529
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПрАТ ""ЄВРОКАР"""
Importer Address
Закарпатська обл,Ужгородський р-н с.Соломоново,вул.Перемоги 46
Exporter Name SKODA AUTO A.S.
Product Description
1.Termometry used for industrial assembly of cars .........
HS Code 9025198091Value 203.4295449
Quantity 15Unit UA305160
Net Weight 0.87
Origin Country THAILAND

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