Ukraine Import Data of Tempered Glass Top | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tempered Glass Top

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of tempered glass top collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of tempered glass top imports.

Tempered Glass Top Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tempered Glass Top

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of tempered glass top. Get Ukraine trade data of Tempered Glass Top imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
19/Apr/20177007212090"1. Tempered glass, safe for MEDIA Set on a / m komlekti of elementamymontazhu (glass, bolts, screws, sealers Ah, strips, lantern stopsyhnalu tapidsvich uvach saloon): Memorandum to-CT Kung - 3 pieces; for founding -kt dlyakunha- 1 unit, for founding kt Kung - 4 pieces; for founding kt Kung (without bichnyhotvoriv) - 2 sht.Torhovelna brand: ARB.Vyrobnyk: ARB CORPORATION LTD.Krayina production: AU.. "AUSTRALIA0UA1002104141614.59997 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
18/Apr/20178708299000"1.Sklo safe strengthened (tempered) and the laminated multi-ukomplektovaneobihrivalnymy elektrospiralyamy and electrical connectors for use vavtomobilyah (name, evrokod, article) TOYOTA RAV4 06-GLASS VITROVEZL + PE + DD + VIN + TO 8372AGNHMVW1B art. 4031811 -20sht SUBARU FORESTER 08- WINDOW SCREEN + EO + VIN 7934AGNBLHV Art. 4031803 -23pcs LEXUS RX300 / 400-GLASSWARE + EO + DD + VIN 8354AGNGNHMV1B Art.4030065 -22pcs LEXUS RX300 / 400-GLASS WIND POWER + EO + DD + VIN 8354AGNGNHMV1B Art. 4030065 -3. HYUNDAI SOLARIS10- GLASS WIND SCREEN + EO + VIN 4148AGNBLHV art 4032283-10pcs. HYUNDAI SOLARIS 10- GLASS WIND SCREEN + EO + VIN 4148AGNBLHV art 4032283-11 pieces HYUNDAY IX35 09 - GLASS B WOOD ZL + EO + DD + VIN 4141AGNHMV1B Art.4031892-10pcs VW PASSAT B7 2010-GLASS WINDOW ZL + AUCKLE + EO + TO 8584AGAHMVW35 art.4032805 -15pcs MITSUBISHI L200 2003-GLASS WINDOW EO 5650AGNH2P Art 4030885-5pcs N XTRAIL NEW 14-GLASS VITREE ZL + DD + EO + INC + CAM 6091AGSCHMZ Art 4033027-5 STOP TO RAV 4 13-GLASS WIND CROSS + AC + EO + DD + D + D.8410AGAHMW art. 4033065-5 pers. KIA SPORTAGE 10- GLASS WIND SCREEN + EO + DD + VIN 4438AGNBLHMV art. 4032197-5 stFORD FOCUS 2010- GLASS WIND FAR EO + VIN + UP TO 3578AGSHVW1S Art. 4031964 -5št.L CRUISER V8 08-GLASS WIND SCREEN + AK + DD + EPOPL 8378AGABLHMV1S art. 4034948 -5pcs. SUUBARU XV 5D SUV LHD 2012-GLASS VITROVAL ZL + EO 7939AGSHV art. 4033038 -5 pcs. LEXUSRX 350/450 2012-GLASS WIND SCREEN + EO + DD 8384AGABLHMVZ art.4033373 -3 pcs. KIASOUL HBK 2014- GLASS WIND SCREEN + EO + VIN 4445AGSBLHV art.4034408 -2pcs. HYUNDAIIX35 09-GLASS WIND SCREEN + EO + VIN 4141AGNBLHV art.4032835 -2 pieces. KIA CEED 5D12-GLASS WIND SCREEN + KAM + EO + DD + VI 4442AGNBLCHMPV art. 4032725 -2pcs. KIA CEE'D 5DHBK 12-GLASS WEATHER ZL + EO + DD + VIN 4442AGNHMV Art. 4032778 -2pcs.SSANGYONG KYRONLHD 06-GLASS WIND SCREEN + EO 3020AGNBLHMV1B art. 4030405 -2 pcs. TO CAMRY 11H5-GLASS WIND PATTERN + EO + DD 8403AGAGNHM Art. 4041333 -2 pieces. TOYOTA LANDCR V808-GLASS WIND SCREEN + AUCUS + EO 8378AGABLHMV6U art.4041715 -2 pieces. TOYOTA RAV413-GLASS WINDOW ZL + AK + EO + TO 8410AGAHW Art.4034458 -3 pcs. TOYOTA RAV4 16-WINDSCREEN ZL + AK + DD + EOpoln 8410AGAHMW1E art. 4034460 -5 pcs. RENAULT SANDERO ХБ08-СКЛО ЗАГНЕТ ТТЗ ЭО 7276BGSH art. 4027806 -5 pcs. NISSAN QASHQAI 13-GLASS REFRIGERATOR + EO 6084BGSRZ1E art. 4041140-3 pieces. TOYOTA RAV-4 LHD 2006- GLASS WIND FAR EO + DD 8372AGAHMW1B art. 4030752-1 HY SANTA FE 12-GLASS WIND SCREEN + AK + DD + DWL + EO 4153AGCBLHMOV Art. 4033280-1 NISSAN QASHQAI P32S 13-GLASS WEATHER ZL + AK + EO 6084AGAHMZ95 art. 4041367-5 pers. MITS SHOGUN / PAJERO HB 03/04-S WEEK + EO 5661AGNBLH1C Art. 4030427 -5pcs. NISSAN XTRAIL NEW 14-GLASS WIND ZL + DD + EO + IN 6091AGSHMZ Art. 4032929-3pcs. NISSAN XTRAIL NEW 14-GLASS WINTER ZL + DD + EO + IN 6091AGSHMZ Art. 4032929-2pcs. Brand: AGC Automotive Production Zone: RU Producer: "Hey Ji Ci BSC" OJSC "VAZ 1118 GLASS WATER TTZ EO DD 4549AGSH Mort.4032134 -1 pieces.VAZ 2108 GLASS REAR EO 4502BCLH art.4035942 -70p. VAZ 2121SKLO REAR EO 4501BCLR art. 4035965-70s. VAZ 2106 GLASS REAR EO 4500BCLS art. 4035922 -70p. VAZ 21099 GLASS REAR 4502BCL "RUSSIA0UA1000104332.3816277.35663
13/Apr/201773211190001. Household appliances for cooking on a gas palyvi- hazovarochni independent panel of tempered glass, 4-burners, with avtopidpalom and hazkontrolem for the building of new in manufacturer's packaging, gas hob: BHKS63038BHKW61138Torhovelna mark HANSA.Vyrobnyk Zhongshan Vatti Gas Applinace Stock Co., Ltd. Country of CN, China. .CHINA12UA1101501591382.633014
11/Apr/201787082990001.Sklo safe multilayer laminated and tempered ukomplektovaneobihrivalnymy elektrospiralyamy and electrical connectors for use vavtomobilyah (name, Eurocode, article) NISSAN QASHQAI (P32L) CROSS VN2007- GLASS REAR CP PR + AA 6044BYPRW art. 6901222 -5sht. HYUNDAI IX35 SUV SKLOZADNYE TZL-09 EO 4141BGDR art. 6901088 -5sht. TOYOTA AVENSIS 2008- GLASS VITROVEZL Acoustics + + + PE + DD Inc. 8379AGAHMPZ2V art. 6962298 -2sht. PEUGEOT 301 4D SAL2012-GLASS wind PLN + PE + VIN / CITROEN C-Elysee-GLASS wind PLN + PE + VIN 6568AGNHVart. 6965449 -22sht. NISSAN QASHQAI (P32L) CROSS BH 2007- GLASS REAR CP + PR + AA TVANT 6044BYPRJW art. 6993778 -1sht. HONDA CR-V 2007-BH REAR GLASS STOP + SRPR ANT + 4000BYPRABIZ art. 6994728 -10sht. Total: 45sht.Torhovelna Brand: SPLINTEXKrayina production: INVyrobnyk: AGC Automotive Europe SA.INDIA0UA100010442.622034.727644
11/Apr/201787082990001.Sklo safe multilayer laminated and tempered ukomplektovaneobihrivalnymy elektrospiralyamy and electrical connectors for use vavtomobilyah (name, Eurocode, article) SKODA OCTAVIA II (NEW) HB 2004 REAR GLASS STOP + + OTV Inc. 7810BCLHBZ1B art. 6901589 -10sht. VW PASSAT CC 2008 SKLOVITROVE PLN + AL + PE + DD + VIN 8598AGAHMVW art. 6964613 -3sht. HYUNDAI TUCSON 2015- SKLOVITROVE ZLHL + PE + DD + SV + VIN + TO 4159AGRBLHMOVW art. 6967077 -4sht. HYUNDAI TUCSON2015- GLASS wind ZLHL + PE + SV + VIN + TO 4159AGABLHOVW art. 6967164 -3sht. HYUNDAITUCSON 2015- GLASS wind ZLHL KAM + + PE + SV + VIN + TO 4159AGABLCHOVW art. 6967389-2sht. KIA SPORTAGE LHD 2015 GLASS wind ZLHL + AK + QAM + PE + DD + VIN 4447AGABLCHIM1Zart. 6967823 -3sht. KIA SPORTAGE LHD 2015 GLASS wind ZLHL + AL + PE + VIN + DO4447AGABLHVW art. 6967862 -8sht. KIA SPORTAGE LHD 2015 GLASS VITROVEZLHL + AK + PE + DD + SV + VIN + TO 4447AGABLHIMOVW art. 6967863 -6sht. SKODA OCTAVIA HB2002-2004 REAR GLASS STOP + + 1OTV Inc. 7807BCLHBZ6Q art. 6990582 -1sht. SKODA OCTAVIAHB 2002-2004 REAR GLASS STOP + 1 + OTV Inc. 7807BGNHBZ6Q art. 6990583-1sht. Total: 41sht.Torhovelna Brand: SPLINTEXKrayina production: CZVyrobnyk: AGC Automotive Europe SACZECH REPUBLIC0UA100010423.872729.788071
11/Apr/201787082990001.Sklo safe tempered completed heating elektrospiralyamy taelektrychnymy connectors for automobiles (name, Eurocode, article) VOLVO XC90 REAR GLASS 2002 UN- PLN 8831BYPE art. 6900773 -5sht. SUZUKISWIFT HB 10- REAR GLASS PLN 8037BGNH art. 6901001 -2sht. NISSAN GRAND QASHQAI REAR GLASS VN2008- CP + AA + amended RAZM 6044BYPRW1J art. 6901221 -5sht. TOYOTA COROLLA2013-GLASS REAR PLN + ANT + amended EO 8409BGNSA1E art. 6902325 -6sht. VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN2016- GLASS REAR PLN ANT + AA + 8627BGSRAI art. 6903525 -2sht. VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN REAR GLASS 2016 TZL ANT + AA + 8627BGPRAI art. 6903526 -2sht. VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN 2016- SKLOZADNYE PLN ANT + AA + 8627BGSRAI1F art. 6903527-2sht. HONDA CR-V 2007-BH REAR GLASS STOP + PLN 4000BGSRB art. 6993766 -5sht.Vsoho: 29sht.Torhovelna Brand: AGCKrayina production: HUVyrobnyk: AGC Automotive Europe SA.HUNGARY0UA100010213.51194.10694
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Tempered Glass Top Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Tempered Glass Top Importer Sample

Date 19/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АНТАРЕКС-А"""
Importer Address
01103, м. Київ, вул. Кіквідзе, 26, оф. 64
Exporter Name AB Com Services B.V. on behalf of BRADFORD TECHNOLOGIES LLP
Product Description
"1. Tempered glass, safe for MEDIA Set on a / m ko.........
HS Code 7007212090Value 1614.59997
Quantity 0Unit UA100210
Net Weight 414
Origin Country AUSTRALIA

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