Ukraine Import Data of Telescopic Rail | Ukraine Import Statistics of Telescopic Rail

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of telescopic rail collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of telescopic rail imports.

Telescopic Rail Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Telescopic Rail

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of telescopic rail. Get Ukraine trade data of Telescopic Rail imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
20/Apr/20174016995790"1.Chastyny ​​Vulcanite not solid, non-porous rubber for vehicles for civil use, 1118-1703182R COVER Protective Stoke -50sht., 1118-2906040R PILLOW rods -200sht., 2101-1302060R Radiator LOWER POLE -500sht., 2101-1601211R CLUTCH COVER PLUG OFF -500sht., 2101-1703096R COVER INSIDE Lever shifting -350sht., 2101-2904230R buffer Hogan -200sht front suspension compression., 2101-2905450R PILLOW UPPER MOUNT shock absorber rod -1000sht., 2101-2912622R buffer compression Hogan rear suspension -100sht., 2101-3703095R trays Accumulators BATTERY -300sht., 2101-8402070R buffer K Pot REAR -500sht., 2105-8402070R hood Adjustable buffers -1000sht., 2108-1003277-01R bush LIDS cylinder head -3000sht., Protective 2108-1703182R COVER DRIVE -200sht hinge traction.; 2108-2215030K COVER naruzhnej SHARNYRA -600sht. ; 2108-2215068K COVER INTERNAL hinge -200sht., 2108-2906040R PILLOW front stabilizer rods -1000sht., 2108-2915681K Casing Shock rear suspension -300sht., 2108-3401224K COVER RAILS Protective steering -200sht., 2108-5112092-01R Silencers HOLES Paul -500sht., 2108-8402214-01R hood Adjustable buffers -500sht., 2110-2905681R telescopic rack housings -200sht., 2110-2906040R rods PER PILLOW DNOHO stabilizer -200sht., 2110-2915450R PILLOW MOUNTING upper end of the shock absorber -500sht., 2110-3401224R COVER RAILS steering -60sht., 2114-8403513R apron front left -50sht., 2121-2215030-01K COVER naruzhnej hinge -180sht. ; 2121-2215068-01K COVER INTERNAL hinge -180sht., 2123-2906040R bushing front stabilizer rods -200sht., 33.5205906R TAPE brushes (VAZ-2108) -500sht., 90334 270RY rear shock absorber bushings DAEWOO NEXIA / LANOS / ESPERO - 200sht., repair kits for vases 106RP sleeves pendulum 2101-2107 (2101-3003095R RING seal bushing OSI pendulum 2 pieces RUBBER vulcanized; 2101-3003094 bush pendulum 2 pieces RUBBER vulcanized;) -250sht., Repair kits for vases 10R rear suspension (2101-2919042-10R bush LOWER longitudinal rods Rear suspension 4 pieces of vulcanized rubber; 2101-2919108-10R bushings transverse and longitudinal rods UPPER 6 pieces of vulcanized rubber;) -400sht., repair kits for vases 10RA rear suspension in 2121 (2101-2919042-10R bush LOWER longitudinal rods rear suspension 10 pieces of vulcanized rubber;) -300sht., 11r repair kits for vases MOUNTING rear shock 2101- 2107 (2101-2906231R PILLOW KREPLENNYA Shock rear suspension 8 PCS With volcanism ANOYI rubber;) -2000sht., 14R repair kits for vases stabilizer 2101-2107 (2101-2906040R PILLOW front stabilizer rods 4 pieces of vulcanized rubber;) -500sht., Repair kits for vases 152RU COVER INTERNAL 2170,2108,2109 hinge ( 2108-2215068K cOVER INTERNAL hinge 1 piece of vulcanized rubber, 2108-2215036 clamp MOUNTING covers 1 pc .; 2108-2215034 Metal clamps MOUNTING cover 1 piece Metal .; 2121-2215084 RING locking 2 pieces metal;) -90sht., Repair kits for vases 153RU COVER naruzhnej 2170,2108,2109 hinge (21 "RUSSIA0UA1101101378.1810985.7871 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
18/Apr/201795030035001. Plastic toys, which are constructors on the basis of colored blocks, wheels, figures of people, animals, birds and other details that are interconnected on the spikes, and by which you can make any things: 10252Folkswagen Beetle LEGO CREATOR art. 6135659 -6pcs.10251 Brick Bank LEGO CREATORart.6135653 -6pcs 10243 Parisian restaurant LEGO CREATOR art. 6061193 -4pcs. 10246 Detective room LEGO CREATOR art. 6100001 -2 pieces. 10253 Big Ben LEGOCREATOR art. 6135663-4 pieces. 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS LEGO TECHNIC art. 6137064 -3 pieces.7499 Flexible treadsLEGO CITY Art.4589418-12p. 7895 arrows arrows LEGO CITY art. 4283808-8pcs. 7499 Flexible Rails LEGO CITY Art. 4589418-6pcs.7895 arrows arrows LEGO CITY art.4283808-4 pers. 7499 Flexible Rails LEGO CITY Art. 4589418-6pcs. 10698 LEGO Cube Box for Creative Const LEGO CLASSIC art. 6102214-12p. 42061 Telescopic boom lift LEGO TECHNIC art.6175697-4 pers. 70362 Glue in combat suit LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6175162 -12 pcs. 21028New York LEG O ARCHITECTURE art. 6135672 -6pcs42063 Motorcycle BMW R 1200 GSAdventure LEGO TECHNIC art.6175707 -6pcs 70351 Fighting Blaster Falcon Glue LEGONEXO KNIGHTS Art.6174984 -3 pieces. 70352 Atacobia Gastro LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art.6174987 -3 pcs. 70363 Macey in combat suit LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art.6175164-6pcs. 21129 Mushroom island LEGO MINECRAFT art. 6174349 -3 pcs.75870 Car Chevrolet Corvette (Chevrolet Corvette Z06) LEGO SPEED CHAMPIONS Art. 6135691 -6pcs .70904 Dirty Bloody Attack LEGO BATMAN MOVIE art.6175857 -4pcs 31052Leisure vacation on vacation LEGO CREATOR art.6135614 -4pcs. 42060 Brigade of road works LEGO TECHNIC art. 6175689 -3 pcs. 70362 Glue in combat suitLEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6175162 -6pcs70589 Mountain SUV LEGO NINJAGOart.6144770 -4pcs 21129 Mushroom island LEGO MINECRAFT art. 6174349 -3 pcs.76057Ludin-Spider: The decisive battle of Spider-Man on the bridge LEGO SUPER HEROES art.6137790-3 pcs.71006 The Simpsons House LEGO SIMPSONS Art. 6059152 -2 pieces.70352Atkobie Gastro LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Art. 6174987 -3 pcs. 10252 Volkswagen Beetle LEGOCREATOR art.6135659 -3 pcs. 75159 Death Star V29 LEGO STAR WARSart. 6136729 -1 pieces. 10251 Brick Bank LEGO CREATOR art. 6135653 -3 pieces.42062Container station LEGO TECHNIC art. 6175704 -3 pcs. 70352 Atakoby Gastro LEGONEXO KNIGHTS Art.6174987 -3 pcs. 21030 Capitol USA LEGO ARCHITECTURE art.6135668 -3 pcs. 10252 Volkswagen Beetle LEGO CREATOR art. 6135659 -3 pcs. 75159 DeathStar (Death Star) V29 LEGO STAR WARS art. 6136729 -1 pieces. 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RSLEGO TECHNIC art.6137064 -1 pieces. 70362 Glue in combat suit LEGO NEXO KNIGHTSart.6175162 -30pcs 21129 Mushroom island LEGO MINECRAFT art. 6174349 -9pcs60141Lego CITY police station art.6174436 -2pcs. 42060 Brigade of road works LEGO TECHNIC art. 6175689 -3 pcs. 21129 Mushroom island LEGO MINECRAFT art.6174349 -3 pcs. 10693 Supplements to LEGO cubes for creative LEGO CLASSIC art.6101960-12pcs.60117 Minibus and van LEGO CITY art.6137106 -24pcs. 42060 BrDENMARK0UA125190380.43212328.7306
18/Apr/20178302500000"1. Production of precious metals that do not contain radio incorporates Telescopic sliding gallery, consisting of baskets, shelves on telescopic rails, chrome, art.S-1101 (2 shelves, baskets, module width, 30cm., Width -230mm., depth, 500 mm., height-600-800mm.) - 5 pcs .; art.S-1113 (4 shelves, baskets, module width, 30 cm., width -230mm., depth -500mm., vysota- 1100-1250mm.) - 3 pcs., art.S-1119 (4 shelves, baskets, module width, 30 cm., width -230mm., depth -500mm., height-1250-1400mm.) - 5 pcs., art .S-1125 (5 shelves, baskets, module width, 30 cm., width 230mm. depth, 500mm., height-1400-1550mm.) - 3 pcs., art.S-1131 (5 shelves, baskets, module width, 30 cm., width 230mm. depth, 500mm., height-1550-1700mm.) - 10 pcs., art.S-1133 (5 shelves -koshykiv width module-40cm., width 330mm. depth, 500mm., height-1550-1700mm.) - 3 pcs., art.S-1137 (6 shelves, baskets, module width, 30 cm., shyryna- 230mm., 500mm depth,., height-1700-1850mm.) - 5 pcs., art.S-1143 (6 shelves, baskets, i-module width 30 cm., width - 230mm. depth -500mm., vysota- 1850-2000mm.) - 5 pcs .; art.S-1149 (7 shelves, baskets, module width, 30cm., width 230mm. depth, 500mm., height-2000-2150mm.) - 10 pcs., art.S-1151 (7 shelves, baskets, module width-40cm., width - 330mm. depth -500mm., height-2000-2150mm.) - 5 pcs., art.S-1152 (7 shelves, baskets, module width, 45cm., width 380mm., depth-500mm., height-2000-2150mm.) - 3 pcs., two-story shelves with compartments for bottles on telescopic rails with a mechanism for smooth and soft closing: art. S-2100 (chrome, module width, 30cm., Width of 210mm. Depth -500mm., Height -520mm.) - 80 pcs., Art. S-2100-1 (painted, 30cm-width module.) - 20 pcs., Art. S-2101 (chrome, module width, 35cm., Width of 260mm. Depth -500mm., Height-520mm.) - 30 pcs., Art. S-2102 (chrome, module width, 40cm., Width of 310mm. Depth -500mm., Height -520mm.) - 30 pcs., Art. S-2103 (chrome, module width, 45cm., Width of 360mm. Depth -500mm., Height -520mm.) - 10 pcs., Art. S-2106 (chrome, module width, 60cm., Width of 510mm. Depth -500mm., Height -520mm.) - 10 pcs., Troh'yarusni shelves with compartments for bottles (under the table tops), on telescopic rails with smooth mechanism and soft closing (chrome): art. S-2120 (module width-30cm., Width of 210mm. Depth -500mm., Height -520mm.) - 10 pcs., Art. S-2122 (module width-40cm., Width of 310mm. Depth -500mm., Height -520mm.) - 10 pcs., Art. S-2123 (module width-45cm., Width of 360mm. Depth -500mm., Height -520mm.) - 10 pcs., Art. S-2124 (module width-50cm., Width of 410mm. Depth -500mm., Height -520mm.) - 10 two-story sht.Polytsi with compartment for plates and glasses on telescopic rails with a mechanism for smooth and soft closing (chrome): - art. S-2163 (width 45cm-module. Size 360mm. 500mm *. * 520mm.) - 20 pcs .; - art. S-2166 (width 60cm-module. Size 510mm. 500mm *. * 520mm.) - 10 sht.Trohyarusni trapezoidal-shelf baskets (45 deg.) With telescopic rails with the mechanism "TURKEY0UA5000609555.99340279.62121
12/Apr/20179015809100"1.Instrumenty and devices that uses zhenie in geodesy, topography abonivelyuv Annie: Nivel System TS-50 telescopic rails 5m (with a button and kruhlymrivnem) art.TS-50 - 100sht.Torhovelna mark: Nivel SystemKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk" "Geoquick International Trade Co. Ltd. z Chin" "."CHINA0UA1250401701528.896732
10/Apr/201784262000001.Bashtovyy cranes, mobile, equipped with a hot device for movement on rail track during the operation of the plant. №170232, model QTZ100 (DH6013) -8T, in a partially disassembled state (for ease of conditioning, transportation) new boom length of 60m., Ma ksymalna payload 8t., Loa zhopidyomnist on maksymalnomuvyloti 1,3t arrows. -1sht. (Crane equipped with: a mechanism for lifting-opuskannya30JLD20 30KW, mechanism for moving cargo BP4060 4KW, steering RVF44KW * 2 peredvyzh tion portal RT324 5.2KW * 2 anchor attach ting, cabin controls, safety devices, ordinary section of the tower, telescopic section complete, karkasybalastu, ropes, van you, cables, fasteners, technical documentation., notcontains in its composition and transmitters and receivers for civilian use) .Vyrobnyk: Shandong Dahan Construction Mac hinery Co., LtdTorhivelna Marco DahanKrayina production-CN .CHINA0UA10002062600114700.0001
05/Apr/201783024200901. Furniture accessories made of precious metals: metal furniture guides used for installation on the face of the cabinets, drawers and shelves that are put forward. Products with the necessary holes for establishing and building on furniture parts kit consists of two parts (left and right) telescopic ball guide partially nomination, hidden montazhurozmir L-400 mm, Model - USG10C-400 (partial) - 500 L komplektiv.rozmir -450 mm, Model - USG10C-450 (partial) - 480 komplektiv.rozmir L-500 mm, Model - USG10C-500 (partial) - 300 komplektiv.Teleskopichna ball guide, hidden montazhurozmir L-500 mm, Model - US80-500 -F - 240 komplektiv.Napravlyayucha ball full nomination, flush mounting, the system dovedennyarozmir L-350 mm, Model - US Touch Latch-350 (35 kg) - 300 komplektiv.Rozmir L-400 mm, Model - US Touch Latch-400 (35 kg) - 100 komplektiv.Rozmir L-450 mm, Model - US Touch Latch-450 (35 kg) - 100 komplektiv.Rozmir L-500 mm, art ykul - US Touch Latch-500 (35 kg) - 160 komplektiv.Rozmir L-350 mm, Model - US10-350-NEW (35 kg ) - 100 komplektiv.Rozmir L-400 mm, Model - US10-400-NEW (35 kg) - 400 komplektiv.Rozmir L-450 mm, Model - US10-450-NEW (35 kg) - 880 komplektiv.Rozmir L- 500 mm, Model - US10-500-NEW (35 kg) - 620 komplektiv.Rozmir L-550 mm, Model - US10-550-NEW (35 kg) - 100 komplektiv.Rozmir L-600 mm, Model - US10-600 -NEW (35 kg) - 180 komplektiv.MetaboksRozmir L = 500 H = 94, article - LS94.500 Perfect / 4 - 108 komplektiv.R zmir L = 450 H = 94, article - LS94.450 Perfect / 4 - 224 komplektiv.Rozmir L = 350 H = 94, article - LS94.350 Perfect / 4 - 10 komplektiv.Kriplennya back wall for a couple Relingi, article - LS94 DBL fixing bracket - 280 komplektiv.Relinh Metaboxes for size L = 450, article - LS94.450 side rails - 480 komplektiv.Stinky drawer H = 117 mm article - LS Cross wall - divider - 60 sht.Prystriy smooth closing of furniture boxes, article - SOFT CLOSE DEVICE-1 - 6720 cm sht.Torhivelna mark. invoys.Krayina electronic production - CN.Vyrobnyk: HAIYAN HARDWARE STANDARD PARTS CO., LTDCHINA0UA10012093377670.259984
04/Apr/20178427201100"1.Navantazhuvach telescopic self-propelled, wheeled, equipped forklift delight, taking into account changes prystoroyiv trailer, marks" "MANITOU" "model," "MLT 735" "used, identification number (chassis) -223144, calendar year 2006, engine type -benzynovo-gas model 120 Turbo dvyhuna- Perkins 1104C-44TA, engine capacity - 4000sm3, power-90.5 kW. maximum lifting height -6.0 m, capacity-3500 kg. Designed for handling and moving materials.. "FRANCE1UA204010664015979.99995
04/Apr/20178427201100"1. Telescopic handler, self-propelled, wheeled, equipped forklift delight, taking into account changes prystoroyiv trailer, brand", "CLAAS" ", Model" "SCORPION 6030 CP" ", used, identification number (chassis) -408 010 232, calendar year 2011, engine type -dyzelnyy model (type) dvyhuna- TD2011LD4, engine capacity, 4040sm3, power-74.9 kW. maximum lifting height - 6,5m, load-3000kg. Suitable for loading -rozvantazhuvalnyh work and moving materials.. "GERMANY1UA204010600022368.00018
04/Apr/201790159000001.Pryladdya to surveying equipment. TD24 telescopic leveling rail, 4 / E-1mkodovana and graded-3pc, №prod.7073369010000.Vyrobnyk-Trimble.Torhovelna Marco Trimble.Krayina production-DE.GERMANY0UA1002006334.0840187
04/Apr/20178427201100"1.Navantazhuvach propelled, wheeled, telescopic forklift equipped with gusto, as amended trailer prystoroyiv, marks" "MANITOU" ", Model" "MLT 735-120" ", used, identification number (chassis) -1197690, calendar year 2004, engine-diesel, engine-room 1104C44TA, engine size, 4400 cm3, power, 74.5 kW, seats 1 pc., axle-4x4. lift height, 6.9 m, load-3,500 kg. Designed for handling and moving materials.. "FRANCE1UA204010683513940.00009
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Telescopic Rail Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Telescopic Rail Importer Sample

Date 20/Apr/2017
Importer Address
49000, м.Дніпропетровськ, вул. Винокурова, буд.1 Україна
Exporter Name "ООО ""РАБОТЭК-1"""
Product Description
"1.Chastyny ​​Vulcanite not solid, non-porous .........
HS Code 4016995790Value 10985.7871
Quantity 0Unit UA110110
Net Weight 1378.18
Origin Country RUSSIA

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