Ukraine Import Data of Teeth Iron | Ukraine Import Statistics of Teeth Iron

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of teeth iron collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of teeth iron imports.

Teeth Iron Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Teeth Iron

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201773182100901. Spring Washers of iron or steel with locking teeth coated geomet NORD-LOCK AN 133..POLAND0UA2091801.2897.18199446 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/20178409910000"1. Parts of mechanical gears, reduktorivvyrobnytstva" "SEW" ", from ferrous metals (iron / steel) mechanically processed, housings and covers korpusureduktoriv iron cast, mechanically treated (prykladpoznachen: R67, where R - type gear, 67 - habarytreduktora ): -mod.R67; -mod.SF57 / SA57 / HS50; -mod.SA47 / SF47; -mod.K / S87; -mod.RF47 / output flange, centering flange flantsivyhidni of iron, mehanichnoobrobleni - part of the gearbox housing, for yohokriplennya to the actuator, -art.KAZ97 / FAZ97; -art.RF47 / RXF57 D = 140 steel toothed gears, worms and worm for gear Olesya not mounted on shafts (example notation - 2 MN1.00 Z45 L8 D16 A41, where 2 - the drawing room; MN1.00 - tooth module; Z45 and L8 number of teeth and the length of the ring gear): -art.S47 / SF47 / SA47 i = 14,5; -art.MX3.55 Z29 SA57; -art.MN2.50 Z25 L33 D22; -art.2 MN1.75 Z93 D35 A116; -art.MN1.00 Z19 L20 D14; -art .6 MN1.25 Z93 L32 D35 R57; -art.MX1.29 Z39 L19.04 D32 W20; -art.MX1.29 Z39 L19.04 D32 W20; -art.M X1.48 Z41 L9.5 D32 W20; -art.MX1.34 Z41 L19.04 D32 W20; -art.4 MN1.25 Z66 L10 D20 R67. "UNITED STATES0UA1251900.0530.52132999
19/Apr/20178483908100"1.Blok star chain of transmission, steel welded (crowns on teeth 16,18,30,33,36) art.AA31694-2sht.Zirochkylantsyuhovoyi transmission, steel cut, welded vinets18 / 48 tooth chain transfer art.AA32197-2sht.Zirochky , steel cut chain art.AA35334-10sht.Zirochkyrolykovyh John Deere machinery, steel art.AA49877-20sht.zirochka stalevaart.AA87232-2sht.Zirochky chain of transmission, steel cut chain transfer art.AH133868-7sht.Zirochky steel cut art.AH98176- 10sht.Stupytsya izzmontovanymy bearings, disc coulter drills John Deere, cast iron, as amended art.AN281856-43sht.Stupytsya ntovanymy bearings disk soshnykasivalky John Deere, cast iron art.AN281856-7sht.Zirochka chain peredachikukurudzyanoyi Reaper, steel rifled art.AXE15284-3sht.hrapovyk (gear) Stamped Steel Claw coupling art.A48325-4sht.Zirochky chain of transmission, steel cut art.A48326-2sht.Shesternya steel art.A61911-4sht.Shesterni stalevinarizni art.H211285-40sht. By s / d tehniky.Vyrobnyk: John D eere; Trademark: John Deere; Country of origin: US "UNITED STATES0UA100120169.0567439.627678
07/Apr/20178479902000"1. Parts of iron or steel mashyndlya blending, mixing, homogenizing used inindustrial laboratories: Rotor dlyaabrazyvnyh materials for ZM 200, stainless steel, 12 teeth, art.6085130-2sht, Manufacturer: Retsch GmbH; Brand: Retsch , Country of origin: DE. "GERMANY0UA1000701.353864.041709
07/Apr/201790184990001. Dental equipment of (dental instruments and supplies), namely: Handle for gray mirror LM LM 25XSI - 10sht.Ruchka mirrors for red LM LM 25 XSI - 10sht.Ruchka dove for the mirror LM LM 25XSI - 10sht.Zond dental LM LM 17s -23XSI - 3sht.Zond dental LM LM 18-19 XSI - 3sht.Zond dental LM LM 29 XSI - 5sht.Zond scale of periodontal Williams LM LM 51 XSI - 2sht.Zond periodontal North Carolina LM LM 54B XSI - for 10sht.Zond identify the root zone furkatsiyi LM LM 20B-21BXSI - 3sht.Shtopfer Arte Condensa LM LM 488-489 XSI - 100sht.Zond for modeling Arte Fissura LM LM 481-487 XSI - 150sht.Instrument deleted I excess material Arte Eccesso LM LM 307-308 XSI - 30sht.Instrument to measure the thickness of the composite application Arte Misura LM LM 496-497XSI - 50sht.Kruhlyy excavator 1.00 mm LM LM 61-62 XSI - 1.5 3sht.Kruhlyy excavator mm LM LM 63-64 XSI - 7sht.Kruhlyy excavator 2.0 mm LM LM 65-66 XSI - 3sht.Zvorotniy round ekskavat op 1,5 mm LM LM 631-641 XSI - 5sht.Zvorotniy 2.00 mm round LM excavators LM 651-661 XSI - 3sht.Modelyuyuchyy tool-packer IO LM LM 482-483 XSI - 15sht.Emalevyy than 1.2 mm mesial, LM LM 125-126 XSI - 5sht.Instrument for aesthetic restoration 2 distal LM LM 6321- 6421 XSI - 10sht.Instrument for packing retraction cords 2.0 mm LM LM 490-491XSI - 15sht.Shtopfer 27-29 LM LM 476-477 XSI - 2sht.Shtopfer 1.5-2.5 mm LM LM 702-703 XSI - Iron 2sht.Zvorotnya LM LM 444-445 XSI - 35sht.Modelyuyuchyy tool-packer IO p LM LM 482-702 XSI - 10sht.Shtopfer 1.5-2.5 mm LM LM 471-473 XSI - 10sht.Shpatel LM LM 450-460 XSI - 5sht.Hladylka with cutting edges LM LM 741- 751 XSI - 3sht.Universalnyy tools with cutting edges for occlusive-proximal surfaces LM LM 71-72XSI - 1sht.Hladylka with cutting edges LM LM 71-73 XSI - 1sht.Amalhamtreher 2 LM LM 354-355XSI - 1sht.Hladylka to work with molars LM LM48-702 XSI - 3sht.Hladylka for the front teeth LM LM 43-47 XSI - 10sht.Skeyler to remove residue lombuvalnoho material 784-794XSI mini LM LM - LM servo 3sht.Kaseta tools 5 6650 - 70sht.Kaseta LM servo for 8 instruments 6680 - 50sht.Kamin for sharpening tools for the extraction of 818,002 - 7sht.Korenevyy elevator LM LM 769-771 XSI - 10sht.Lyuksator straight S2 LM 812220 - 2sht.Lyuksator S3 direct LM 812230 - 2sht.Lyuksator curved C5 LM 812450 - 1sht.Elevator S3 direct LM 814230 - S5 4sht.Elevator direct LM 814250 - 1sht.Lyuksator C3 curved LM 812430 - 2 pcs. Elevator curved C5 LM 814450 - 1sht.Skeyler periodontal micro LM LM 301-302XSI - 10sht.Skeyler periodontal LM 204S LM LM 303-304XSI - 10sht.Kyureta Langer 5-6 LM LM 285-286XSI - 2sht.Kyure and Langer 5-6 mini LM 285-286M LM XSI - 3sht.Skeyler periodontal hygiene H6-H7 LM LM 146-147XSI - 7sht.Kyureta Gracey 1-2 LM LM 201-202 XSI - 10sht.Kyureta Gracey 5-6 LM LM 205-206 XSI - 10sht.Kyureta Gracey 7-8 LM LM 207-208 XSI - 5sht.Kyureta Gracey 9-10 LM LM 209-210 XSIFINLAND0UA2040103014950.70318
04/Apr/201784839081001.Zubchasti wheels, chain sprockets and other elements are gears, presented separately, of iron or steel: -koleso rotary reduktora2-m14 / z18 = 2sht.№kreslennya 02-761-12 Material-steel 45 Dimensions, mm diam . 280, H = 155mm, the number of teeth-18 is located inside the face gear transmission rotary shearer. -promezh.koleso pov.reduktora-m14 / z21 = 4 pieces, drawing number 02-761-10 Parameters mm dia. 322 * 362. number of teeth-21 plug-clutch 14. Material -stal. Is part of the rotary gear combine transfers torque from the electric motor through the clutch on the gearbox to the executive orhana.-satellit m6 / z22 = 4 pieces, drawing number 01-761-06 Parameters: Dimensions (mm): diam.148 / 75-120mm, material - steel 16 420, is part of a planetary gear combine zshesterni transfers torque via a gear wreath on povidka.Ne relates to: equipment and specially designed components and accessories for it, are specifically designed to calc oblennya any equipment telekomuni tion transmission or switching obladnannya.Obladnannya specially designed for the production of UAVs and associated systems.CZECH REPUBLIC0UA110050247.9218834.14946
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Teeth Iron Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Teeth Iron Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""Тавор"""
Importer Address
81500, Львівська обл., м. Городок, вул. Винниченка, 33, Україна.
Exporter Name Argip Sp.z.o.o
Product Description
1. Spring Washers of iron or steel with locking te.........
HS Code 7318210090Value 97.18199446
Quantity 0Unit UA209180
Net Weight 1.28
Origin Country POLAND

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