Ukraine Import Data of Tata Parts | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tata Parts

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Tata Parts Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tata Parts

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201787082990001.Obihrivachi air and non-electrical parts for motor vehicle bus ZAZ type A07 chassis TATA LP 613/38 (Euro-II): Dvoynykh heater with fan 24V 99267383001L-8 pieces, Dvoynykh heater with fan 24V 99267383001L-8 pieces, with heater Dvoynykh fan 24V 99267383001L-8 pieces, Dvoynykh heater with fan 24V 99267383001L-8 pieces, panel heater with bracket 8 pieces 99267360069R-panel heater with bracket 8 pieces 99267360069R-panel heater with bracket 8 pieces 99267360069R-panel heater with bracket 99267360069R-heating 8sht.Vykorystovuyetsya passenger compartment heating and dodatovoho ing place vodiya.Skladayetsya basic parts: housing, heater and radiator grilles ventylyatora.Mayut output directional heat flow. Heated air is through coolant dvyhuna.Pryntsyp of heaters, circulating coolant from the engine is fed into Radiators, heating yoho.Razom this fan drives air through the radiator cool ovarian cancer, so there is teploobmin.Radiator gives off heat the air, and the air cooling radiator. After povitryavody warm air is blown into the cabin and the cooling fluid back into the motor vehicle to its oholodzhennya.Panel heater is a special Device located on the instrument panel inside the vehicle. Changes position Lever control panel regulated power napryamokta flow of warm air, which must be submitted in salon.Vyrobnyk TATA MOTORS LIMITED. Trade mark TATA MOTORS. Country of IN.INDIA0UA112080641.63010.44504 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/201794019080001.Chastyny ​​furniture for seating: Seats for bar stools made of plastic, round green art.10132073-5sht seats, pieces of furniture for seating, chrome metal foot bar stools rotatably to 360hr and height adjustment art.10132115-10sht, Parts for seating furniture: Seats for bar stools made of plastic, round seat white art.10529253-5sht, pieces of furniture for seating: Seats for bar stools made of plastic, round seat black art.11552282-5sht, pieces of furniture for sitting : Seats for bar stools, you hotovleni plastic, white art.11552275-5sht PCV seats, pieces of furniture for seating: Seats for bar stools made of plastic, round green art.10132073-5sht seats, pieces of furniture for seating, chrome metal foot bar stools rotatably on 360hr and height adjustment art.10132115-15sht, pieces of furniture for seating: Seats for bar stools made of plastic, round seat white art.1 0529253-5sht,CHINA0UA125130178.765749.9386883
18/Apr/20178457109000"1.Vertykalnyy machining center for metal working, HAAS VF - 2, numerically controlled, accurate positioning 5 microns, without the possibility of '' contouring control '', including the parts and components of art. VF - 2 (serial # 1136082) - 1pc. specifications: Cast iron bed with a stiff rebramyPeremischennya axes: X = 762 mm, Y = 406 mm, Z = 508 mmVidstan from spindle end to table 102-610 mmTochnist positioning axes X, Y, Z: ± 0,005 mmRobocha feed axes X, Y, Z: 0- 16,5 m / hvPryskorena feed axes X, Y, Z: 0- 25,4 m / hvMaks. force feeder - 11'000 HSpozhyv Reference compressed air - 113 l / min - 6.9 barVbudovanyy transformer - Adapter Voltage: 200-250V, 380-480V - 50HtsKolyvannya voltage on the line - no more than +/- 5% Maximum current consumption - 25 AKomplektatsiya: Working with Horizontal stilShpyndel vector control speed 8100 rev / hvMahazyn tool DIN69871 20 pozytsiyChPU regulated centralized supply of coolant mastyloSystema pulse polyvomPistolet parts for cleaning compressed povitryamPistolet working area for cleaning jet MOROperatyvna memory 1 MbNarizuvannya thread tap Safety of medium without compensating chuck module hraviyuvannyaPoslidovnyy port RS 232USB portSystema CNC HAAS - Fanuc 16MElektronna temperature kompensatsiyaDvokolirnyy red and green beacon status verstataKabina protecting working zonuKomplekt support for display of the machine rivnemKerivnytstvo for programming and operation in English. moviPereklad Russian leadership on CD-nosiyiEksportna upakovkaDodatkova equipment: WiFi konektorReversyvnyy chip auger to collect sensitive to clamping SSProhramovane coolant nozzle P-coolKrayina production US.Torhovelna brand HAAS AUTOMATION. "UNITED STATES1UA100110301552607.4138
18/Apr/201784201080101.Verstat roll lamination, partly rozibranomustani, LM 300 W6 S Profile Lamination Machine kit, consisting of: (Transport node system plavlennyai applying adhesive roll unwinding device, PST 300systema positioning edge film guide for profiles cleaning station, station applying primer clamping vuzlyverstata, heaters, Plants for applying a protective film, control panel). - 1komplekt. All components are constituentparts odnohomehanizmu roll Machine Nor can used separately. The machine is designed dlyananesennya as a film coating on the surface of PVC profiles via press a ymnyh parallel rotating rolls using glue. Country of TR trademark Manufacturer no data no data.TURKEY0UA125180149029263.77751
14/Apr/201790329000001. the appliance to automatically adjust for civil purposes to farm tractors: 504263917 Bushings thermostat (korpustermostata, the case of two parts beztermoelementa) -2sht.Rozfasovano for wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk CNHI INTERNATIONAL SATorhovelna mark CNHKrayina production IT.ITALY0UA5041700.7116.8335163
13/Apr/20179031908500"1. Parts of the device avtomatychnoyisystemy measurement details OMR60 (A-4038-3041) Tips-probe: A-5000-3709M4 STY D6R L50 EWL38.5 D4.5CE-2 pcs., Works on the principle of the system touch nadatchyk CNC tokarnohoverstata, does not have any elektrychnyhskladovyh, measuring, obchyslyuvalnyhta inshih mehanizmiv.Dannyy devices do not contain transmitters and receivers, contains radyoobladnannya. As part of the device there are no radioactive materials. not for the armed forces of Ukraine and other military formations, not for military purposes. Product not vibuhozahyschenyy. Labeling explosion Not available. Manufacturer: "" Renishaw plc ""; country of production-GB. Trade mark - "" RENISHAW "".. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA1101801134.1838126
13/Apr/201784839081001.Fiksuyuchi ring (bearing housing parts): FRB 10/120 -20sht. For remontata maintenance of industrial obladnannya.Torhovelna mark - SKFVyrobnyk - SKF.TAIWAN0UA8071701.656.63077212
11/Apr/20178701100000"1. Tractors guided by a driver who goes along, equipped with diesel engine, new, cultivators (tillers) in rozibrannomu condition for easy transport with spare parts kit, width 1100mm cultivation., Depth 200mm cultivation., Maximum engine power .: 8 hp model TT-81 - 40 pcs .; model CT-81E - 20 pcs., maximum power of 12 hp engine, model TT-121E - 20 pcs. Trademark - TATA AGRO-MOTO. Firm -vyrobnyk "" WEIFANG RUNDA MACHINERY CO., LTD "". Country of origin: CN.. "CHINA80UA1000101842025972.19993
10/Apr/201740169300901.Vyroby nezatverdiloyi of vulcanized rubber compounds for sealing parts vavtotransportnyh vehicles Scania: Rubber rings art. 2016619 - 17 pcs Kiltsehumove sealing art. 1494100 - 2 units, rubber sealing ring art. 349 353 - 4 pieces, rubber sealing ring art. 1453919 - 5 pcs rubber sealing ring art.1413934 - 5 pcs rubber sealing ring art. 1422714 - 1 piece, ring humoveuschilnyuyuche art. 1331879 - 7 units, rubber sealing ring art. 1871043 - 2 units, rubber sealing ring turbine art. 1407891 - 1 pc, sealing ring art.392309 - 4 pcs ring sealing art. 317 215 - 1 pc, sealing ring art.1761983 - 3 pcs ring sealing art. 804 718 - 1 pc, sealing ring art.394156 - 3 pieces, rubber sealing ring art. 1495116 - 5 pcs set of gaskets humovyhuschilnyuyuchyh art. 1725112 - 2 pcs sealing expansion tank art.2394983 - 1 piece, installation art. 1374333 - 2 pcs Rubber art. 1528899 - 6 pieces, rubber gasket art. 1484765 - 16 pcs Rubber sealing art.1765061- 10 pieces, rubber sealing gasket art. 1493434 - 4 pieces, Construction humovauschilnyuyucha art. 1484800 - 7 pcs Rubber sealing art. 1420111- 4 pcs Rubber sealing crankcase cover art. 1896605 - 3 units, bearing housing gasket, rubber art. 1766023 - 3 units, cooling pad termostatasystemy art. 1721024 - 1 piece, installation art turbocharger. 1475784- 1 pcs Country of origin - SETorhovelna mark - ScaniaVyrobnyk - Scania CV ABSWEDEN0UA1251202.386606.2097958
10/Apr/201739269092901.Chastyny ​​plastic to refrigeration and heating systems, spare parts upon manostata (plastic case) art. 060-033066 -1sht. Replacement of domanostata (plastic second case) art. 060-033066 -2sht. Replacement of domanostata (plastic casing IP55 th) art. -2sht.Torhovelna 060-035066 Brand: DanfossKrayina production: PLVyrobnyk: Danfoss Poland Sp. z oo.POLAND0UA100120149.79091899
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Tata Parts Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Tata Parts Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
69600 м.Запоріжжя, пр.Соборний, 8, Україна
Exporter Name TATA MOTORS LIMITED International Business
Product Description
1.Obihrivachi air and non-electrical parts for mot.........
HS Code 8708299000Value 3010.44504
Quantity 0Unit UA112080
Net Weight 641.6
Origin Country INDIA

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