Ukraine Import Data of Taste | Ukraine Import Statistics of Taste

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Taste Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Taste

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/2017804500000"1 fresh mango (Mangifera indica), a sort of '' Keith '' caliber 10 product varieties and packaged in boxes to 4kg art.385342001001-180yasch .; caliber 7, product variety and, rozf asovani in boxes on 4khart.385342001001 - 320yasch. that do not contain ice and containers (bottles) zoholodzhuvalnoyu liquid. Urozh ay 2017., date of packaging 04/2017., late tsevyytermin fit. May 2017. Num and weight 2000kh. Prospect for VALENCIA TRADINGOFFICE, SL Comm. brand Latin Taste.Krayina production of BR. "BRAZIL0UA12520020004300.016651 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201733029090001.Ridka mixture of aromatic substances, without ethanol, Flavor Purox color color kanystrah 5000 ml 10 pcs. They consist of a mixture of alcohols, terpenes, aldehydes and esters. Used as industrial raw materials in the production of household chemicals. Do not have a membership carcinogenic, mutagenic substances and substances that have energy value and taste characteristics. .POLAND0UA80521050571.999958
28/Apr/20171905401000"1. Preparations of flour: - art. 6605 - Baked bread crumbs flavored" "Vegetable mix" "- 21 384 packs - art. 6601 - Baked bread crumbs tasteful" "A mixture of cheeses '' - 7776 packs - Art . 6602 - Baked bread crumbs flavored "" mushrooms with sour cream '' - 11,664 packs - art. 6604 - Baked bread crumbs flavored "" Pizza "" - 23,328 packs; Torhivlena mark: Maretti; Producer: ITALFOOD, SA / Bulgaria , origin: BG.. "BULGARIA0UA1101504490.6413861.71182
28/Apr/20172103909000"1.Cmako aromatic compositions for usage in food industry last one, that bezvmis ethanol: Ref. 20454683 BM1285 CAJUN BATTER 25kg (pshenychneboroshno, semolina, red pepper, salt, herbs (oregano, thyme), spices (paprika), flavors, flavor enhancers and flavor (E621, E627, E631), coloring (E160s)) - 600kh, 24mishkiv to 25kg; Ref. 20392169 SOUR CREAM & ONIONFLAVOUR (20-30% sucrose and romatyzatory, 10% maltodextrin, salt, poroshokpahty, dextrose 5.10% cream powder, acid (E330), a tool against bad chewing (E341 (yiyiyi)), sunflower oil, Mr idsylyuvach taste (E635)) - 2000kh, 80mishk s po25kh, whirlpool Country obnytstva - PLTorhovelna mark - KerryVyrobnyk - Kerry Polska Sp.zoo. "POLAND0UA10001026007132.681967
28/Apr/201729054300001.Orhanichna chemical compound mark PEARLITOL PF-MANNITOL EP-BP-USP, which represents mannitol, Loose white crystalline powder, odorless, with a sweet taste (substance). Drug. Number of 25kg. Main ingredient: D-mannitol 99.3%. E916E party number. Date of manufacture: 05.10.2016. Suitable for: 05.10.2019. Used for the production of sterile dosage forms. The compound contains no drugs and precursors. .FRANCE0UA20911025376.0106839
28/Apr/20171806905000"1.Kondyterski sugar products (pills) containing kakao.- art.42501 BeanBoozled Bag 54g-4th ed - game" "Hidky beans" "- taste of baby wipes, blueberries taste" "Kozyavka" "popcorn with butter canning food for dogs, caramel popcorn, sorokanizhka, chocolate pudding, coconut, juicy pear, moldy cheese, peach, rotten eggs, strawberry jam, toothpaste, vomiting - 97,2kh. (75 cases in 24h54hr.) - art.42470 Spinner Gift Box 100g - 60kg. (50 cases in 12h100hr.). The game "" Spider "" - taste of baby wipes, blueberries taste "" Kozyavka "" popcorn with butter, tinned food for dogs, caramel popcorn, forty leg, chocolate pudding, coconut, juicy pear, moldy cheese, peach, rotten eggs, strawberry jam, toothpaste, and vomiting. Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, modified corn starch, flavorings, colorings (curcumin, tartrazine, "" yellow event " "E129, indihotyn, E133, sugar Kohler 4, E171, apple, purple carrots, hibikus) juice concentrate strawberry concentrate puree peaches, salt, regulators acids ness (fumarole acid, citric acid, sodium citrate), dark chocolate (sugar , kako liquor, cocoa butter, soy emulsifier, flavoring), coconut, concenter amla juice peach, glazing agents (beeswax, carnauba wax, shellak), cocoa powder, dextrin tapioky.- art.86117 Bean Boozled Misteri Dyspenser 99g - 23,76kh. (20 cases in 12h99hr.) Game "" Hidky beans "" - taste of baby wipes, blueberries taste "" Kozyavka "" popcorn with butter, tinned food for dogs, caramel popcorn, sorokanizhka, chocolate pudding, coconut, juicy pear, moldy cheese, peach, rotten eggs, strawberry jam, toothpaste , blyuvotVyrobnyk - JELLY BELLY CANDY CMPANY (THAILAND) LTD.Krayina production - THTorhivelna mark - JELLY BELLY "THAILAND0UA100040180.965601.195535
28/Apr/20172501009900"Cooking 1.Sil extra vyvarna Tablet" "Universal" "unpackaged. It is a product of odorless white salty taste in pill form. Content of the basic substance (sodium chloride NaCL) - 99,69%, according to the manufacturer's certificate. Used in recovery ion exchange resins vodopom`yakshuvalnyh systems for water for domestic water heating appliances. Manufacturer: OAO "" Mozыrsol "". Country of origin: BY.. "BELARUS0UA100080210002418.651062
28/Apr/2017303899000"Frozen Sea Fish, frozen seriola undismantled (FROZEN YELLOW TAIL), (kind SERIOLA QUINQUERADIATA), W / R, dimensional number 800-1300 gr. / Pcs - 27000 kg - 1350 korobiv.Data production - February 2017; Shelf 24 months, storage and transport temperature: -25 ° Tselsiya.Ryba without sugar, salt and pepper, heat treatment without heat, without canning. Suitable for human consumption. The consistency is firm, clean surface fish, natural color, without ushkodzhen.Zapah, inherent in fresh fish, without other flavors. tastes and smells vidsutni.Marku ment indicating: product name, country of origin, manufacturer, weight, date of manufacture, shelf life, storage temperature. Packed in cardboard boxes, approximately 20 kg. boxes weighing. Does not contain GMOs. vidsutnya.Chysta trade mark is weight - 27000 kh.Vyrobnyk: HANNIL COLD STORAGE CO., LTD, factory number: KORP-154. South Koreya.Krayina production KR.. "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA5000102700044549.99996
28/Apr/20171704905500"1.Lodyanyky pain in the throat and cough sweets Dietary supplements ratsionuharchuvannya - as a restorative remedy for seasonal zastudnyhzahvoryuvannyah, cereals Lee and unpleasant irritation in the throat: May Broncho Veda" "yanilodyanyky №1h300: tasteful orange -2844up (Series SR6771-1002up., seriyaSR6772-708up. series SR6773-1134up.) with lemon flavor -1038up. SR6777 series, tasteful Meda and lemon - 12up.seriya SR 6785, with the taste of ginger -42up. seriyaSR6789, Broncho Veda herbs " "№12h2 wooden candy, orange-flavored with lemon flavor 30000up.seriyaSR6824 -27600up.seriya SR6825, flavored honey talymonu-28 400up.seriya SR6826, ginger-flavored 40000up.seriya SR6827, smakomchornoyi with currant-37000up. Series I SR6828; flavored menthol eucalyptus-40000up.ser Exposure SR6829. Expiration date 11/2019. In primary and upakovtsi.Vyrobnyk: Sydler Remedies pvt Ltd, country of IN. markaKONARK trade AYURVEDA 1671 seats. "INDIA0UA80719019900.4871409.11987
28/Apr/20172924190000"1.Asparahin white powder without lumps or bezkolorovi crystals without foreign taste and odor, no impurities, chemically stable, rapid solubility in water, does not contain pesticides, GMOs, drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors. Not in the original packaging. For use in the food industry. No trademark. Country of origin - CN, China. The manufacturer "" SINOCHEM QINGDAO CO., LTD "" China.. "CHINA0UA50001011000118800.0001
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
02140 Київ пр.Григоренко 43 УКРАЇНА
Exporter Name THE GREENERY B.V. by Order of Valencia Trading Office
Product Description
"1 fresh mango (Mangifera indica), a sort of '' Ke.........
HS Code 804500000Value 4300.016651
Quantity 0Unit UA125200
Net Weight 2000
Origin Country BRAZIL

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