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Tassel Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tassel

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
19/Apr/20176307909800"1.Hotovi textiles for animals of various forms and prescriptions in stock: beds for dogs" "Relax," "70x60 cm, textiles, textile, 2855, art.002855-6sht, lager cat" "Mijou" "48h37 cm muzzle cat cream, textiles, 28632, art.0028632-10sht, dirty paw pad, 100 x 70 cm, beige, 28656, art.0028656-6sht, dog mat, 75 x 70 cm, textiles, gray, 28662, art .0028662-6sht, Bath Dirt dogs 80 * 55cm, brown with quotes, textile, 28665, art.0028665-6sht; Termokylymok dog 100 * 75cm gray, 28672, art.0028672-6sht, dog toys ball with tassels, o 5 cm / 24 cm termoplasna rubber / fleece 33530 , Art.0033530-24sht, dog toys Soccer Ball 11 cm piece of cloth, 3471, art.003471-2sht, Dr. Toy / Dog Hippo mini bright, 14 cm, plush, 34746, art.0034746-24sht, toys etc. / Hippo dog, 22 cm, plush, 34749, art.0034749-24sht, dog toy horse plush 32 cm, 34830, art.0034830-12sht, dog toys Hedgehog plush 17 cm, 34832, art.0034832-24sht, Toy I f dogs Hedgehog plush 37 cm long, 34,833, art.0034833-12sht, Toy Rat dog plush 26 cm, 34835, art.0034835-12sht, toy dogs ankle zhdya "" Happy Catch "" plush rope at 30 cm 35713 , art.0035713-24sht, dog toys Moose 23 cm, plush, 35752, art.0035752-12sht; Games for dogs plush giraffe 33 cm 35,765, art.0035765-24sht, dog toy plush pet with ropes, 28 cm, 3578, art.003578-6sht, Cat Toys Mouse plush 33 cm, 35793, art.0035793-12sht , dog toys 42cm plush chicken aportyrovochna / textile, 35801, art.0035801-12sht, Toy Penguin with a plastic bottle of plush / fabric 26 cm, 35802, art.0035802-12sht, chicken dog toys plush / fabric 47 cm, 35803, art.0035803-12sht, toy dog ​​paw ankle with 26 cm plush / textile, 35804, art.0035804-24sht, dog toys Beetle 38cm with rope, textile, 35805, art.0035805-12sht, dog toys deer plush 21 cm 35811 , Art.0035811-24sht; toy duck with sound, plush / fabric rope, 15 cm, 35 812, art.0035812-24sht, toy dog ​​Tiger 20 cm, plush, 35814, art.0035814-12sht, dog toys " "dog," "17 cm, with ropes, plush, 3582, art.003582-16sht, dog toy sheep plush 30 cm, 35838, art.0035838-12sht, dog toys Vislyuchok fabric / plush 55 cm, 35 839, art. 0035839-12sht, Bear toy for dogs 32 cm, colored, plush, 35852, art.0035852-12sht, toy dog ​​Mouse, 17 cm, plush, 35861, art.0035861-24sht; set of toys for dogs "" Longies "" plush 35 cm (4 pcs.), 35872, art.0035872-12sht, hippopotamus toy for dogs 32 cm (1 pc.) 35894, art.0035894-12sht; Ihrash Dog and Rabbit plush 15 cm, 3590, art.003590-12sht, plush toy Bird Neck 24 cm, 35911, art.0035911-24sht, Dr. Toy / Dog Bober, 40 cm, plush, 35918, art.0035918-24sht; Toy Fox plush dog with rope 34 cm, 35919, art.0035919-24sht, toy dog ​​shaggy sheep plush 21 cm, 35933, art.0035933-12sht, Raccoon dog toys plush 21 cm, 35942, art.0035942-12sht , wolf dog toys 20cm plush, 35946, art.0035946-8 "CHINA0UA807170574.8971811.330015 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/20176307909800"1.Hotovi textiles for animals of various forms and are intended range: dog toys rugby ball with tassels, 8 cm / 28 cm termoplasna rubber / fleece, 33531, art.0033531-24sht, dog toys floating ring, 20cm, 36007, art.0036007-24sht, dog toys Shaun the Sheep, plush, 28 cm, 36100, art.0036100-48sht, dog toys Shaun the Sheep, Sheep Shirley, plush, 11 cm, 36 102, art .0036102-24sht, dog toys Shaun the Sheep, Bittser, plush, 26 cm, 36104, art.0036104-24sht, dog toys Shaun the Sheep, Pig, plush, 15 cm, 36 106, art.0036106-48sht, Mattress for dogs Shaun the Sheep, 50? 35 cm, oval, cream / green second, textiles, 36875, art.0036875-7sht, Mattress Dog Shaun the Sheep, 65? 40 cm, oval, cream / green, textile, 36876, art.0036876-7sht; lounger dog Shaun the Sheep, 55? 45 cm oval, black / cream, textiles, 36880, art.0036880-10sht; lounger dog Shaun the Sheep, 55? 45 cm, oval, black / cream, textiles, 36880, art.0036880-6sht; lounger dog Shaun the Sheep 70 ? 55 cm, oval, black / cream, textiles, 36881, art.0036881-4sht; lounger dog Shaun the Sheep, 50? 40 cm, rectangular, cream, textiles, 36884, art.0036884-12sht; lounger dog Shaun the Sheep, 65? 50 cm, cream, textiles, 36885, art.0036885-12sht; lounger dog Shaun the Sheep, Shirley o 50 cm, round, creamy, textile, 36888, art.0036888-12sht; lounger dog Shaun the Sheep, o 50 cm round, creamy, textile, 36889, art.0036889-12sht; lounger dog Shaun the Sheep, 60? 40 cm, cream, textiles, 36890, art.0036890-18sht; lounger dog Shaun the Sheep, Shaun, 80? 55 cm, cream, textiles, 36891, art.0036891-6sht, House Dog Shaun the Sheep, 45? 35? 50 cm, cream / green, textile, 36893, art.0036893-12sht; lounger dog 'Fresh Fruits, 60? 50 cm, dark green, textile, 37368, art.0037368-3sht, Cat Toys Mouse-tweeter, 6 cm, with a chip 4199, art.004199-8sht; Dryapka - column for cats 50cm beige / brown with fur ball, sisal, 4295, art.004295-24sht; Dryapka-pad for cats 36? 34 cm, sisal, 4297, art.004297-20sht; Dryapka cat with a roller 15? 35 cm black cat, textiles 4303, art.004303-48sht; tunnel for cats 3 * 22 * ​​50cm, nylon, 4305, art.004305-6sht; Dryapka cat flat 15 * 62 cm, sisal, art.0043071-24sht; Dryapka cat flat 15 * 62 cm , sisal, art.0043073-24sht; Dryapka cat corner "" Kitty Darling "" 31? 60 cm cream, sisal, 43081, art.0043081-20sht; Dryapka A flat cats "" Cat, "" 35? 69 cm beige, sisal, 43112, art.0043112-24sht; Dryapka cat round 27? 39 cm with a pink heart, sisal, 43116, art.0043116-8sht; Dryapka cat " "Elda" "(wave) with a house 48h27h24 cm brown, sisal, 4312, art.004312-6sht; Dryapka-cat Mouse pad 56h40 cm, sisal, 4315, art.004315-12sht; Dryapka for cats in the shape of a cat 21? 58 cm beige, sisal, 43161, art.0043161-12sht; Dryapka cat XL 40 * 75cm, angle, sisal, 43168, art.0043168-10sht; Dryapka flat cat "" Jumbo "" 17? 70 cm, sisal, , art.0043171-18sht; Dryapka flat cat "," Jumbo "" 17? 70 cm, sisal ,, art.0043172-18sht; D "CHINA0UA8071702614.6798237.180023
18/Apr/201739263000901.Kripylni plastic, electrothe ehnychni for the construction of electrical networks and infomatsiynyh: art. 2CRM140 CRM - Size 140 -15m. Art. 2CRM22 CRM - Size 22-20m. Art. 2CRMA12 CRMA - Size 12 -50m. Art. 2CRMA22 CRMA - Size 22 -20m. art.2CRMA72 CRMA - Size 72 -10m. Art. 2NA201127 NA201 - Size 12.7 - black 2NA20124 NA201- Size 2.4 - black -100m. Art. 2NA201254 NA201 - Size 25.4 - black -50m. art.2NA20132 NA201 - Size 3.2 - black -100m.Torhovelna Brand: ecsKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: ecs art. 5203 / C FASCETTE PA6.6NAT. 98X2,5 -70000sht. Art. 5205 / CFASCETTE PA6.6NAT. 135X2,5 -30000sht. Art. 5206 / C FASCETTE PA6.6NAT. 160X2,6-25000sht. Art. 5210 / C FASCETTE PA6.6NAT. 290X3,6 -30000sht. Art. 5214 / C FASCETTEPA6.6NAT. 200X3,6 -30000sht. Art. 5215 / C FASCETTE PA6.6NAT. 200X4,8 5217 FASCETTE PA6.6NAT. 290X4,8-22500sht. Art. 5219 FASCETTE PA6.6NAT. 360X4,8 -30000sht. Art. 5220 FASCETTEPA6.6NAT. 430X4,8 -5000sht. Art. 5229 FASCETTE PA6.6NAT. 450X7,8 -2500sht. art.5310 / C FASCETTE PA 6.6NERE 290X3,6-30000sht. Art. 5314 / C FASCETTE PA6.6NERE 200X3,6 -15000sht. Art. 5331 FASCETTEPA6.6NERE 540X7,8 -4000sht. Art. 5334 FASCETTE PA6.6NERE 780X9,0 -1000sht. art.5458 TASSELLO PA6 08 -10000sht.Torhovelna Brand: elematicKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: elematicITALY0UA1001104183460.917472
12/Apr/20175806329000"1.Woven fabrics made of synthetic fibers: Reptilian plaids 15 mm black art.M1215-20 00m; Ribbons 15 mm; Military art M1 215-1040 m; Ribbons 15 mm; Red art M1215-1040m; Ribbons 15 mm Art.M1215 -800m; Tassemarepsu 15 mm brown art.M1215 -400м; Trophee owl 15 mm Salmon sativa.M1215 -400м; Tuna repsa 15 mm orange ar.M1215-640м; Tassa of reps 15 mm pink art.M 1215 -800м ; Ribbons 15 mm Fuksijev and art M1215 -800m; Ribbed ribbon 15 mm bordeaux art M1215 -640m; Tassemarepsu 15 mm mint art.M1215 -560m; Ribbon tassel 15 mm olive art M1215-1040m; Tatsma repsa 15 mm green Art. M1215 -40 0m; Ribbon ribbon 15 mm, Art.M1 215 -800 m; Ribbons 15 mm beige and Mg. M1215-1040m; Ropes 15 mm, B12.-M1215 -1040 m; Ribbons 1 5 mm Lavendawart.M1215 - 560m; Tassama p epsova 15 mm blue-white art.M1215 -64 0m; Tailor-made 15 mm purple art. M 1215 -640m; Tailings of reps 15 mm Indigars aart.M1215 -800m; Tape of 15 mm light beige arts. M1215 -800; Ribbon straps 20 mm chirvon art.M1220 -2000 m; T asma reps 20 mm milk art. M1220-4 00m; Straw studs 20 mm yellow art.M122 0 -800m; Ribbon straps 20 mmososive a mt.M1220 -800m; Ribbon ribbon 20 mm Cher is an art. M1220 -2000 m; Ribbed ribbon 20 mm orange arts. M1220 -800 m; Tram plugs 20 mm Fuksio Art. M1220 -800m; Ribbon ribbon 20 mm pink art.M1220 -8 00m;Ashmarepsh 20 mm bordeaux art. M1 220 -800 m; Ribbon straw 20 mm mint and mt.M1220-800m; Straw studs 20 mm olympic art.M1220 -800m; Ribs 20 mm zelena art.M1220 -400m; Tape of reps and 20 mm blue art. M1220 -800 m;Ashmarepsh 20 mm gray art.M1220 -800m; Yes ma reps 20 mm beige ar.M1220-800m; Straw studs 20 mm t. Gray art.M1220 - 800m; Ribbon straps 20 mm bra design art. M 1220 -800 m; Ribbon straps 20 mm Lavender w Art. M1220 -800m; Ribbon ribbon 20 mm purple art M1220 -800m; Tapes of reps and 20 mm blue knit art.M1220 -800m; Ribbed ribbon 20 mm Indigo Art. M1220-800m; Straw studs 20 mm light beige arts. M1220 -800m; Ribbon ribbon 20mm white art.M1220 -400m; Ribbon ribbon 25 mm black art.M1220 -1040m; Ashmareps and 25 mm black art. M1220 -2000 m;Straw studs 25 mm black art. M1210-3000m; That septyne reps 10 mm milk art. M1210 -30 00m; Ribbon ribbon 10 mm jacket art M121 0 -1500 m; Straw spades 10 mm salmon ar.M1210 -1500m; Ashmarepskaya 10 mm o orannaya art.M1210 -1500м; Tassma reps ova 10 mm rozhavaart.M1210 -1250м; Taksma a reps 10 mm fiksiyu art.M1210 -125 0м; Raspberry 10 mm red art.M12 10 -3000m; Straw spades 10 mm bordeaux art. M1210-1500m;Straw studs 10 mm mint Art.M1210 -1500m; Ribbon studs 1 0 m mold art. M1210 -1500 m; Tram bucket 10 mm green art. M1210 -1000 m; Straw studs 10 mm blue art.M1210 -1 500m;Straw studs 10 mm gray card. M121 0 -3000 m; Straw studs 10 mm brown ar.M1210 -1000 m; Ashmarepskaya 10 mm b eheva art.M1210 -1000 m; Straw studs 1 0 mm dark gray "TURKEY0UA100110385.35000.593632
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Tassel Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Tassel Importer Sample

Date 19/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""ЗООТРЕНД"""
Importer Address
61058, м.Харків, в. Данилевського, б.6
Exporter Name VEST sp. z o.o.
Product Description
"1.Hotovi textiles for animals of various forms an.........
HS Code 6307909800Value 1811.330015
Quantity 0Unit UA807170
Net Weight 574.897
Origin Country CHINA

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