Ukraine Import Data of Tarpaulin Fabric | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tarpaulin Fabric

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of tarpaulin fabric collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of tarpaulin fabric imports.

Tarpaulin Fabric Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tarpaulin Fabric

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of tarpaulin fabric. Get Ukraine trade data of Tarpaulin Fabric imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20175309290000"1.tkanyna tarpaulin (art.11255) in the combined (+ 42% cotton 58% linen) hladkofarbov Ana, without a pattern, weave vutochnyy rep, surface schilnistyu440 +/- 10% g / .kv., Width 90 +/- 10% see with refractory impregnation (OP) -8560,00m.p., 7704,00m.kv .; tarpaulin fabric (art.11293) in the combined (50% cotton + 50% linen) hladkofarbov ana, without drawing, vutochnyy rep weave, surface density 410 +/- 10% g / .kv., width 90 cm +/- 10%, zvodovidshtovhuyuchym repellent (PV) - 30000,00m.p., 27000,00m.kv canvas fabric .; (art.11293) in the combined (+ 40% cotton 60% linen) hladkofarbov Ana, bezmalyunka, weave I vutochnyy rep, surface density 460 +/- 10% g / .kv., width 90 cm +/- 10% with refractory impregnation (OP) - 5040,00m.p., 4536,00m.kv.Torhivelna mark -nemaye danyh.Vyrobnyk- Ltd. "" KRAYTEKS resource "." Country of -RU.. "RUSSIA39240UA8071901654740616.18475 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/201752122310001. Cotton fabrics with a surface density of more than 200 g / m2, painted, mixed with flax (cotton 51% -59%, flax 41% -49%) .- tarpaulin art.11293 OP U, width 90cm, density 480 + - 30gr / m2, (cotton 59% + - 10%, flax 41% + - 10%) - 7020pg.RUSSIA6318UA1101503032.647392.962898
19/Apr/201739269092901.Inshi plastic: Sheds made of synthetic fibers. PolietylenTarpaulin (shelter for hay). It is a tabl with tuck the edge on the perimeter there cord attached utrymuyetsya.Kray thermal method. Lint-free, no dressing, no surface relief, not shown. Vyhotovlynyy fabric tape with filament yarn, which is covered on both sides by solid layers (coating appears to the naked eye) is not porous material. Covering fabrics and yarns made from limestone napnenoho polyethylene. The density of 50 g / m2: 3m x 5m- 2720sht., 4m x 5m- 2160sht., 4m x 6m- 2200sht., 5m x 6m- 2200sht., 5m x 8m- 2220sht., 6m x 8m- 1100sht., 8m x 10m - 1110sht., 10m x 12m- 520sht.Polotnyscha packed in individual plastic packaging label. Technical characteristics of the fabric: 98% polyethylene with the addition of 2% bechovochnoho fiber material. Represent agricultural sheeting for shelter and zberihannya.Vyrobnyk - QINGDAO NEWSINWON PLASTIC CO., LTDKrayina production - struction CNTorho mark - X-Treme ProfessionalCHINA0UA9020102440049741.41141
14/Apr/20175209390000"1. Cotton flannelette" "Tarpaulin" "Art. III-018, khaki, maintenance 17-50171215-018-2000 Russia - is a lint-free cotton dyed vysokoschilnutkanynu consisting of warp and DUCK, complex pivtorasharovoho of perepletennya.Vyhotovlyayetsya nominative efficient innovation infrastructure monochromatic yarn linear density of 50 tekszabarvl enoyi in color "," hacks "," 100% cotton fiber. Fabric zavshyrshky145 + -2 cm, with a surface density of 370 + -19 g / m2, not duplicated, not vidnosytsyado terry, can be soaked Water-repellent treatment nevydymoyuneozbroyenym eye. Tka no claim Nina wimples, free cloth without pictured NCA and withoutany further processing. It is used for production vtehnichnoho pryznachennya.Vyrobnyk - OOO "" Fixing Tkatskye ORETEKS "" m. Orekhovo-Zu EUA, RF.Krayina production - RU. Trading Elnya mark - no data. ".RUSSIA435UA8071701641137.742042
10/Apr/20173926909290"1. Protective cover - awning for closing scaffolding consisting of a polypropylene fabric laminated (coated) on both sides polietylenomz rings for fastening installation: Eltcover tent (Tarpaulin cover) 2h3m-100 pieces.; Eltcover tent (Tarpaulin cover) 3h5m- 100 pieces.; Eltcover tent (Tarpaulin cover) 4h6m-100 pieces., manufacturer TASCO LTDKrayina production VN. "VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA100110370838.1365089
10/Apr/20173926909290"1. Protective Film awning to close scaffolds made of polyethylene fabric with tape yarn, laminated (coated) on both sides with polyethylene, reinforced, with holes for attachment to the scaffolding," "Eltcover 2000" "4h45m-20rul .; with the establishment of tent rings for kriplennyaEltcover (Tarpaulin cover) 4h6m-100 pieces.; Eltcover tent (Tarpaulin cover) 8h12m, 20pcs., manufacturer TASCO LTDKrayina production VN. "VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA10011010262288.630957
10/Apr/20173921906000"1. Film (75 sq / m rul), without picture, without pressure, without polishing non-porous, layered, fully coated on both sides with polyethylene (a product of polyaddition), made of plain weave fabric with plastic tape yarns film 'Elkatek, density of 70 g / cm2 gray: PE tarpaulin Silver PE non perf'-200rul., manufacturer TASCO LTD.Krayina production VN. "VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA10011011602502.477664
06/Apr/20175309290000"1.Tkanyna canvas napivllyana tehnychnoho purpose (tarpaulin): - art.11293 OP (+/- 90 1,5sm width, density 450 +/- 34h / m2 fabric composition: linen, 59% cotton, 41% colored ) - 21000p.m., GOST 15530-93, Ltd. TO8338-63469525-010-2012Vyrobnyk "" production company "" Tehnychnyy textiles "" Country of origin - RU. "RUSSIA18900UA112080850524918.50815
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Tarpaulin Fabric Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Tarpaulin Fabric Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПП ""КФ ""Сапфір"""
Importer Address
61010 Україна, м.Харків, пр-т Гагаріна, б.4, оф.39/3
Exporter Name "ТОВ ""Солис"""
Product Description
"1.tkanyna tarpaulin (art.11255) in the combined (.........
HS Code 5309290000Value 40616.18475
Quantity 39240Unit UA807190
Net Weight 16547
Origin Country RUSSIA

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