Ukraine Import Data of Tape Adhesive | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tape Adhesive

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of tape adhesive collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of tape adhesive imports.

Tape Adhesive Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tape Adhesive

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of tape adhesive. Get Ukraine trade data of Tape Adhesive imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173926300090"1. Furniture accessories Plastic: Profile polychkytorhovelnoho advertising on a side of the stand, with prints logo trademark product available from zvorotnohoboku adhesive tape with a protective paper tape;".POLAND0UA209140256431.3311968 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201739263000901.Kripylni products and accessories for plastic design outlets and mistsprodazhu: Big plastic back support BACK-XL art.254206-200sht., Velykaplastykova back support with magnetic base BACK-XL-TM art.270077-150sht., Perforated profile Vstavkav UNITRACK UNI-LINE, art.282020-1000-50sht length 1000 mm., insert a color list holders cOLOR-INSERT39, color zelenyyart.195023-07-10sht., insert a color list holders cOLOR-INSERT39, kolirchervonyy (RAL 3020) art. 195023-06-13sht., insert a color TsinnykoutrymuvachiCOLOR-INSERT39, color blue (RAL 5010) art.195023-08-9sht., Holder CARDHOLDER-VL, 27 mm (p / p) art.202140-7 00sht., Holder CARDHOLDER-VL, 27 mm, black (p / p) art.202140-10-500sht., Holder CARDHOLDER-VL, 50 mm, black (p / p) art.202141-10-500sht. , Holder transparent CLAMP art.102220-80sht., Holder CLIPLARGE-VL, black art.202009-10-1000sht., Holder frame at an angle of 75 hradusivnastilnyy BASE-75 (A6-A2) art.102095-600sht., holder frame 90 degrees ivnastilnyy BASE-90 (A6-A2) art.102097-1000sht., Holder with variable angle nahyluHINGE art.400031-16-10sht 16 mm., holder plastic tubes STD-12 color siryyart.400075-03- 1300sht., clamp-holder DELI-CL, color prozoryyart.202033-00-400sht., Clam CARDCLAMP-VL art.202013-6400sht., Capture pryamyypoperechnyy SGKLG-00, 25mm art.254 054-200sht., Capture corner camokleyuschiysya SGT-2525h25 art.251018-10000sht mm., Plastic needles DELI-STICK, color bilyyart.102181-01-2000sht., Plastic needles DELI-STICK, color chornyyart.102181-10-300sht. , frame for making cassettes prices A4 color chornyyart.501531-10-1000sht., Carman hanging from soft PVC FW A6 art.171063-2000sht., pocket-protector anti-glare plastic PP A3 art.101013-200sht., Karman- PP A4 plastic protector anti-glare art.101014-5000sht., Quick-zamokvelykyy LARGE SNAP-38 art.251066-300sht., B-CLIP Clip art.102195-80sht., KlipsaH-CLIP-SW A6-A2 art.102047-300sht ., plastic Clip HM, length 50, consoles b single plastic length 100 mm SINGLE HOOK 100art.254244-100sht., fasteners for plastic pipes 20 mm stand kolirchornyy art.400030-10-6sht., bracket connecting DELI-UNBO 40mm, color bilyyart.102182-01 -200sht., Hook F-CLIP-SW (A6-A2) art.102051-440sht., Hook dlyapidvishuvannya frames UP-CLIP art.102193-700sht., self-adhesive hook-hanger HANGTAB 4-color transparent art.253004-15000sht ., suspended plastic tape CLIPSTRIP-W art.254064-600sht. limiter plastic cutting height of 30 mm ST-profile L-RAIL30-TF, length 1000 mm ext. art.270031-00-1000-100sht cattle. limiter plastic front height 80 mm T-profile L-RAIL80-TF, dovzhyna1250 mm ext. art.270009-00-1250-470sht velocity., 16h20 mm Adapter dlyateleskopichnoyi pipe, black art.400317-10-300sht., loop pidvishuvannyaplastykovoho profile CLICKER HOOK, white art.252040-01-40sht., to hinge PidstavkaFOT Price list holders art.202126-2500sht., Stand FOT dlyasharnirnoho list holders, black art.202126-10-300shRUSSIA0UA1000102972.827594.38928
28/Apr/201739191080901. Sealing plastic self-adhesive width not exceeding 20cm. coils polyvinyl acetate adhesive tape odnostoronya coils (gray) VITOLEN 122 (coating (glue) - acrylate dispersion) art. 0260100090600010 10m. x 9mm. x 6mm. - 1060 poliyetylenova adhesive rolls Ribbon rolls odnostoronya (black) VITOLEN 110 (coating (glue) - acrylate dispersion) art. 0320100090800120 10m. x 9mm. x 8mm. - 318 rulonivkrayina production DETorhovelna Brand Manufacturer VITO VITO Irmen GmbH & Co. KG.GERMANY0UA125010602003.349497
28/Apr/201739191015001. Tape self-adhesive products of polyaddition-polypropylene rolls Roll width 2.5 cm. no image for pens: LOGO tape 25mm x 6,500 m - 0,066mm thick film (with adhesive coating nevulkanizovanoho synthetic rubber). .ISRAEL0UA20914015608118.68375
28/Apr/20173506100098"1.Kleyi adhesive transp. Tapes that contain narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or prykursoriv: Art.881873: T.K18 + H1, 540-December-production 1sht.Krayina FR.Torhivelna mark -" "Forbo Siegling" ".Vyrobnytstvo -" "Forbo Siegling" ".."FRANCE0UA1000400.5430.59794882
28/Apr/20173919101200"1. Related bahatotsetrovyh materials for clinical trials, according to the protocol GLPG0634-CL-205. Plastic self-adhesive tape with plasticized polyvinyl chloride in a roll. Adhesive layer: akrilovyy glue, width 20 cm. (Art.29142) - 2 pcs .; Trade mark - THERAPAK. Producer - THERAPAK PHARMA SERVICES LTD. Country of origin GB.. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA1002000.064.359460102
28/Apr/201739201089901.Polietylenova tape for bags of polymers of ethylene, not porous, not reinforced, single layer, uncovered, unlined and not combined with other materials, not self-adhesive, in rolls, tape, thickness 0,130mm, Klee color for packets of 10 kg-208 kg. tape, thickness 0,130mm for package Klee universal 3 kg-180 kg. tape, thickness 0,130mm for package Praktik color 3 kg-90 kg. tape, thickness 0,130mm for package Klee universal 5 kg-191 kg. tape, thickness 0,130mm for package Klee universal 10 kg-208 kg. .POLAND0UA8052108772523.734953
28/Apr/20173506100098"1.Kleyi adhesive transp. Tapes that contain narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or prykursoriv: Art.881222: TK 2000, December 50, 1sht.Krayina production-DE.Torhivelna mark -" "Forbo Siegling" " .Vyrobnytstvo - "" Forbo Siegling "".. "GERMANY0UA1000400.057.899755995
28/Apr/20173926300090"1.Furnitura plastic to the car body. Deflektorы on Side steklaAZARD VAZ 2106 / VSTAVNЫE / / KT 4 pieces ./- 100 pieces; Deflektorы on Side glass AZARDVAZ 2107 / VSTAVNЫE / / KT 4 pieces ./- 100 pieces; Deflektorы Side glass on AZARD VAZ2107 / NAKLADNЫE / tape / t-4 pieces ./- 1500sht; Deflektorы on Side glass AZARDVAZ 2108 / NAKLADNЫE / tape / KT 2 pieces ./- 300sht; Deflektorы on Side glass AZARDVAZ 2109 / NAKLADNЫE / Scotch / t-4 pieces ./- 1500sht; Deflektorы on Side steklaAZARD VAZ 2109-99 / VSTAVNЫE / / KT 4 pieces ./- 300sht; Deflektorы on Side steklaAZARD VAZ 2110/2112 / Priora hatchback / sedan / VSTAVNЫE / / KT 4 pieces ./- 100 pieces; Deflector Side glass on AZARD VAZ 2111 / PRIOR Touring / / NAKLADNЫE / tape / t-4 pieces ./- 100 pieces; Deflektorы on Side 1 KALYNA AZARD glass, KALINA 2 / sedan / hatchback / Grant / sedan / NAKLADNЫE / adhesive 100 pieces; Deflektorы steklaVoron on Side Glass Series CORSAR Chevrolet Aveo 2006-2010 / sedan / nakladnыe / velocity 10pc; Deflektorы on Side glass VORON GLASS Series CORSAR FORD TRANSIT V 2006-NV. / fu rhon / nakladnыe / SK-5pcs; Deflektorы on Side glass Voron Glass Series CORSARVolkswagen Golf Plus V 2003-2009 / Golf Plus VI-5pcs; Deflektorы nelomayuschyesya nabokovыe glass VORON GLASS Series Samurai Renault Logan II 2014-NV. / Seda-5pcs, Deflektorы nelomayuschyesya on Side glass VORON GLASS Series Samurai RENAULTSANDERO 2010-2014 / stickers, 5pcs; Spoiler Hood CHEVROLET AVEO I / sedan / 2006-2011 / ABS 70sht; Spoiler Hood CHEVROLET LANOS / sedan / 1997-2009 / ABS 106sht; Spoiler Hood VAZ 2110-12 AZARD-500sht; Spoiler Hood VAZ2113-15 AZARD-300sht; Spoiler Hood VAZ 2121 NIVA AZARD-200sht; Spoiler nakapot GAZ-3110 AZARD 100 pieces; Spoiler Hood KALYNA AZARD-100 pieces; TM AZARDVyrobnyk company "" Partner AUTO "," production RFKrayina (RU) "RUSSIA0UA8071703210.69713848.8775
28/Apr/20173920202100"1. Biaksealno oriented polypropylene film wa" "Biaxplen" ": HGPL 20 * 860 -1105,4kh, HGPL 20 * 980 - 2932,0kh, HGPL 20 * 1060 - 3612,6kh, HGPL 20 * 1070 -4568,1kh , HGPL 20 * 1170 - 7044,0kh. (thickness 20mkm TU 2245-003-70378591-2015.). film of polymers of propylene, dvuhosno oriented (BOPP), not porous, not reinforced, not laminated, nesharuvata without laying under Nor combined sposobomz like other materials, not self-adhesive, in rolls, thicker than 0,02mm, general purpose pakuvannyata manufacturing adhesive tapes and pakuvannyaproduktiv in food-lovosti.Vyrobnyk LLC "" BYAKSPLEN "," n. Feder.To rhivelna mark: "" BIAXPLEN "" Country of origin: RU.. "RUSSIA0UA80717019262.130373.5562
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
вул. Богдана Хмельницького, 121 79019 м.Львів, Україна
Exporter Name URODA POLSKA Sp. z o. o.
Product Description
"1. Furniture accessories Plastic: Profile polychk.........
HS Code 3926300090Value 431.3311968
Quantity 0Unit UA209140
Net Weight 256
Origin Country POLAND

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