Ukraine Import Data of Tablet Press | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tablet Press

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of tablet press collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of tablet press imports.

Tablet Press Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Tablet Press

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of tablet press. Get Ukraine trade data of Tablet Press imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/20178207309000"1.Zapasni parts to equipment for use in the pharmaceutical indus-Vost, metal material without diamond coating, for their own production needs. Press tableting machine tools" "FETEE 2200 ''. The upper punch EUD O12mm. (Tablet with dvoyakovypukla double radius R15,2; R2,75.) - 35 pcs lower punch EUD O12mm. (dvoyakovypukla tablet with dual radius R15,2; R2,75.) - 35shtMatrytsya EUD O12mm., (without signing) -35sht.Vyrobnyk " "ADAMUS HT SP.Z OO" ", PL.Krayina production: PL.Torhova marka- ADAMUS HT.."POLAND0UA100200363282.38267 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20173822000000"1.Reahenty analytical laboratory, not health, not on a backing: -TaqMan® Pre-designed SNP Genotyping Assay, art.4351379- 29sht; -Nabor TaqMan ® Gene Expression Assay FAM 75 rxn, art.4448892- 1pc; -nabir FLUO-4 AM CELL PERMEANT, 10 x 50 μg, art.F14201- 1pc; -PIERCE PROTEASE, 30 tablets, art.88666- 1pc; -FBS South America, 500ml, art.10270106- 1pc; -nabir buffer solutions buffer solution PC 0.075M, 4h100ml, art.10575090- 1pc; -rozchyn KaryoMAX Colcemid Solution, 10ml, 10pcs art.15210040-; -Phytohemagglutinin, 10ml, art.10576015- 7sht; -rozchyn 0.25% Trypsin, 100ml, art.25050014- 7sht ; -nabir VetMax qPCR Master Mix, 100 reactions, art.4415327- 1am. not used for diagnostic purposes. It is used in laboratories for the biologist ary research. Trademark Applied Biosystems.. "UNITED STATES0UA1251002.522434.392817
20/Apr/20178479899730"1.Obladnannya for encapsulating drugs (powder filling capsules tahranulamy) - serial kapsulonapovnyuyucha automatic machine NJP 1200- 1 set. The size of capsules: 00 # -4 #. Performance 1200 capsules / min .; potuzhnist5 kW. Hranolyuvannya Equipment for medicinal products oboporoshkopodibnoyu dry powder substances. Granuljator dry hranolyuvannya ZKG-5B - 1 komplekt.Produktyvnist: 5 kg / hour. details granules 0,4-2 mm. Equipment for powder volohohohranolyuvannya OBO powdery substance granulator mixer HLSG details 200-2komplekty-g anul 0,14-1,5 mm. kolibratsii equipment / sieving dry and wet grinding granules and tablets. zmishuvachJFZ-granulator-550-1 package. tebletuvannya equipment medicines. Rotornyytabletochnyy press ZP420-19D - 2 sets. Maximum Performance 189000 shtukv time. Tabletochnyy press (odnoshtampovochnyy) TDP-5- 2 omplekty. It is a small desktop type of equipment. Produktyvnist3000 pcs / min. 750 W power output. Voltage 380 V.Vyrobnyk: "" ZHEJIANG JIANGNAN PHARMACEUTICAL MACHINERY CO., LTD "". Kytay.Krayina CN.Torhova brand products: No data. "CHINA9UA807170928079087.29588
20/Apr/20173402209000"1.Zasoby cleaning and removing coffee oil to automatic express coffee 'PHILIPS-SAECO'v tablets: art.CA6704 / 99-6sht / up.-100upakovok.torhovelna mark' PHILIPS-SAECO 'Producer:" "Philips Consumer Lifestyle BV "" Country of origin: Germany (DE). "GERMANY0UA1001202.94110.0000366
20/Apr/20177326909890"Item 1. Foamforms: tangled steel provolka compressed into tablet form, for cars, steel, art.54050009- 20 pc; Producer: R + M de Wit GmbH; Trademark: R + M; Country of origin: CN;."CHINA0UA1000200.0850.78828668
14/Apr/20178516710000"Electrical 1.Prylady for preparation of coffee, new, Tea pompovatysk 15bar, power 1050Vt, yemkistdlya 1L water system cappuccino Housing: Plastic + metal black model EC146.B art.0132104136-170sht, Coffee pompovapotuzhnistyu 1100Vt pressure 15bar, water yemkistdlya 1,5l system cappuccino housing: metal, heated 2 cups cream filter design series ICONA, blue model ECOV311.B art.0132106084-5sht, coffee pump for cooking and table eyovanoyi ground coffee capacity 1350Vt pressure 15bar, water tank 1l, heated bowls app building, metal series Dedica, red fashion El EC680.R art.0132106096-8sht, Coffee pKa pump for cooking ground coffee and tableyovanoyi capacity 1350Vt you sk 15bar, water tank 1l, heated cups, Housing: metal series Dedica, a black model EC680.BK art. 0132106097-18sht, Expresso coffee machine pumping capacity 1450Vt pressure 15bar, cappuccino system, you can use the tablet and ground coffee, body width 15cm metal, color silver mo del EC685.M art.0132 106138-14sht; Expresso coffee machine pumping capacity 1450Vt pressure 15bar, cappuccino system, you can use the tablet and ground coffee, body width 15cm metal, vy, color red model EC685.R art.0132106139-2sht; Trademark: De 'Longhi; Manufacturer: De'Longhi Appliances Srl; Country of origin: CN "CHINA217UA125230716.0611723.83396
12/Apr/20173004900000"1.Liky for people to put up for retail sale. 16367 Series: AB'YUFEN 400 mg tablets, 15 tablets in a blister, 2 blisters in a carton box-2200up. (Active ingredient - Beta-alanine) Series 16616: HEKSASPREY spray oromukoznyy , 750mh / 30g, in 30 g of aerosol bottle, 1 bottle in a cardboard box, 12015up. (active ingredient - Biklotymol-750mh excipients, alcohol benzyl, disodium EDTA, ammonium hlitsyryzynat oil anise, sodium saccharin, microcrystalline cellulose, lecithin soy, glycerin, ethanol 95%, purified water, metylparahidroksybenzoat (E218). Gas Forming pressure nitrogen.) Does not contain ozone-depleting rechovyn.Vyrobnyk laboratories REKORDATI Bouchard, FR.. "FRANCE0UA1250301809.3643429.04727
12/Apr/20173004320000"1.Likarski facilities for people mistyathormony adrenal packaged for retail sale not in aerosol packaging. KORTINEFF tablets 0.1 mg 20 pills in a bottle, 1 bottle in a cardboard box / active substance: 1 tablet contains fludrokortyzonu acetate 0.1 mg /; Producer - Pab'yanitskyy pharmaceutical plant Polfa blood pressure, PolschaTorhova mark - ADAMEDKrayina production - PL. "POLAND0UA1101202.6064599.0398897
11/Apr/20171404900000"1.Materialy plant origin, not elsewhere specified. Consumables for delicate polishing metals (accessory for tablet presses): Granular shkorlupy of 0,2-0,4mm walnut. (Walnut shell crushed) - 3pc .Vyrobnyk: "" ADAMUS HT SP.Z OO "", PL. Country of origin: PL. Trading marka- ADAMUS HT.. "POLAND0UA10020071917.8360673
11/Apr/20178516710000"Electrical 1.Prylady for preparation of coffee, new, Tea pompovatysk 15bar, power 1050Vt, yemkistdlya 1L water system cappuccino Housing: Plastic + metal black model EC146.B art.0132104136-34sht, Coffee pompovapotuzhnistyu 1100Vt, tank vodyob'yemom 1,4l pressure 15 bar pidihrivchashok, designer series ICONA, kolirnebesno blue model ECOV311.AZ art.0132106085-12sht, Expresso coffee machine pumping capacity 1450Vt pressure 15bar, cappuccino system, you can use ground coffee and tablet shell, metal vy width 15cm, color silver model EC685.M art.0132 106138-25sht, Sim Ress maker pumping capacity 1450Vt pressure 15bar system cappuccino mo zhna used ground coffee and tablet shell metal width 15cm, IP call model red EC685.R art. 0132106139-4sht, Expresso coffee Peninsula pump capacity 1450Vt pressure 15bar, cappuccino system, you can use IU tablets Lena and coffee metal body width 15cm, black mod el EC685.BK art. 0132106140-16sht; Trademark: De 'Longhi; Manufacturer: De'Longhi Appliances Srl; Country of origin: CN "CHINA91UA125230344.236118.897462
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Tablet Press Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Tablet Press Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПАТ ""Фармак"""
Importer Address
ін.04080 м.Київ-вул.Фрунзе,63
Exporter Name ADAMUS HT SP. Z O.O.
Product Description
"1.Zapasni parts to equipment for use in the pharm.........
HS Code 8207309000Value 3282.38267
Quantity 0Unit UA100200
Net Weight 36
Origin Country POLAND

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