Ukraine Import Data of Table Plate | Ukraine Import Statistics of Table Plate

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Table Plate Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Table Plate

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201739241000001.Posud tableware and kitchenware made of polymeric materials reuse and other household items, feeding bottles, plates, spoons, cups. Total 7666 sets. Trademark Tommee Tipee. Manufacturer no data. Country of CN. .CHINA0UA5000101053.952045.379965 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20177318156190"1.Vyroby ferrous metal, screws with heads of Allen, with corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel, adjustable foot screws ter. Plates, art.13047571001, count-5pcs .; Producer:" "REHAU" ". Country of origin: TW.Torhivelna mark: "" REHAU "".. "TAIWAN0UA1001100.211.68563995
28/Apr/20177019900000"1 - Products from heat-insulating materials: Rigel," PROR "stamps, which are products of light gray color, have the form of molded single-plate rectangular shapes or connected to each other in a chain of 2-12 pieces of Rigel / PROFEX CORRUGATED BOARDS: PROR 2516 JA 40/500 (1165) -S - '.' Rigel of the brand PROR 2565 JA 60/400 (1165) -S - '.' Rigel of the mark PROR 3072 JA 60/500 (1165) PRO R 2760 JA 60/1000 (1165) -S - '. Regulatory value: SiO2 - 90,0 - 95, 0%. The temperature of use is from 1100 to 1800 degrees C. They are manufactured by the method: cold vacuum forming, without firing , Reinforced with metal wire, are used for lining a profitable part of ingots of various shapes, in order to increase the yield of suitable metal, in the metallurgical industry. "GERMANY0UA700010819214183.38951
28/Apr/20173926300090Fasteners plastic, plate intended for fixing parts of a test verification module DINEFER table, with holes for attaching them - 1 set (500 pcs) .Vantazh not for sale, used in its own manufacturing automobile circuit cable dzhhutiv.Krayina origin: Portugal . .PORTUGAL0UA3051701893685.927847
28/Apr/20178475900000"1.Zapasni of machinery for manufacturing glass containers, cooling plate on the table left-sided, dual symmetrical outer contour of the nose radialnoy V-frezerovkoyu 90hradh2,5mm and cooling hole dia. 3.5mm. The size 11h308h328mm - 14sht .; cooling plate on the table sided, dual symmetrical outer contour of the nose radialnoy V-frezerovkoyu 90hradh2,5mm and cooling hole dia. 3.5mm. The size 11h308h328mm - 10 pieces, plates are desktop work surface cooling glass forming machine. Represent finished products, milled from otvo frames for air supply, form articles response type of machine. The plates are designed and manufactured specifically for glass forming machines. Production of heat-resistant alloys heat-resistant ceramic layer.. "GERMANY0UA1100104910162.85399
28/Apr/201739241000001.Posud electrical kitchen table or plastic for use in reklamnyhtsilyah: -chashka-5000sht.-plate-5000sht.Vyrobnyk: RICH SOURCE PROMOTION COTorhovelna Brand: RICHKrayina production: CN.CHINA0UA12511017393477.999867
28/Apr/20178703239031"1.Poshkodzhenyy, passenger vehicle to transport people and for the use of public Podoroga engin Mr. iskrovym internal combustion and ignition of the crank mechanic nizmom (petrol) was uvykorystanni brand HONDA, model CR-V - 1pc. Engine Room - no data, according to expert opinion №6216 28.04.2017r .: stamp "" Honda "", model "" CR-V "", in the configuration "" EX-L "" VIN 5J6RM4H74FL053452 engine room - no data, typdvyhuna - petrol, V-2354sm3, power - 140kVt environmental class - Euro 5, the total number of seats, including the city istse driver - 5 calendar rikvyhotovlennya - 2015, model year - 2015, the body - wagon, wheel formula 4x4, color - black. vehicles damaged. According eksperta№6216 conclusion of 28.04.2017r., damaged and should be replaced: • by data [3] naavtomobili necessary to replace the front suspension right (poz.7054, 7082, 7088, 7102, 7106, 7118), the front suspension subframe (7011), with vidkolesa front right (7036), ABS sensor front right wheels (7246) , front suspension stabilizer law (7272), the thrust steering rights (7312), crankcase engine (8065), in Pop trumpet average (8826). • front bumper (0283) strain in right and left parts to form bends, cracks materialukriplen, be replaced. • the lower part of the front bumper (0282) - in praviychastyni schesa material (according to [8] repairs not provided) must be replaced. • Protection of the lower front bumper (0835) - on the right side schesa material (according to [8] repairs not provided) polezhytzamini. • grill grille (0424) - on the right side vidsutniysektor (according to [8] repairs not provided), lie down replacement. • oblytsyuvannyahromovana grille (0437) - crack the material (according to [8] unexpected repair), lie down replacement. • headlight Law (0562) - cracked material fasteners (according to [8] repairs not provided), lie down replacement. • wing front right (0742) - it is difficult to form misshapen dents, creases metal polezhytzamini. • Cover the front right wing (0788) - schesa material (according to [8] repairs not provided), lie down replacement. • Protection of wheel arches perednohopravoho (0842) - crack the material at the bottom (according to [8] unexpected repair) must be replaced. • Hood (0471) in front of a deformed with formation of dents metal beyond repair and then color • dveriperedni law (1482) - in the back of the door frame deformation, polezhytzamini. • stable central sidewall Right (2292) seredniychastyni deformed in the form of dents, bends metal, with podalshymzabarvlennyam be repaired. • resistant front right sides (2238) in seredniychastyni deformed to form dents metal beyond repair and then color. • lining the lower right rear door (1986) in front of a deformed with formation of cracks material (according to [8] repairs not provided) pidlyahayezamini. • plate glass exterior rear doors "UNITED STATES1UA80719021007737.819847
27/Apr/201739263000901.Knopka plastic 8LM2TB6144-10sht. Button plastic 8LM2TB6344-50sht. Knopkaplastykova LPCBL7113-50sht. Plastic protective ring for button 8LM2TAU159-30sht.Holovka monoblock plastic 8LM2TIL104-20sht. Button plastic 8LM2TB204-20sht.Knopka plastic 8LM2TBL105-10sht. Button plastic 8LM2TQL103-20sht. Knopkaplastykova 8LM2TB103-50sht. Button plastic LPCB103-50sht. Plastykova8LM2TQ103-10sht button. Button plastic 8LM2TS130-50sht. Plastykova8LM2TS131-20sht button. Button plastic 8LM2TS133-10sht. Plastykova8LM2TS320-10sht button. Button plastic 8LM2TS321-10sht. Plastykova8LM2TSL1203-100sht button. Button plastic 8LM2TSL1303-20sht. Plastykova8LM2TSL1323-10sht button. Button plastic LPCS131-10sht. Case-button plastykovyyM2PA 2 pcs. Housing plastic buttons LPZP1A8-20sht. Cover 8LM2TAU147-50sht. KryshkaKSSCB2-20sht. 8LM2TAU107-500sht plastic plate. VymykachaGAX61-10sht grip. 8LM2TAU115-10sht plastic plate. The tablet plastykovaLPXAU115-10sht.Krayina origin - ItaliyaTor by trade mark - LovatoVyrobnyk - Lovato Electric S.R.A.ITALY0UA10001025.843444.540867
27/Apr/201739199000101.Vyroby flat plastic self-adhesive, cut to shape in the form of a circle (except for square and rectangular), not in coils. Labels for commercial vehicles containing vydalyanu protective film: - Table for long transport, which itself is glued, short, 4 pcs (number sklad.obl. TWY032) -6naboriv- plates for trucks, trailers for samokl (2 items) RF ( room sklad.obl. TWY025) -6naborivTorhivelna mark HICO manufacturer HICO GROUP sp.z oo.POLAND0UA4000300.8476.81783916
27/Apr/20178419899800"1. milk pasteurization system is the primary unit for the heat treatment of milk in quantities 1sht.Systema allows pasperyzatsiyi: -nahrity milk to a temperature of + 40hrad.Si hold it through a separator to separate the cream; -nahrity milk to a temperature of + 60hrad.Si spend it through the homogenizer to create a stable homogeneous product structure; -nahrity milk to a temperature of + 90hrad.S for bacterial decontamination; -oholodyty milk to a temperature of + 6hrad.Sdlya subsequent bottling or storage; -pidihrity milk output to that mperatury + 40hrad.Sdlya further fermentation, productivity-1000l / h model, TESSA-1000-plate type, number of sections 5, PL248h750-type plates, number plates, including 75-in sections 19 + 9 + 1 + 25 + 9, 380V, 50Hz, 1,5kVt. Options: frame-holder 6 and regulatory supports, the carrying capacity of 12L, including: receiving milk valve, level sensor, automatic valve, "" Butterfly, "" to connect systems termovytrymky, automatic 3 rd dairy road crane, remote upravlinnya.habarytni-size 3300h1170h2000mmPryznachennya milk pasteurization process is performed to destroy harmful products present in mikroorhanizmiv.Torhovelna Marco TESSAVyrobnyk-Dairy Machinery Ltd Country of-IL "ISRAEL0UA40105062351749.99989
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Table Plate Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Product Description
1.Posud tableware and kitchenware made of polymeri.........
HS Code 3924100000Value 2045.379965
Quantity 0Unit UA500010
Net Weight 1053.95
Origin Country CHINA

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