Ukraine Import Data of T8 | Ukraine Import Statistics of T8

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T8 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of T8

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178517120000"Connected 1.Radiotelefony of cellular standard GSM 900/1800, UMTS, CDMA2000 1x and CDMA2000 EV-DO radio zobladnannyam (IEEE 802.11 and data interface Bluetooth) and GPS-receiver, produced under the trademark" "Meizu" " indyvidualnoy in packaging for retail. New. Model: M5. Meizu M5 / 2 + 16Gb.Black - 360sht.M5. Meizu M5 / 2 + 16Gb.Blue - 360sht.Diahonal screen: 5.2 inches, distribution zdatnyst: 1280x720 pixels, the processor : MediaTek MT6750 + GPU Mali T86 (8-core) RAM - 2GB, built-in memory - 16Hb.Komplektnist delivery of the product specified by the manufacturer, cordless - 1 pieces Charger - 1 piece, battery - 1 piece, mikrotelefonna headset - 1 item, USB-cable - 1 piece, warranty card - 1 piece, manual (instruction) user -1shtuka.. "CHINA720UA100210296.462640.00013 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178209002000"1. Plates variables tool is not installed on them, cermet, without spraying abrasives for processing metaliv.Plastyny ​​metal-carbide replaceable with: - LG 1512T3: GJ11 - 40 pcs.; - TNGX 220TTG 5.08NR: T8330 - 100 pieces .; - RCMT 30-1438000: 9215 - 900 pcs .; - RCUM 3010MO-RR7: S30 - 49 pcs .; - RCUM 3010MO-RR7: S30 - 601 pcs .;. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA110180116.45126469.59999
28/Apr/20178543709000"1.Lampy LED socket, electrical household total (non-medical) use; 94480NLL-P-C37-5-230-2.7K-E14 -FR-200sht94482NLL-P-C37-5-230-4K-E14- FR- 200sht94491NLL-C37-7-230-2.7K-E14- FR-50sht94493NLL-C37-7-230-2.7K-E27- FR-50sht71286NLL-T26-230-4K-E14 -50sht94130NLL-PAR16-5-230-4K- GU10 -100sht94227NLL-PAR16-7-230-4K-GU10 -60sht94264NLL-PAR16-5-230-3K-GU10 -100sht94248NLL-GX53-6-230-4K -100sht 94249NLL-GX53-6-230-2.7K -100sht94245NLL- MR16-7-230-4K-GU5.3 -60sht 94263NLL-MR16-5-230-3K-GU5.3 -100sht94147NLL-G95-12-230-2.7K-E27 -20sht 94477NLL-P-G45-5-230 -300sht94479NLL -2.7K-E27-P-G45-5-230-4K-E27 -300sht 71296NLL-A60-12-230-2.7K-E27 -200sht71297NLL-A60-12-230-4K-E27 -300sht 71365NLL-A70 -15-230-4K-E27 -120sht94385NLL-A55-7-230-2.7K-E27 -200sht 94386NLL-A55-7-230-4K-E27 -300sht94387NLL-A60-10-230-2.7K-E27 -100sht 94388NLL -A60-10-230-4K-E27 -400sht94138NLL-R63-8-230-4K-E27 -100 piece 71298NLL-T8-30-230-4K -4sht71300NLL-G-T8-9-230-4K-G13 -350sht 71301NLL-G-T8-9-230-6.5K-G13 -250sht71303NLL-G-T8-18-230 -6.5K -G13 -250sht in-firm nickname: XiamenNeex OpticalElectronicTechnology CO., Ltd.Torhivelna Marco NAVIGATORKrayina production-CN "CHINA0UA100010529.255216.729947
28/Apr/201785258019001.Modul camera assembly to mobile phones and tablets: camera module domodeli SM-T820 kat.№GH96-10614A -2sht., Camera module to the model SM-T820kat.№GH96-10615A -3sht., Camera module to model SM- G935 kat.№GH96-09855A -6sht. .CHINA11UA1251100.065175.0875065
28/Apr/201784733080001.Chastyny ​​to personal (tablet) PC not connected with blokamyzhyvlennya: Loudspeaker b / k 0,7Vt complete with antenna to the model SM-T825 kat.№GH96-10593A-5pcs., Loudspeaker b / k in 0,7Vt complete with antenna to the model SM-T825 kat.№GH96-10594A-5pcs., assembly, connector 2,8V + 2,8V train the model SM-T825 kat.№GH59-14739A -2sht., Collection: 5V loop with a button the model SM-T825 kat.№GH59-14738A -5sht., Knopkovapanel the model SM-T580 kat.№GH41-05105A -2sht., panel buttons to model SM-T825kat.№GH96-10613A -5sht., rear part of the body the model SM-T820 kat.№GH96-10722A-5pcs., the front of the case to collect the model SM-T820 kat.№GH97-20282A -5sht. .CHINA0UA1251101.3211185.940316
28/Apr/201739263000901.Kripylni plastic products, printers and mobile phones: Roller domodeli ML-3710-kat.№JC90-01032A 15sht., Plastic clip to the model ML-2955ND kat.№JC66-02798A -5sht., Roller plastykdo model ML- 1671 kat.№JC66-02939B -3sht., plastic clip to the model ML-3051ND / XEVkat.№JC90-00932A-20pcs., plastic holder with the model ML-4050, kat.№JC97-03249A -5sht., Holder plastykdo model ML-2250 / XAA kat.№JC61-00924A -1sht., plastic holder with the model SM-T820kat.№GH98-41387A-5pcs., plastic holder with the model ML-2250 / XAA kat.№JC97-01931A -8sht., Rolykplastyk the model ML-3710ND kat.№JC90-01063A -2sht. .CHINA0UA1251101.769101.203225
28/Apr/201784733080001.Chastyny ​​to personal (tablet) PC not connected with blokamyzhyvlennya: back cover to the model SM-T820 kat.№GH82-13914A -10sht., Rear kryshkado model SM-T820 kat.№GH82-13914B -3sht., Rear cover the model SM-T825kat.№GH82-13923A -5sht., back cover to the model SM-T825 kat.№GH82-13923B -5sht., the display module assembly to the model SM-T560, kat.№GH97-17525A -20sht ., Moduldyspleya assembly to the model SM-T560, kat.№GH97-17525B -7sht., vzbori display module in the model SM-T560, kat.№GH97-17525A -30sht., the display module assembly domodeli SM-T560, cat .№GH97-17525B -5sht., the display module assembly to modeliSM-T560, kat.№GH97-17525B -8sht. LCD panel in the assembly and the model SM-T719kat.№GH97-18913B, 2 pcs., the LCD panel vzbori the model SM-T560, kat.№GH97-17525C -15sht. LCD panel vzbori the model SM-T560, kat.№GH97-17525C - 9sht. LCD panel vzbori to modeliSM-T560, kat.№GH97-17525C-1 pc., front of the chassis assembly to the model SM-T560 kat.№GH82-13487A-15sht. .VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA12511036.386182.284652
27/Apr/20177318220090"1.Vyroby ferrous metal products with no thread, other Washers for agricultural equipment: fuel tubes washer (vendor number from CU-3903037) - 60sht, Washer 1,5 mm, nozzles (vendor number from CU-3937142) - 72sht ; washer nozzles (T80 .., Mag) (vendor number from CU-3906659) - 300sht.. "CHINA0UA1101500.6664.18285602
27/Apr/201794051040901. LIGHTING ceiling Fixtures LED PYLEVOLOHOZAHYSCHENYY EVRO-LED-SH-10 10W 220-240V, 50Hz IP65 G13 - 600 PIECES, lamps LED PYLEVOLOHOZAHYSCHENYY EVRO-LED-SH-10 2 * 20W 220-240V, 50Hz IP65 G13 - 1200 pIECES, lamps LED PYLEVOLOHOZAHYSCHENYY EVRO-LED-SH-40 40W 220-240V, 50Hz IP65 G13 - 2504 SHTUK.SVITYLNYKY Understaffed lamp. USED ​​IN OFFICE PREMISES WITH LED lamp T8. Transported in a partially disassembled VYHLYADI.VYROBNYK: Taizhou Shangyuan Plastic Illumination Co., Ltd.Torhovelna mark EVROSVETKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA1001103155.111408.27314
27/Apr/20174016930090"1. linings, gaskets, seals, washers, etc. from vulcanized rubber to not porous agricultural machinery: Upper Gasket Set (catalog number with the seller CU-4025271) - 1pc, lower set of pads (lining of the pallet) 6CT8.3 Cummins (No. catalog merchant of CU-3802389) - 1pc, front cover gasket ST 6CT8.3 Cummins (vendor number from CU-3938737) - 50sht, exhaust manifold gasket SPX-3310 (a number from the seller CU-3927154) - 36sht, Gasket final collector (vendor number from CU-3929012) - 240sht, crankshaft seals CT front Cummins (number of cat alohu seller CU-3921927) - 90sht; Gasket thermostat (vendor number from CU-3914310) - 110sht, Construction turbocharger (without partitions) (vendor number from CU-3911941) - 20pcs, crankshaft stuffing box (a number from the seller CU- 3933384) - 8 pieces; seals the inlet / exhaust valve (a number from the seller CU-3927642) - 560sht, Laying pipes drain oil from the turbine (number of cat alohu seller CU-3937706) - 50sht, Laying pipes maslozabornyka (a number from the seller CU -3914302) - 30sht; Construction corps seal crankshaft (vendor number from CU-3914301) - 40sht; Proklos ka front cover DIC SPX-3310 (a number from the seller CU-3938156) - 5pcs, Laying pipes maslozabirnyka (a number from the seller CU-3938157) - 10pc; Gasket Oil coolers (a number from the seller CU-3942914) - 10pc; padding ( vendor number from CU-3917779) - 10pc, Upper Gasket Set (catalog number with the seller CU-4025271) - 10pc; ring sealing nozzle (T80 .., Mag310) (vendor number from CU-4890926) - 300sht, oil coolers Construction (vendor number from CU-3929011) - 10pc; kit (SEM) front crankshaft seals (a number from the seller CU-3925343) - 65sht; Gasket exhaust manifold (vendor number from CU-3932063) - 6 pieces; seals nozzles (vendor number from CU-3909356) - 36sht. "CHINA0UA11015047.761854.455224
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Приватне підприємство ""УКРТРАНСЛОГИСТИКА"""
Importer Address
Україна,49000, Дніпропетровська обл., місто Дніпро, вулиця Михайла Грушевського, будинок 4-Д.
Exporter Name """ITT PRODUCTION LLP"""
Product Description
"Connected 1.Radiotelefony of cellular standard GS.........
HS Code 8517120000Value 62640.00013
Quantity 720Unit UA100210
Net Weight 296.4
Origin Country CHINA

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