Ukraine Import Data of T2a | Ukraine Import Statistics of T2a

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of t2a collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of t2a imports.

T2a Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of T2a

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of t2a. Get Ukraine trade data of T2a imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
18/Apr/20178708109098"1.Zapchastyny ​​to the a / m: Rubber BAMPERUMONTAZHNA front right art.71140-T2A-A01-1sht .; art.71140-TP6-A50-1sht .; art.71140-T2A-A01-1sht., Manufacturer Honda Europe NVTorhovelna brand Honda. "UNITED STATES0UA2050901.17136.85431383 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
18/Apr/20178708805590"1.Zapchastyny ​​to the a / m concierge ZADNOHOSTABILIZATORA, left art.52321-S9A-003-1sht .; art.52321-SJA-013-2sht .; art.52321-SJA-013-3sht., SUSTAINABLE rear stabilizer, PRAVAart.52320-S9A-003-2sht .; art.52320-S9A-003-2sht., SUSTAINABLE art.51320 front anti-SJA-013-1sht .; art.51320-SJA-013-7sht., SUSTAINABLE front stabilizer LEFT art.51321-SNA-A02-10sht .; art.51325-TA0-A01-11sht .; art.51325-TA0-A01-4sht., SUSTAINABLE HUMAN art.51320 front anti-SNA-A02-3sht., SUSTAINABLE stabilizers art.51320-T2A-A01-1sht .; art.52320-SJA-013-1sht .; art.52320-SJA-013-2sht .; art.52320-SJA-013-1sht., manufacturer Honda Europe NVTorhovelna mark honda. "JAPAN0UA2050909.856745.3116803
18/Apr/20178302300090"1.Zapchastyny ​​to the a / m cars, armaturakriplennya of nedorohotsinnyhmetaliv: MOUNTING BRACKET bumper art.71193-TP6-A50-1sht., FRONT BRACKET stretcher PRAVYYart.50265-T2A-A01-1sht .; art.50265-T2A-A01- 1 pc., rear left moldings GLASS DOORS ZUSCHILNYUVACHEM art.72950-T0G-A01-1sht., rods reactive in meeting art.50890-SNA-A82-7sht., manufacturer Honda Europe NVTorhovelna brand Honda. "UNITED STATES0UA2050906.214285.5961299
18/Apr/20178708803598"1.Zapchastyny ​​to the a / m: Ball OPORAPEREDNYA LOWER art.51220-T2A-305-5sht .; art.51220-T2A-305-9sht., Manufacturer Honda Europe NVTorhovelna brand Honda."CZECH REPUBLIC0UA2050904.9325.3204211
18/Apr/20178708803598"1.Zapchastyny ​​to the a / m: Shock ZADNIYart.52610-SZA-A04-6sht., Front left shock absorber art.51621-TZ6-A01-2sht .; art.51621-TZ6-A01-1sht art.51621- .; T2A-325-1sht .; art.51621-T2B-325-1sht .; art.51621-TZ6-A01-8sht .; art.51606-SZA-A02-4sht., front right shock absorber art.51611-TZ6-A01 -3sht .; art.51611-TZ6-A01-1sht .; art.51611-T2A-325-1sht .; art.51611-TZ6-A01-1sht .; art.51611-TZ6-A01-1sht .; art. 51611-T2A-325-2sht .; art.51605-SZA-A02-2sht .; art.51605-SZA-A02-1sht .; art.51611-TZ6-A01-6sht., wishbone rear lower left art.52360- STX-A01-2sht .; art.52360-STX-A01-2sht .; art.52360-STX-A01-3sht., wishbone rear lower right art.52350-STX-A01-5sht .; art.52350-STX- A01-2sht., lever rear suspension upper right in the meeting art.52510-T2A-A00-1sht., you obnyk Honda Europe NVTorhovelna brand Honda. "UNITED STATES0UA205090294.8474022.625939
18/Apr/20178708803598"1.Zapchastyny ​​to the a / m: Ball OPORAPEREDNYA LOWER art.51220-T2A-305-5sht .; art.51220-T2A-305-1sht., Manufacturer Honda Europe NVTorhovelna brand Honda."CANADA0UA2050902.1139.4230909
18/Apr/20178512200090"1.Zapchastyny ​​to the a / m osvitlennyata visual warning devices, new, LIHTARPOKAZHCHYKA turn in the collection art.34300-SWA-003-1sht., Front left headlight in gathering art.33151-TL0-305-1sht art.33151 .; -TL0-305-1sht., front right headlight in gathering art.33100-T2A-Y61-1sht., manufacturer Honda Europe NVTorhovelna brand Honda. "JAPAN0UA20509013.504735.8510115
18/Apr/20178708299000"1.Zapchastyny ​​to the a / m: art.60100 hood-T2G-A90ZZ-1 pc., Front right door panel art.67010-T2A-A90ZZ-1 pc., Front right WINGS PANEL art.60211-T2F-A90ZZ-2 pcs. ; art.60211-T2F-A90ZZ-1pc .; art.60210-TZ5-A90ZZ-1pc., manufacturer Honda Europe NVTorhovelna brand Honda. "UNITED STATES0UA20509059.35848.5290461
18/Apr/20173926300090"1.Zapchastyny ​​to the a / m fasteners zplastmasy: EMBLEM" "H" "art.75701-T2A-A02-1sht., Plugs front bumper, left art.71108-TL0-G40-1sht., Plugs front bumper, LAW art.71103-TL0-G40-1sht., Protection of the engine compartment LOWER art.74110-TL2-A00-1sht., art.91571 clip-SWA-305-20sht .; art.91568-SJA-003-10sht .; art.91501-S1K-003-3sht .; art.91501-S1K-003-10sht .; art.91501-S1K-003-1sht .; art.90651-TA0-003-7sht .; art.90651-TA0- 003-3sht., fasteners art.90683-GR1-003-4sht .; art.90683-MBW-003-2sht .; art.91514-SMG-E01-1sht .; art.91514-SMG-E01-3sht. ; art.91514-SMG-E01-20sht., MOUNT plastic art.91568-SX0-003-20sht .; art.91506-S9A-003-50sht .; art.91512-STK-A01-5sht art.91512 .; -STK-A01-20sht., attach BRACKET Ting bumper art.71193-SEA-003-1sht., MOUNTING BRACKET RIGHT fog lights art.33966-T0A-A00-1sht., Grille moldings UPPER art.71123-TL0-G01-2sht., Front wind moldings GLASS Art. 73150-SAA-013-1sht .; art.73150-SAA-013-1sht., lining the rear right wheel arch art.74410-T0A -A01-2sht .; art.75390-T0A-A01-1sht .; art.75390-T0A-A01-1sht., lining the front right wheel arch art.74115-T0A-A02-1sht., DOORS lining the back lower right art.75313-T0A-A01-1sht .; art.75313-T0A-A01-2sht., lining DOORS front right art.75312-T0A-A01-1 "JAPAN0UA20509011.709982.5840299
18/Apr/20173926300090"1.Zapchastyny ​​to the a / m zplastmasy fasteners, bushings, mounting DATCHYKASYSTEMY PARKING art.39681-TZ5-A01ZZ-4pcs .; art.39681-TZ5-A01ZZ-2 pcs., Bushing-mount plastic art.90601-S84-A01 -2sht .; art.90601-S84-A01-10sht., INNER COVER ROOF UPHOLSTERY art.83265-T0G-A51ZA-1pc., MOUNT SENSOR SYSTEM PARKING art.39681-T2A-Y01ZZ-1pc., MOUNTING BRACKET bumper art. 71193-T2A-A01-1sht., staples connection of the wings art.60212 front right-T2A-A00ZZ-1pc., manufacturer Honda Europe NVTorhovelna brand Honda. "UNITED STATES0UA2050900.362259.7972897
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T2a Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

T2a Importer Sample

Date 18/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ПРАЙД МОТОР"""
Importer Address
04070, м. Київ вул. Сагайдачного 12
Exporter Name Honda Motor Europe Logistics NV
Product Description
"1.Zapchastyny ​​to the a / m: Rubber BAMPERUM.........
HS Code 8708109098Value 36.85431383
Quantity 0Unit UA205090
Net Weight 1.171
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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