Ukraine Import Data of Switch Board | Ukraine Import Statistics of Switch Board

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of switch board collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of switch board imports.

Switch Board Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Switch Board

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of switch board. Get Ukraine trade data of Switch Board imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20178536501190Electrical Equipment of 1 to zahystuelektrychnyh circuits, switches tavymykachi (keyboards) dlyanapruhy 12B, not to promyslovohoskladannya :, silskohospodarskoyitehniky: 87452577 The switch-1sht.Rozfasovano for wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk CNHI INTERNATIONAL SATorhovelna brand production CNHKrayina DE.GERMANY0UA5041700.03226.77518251 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20178536700000"1. Connectors for optical fibers, fiber optic wires or cables for voltages not exceeding 1000 V ;: Fiber optic couplings and boxes in the assembled state. FTTH, PON, telecommunication, local area networks, for air lines, for laying in the ground , Gaskets in cableconnalization, connection and switching of fiber optic cables, as well as formechanical protection of welded joints. They do not contain electrical components, boards and chips. The GJS-5002 design features: one 037 # wall mounting tray, SC adapter - 40 pcs. GJS-6005 constructive person T-shirt: two 034 # tray 48 fiber reinforcements on a bench - 40 pcs. GJS-5006 design features: single 023 # tray 12 fiberboard SC adapter panel for 12 ports mounting on a bar -60 pcs. GJS-6006 design features: two 023 # tray GJS-6007 design features: two 024 # mounting tray on a bench, with grounding - 20 pieces. GJS-9001 design features: two 037 # tray 48wool fixing on a stand - 60 pcs. GJS-7001 design features: two 032 # tray 48 fibers, a heat shrink tube - 60 pcs. GP-B distribution box 12volokon-200pcs.GP-A distribution box 24 fibers-100pcs. GP-C Distribution box 8filter adapter SC-20pcs. GP-D Distribution box 24 fiber adapters boardSC-20pcs.Shipped from the container TGBU5150502. Producer-Ningbo Zhantong Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd.Ningbo Brand Name Zhantong Telecom Eguipment. "CHINA0UA500040837.35418.433409
28/Apr/20178537109990"1.Blok dashboard (article ME96382330) - 2 units, control panel system antyprokydannya s / h forklift Faresin, a LED scale and 3 push-button switch for management. The electrical, voltage of 12 V. It does not contain some kind of transmitters and receivers or transmitters . Country of origin: IT; Manufacturer: COBO Grup; trade mark: COBO.. "ITALY0UA9010100.6730.1765797
28/Apr/20178517620000"1. Telekommukatsiyne equipment, devices for switching and routing equipment to digital communication systems, not military, not spets.zasoby for secret information that does not have skladizvukozapysuvalnyh and reproducing means and the radio has dlyapryymannya, transformation and data transfer: Network module "" Universal BaseBandRadio Interface Board (6 CPRI interface, UBRIb) "", art. 03022ACJ - 1 sht.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - HUAWEIVyrobnyk - HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.. "CHINA0UA1002000.42168.3501087
28/Apr/20178544300098"1.Komplekty wires for vehicles with connecting parts, not for industrial assembly of vehicles: 2170-3724527 tow (udlynitel) for datchykukysnya -6sht. 402-3707244 CARGEN harness high conductivity (with tip) vupakovke-30sht. 4091- 3707244 CARGEN, high-voltage wires harness (with tip) vupakovke -24sht. AX-102 high-voltage wires wiring Aveo 1.4 Lanos 1.6 16vKalos 1.4 16v Lacetti (KLAN) Nexia 1.5 DOHC Rezzo 1.6 Cruze 1.6-in packages 10pc. AH-101 tow wires high Aveo 1.4; Lanos 1.4,1.5; Kalos 1.4, Nexia 1.5 in packages -10sht. AH-107 (307-3707080-10 MeM3,96305387GM) dzhhutvysokovoltnyh wires Lanos1.3 (Sens + Chance) 1.3 (MeM3) Lanos 1.5 up.-in 10pcs. 2123-3707080-10 harness wires high in the pack. -60sht.21214-3707080-10 CARGEN harness wires high in the pack. -30sht. 5102091-10CARGEN harness high wires -5sht in packages. 2111-3707080 CARGEN dzhhutvysokovoltnyh wires in packages -300sht. 82000506297 AH-CARGEN dzhhutvysokovoltnyh wires in packages, 30sht. 21073-3707080 CARGEN harness wires in packages of high-30sht. 21213-3707080 CARGEN harness wires in packages of high-90sht. 2111-3707080-10 CARGEN harness wires in packages of high-180sht. 4216.3707080-23 CARGEN harness wires in packages of high-120sht. 4216.3707090-10 CARGEN harness wires in packages of high-30sht. 2101-3707080 CARGEN harness wires high in packages -300sht.1118-3724148 tow-ignition coils 15sht. 21104-3724148 ignition coils, wiring 40sht. 21073-3724037 wiring connection elektrobenzonasosa -3sht. 21082-3724037dzhhut connection elektrobenzonasosa -3sht. 2110-3724155 tow pidklyuchennyaelektrousylitelya -15sht helm. 2110-3724234 tow wires, heaters (carburetor) -3sht. 2105-3724026-20 tow-16sht ignition system. 2108-3724026-11 tow-ignition system 3pc. 2111-3724036 tow -20sht nozzles. 2112-3724036 injectors wiring harness -20sht.11186-3724036 -10sht nozzles. 21214-3724036 injectors wiring harness -20sht.2123-3724036-10 -10sht nozzles. 4216.3707070-00 injectors wiring harness -20sht.4216.3707070-10 -10sht nozzles. AH-366-1 Rem set-Block for peremykachuvent 1117.1118.1119 heater, with wires -45sht. AH-366-3 Rem set-Block kperemykachu 2123.2170 Vent heater, with wires, 30sht. AX-366 set-Ram Block 4-pin contact (responsible part AH-308) zprovodamy -30sht. AX-470 Rem. set-Block for block switches to drive. dveri1117,1118,1119 -10sht with wires. AX-436 Rem. set-Block for block Phare 2170, zprovodamy -20sht. AX-471 Rem. set-Block for prikurit-lu VAZ-2110-2115, 2123,1117-1119, 2170, 2190 -20sht with wires. AX-431 Rem. set-Block for email. pryvodui DPDZ d / e with engin. pedalyu accelerate (8 piano fall board) with wires -20sht. AX-432 Rem.nabor-Block for el.pryvodu and DPDZ d / engin with el.pedalyu accelerate (piano fall board 16) zprovodamy -20sht. AX-430 Rem. set-Block for elektronnoy pedal akseleratoraVAZ, with wires, 10pc. AH-502-K Rem.nabor kt pads for zad.lihtaryam board for Gazelle., Zprovodamy -20sht. AX-323 Rem.nabo "RUSSIA0UA807170850.8849921.578057
28/Apr/20178536699090"1.Shtyrovi and hnizdoviz'yednuvachi: Equipment for switching connector (adapter-Splicing Unit) dlyapidklyuchennya LED lamps avtomob.habarytnyh LEDriving to bortovoyisystemy car, which skladimistyt: zbilshennyaenerhospozhyvannya resistor to the level zvychaynoyilampy -1sht, cable ties - 1pc Plastic Connector - 2 pcs: (2 pcs packed in a paper box for the implementation) LEDCBCTRL101 5W 10X2 1A OSRAM art.AA6551 802HA, EAN: 4052899090873 - 100 pieces .; equipment for switching connector (Conv idnyk-Splicing Unit) for connecting LED automobile. marker lamps L EDriving board to sy tem of the car, which in part includes: resistor was hit shennya energy consumption of conventional lamps -1sht, cable ties - 1pc, 2 pcs plastic rozyemy-: (2 pcs packed in a paper box for the implementation) LEDCBCTRL102 21W 10X2 1A OSRAM art. AB3506901HA, EAN : 4052899301993 - 20pcs .; Country of origin: TW; The manufacturer: OSRAM GmbH; trade mark: OSRAM.. "TAIWAN0UA1252304.375235.7693946
28/Apr/20178536908500"1. Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits or dlyapryyednannya to electrical circuits or electrical circuits, connectors (panel collet) for mounting chips on printed circuit boards s: PLCC 32-203sht.Vykorystovuyutsya in elektrotehnitsi.Torhovelna mark '' Fischer "" .Vyrobnyk "" Fischer Elektronik GmbH & Co. "". Country of-TW.. "TAIWAN0UA1002300.57176.8754426
28/Apr/201785365011101.Peremykachi voltage to 24V, keyboards and keypads for industrial skladannyamotornoho vehicle type avtobusZAZ A07, TATA LP 613/38 (Euro-II): peremykachivlivyh 264172300165-8sht active set, set aktyvnyhperemykachiv left 264172300165-8sht, set active peremykachivlivyh 264172300165-8sht , aktyvnyhperemykachiv left 264172300165-8sht kit, brake light switch 257454509977-8sht, brake light switch 257454509977-8sht, brake light switch 257454509977-8sht, brake light switch 257454509977-8sht, switch, low pressure air 257454509985-24sht, switch low air pressure 2574 54509985-24sht, switch, low pressure air 257454509985-24sht, switch, low pressure air 257454509985-24sht.Vyrobnyk TATA MOTORS LIMITED. Trade mark TATA MOTORS. Country of IN. .INDIA0UA11208015.104339.4755835
28/Apr/201785365011901.Knopkovi keyboards and switches, for a voltage not exceeding 60V, to mobilnyhtelefoniv: Button switch to 12V model GT-I8190 kat.№3404-001487 -436sht. .VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA1251100.441231.1902918
28/Apr/201784733020001.Chastyny ​​for PPC company ASUS (electronic modules) not mistyatradioperedavalnyh devices Fee interface X541UV-1A TOUCHPAD MODULE, 90NB0CG1-R91000 - 1pc., Fee interface X540LJ IO_BD., 90NB0B10-R10010 -25sht., Fee interface UX305CA IO_BD. / AS, 90NB0AA0-R10010 - 1pc., Platainterfeysna ZC550KL SUB_BD. (8916), 90AX0100-R10010 - 1pc., fee nakopychuvachaX556URK HDD BOARD, 90NB0BF0-R10040 - 2 pcs., fee interface X555SJ HDD_BD., 90NB0AK0-R10010 - 2 pcs., fee drive X556UAK HDD BOARD, 90NB09S0-R10060 -3sht., fee supply X751SA pOWER SWITCH_BD., 90NB07M0-R10010- 1pc., fee drive X541SA HDD_BD./AS, 90NB0CH0-R10010 - 2 pcs., Platanakopychuvacha X541SA HDD_BD./AS, 90NB0CH0 -R10010 - 2 pcs., fee nakopychuvachaX555 LD HDD BD./AS, 90NB0620-R10020 - 1pc., Fee drive X541SA HDD_BD./AS,90NB0CH0-R10010 - 9sht., Fee interface X541UV-1A TOUCHPAD MODULE, 90NB0CG1-R91000 - 1pc., Fee interface UX305CA IO_BD./ AS, 90NB0AA0-R10010 -1sht., fee interface E402MA IO_BD./AS, 90NL00 30-R10010 - 1pc., Platanakopychuvacha X541SA HDD_BD./AS, 90NB0CH0-R10020 - 1pc., Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - ASUSVyrobnyk - ASUSTeK Computer INCCHINA0UA1002300.76588.42981211
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТЕХНОТОРГ-ДОН"""
Importer Address
54025,м.Миколаїв,пр.Героїв Сталінграду 113/1
Exporter Name CNHI AMERICA
Product Description
Electrical Equipment of 1 to zahystuelektrychnyh c.........
HS Code 8536501190Value 26.77518251
Quantity 0Unit UA504170
Net Weight 0.032
Origin Country GERMANY

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